Her body arched upwards as his lips sapped at the nape of her neck, his tongue a fluid motion over her skin. He kissed and licked his way lower, taking in everything as he went. Her body jerked as he wound his way over the supple mounds of her breast. Kissing and teasing a small spot, getting lower and lower and lower. Finally after what seemed and eternity, she felt his hot breath against the sensitive nub of her nipple, like a whisper of a touch his tongue snaked out and caressed its tip, then suddenly his entire mouth closed around it and she felt a sudden pleasurable tug of his mouth sucking gently on her.

Her body pushed forward instinctively, wanting to push…no, needing to give as much of herself to him as she possibly could, she felt his tongue dance across her nipple and around her electrified areola. Faster and faster, the tapping dance of his tongue as it darted back and forth across the tip, her body tensed and stiffened one moment, grew soft and pliable the next. Deep inside she felt a tremendous stirring, it reacted to every motion he made, when his hands slid across her skin she felt a spark shoot up upwards following in his wake, when his body moved Betturkey atop hers, she felt herself open, accepting him entirely, his hand streaked across her inner thigh and the same jolt ran with it, still his mouth clung to her breast, suckling, tasting and draining all limitations from her body.

His mouth moved across her body and she inhaled deeply as he suckled the other breast into his mouth, he was gentle at first but he became increasingly urgent in his ministrations. Sucking harder, his lips pulling her nipple, stretching it, then when it popped from between his lips his mouth sunk down upon her again. Her lips formed a trembling “O”, her breath ragged within her chest refused to let the slightest moan escape though in her mind she screamed and begged for more.

Her body quivered, and her fingers grabbed the sheets white knuckled, her mouth ajar but no sounds came out. She started shaking, whipping her head from side to side as his fingers traced lines across her inner thigh, going close but never touching her need. Her stomach heaved; her back arched further pushing at his lips, willing him to take more Betturkey Giriş of her, but he pulled away from her insistence. He touched, stroked, licked and sucked at his own controlled pace, satiating her with his desires. He was gentle but in this way he was vicious, it was his own brand of torture, the more he denied her the more she craved him, his touch and his desire.

Then suddenly she felt his fingers brush against her lower lips and a spasm wracked her frame. Again came the slight touch and again she jerked, her hand clenched in tight fists against her silken restraints, wanting to pull them apart, tears came to her eyes as she fought to keep silent, fought her need for his. Her stomach churned with anticipation, her legs quivered and jerked inwards but her bonds held them open granting him as much access as possible. She bit at her lip so hard she could taste where her teeth broke through… please… please… please… pleaseeeeeee….. her mind screamed, her body pleaded, her whole being begged. He kept his pace, slow and steady, deliberate in every touch. She was at her brink but still she could not relent, she could not release her soul without his words, without his approval but with each passing second, with each touch, with each stroke it became harder and harder. Did he know what he was doing to her…of course he did. Pleasure in itself can become pain, building behind the barrier of his control like a dam, pushing forward despite its restrictions.

In one blinding moment his fingers slipped between her lips and sunk into her wet, warm sex, an incredible force swept through her body, simmering heat washed from her fingers and toes, coalescing at the point of his intrusion, muscles she was unaware she possessed danced and undulated within, pulling and sucking as he lips did. Her body lifted into his and for a full minute she was locked unmoving, mouth open without sound, tears streaking both sides from her closed eyes and fingers wrapped around the very bonds that kept them in place.

“Release yourself unto me Little One.”

His words penetrated the chaos of her mind, cutting through the din of her ringing ears and in that instant her eyes flew wide open and she felt the pressure that was building inside her burst forth, erupting in a torrent of pleasure and wild emotions. She screamed, and grabbed him with all the orgasmic strength her body granted her, ripping loose her bonds as his words had released everything within her. Squeezing him to her, wrapping him in the nexus that enveloped her very being.

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