Reunion Ch. 03


Melissa could hardly wait to call Jason and Karen. She was eager to tell them the news that Gary had agreed to meet them and participate in some play with them. She had already made up her mind after the session with them following the school reunion dinner that she would return to their house, their “dungeon”, to perhaps join in with their other friends in some openly kinky sex. However, after opening up to Gary last night and having him agree to participate with her, she was ecstatic. Finally, after all this time of having to exercise her sexuality away from him, he finally seemed to want to join her. This is something she had been wishing for ever since she was given a “hall pass” from him and his adopting the cuckold role in their relationship. She found that quite erotic in many ways, but in truth would much rather see him as her equal in their sexual adventures. She never liked that he stayed to himself and virtually pushed her into being with other men. Yes, she did enjoy the variety of the other men, but she wanted Gary with her to share the experience as a couple.

She decided to call Jason rather than e-mail him. It would give her much better opportunity to discuss the next step. She was glad Jason picked up on the second ring. She didn’t mind the thought of talking to Karen, but she felt more comfortable speaking with Jason.

“Hi Jason. This is Melissa,” she said happily. “I wanted to talk to you this morning about a few things that I hope will be good news for you as well as me.”

“Ah, Melissa,” Jason responded. “I was going to call you a little later to make sure you got home ok last night. Was Gary upset that you came in late? Did he have a lot of questions? Did he give you a hard time?”

“No hard time at all. He knew I’d be late. As for questions about my activity, he always likes to hear the details. He gets off on hearing about my adventures, and last night was no exception. I was tired, but I told him everything, and it turned him on like crazy. In fact, I think I’ve finally convinced him that he should join in with my little adventures.”

“Seriously? That’s fantastic Sweetie,” Jason said with a smile in his voice. “Do you really think he’s ready? Do you think he’ll follow through or back out.”

“I think he’s really up for it after I told him about you and Karen, and how easy going you are. He already knows that I know you from the past. I think until now, he may have been put off by the idea of being with strangers, but somehow my knowing you since our school days seems to make it easier for him to accept. Plus, I told him that you and Karen seem happy to take a couple of newbies under their wing.”

Jason laughed out loud. “I hardly think that we’re the professors of kink, but I’m sure Karen will be happy to help mentor some interested folks.”

Melissa asked, “You said you had some other friends that you played with. Perhaps we could join you sometime if that’s ok.”

“Melissa,” Jason answered. “Don’t misunderstand, but I’m not sure he, or even you are quite ready for that. You said that your experiences have been with a few other men one at a time. I’m not sure you’re ready for a real party, and I’m pretty sure it might be too much for Gary. I think perhaps we should just keep it to us guys for the time being till we see how Gary does. Then maybe we can consider other options.”

“OK, I get it,” she responded. “You’re probably right. So when would be a good time for us to come over and test the waters?”

“Well, this coming Saturday night is free, You guys could come over for some snacks and drinks. That way Gary can get to know us, and us him. If all seems comfortable, we can spend the evening down in the play room. We’ll need to try to get a feel for what Gary’s up for and what he’s like. Karen is good as sizing up people, and I promise we won’t be too rough with him. We’ll just keep it relatively mild and friendly, but kinky enough to get him onboard. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect,” Melissa answered her heart pounding with anticipation. “But I don’t want it too vanilla. I think Gary’s ready for a bit more after what I’ve told him about me, and he’s not completely naïve about such things.”

“OK,” Jason responded. “We’ll plan to see you about six, and we’ll let the evening progress naturally.”

Melissa hung up, and went to tell Gary who was coming in from getting the morning paper. She outlined the plan for next Saturday and both of them were so turned on by the thought of it that they started to hug and fondle right there in the kitchen. Before either of them realized it, they were both naked and Melissa was bent over the kitchen table as Gary pounded his cock into her wet pussy. Melissa was surprised but also very happy about the effect that the news of a potential evening with another couple had on Gary’s libido. He had not flat out ravaged her like that for a long time.

The following Saturday evening as they drove to their little party, Melissa kept reassuring Gary that Deneme Bonus Jason and Karen were really great people. Gary kept insisting that he believed her, and that all was fine and to stop worrying about him. In many ways he really was looking forward to this erotic opportunity, but he still had slightly odd feelings knowing that Jason was not only the first person to ever have sex with Melissa years ago, but also had sex with her and so did his wife just a week before. Would that feel too strange to him? For a long time Gary knew of Melissa’s adventures with other men and felt an erotic jolt just hearing her describe them, but tonight would be the first time he actually met one of them or saw her doing it. He too would be expected to join in, but what if his nerves got to him and he couldn’t perform? He kept telling himself that no matter what, he was going to enjoy and relish the experience. The worst thing that happened is that he was simply an observer, and that wasn’t a bad idea unto itself.

Jason and Karen met Melissa and Gary with big smiles as they welcomed them in to their home. They shared some wine and light snacks, and talked about things in general to get acquainted just like any couple who were meeting for the first time. Gary had to admit to himself that he felt more comfortable with their hosts than he had even anticipated. They were both very intelligent and pleasant and not pushy or “rowdy”. If you had met them at a function at a church or school or another party, you’d never suspect that they were into kinky sex, and that they had invited you over to share an evening of uninhibited fucking and sucking. Gary had to smile to himself at the thought.

After a few glasses of wine and everyone was feeling more comfortable, Jason broke the ice.

“Karen and I are really glad that you guys wanted to come over and share a little play time with us,” he said. “Melissa had a great time with us after the reunion last week, and we both think she’s fantastic.”

Gary wasn’t sure how to respond. “I think she’s pretty fantastic too. But, I think she’s always been a bit more adventurous than me.”

Karen spoke up. “Well, perhaps tonight will change that. Melissa told us that she’s been hoping that you would join us in some erotic fun and play, and that you seem to be more interested than perhaps you had been in the past. Believe me Gary, once you enjoy the thrill of some shared sexual adventure with Melissa, your whole world will open up. The way you think about her and your relationship will take on a whole new meaning. Years back when Jason and I decided to take the first step, we found it so liberating, and we’ve never regretted it. We could never go back to the way we were.”

There was a moment of silence to let her comment register, and then Melissa spoke up. “I explained to Jason and Karen that you even though you were really interested in joining us tonight. But they also understand that this is quite new for you. Believe me; they just want to make it a good experience. I think you can trust them to respect your limits yet still let you feel the erotic jolt of it.”

“She’s right,” Jason added. “We aren’t about to do anything that would hurt you or push you too much. We want your first steps to be positive. Our aim is to have you experience and enjoy the erotic power, and want to continue joining us.”

“I do understand,” Gary said. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. But you do have to understand that this is not something I’ve been part of first hand. I’ve only experienced it through Melissa tell me about some of her experiences.”

Jason leaned forward a little. “I understand. I know that Melissa has told you about our time together last week, and that she’s told you about some of the other experiences she’s had with men other than you. But, this is not like being in a cuckold role hidden away from the activity. You’ll be part of it yourself and sharing in it. I take it that you’ve never watched your wife have sex with another man, or woman for that matter. You’ve listened to her recount it and you’ve imagined it in your mind, but trust me, actually seeing her with another man inside her, in her mouth, experiencing a range of sensual, sexual sensations and perhaps having an orgasm with another man is quite a different thing. Some people have a tough time with it, at least at first. But then, you learn that it really opens your eyes and mind, and the erotic high is just hard to describe. I assume it’s the same when a wife watches her husband doing the same things with another woman yet knowing that it’s not some sort of cheating or secret thing going on behind her back. It’s a type of sharing of intimacy that not a lot of people experience, or could accept experiencing. However, once you taste of it, you have an appetite for it. Karen and I have learned to have a whole other level of appreciation for each other’s sexuality. Try to understand that Gary, and let your mind open up to the experience.”

Karen crossed Bedava bonusu the room and sat next to Gary and began rubbing his thigh from the knee to his crotch saying, “He’s right Gary. Just relax and let yourself ride on the experience. The less you think about it, and the more you just let it happen, the more wonderful it will be.”

Gary’s heartbeat became faster. He felt more than a little odd with Karen practically rubbing his dick while Melissa sat next to him. However, he told himself that Melissa was with these people last week and she certainly didn’t seem to be upset with Karen’s hand where it was and having the effect on him that it was having.

Melissa took Gary’s hand. “Honey, trust me. Come along with me. Be part of who I am. Let’s go and show you their play room. I know you’ve never seen anything like it.”

They all got up and went down to the basement club room where Karen retrieved the hidden key, and opened the well-camouflaged door. She turned on the subdued red light as they entered. Gary looked around trying to take it all in just as Melissa done the first time she entered. The shackles on the one wall facing the door, the mirrored wall behind him, the bench/bed in the center of the room, the D-rings in the floor and the suspension hooks in the ceiling. Nobody said anything. They simply let Gary look around. He felt his stomach doing little flips, and his knees got a little shaky. He tried to imagine Melissa in this very room with them last week, naked, shackled, spanked, flogged, fucked.

Karen approached Gary, put her arms around his neck and kissed him, pleasantly at first, but with increasing passion. At the same time Jason was doing the same with Melissa as his hands roamed over her breasts and ass. Her hands found Jason’s crotch, and slowly rubbed what Gary could see was a growing bulge. No sooner had he seen this when he felt Karen’s hands doing the same, rubbing slowly and cupping his balls through his jeans. Gary’s hands instinctively went to Karen’s breasts and down her belly to find her crotch. As he applied pressure, her kiss became more passionate and her tongue licked at Gary’s lips and coaxed them open. He wasted no time responding. Both of their breathing increased in depth and rate. Gary was responding quite eagerly, and his cock was ready to burst out of his pants when Karen pulled away and sat on the padded bench.

“Take your clothes off Gary,” she said. “I want to see you naked and vulnerable.”

Gary looked around to see that Jason and Melissa had stopped. Melissa was looking at him as Jason started removing her clothes. In just a few minutes, both she and Gary were naked while Jason and Karen remained fully clothed. No words were spoken as Gary and Melissa were shackled against the wall facing toward it, their backs and buttocks exposed. Gary looked a little nervous.

Melissa whispered to him, “Just relax and go with it. All will be fine.”

Karen spoke, “Melissa knows the drill. If either of you feel like you need to stop and think, say ‘code yellow’. We’ll stop and negotiate. If you feel a real need to stop, say, ‘code red’ and that will call a halt to everything. Melissa knows she can trust us so consider that before reacting too quickly. We won’t gag you so you’ll be able to communicate with us. Unless you have any questions, from this point on, you will do as told and let your mind remain open to what you see, hear, and feel. OK?”

Gary nodded the affirmative. Melissa did the same.

Before either could say or do anything else; SMACK! Karen’s hand fell with a solid slap to Gary’s right butt cheek. In a second, her hand landed on the left with a loud SMACK! Almost simultaneously, Jason’s hand came down hard on Melissa’s ass cheeks. Melissa drew in her breath. Gary gave a little yelp. He had never been spanked before. He had never known the helplessness of being bound and feeling someone take advantage of him this way. He told himself that if Melissa could do it, so could he.

Again, SMACK! SMACK! After a few minutes, Gary found himself anticipating the sting of Karen’s hand on his flesh, but somehow, he also found it arousing and erotically thrilling to be at this woman’s mercy. He had to trust that she knew what she was doing.

“You like that don’t you?” Karen hissed into Gary’s ear. “You like knowing I can do whatever the hell I want to you don’t you? Answer me! You think I just want to hear myself talk!”

“Yes. Yes I’m at your mercy,” Gary exclaimed.

“MA’AM! You little worm. MA’AM to me!” she hissed through her teeth as she smacked his ass again. “And you like seeing that little slut wife of yours get her ass burned too don’t you? You’ve wanted to burn her slut ass yourself for the other men she’s fucked, but you didn’t have the balls. You’re just a wimp worm and want us to do it for you. But guess what? We don’t want her to stop being a slut. We love her being a slut. And you do too. You’re going to have a good time watching her be a slut. Maybe Deneme bonusu veren siteler then you’ll get some balls. Then maybe she’ll respect you. Well? Am I right you little worm dick?”

“Yes ma’am,” Gary exclaimed. “Yes ma’am”.

With that, both Karen and Jason went back to the cabinets. They took off their clothes. Jason put on a black leather vest and something like a leather jock/g-string.. Karen put on black leather harness bra open in front to show her proud nipples. She also put on stiletto heel boots. Jason remained barefoot. While they watched and waited, Gary’s ass burned and “itched”. He wanted to rub it, but his hands were shackled. He assumed Melissa must feel the same, but he knew she was used to it.

Melissa whispered to Gary, “Are you doing ok?”

“SHUT UP YOU TWO!” Jason commanded. “You little slut, you especially know better than that.”

With those words Jason strode over with a leather flogger in his hands and lashed across Melissa’s butt and back and thighs. In seconds, Karen was doing the same to Gary. The flogger felt different than the spanks. Like a thousand little bee stings each time it found its mark. Gary could see that Jason was bringing the flogger up between Melissa’s legs to make sure she felt it on her asshole and pussy. He hoped Karen didn’t have the same intent for him, but no sooner had he thought that than he felt the sting of the flogger on his balls. He gave a yelp as his scrotum pulled up in self-defense.

Karen put her mouth next to his ear and whispered aggressively, “You ok? You aren’t going t wimp out on me are you Mr. Pussy.”

“No ma’am,” he answered. He was determined to hang in if his wife could.

A few more swats with the flogger, and Gary was released. Melissa was also released but turned to face outward and her wrists and ankles were re-shackled. Jason handed the flogger to Gary and commanded, “You do it. Use it on her tits and pussy.”

Gary’s eyes met Melissa’s. He hesitated not sure what do to. Jason grabbed the flogger back from him and lashed it across her breasts, her thighs, and up between her legs.

“LIKE THAT!” he commanded as he handed it back to Gary. Gary hesitated again and he felt the sting of Karen’s flogger across his ass.

“Come on Mr. Pussy! Do it, or you’ll get more from me!” Karen demanded.

Gary slapped the flogger across Melissa’s breasts fairly easily. He had never done anything like this to his wife. He wasn’t sure how she would react. Karen slashed her flogger across his ass and cock again.

“Come on! Give it to her!” Karen commanded. “She wants it. She needs it. She knows she’s a bad girl. She’s been out there sucking other guys’ cocks and spreading her legs to let them fuck her sweet wet cunt while you sat home jerking your meat. Show her who’s the fucking boss in your house! Show her you have a pair of balls between your legs. She wants it. Give her what she wants from you.”

Gary slashed hard across Melissa’s breasts hard enough to make her wince. Again. Again. Then he lashed it up between her legs. Melissa looked at him. But there wasn’t anger in her eyes that Gary saw. It was almost love, respect. Yes, this is what she had wanted from him. It’s what had sent her to those others. He understood, and brought the flogger up between her legs and across her breasts again, and yet again. She never broke contact with his eyes. She did not protest.

Finally, Jason and Karen stopped him and before he knew it, he was being shackled again against the wall. He watched as Karen was released. Would she be handed the flogger to use on him? No. Karen and Jason brought feathers and a small hand rake and that funny wheel that Melissa had told him about. “Oh God,” he thought to himself. “Do they know how ticklish I am?”

They handed the Wartenberg wheel to Melissa and told her to use it under Gary’s arms, along his thighs, and down to his feet. Jason had started using the small rake on the soles of Gary’s feet which bought screams and shaking and straining against his restraints. Karen used a stiff feather around his balls, up his ass crack, into his ears and nose, and under his chin. Gary screamed at the top of his lungs and strained against the shackles. He thought he would go insane, but he was determined to not let Melissa see him fold. She had told him they did this to her, and he wasn’t about to let himself fall short. The sensations of millions of bugs crawling on him coupled with the intense tickling of his soles and the point of the feather probing his private areas was almost more than he could stand, and he prayed it would stop. He was almost in tears, not from pain, but from the helplessness of being probed and tickled to the point of exhaustion. He feared he would lose control of his bladder. It was almost an out of body experience as he heard his screams and laughter and pleading echo off the walls of the play room. He looked in the mirror across from him and he met his own eyes as he saw the three others doing such sadistic tickling to this helpless naked man. It almost seemed surreal as he realized that the helpless naked man was him.

Finally it stopped. Karen said, “Oh my. It looks like all this attention has made Mr.Pussy lose his boner. I’ll have to see if I can fix that.”

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