Revenge: How Sweet It Is


It stated out like a normal day for me. Anti had to leave to go back to the platform to work and once he was gone the usual empty feeling came in. But, there just wasn’t something right so my woman’s intuition kicked in and started looking for what was bothering me. Inside my husbands computer I found where he had kept private account that he used to communicate with other women that he wanted to meet with. I sent each of these women a small note about him and our marriage and as they replied back my blood boiled.

How could that fucking bastard tell me he loved me and be married to me and still fucking go off and do shit like this? If I could have gotten my hands on him I would have beat the shit out of him or worse.

As much as I wanted to spend the weekend finding out how unfaithful my husband had been and dividing up the house finding out what I wanted and didn’t want, I had to go home for a dear old friends wedding. The drive from Mississippi to Augusta, GA where I was born and raised was just long enough for me to cool off from the anger and hurt.

Arriving at my parent’s house I was disappointed to find they had left for the weekend and I would be there all alone as well. I quickly changed and headed off for the rehearsal dinner with my friends. It was marvelous to see so many old friends from school; it is great how weddings bring back such old memories.

“Life must be really good for you Shell, you look marvelous.” an old voice from the past says from behind me. Slowly turning around I am face to face with Chad, my first great love. A tall, dark haired handsome man who I had not seen since my senior year of college. “I was hoping to see you here.”

“Well how could I miss it, it’s not everyday your best friend gets married,” Oh my gosh did I just sound like that big of a dork?

Chad and I chatted for sometime and then it was time to go out with the bride and the bridal party. Chad asked if he might be able to stop by the parents house in the morning to chat some more, of course I agreed.

Waking the next morning was like having a jack hammer going off in your head. I had way too much to drink, partly due to the party and partly to do with my sorry ass husband. With the new anger still inside me, I ataşehir escort bayan threw on my bikini and went down to lay by the pool.

The hot sun was feeling good on my skin but not doing much for my head. I had already been in the pool and decided it was time for another trip. Swimming to the far end I wrap my arms around the edge and sit under the water fall letting the water cool me off.

“Would you mind if I joined you?” Opening my eyes at the question, there is Chad already shirtless and taking off his shoes.

“Well sure,” I reply, “But let me warn you it is cold as fuck in here.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him as he stepped slowly into the pool. Chad is so much unlike my husband in so many ways. Anthony is tall, medium built with fair skin and red hair. Chad is not as tall as Anti, but he has dark hair and model looks. Don’t get me wrong my husband is handsome, but he would never be on the cover of any magazine other than Offshore monthly or some hunting magazine.

It is during my time watching the man my parents wished I would have married that I noticed an ache in my pussy. I was getting turned on by Chad!

“God Shell you sure do look good,” Chad compliments as he swims out to me in the other end of the pool.

“Thanks Chad you look pretty god yourself,” I flirt back. I had always told my husband that if he cheated I wouldn’t leave him or divorce him, I told him I would get even on his ass.

“Do you remember how we used to come out here and swim at night after my parents went to sleep and we would kiss under this waterfall?” I ask him baiting him into my devious little plan.

“Oh yeah,” Chad answers as he slides in next to me under the water fall. I look at him and know that he wants me and he has to know I want him too.

Looking as seductive as possible I smile and turn to him, “Those were the times weren’t they?”

Chad slowly leans in and kisses me on the lips; it’s not a force full kiss, but a kiss that is feeling out where I might want to go with this. I slowly raise my hands out of the water and run my fingers through his hair encouraging him. As he pushes me against the wall, I can feel his dick hard under the water and then I reach down for it cupping escort kadıköy it s we kiss.

“Fuck baby that feels so good,” Chad pants as he pulls back from our kiss. A man is easily lead when you put your hand on his dick, you can get him to do anything.

As Chad kisses my neck, he unties my top and lets it fall away. The cool water has my nipples standing out like pebbles and rubbing against his chest is driving me crazy. Chad slowly inches his hand down my back and into my bottoms, cupping my bare ass in his hand. Our mouths kissing as the passion builds between us. If there had been a stopping point, we passed it when I felt him slide a finger into my fevered pussy.

I love to be fingered so much; Chad knows this since it was him who first fingered me. I am now putty in his hands as he works his fingers in and out of my snatch. I feel him insert a second and then try a third. My breathing is so shallow and my chest is heaving at the effect his hands is having on me. I was once in control of this seduction, but now I fear that he is in control.

It didn’t take too long for my body to start to quiver as the momentum of my orgasm built deep inside my pussy. The mouth of an old lover on mine and is hand in my pussy worked me into an intoxicated state of lust that lead to a shatter orgasm. I only hope the neighbors did not ear my cries of passion as I lost control.

As my breathing tried to slow down I look at Chad who is smiling at me, the bastard had come here to fuck me, it had been his plan all along and I can read it in his face. Sometimes it is easy to fucking hate men. But, right now I needed fucked.

Leading Chad down to the shallow end of the pool I have him sit on the edge of the pool as I remove his swim trunk. Slowly moving in between his legs, I look up and make eye contact with him. He is watching me closely.

Reaching up I take his dick in my hands and slowly slide a finger under his ball sack. Bending over I lick the head, before I lick all the way down it and under his sack. I know he licks this, because the moans he is making. Licking my way back to the top I slowly stretch my mouth around the head of his dick. It is funny but he is smaller than my husband. Gripping just under my own bostancı escort lips I slowly begin to work my head up and down his shaft as I suck his dick. My own saliva mixing with the water to help me gets the motion going.

Working my way up and down Chad’s dick makes me horny; I always get horny giving head. The moans from him become louder and more frequent so I know he is getting close to cumming. As I feel his dick tighten, I get ready for the shots of cum that squirt out, gulping them down like an award for a job well done, I continue to suck, milking his dick for all it has to give me.

Chad leans back exhausted from his climax, “If you had been this fiery when we dated I don’t think I’d have ever broken up with you.”

“Maybe I was but you weren’t able to keep up,” I reply as I climb out of the pool sliding down my bottoms, before placing a foot on both sides of Chad and slowly sitting on top of his dick. “I sure hope you aren’t done.” I pout as I move back and forth on his dick, which I can feel slowly getting hard once more.

Leaning forward I offer my nipples to him; he takes them and sucks them which leads me into a hotter state. Reaching back behind me I take his dick in my hand and rub the head of it along my pussy and back to my ass. I do this a few times and it makes him harder and harder. Stopping at my pussy hole I slowly move down on it allowing his dick to slide into me.

Having a dick inside me finally makes me want to go crazy. I love the feeling of having a dick in my pussy, forcing the inside open and the lips apart. As I slowly sit up and begin to move, Chad pushes back meeting me stroke for stroke. The momentum we build leads us into some fiery sex as I scratch and claw at his chest and he reaches up and play with my tits.

I can feel his balls against my ass as I slam back down into him. He tries to pick up the pace as do I, because I know what is about to happen. As I start to come down, the hot jet of sperm can be felt in my own pussy, the more I move the more he shoots into me. I am so close I have to keep going, I want to come once more!

Then it shatters, the release of my own orgasm sends me to screaming once more as I bounce up and down on his dick. I keep going as long as I can as long as I have to, to get the itch filled and the feeling of bless that only sex brings.

Rolling off Chad and onto the tile I am tired now. Chad reaches over and tries to kiss me again, but I turn my head away. Revenge was sweet, but now it is over.

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