Revolving Shower


My boyfriend played football for a major college. We’d been going out since we were both in high school. Now, Chris was in his second year and I was in my senior year getting ready to graduate from high school. For my eighteenth birthday, my parents had let me drive to one of Chris’s games. I’d watched him play and he was amazing, as always. After the game, we drove to his place where he could clean up and we were going out for dinner.

As Chris went to take a shower, I wandered around the apartment. When I heard the water running in the shower, I had an idea. I’d missed Chris and we hadn’t had any real time together since I’d pulled into town. I crept into the bedroom and tested the knob on the bathroom door. Unlocked. Slowly shedding my clothes, I tip toed into the bathroom. He has an amazing body and I could see the outline of it through the glass doors on the shower.

I slowly opened the door and stepped into the shower. Chris nearly jumped through the ceiling when I touched his shoulder. He whipped around and stared at me.

“I thought you might need help scrubbing your back.”

I grabbed the washcloth out of his hand and turned him back around. I slowly moved the washcloth up and over his shoulders and down his back. He had so many muscles. I moved the washcloth down lower and I rubbed it over his butt. I leaned against him, my breasts pushing against his back, and rubbed the washcloth over his shoulders. I whispered for him to turn around.

Chris turned and he was hard as a rock. His cock was standing straight and ready. As I ran the washcloth down over his chest, I avoided his cock. I wanted to take him in my mouth, but I wanted to wait. I scrubbed his shoulders and his chest and then moved down to rub his legs. As I soaped his thighs, his cock twitched.

I looked up at him and then wrapped the washcloth around his cock and moved it back and forth. Chris moaned and braced his hand against the shower wall. As I removed the washcloth, I pushed him back under the water, watching as the water streamed down his body and ran off his cock.

“I better check to make sure this is clean.”

I leaned in, wrapping my hands around his cock, and took sincan escort him in my mouth. As I closed my lips around the head of his cock and slid my mouth down him, Chris groaned and pushed his cock forward. I hadn’t had his cock in so long, I wanted to savor it.

My mouth twisted around his shaft as I pushed and pulled on him. I lifted his cock and sucked on his balls, pulling first one then the other into my mouth. Then I pressed my lips to the side of his cock and moved my mouth up and down him until I again took him full in my mouth. Chris was moaning, pushing his cock into my mouth, telling me to suck him hard.

The water was getting cold. Chris reached back and turned it off. Taking his cock from my mouth, I kissed the tip then stood. Smiling at Chris, I opened the shower door and grabbed a towel. We slowly dried off, our eyes never leaving one another. Chris kept looking at my breasts and my ass. He loves my ass.

Walking backwards towards the bed, I motioned for Chris to follow me. Laying down, I opened my legs wide and ran my fingers down between my legs, rubbing my wet pussy. Chris watched as I slid a finger inside my pussy and moaned. He’d never seen me touch myself before. He stood there, his eyes locked on my fingers moving gently in and out of my lips, opening me wide to show him.

Chris kissed my knees and then my thighs. My fingers kept working my pussy until his mouth covered them. I pulled my hands away and pushed his head to me. His tongue flicked across my lips and I moaned, arching up off the bed. Chris lapped my pussy fast, his tongue working my clit and then moving down again. I was moaning, twisting on the bed.

As Chris pushed two fingers inside my tight hole, I arched off the bed and came in his mouth. He sucked my pussy as his fingers fucked me, not letting my orgasm end. When I finally stopped, Chris rose and pushed himself between my legs. His cock was hard again.

Laying between my legs, Chris guided his cock to my pussy and slowly entered me. He was so thick and felt so damn good. Chris pushed his cock slowly all the way inside me and then pulled out. Over and over again, he pushed and fucked me. I was gripping his ankara escort shoulders, digging my fingernails into his skin as his cock fucked me. We were grunting and groaning, his balls slapping against me as he fucked my pussy.

“Cum baby, cum for me…. fuck……oh fuck!!!!”

Chris was grunting with each thrust. My pussy tightened and then I felt his cock erupt. He pulled out and his cum was all over me. I smiled as he collapsed on the bed next to me.

Chris fell asleep and I headed back into the shower. As the water was running down my head, I felt hands on my hips, pulling me back against them. I smiled, thinking Chris had gotten up again. I turned around, opened my eyes and was standing in the shower with Gary, Chris’s roommate. I looked down and Gary was hard and well hung, not as big as Chris but big all the same.

“I heard you and Chris fucking. He said one time that I could fuck you.”

I didn’t say a word as Gary’s fingers slipped between my legs and his fingers opened my pussy. He smiled and knelt down in front of me. With the water running over my body, Gary’s mouth covered my pussy and sucked hard on my mound. I moaned. His tongue slithered across my lips, pushing just up inside me and then pulling out again. Again and again, his tongue licked me in small slow licks. Boy, could this man eat pussy!

Moaning, I lifted my leg up on the edge of the tub, letting Gary get more access to my pussy. His tongue was pushing against me, flicking across my clit and then back down again. His tongue moved all the way across my slit and then back up. I moaned and started to cum as his mouth closed around my pussy lips and sucked. My body shook and bucked as my orgasm kept coming. Gary kissed my pussy and then stood.

Leaning over, he took one nipple in his mouth and then the other, sucking them slowly. I reached down for his cock and wrapped my hand around it. Pulling on him, I jacked him slowly. Gary groaned against my tit and then pulled away.

“I wanna fuck you.”

We exited the shower and Gary took me out to the bed. Chris was still asleep. Pushing me down on the bed, my ass in the aid, Gary spread my legs and rammed his cock inside me. etimegut escort I groaned and grabbed the sheets on the bed. He fucked me hard, filling my pussy with his cock. His balls swung against me as he pushed and pulled his cock. His hands were gripping my ass, bouncing me back and forth against him.

Chris was laying close to me. I reached out and wrapped my hands around his cock and started to palm his cock. I moved so I could lean more forward. I took Chris’s cock in my mouth and started to suck as Gary kept fucking me harder and harder. Chris finally woke up with a moan and I kept sucking. He looked at Gary fucking me and smiled.

Sitting up, Chris brought his cock to my mouth again. I took him all the way in, the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat, and sucked hard and fast. Gary was fucking me harder and harder. He grunted and then pulled out. His cum was shooting from him. He crawled on the bed and I took his spewing cock in my mouth. I kept sucking him, loving the taste of him.

Chris moved behind me and dug his fingers into my pussy. I moaned and then moaned even louder a he rubbed my juices over my asshole. Chris slowly guided his cock into my hole and spread me. I’d never been fucked in the ass before and this was amazing. The pain gave way quickly to pleasure. Chris slowly pushed his cock all the way inside me and then stopped. I was still sucking Gary’s cock, not letting him go limp.

I pushed my ass back against Chris and he started to pump slowly in and out of him. His fingers were diving in and out of my pussy as he fucked my ass. Gary’s cock was throbbing in my mouth and he was playing with my swinging nipples. Everyone was grunting and moaning. I came quickly, my cum spilling all over Chris’s fingers. He reached round and I sucked them off before taking Gary back into my mouth.

Chris moaned and I felt his cock get even bigger. He thrust into me again and his cock erupted in my ass. He pulled out and came all over my ass. Gary moved back behind me and I moaned as his cock filled my pussy again. He pumped his cock four or five times hard into me and then he grunted. He pulled out and his cum came all over my ass.

Chris and Gary both laid on the bed, panting and smiling. I stepped from the bed and headed towards the bathroom door again. Turning around, I asked Chris, “Any more roommates I need to know about?”

Chris and Gary both laughed.

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