Rick and I


Rick and Imany married men have written how much they would enjoy or have enjoyed having sex with another man. it may be that they suck off strangers at the ABS or their best friend. i consider myself lucky in that i have found the perfect “sex buddy” in Rick (not his real name). if you look at my profile you will see a picture of what he looks like. the story you are about to read is 100% true. it will detail how and where we met. then it will detail our first sexual encounter. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.Rick and i worked at a non-profit agency in another city north of Pennsylvania. our jobs were slightly different but we saw each other from time to time. there were several occasions that we partnered for a few weeks for the same outcome and then went about our business. as it turned out i wanted to reach out to the male population in the neighborhood we were servicing. i reached out to Rick and he agreed to assist in this endeavor. we made plans, came up with goals, sent letters, visited several of the men we were targeting. in the end it turned out well and we accomplished what we wanted. after our last meeting we evaluated our program and felt that we could run it again after a few months to target other men in the area. it was at this moment that Rick told me that he was gay. that did not bother me at all since I’ve had several gay men as friends. we went about our business and had another üsküdar escort successful group. as it turned out i left that agency and worked for another non-profit for about 4 more years. i had Rick’s number and kept in touch with him since he had moved near Orlando. he helped me out when i was looking to relocate. then i moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida. as it turned out Rick moved about 20 minutes from me. to make a long story short i was finally getting to understand my “gay” side. i was looking at hot men at the beach, at the pool, going to ABS stores, renting and finally buying bisexually or gay oriented videos. it was getting me extremely horny thinking about a man rubbing himself on me and vice versa. my only concern was that i was scared of letting another unknown man touch me or worse………….then i thought of Rick. so i called him.we met and i expressed my ideas, my thoughts, my fears, my desire to be held, touched, kissed, licked etc. Rick assured me that he was not seeing anybody and he can provide all that for me. i felt extremely comfortable with him. the way he talked, the way he assured me that there was nothing to worry about…..so we agreed on a day and time to meet a few weeks after that.i must admit that i was nervous. my heart was beating a mile a minute. i almost backed down as i pulled into the parking lot of the motel we agreed on. i called Rick and he was already tuzla escort in the room. he must have heard my hesitation and came down to the lobby to meet me. it was like two business men on a trip. we greeted each other and took the elevator to the room. Rick was such a gentleman! we talked for a little while about sports, drank a few beers and as i was sitting on a lounge chair he approached me and began taking my sneakers and socks off. he caressed my legs up until the bottom of my shorts. i enjoyed his touch and felt at ease. i suggested we take a shower to break the ice and he agreed.all my inhibitions disappeared as we entered the shower together. the warm water, the beer, his touch all worked wonders for me. he soaped my chest, my neck, my crotch and then told me to turn around. he soaped my back, my ass cheeks and the back of my legs. i turned around and pulled him closer to me. we looked into each others eyes and knew instantly what we wanted, a deep kiss. as we kissed i felt his cock and balls touching mine, his hands went around my neck as i reached around and grabbed his ass. his mustache tickled my nose. i was in heaven. i don’t know how long we kissed for but i moaned my approval many times during that kiss. we finally broke it off and as the perfect gentleman that he is he helped dry me off. needless to say i had a raging hardon and he approved by drying it off as gently as pendik escort possible. he knew it was my first time with a man and he helped me relax even more.getting to the bed i didn’t know what to expect. i followed Rick’s lead. he told me to lie on my back. as i did Rick lay on top of me….it was as if Rick had read my mind. his dick touched mine, his chest was on mine, he put his arms around my neck as i spread my legs welcoming his weight on top of mine. then we kissed again but this time with more desire, more lust and i felt my body melt under his. i could not move my arms not because i couldn’t but because i was on another planet. his kisses and that mustache tickling my nose was all i needed. i shamelessly moaned my approval as our kiss deepened even more. he hugged me and pressed his body even harder on mine….i loved it. he broke the kiss and kissed my neck again putting on another different planet than the previous one.the next few hours were like a blur of hypersexuality and lust. Rick kissed my nipples, worked his way down my body to my crotch, pulled my legs up in the air and while i grabbed my ankles he put a pillow under my ass, I’ve never had anyone lick my ass the way he did, i almost exploded but then Rick took a step further. he caressed my balls, pulled my dick in his mouth and did not let go until i did explode in his mouth. a fantastic blow from a perfect gentleman. i nearly cried after he was done. we took a quick nap until we were horny again….but that’s another story.i have found my “sex buddy” in Rick. when i’m with him all hell breaks loose and i feel so uninhibited and relaxed. thanks for reading my story. i know it’s lengthy but i had to give ya’ll all the details. comments are appreciated. more to come I’m sure…..

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