Road Fuck


Emily stirred in her car seat impatiently. She looked out the windshield and watched as the road faded into the setting sun. There was a long journey ahead of them and she was glad that her boyfriend Thomas was driving.

The emptiness of the open road let Emily’s mind wander to mischievous thoughts. Her gaze shifted to Thomas, who was nonchalantly mouthing the words to the song playing on the radio. His lips were soft and pink as was the tongue they concealed. Emily closed her eyes and imagined him kissing her cunt and then slowly spreading her lips open with his tongue. She sighed just loud enough for Thomas to notice.

“Penny for your thoughts,” he asked, turning down the radio.

“Oh…I was just thinking about sex…” Emily said absentmindedly.

“What about sex?” Thomas inquired playfully.

“How I love having it with you,” she said demurely, reaching over and tracing the fly of his pants with her finger.

Thomas glanced down at Emily’s hand and smiled at her. He sat up straight in his seat as Emily slowly undid his button and then his zipper. He felt his blood rushed to his cock.

“Mmm…dirty girl,” Thomas said as his erection sprang loose from the confines of its denim prison.

Emily giggled and softly stroked Thomas’ hard shaft with her fingertips. She opened her legs and pushed her hand under her skirt to her wet pussy. Thomas’ eyes shot down to watch Emily finger herself and then to watch her caress his throbbing cock. She sat back in her seat with her mouth slightly agape, moaned, and arched her back. She removed her fingers little by little and watched them glisten in the sunlight. Emily took her wet hand and ran it over Thomas’ dick, adding some much needed lubrication.

Emily unfastened her seat belt and turned ninety degrees to her left, pulling her escort sincan legs underneath her so she could sit on them. She looked up at Thomas who was desperately trying to concentrate on the road and on her. She leaned down and kissed the head of his cock and pulled it gently into her mouth. Emily ran her tongue over the tip and lapped up his warm salty pre-cum. Thomas groaned and bucked his hips into her supple mouth, begging her to take more of him in. Emily obliged, practically swallowing his whole cock. She lightly slid her teeth over his shaft as she bobbed up and down, then released her teeth and used her strong lips. Emily moaned and the vibration shook Thomas’ whole dick. He gripped the steering wheel tightly and thrust deeper into her mouth.

“Holy fuck that feels good,” Thomas slurred as he watched the road.

“I love your cock,” Emily said breathily.

“I need to fuck you. We should pull over,” Thomas said eagerly.

As soon as the words passed his lips, they were parked on the side of the open, nearly desolate highway. Thomas lifted Emily’s head carefully and withdrew his dick from her mouth. He pushed his erection back into his pants as he opened the door and ran to Emily’s. He pulled her out of the car, sat in her seat and pulled her on top of him. She raised her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, allowing Thomas to slide his cock into her. He reclined the chair and watched as Emily moved herself up and down his dick. She leaned over and kissed him as he unsnapped her bra. Thomas lifted Emily’s shirt and brought her nipple to his mouth, sucking on it tenderly. He twisted her other nipple in his fingers firmly as she moaned.

Emily carefully positioned herself so she could turn around with Thomas still inside of her. She gripped his cock hard with her cunt and ankara escort twisted herself so she was looking out the windshield. She leaned over on the dashboard giving Thomas the perfect view of her round ass. He grabbed her hips and drove hard into her pussy. She raised her hips teasingly, preventing any deep penetration. Then she placed her hands on the windshield and pushed against it, forcing him all the way in her.

Thomas thrust his hips quickly, pushing Emily’s body off of him. She let herself drop back down over him as his dick pushed and pulled at her insides. She sat up straight and braced her arms against the ceiling of the car, allowing Thomas to shove his whole cock into her every time he thrust.

Emily loved the deep penetration and let one hand down so she could rub her clit. She smeared her cum over her cunt and circled her smooth clit with her finger. It was hard and amazingly sensitive. She moaned as she ran her finger from the top to the bottom of her cunt, enjoying the soft folds of skin wrapped around Thomas’ dick. She licked her fingers clean and again braced herself against the top of the car.

Thomas’ thrusts were becoming faster and more frantic. Emily knew his orgasm was approaching so she clenched her pussy around his cock so hard it hurt him a little. He reached his hand up and ran it over her ass and then squeezed it. Her skin was soft like silk and he loved touching her body right as he was about to cum. The sensation of her skin under his fingertips was lovely.

A blue SUV hurried past them on the road. Emily saw a man in the passenger seat gawking at her as she bounced up and down Thomas’ cock. She smiled at the unfamiliar person and puckered her lips at him, suggesting a kiss. The excitement of being watched made Emily’s nipples hard. She rubbed them lightly etimesgut escort bayan through her shirt and groaned as the SUV became a speck in the distance.

Emily was again rubbing her clit so she could cum at the same as Thomas. He was gasping for air and fucking Emily hard, pushing his dick into her sticky wet pussy. She felt the warmth of an orgasm sneaking up on her. It spread slowly through her; first her nipples tingled, then her back became tense and rigid as she held the palms of her hands on the top of the car. Her muscles flexed and she could feel her whole body turning red as the first orgasmic spasm hit her.

Thomas closed his eyes as he bucked up against her and let out a soft, but intense moan. Her orgasm had sent him over the edge and his legs shook and shuddered under Emily. He felt his balls tighten as he flooded Emily’s pussy with his cum. She felt it flow into her and she contracted again, squeezing some of Thomas’ cum out to drip down his cock.

Emily moaned as she felt the hot rush of cum pass through her cunt. She moaned while Thomas pushed slowly through her. She could feel every little vein of his pulse in her cunt. Thomas’ hips slowed their pace and he lifted Emily off of him carefully. A mixture of their cum dripped out of her pussy and onto his upper thigh. She wiped at it with her hands and then sucked it off of her fingers.

“We taste good,” Emily said licking her lips and turning to face Thomas.

He smiled at her and pulled her mouth to his, enjoying the salty flavor on her tongue. Emily refastened her bra and opened the car door so that Thomas could exit and go back to driving. He stepped out and buttoned up his pants as he walked to his side of the car and climbed in. He buckled his seat belt and started the car. He reached over and grabbed Emily’s hand.

“I love you and your dirty mind,” Thomas said happily.

Emily grinned and fiddled with the radio as Thomas drove them towards their destination. She stared lazily out the widow as they continued to chase the horizon.

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