Rule of Three



After Reina got off the phone with Tiana, Puppy saw that familiar glint return to her eyes as the right corner of her mouth curled into a beguiling grin. Slowly, Reina drew tension on her shiny leather collar and pulled her head towards the warmth of her lap.

“Play with me, Puppy.” Reina coolly instructed her as their eyes locked.

Since Puppy was forbidden to speak when she wore her collar and leash she complied diligently by glazing Reina’s shaved crotch with her all too eager tongue.


Before meeting Reina and away from her, Puppy had a name and was a member of the city’s well-to-do. She was a senator’s daughter; educated, philanthropic and a patron of the arts yet she was bored. Tall, blonde-haired, blue eyed and elegantly refined she would not have been out of place on a catwalk or a red carpet gala. Yet she found little fulfillment in the times she had strode down them. The city was spread out before her like a buffet yet she always found herself wanting and she cared little for those who pandered to her.

Meeting Reina changed everything for her.

Reina was the talk of the city’s alt-pop-art scene. Her photos, paintings and short films were evocative, provocative and unflinchingly erotic. She was an alluring ethnic blend of Malaysian and Portuguese, beyond that her bio shed little light on her past and in her rare public appearances and interviews she only spoke about her work while deftly evading any probing questions. Once she had spoken her piece, her brusque, bespectacled publicist/manager, Harlan whisked her away.

Puppy, like so many others, was hopelessly intrigued by Reina’s mystique. Unlike so many others, Puppy had the means to sate her curiosity.

There was a hush-hush, VIP showing of Reina’s latest BDSM themed pop-art simply titled, “Submission” at an undisclosed location. Puppy got wind of it and pulled a few strings to get in. For discretion’s sake, she wore an auburn wig and a sensible pantsuit to the event held in the converted basement of an abandoned warehouse near the docks of the city.

Sepia toned and grainy black and white GIFs of male and female models along with the artist herself engaged in acts of porno izle BDSM and humiliation were projected on the brick walls and ceiling of the venue. As arresting as the images were, Puppy was intently scouring the crowd for Reina. Three hours into the event, Reina made her appearance with no fanfare. It was as if she had always been there, hidden within the crowd in her dark jade evening gown as Harlan kept her slavering public at bay.

Puppy helplessly made her way towards the pair and her eyes made contact with Reina’s an instant before Harlan was about to brush her aside. It was then that Reina whispered something in his ear and he allowed Puppy within an arm’s length of the object of her obsession. Puppy was about to gush enthusiastically when Reina pressed her slender left pointer finger to Puppy’s Cupid’s Bow shaped mouth and silenced her. Reina’s midnight black painted lips parted in a knowing smile and she whispered again to Harlan. He reached into the brown satchel draped across his shoulder and drew out a red leather collar with matching, attached leash and gave it to Reina. She then put it on Puppy and led her away to the applause dappled with curious murmurs of the crowd.

Later, at Reina’s studio apartment on the other side of town, at Reina’s instruction, Harlan stripped Puppy naked and knelt her on a large Persian rug. Still collared and looking up helplessly at Reina, Puppy’s clothes and personal effects were neatly stowed on one of the many wheeled clothing racks otherwise stocked with leather and latex outfits and lingerie used in Reina’s pieces.

“I know you love me. I can see it in those big puppy eyes of yours.” Reina spoke boldly and calmly to the awestruck young woman at her feet. “Hmm, that’s what you are now, my Puppy. You like being my Puppy don’t you?” she added and Puppy enthusiastically nodded in agreement. “Good. Puppies don’t use words, they emote through physicality and their natural exuberance is tempered by their supplication to their alpha. You will be a good Puppy won’t you?” Puppy nodded eagerly. Reina looked over at Harlan and gave him a curt nod of her head and he removed his clothing to reveal a chiseled body and an eager, lengthy cock. Turning amatör porno back to Puppy, Reina told her, “You are mine to do with as I please. I will allow you to play with Harlan but only under my direct supervision.” At those words Harlan pounced on Puppy and forcefully jutted his veiny, hard cock past her lips and into her throat. She drooled and gagged but did not resist. Her hands remained at her sides as Harlan used fistfuls of her golden hair to aggressively direct her mouth along the unrelenting length of his pink shaft. “Good fucking Puppy.” Harlan snarled through gritted teeth.

Reina undressed and made her way to a nearby cabinet containing an assortment of sex toys. She took out a riding crop, a black leather flogger and chained nipple clamps then she spoke forebodingly, “Puppies need to be trained and disciplined. This process is often arduous and lengthy.”

Three months later, Puppy was naked and curled up in a corner of the cage Reina had custom-made for her. Usually she would be awaiting her next course of discipline but this time she was watching Reina and Harlan fighting over her. “How dare you? After all this time. She is my Puppy!” Reina yelled at Harlan over discovering that he had been playing with Puppy without her permission.

“She is a person and I…” he was interrupted by Reina before finishing, “Love her? No. You were having your other flavors this whole time. My Puppy was simply the best of them.”

Harlan took a deep breath and calmed down before he spoke again, “Look, you’re right. We have been doing this for a long time and I feel it’s time for a change.”

“Well change all you want but Puppy stays with me!” After Reina made her declaration Puppy perked up in her cage.

“If that’s the way you want it then I have to tender my resignation. Effective immediately.” Harlan somberly replied.

Puppy listened to the clamor of Harlan collecting his effects and his announcement that Reina would be hearing from his lawyers soon before the elevator door slammed.

The ensuing silence was interrupted by the clicking of Reina’s high heels as she turned to Puppy’s cage. As Reina drew closer, Puppy pressed her anal porno delicate features in between the bars of her cage and locked eyes with her, trying to guess her intentions. Reina spoke solemnly to Puppy, “Before I collar and leash you, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Puppies don’t talk.” she submissively whispered.

Reina smiled at her devilishly before collaring her through the bars and dragging her out of her cage by her leash.

“I know you’re sorry but I have to teach you a lesson and make you understand just how much you’ve hurt me.” Reina told her before slapping her hard in the meat of her right cheek and forcing her face down to the cold, hard wood floor by her flaxen hair. “I love you Puppy. When I get done, you won’t ever make a mistake like you did with Harlan ever again.”

Reina spent the next few hours savaging her Puppy. She plundered her orifices with her fingers, a large strap-on and dildos. Puppy’s cries echoed as her ass and breasts were paddled. Reina even caned the soles of her dainty feet. There came a point where Reina trussed Puppy up in an elevated prone position and with a double headed strap on, she simultaneously assailed both of her fuck sockets as she berated her for betraying their covenant via her actions with Harlan.

Puppy had never conceived a more sublime torture. Her bond with Reina was renewed with every bruise left on her smooth skin. Reina’s stream of insults and degradations reflected the passion she felt for her Puppy. Puppy cried till tears stained her cheeks and screamed gutturally, wordlessly to the vindication of Reina. If Puppy was allowed to speak during those long hours she would have thanked Reina profusely and sworn to do anything to please her.

After Reina was done and the exquisite, lingering sting of the previous hours warmed Puppy’s weakened flesh, both women were in tears and kissed deeply for what felt like the first time. “Good Puppy.” Reina cooed to her as she stroked her sub’s golden hair before putting her back into her cage for the night.


“Tonight is going to be a milestone for all of us.” Reina said to Puppy as she artfully applied the finishing touches to her makeup. “Tiana and her special boys will be here soon and I have to make sure everything is ready.” Reina left Puppy to prepare herself before attending to the last minute technical details of the live streaming event on their website.

Part Three coming soon

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