Sam’s Infatuation Ch. 01


Samuel J. Roland was 19 years old and the youngest in his family he had an older brother and an older sister. His sister Rose, 28, was in Europe doing ‘charity work’ which Sam and his older brother Toby knew was a code for having as much sex as possible. Toby who was 24 was currently dating a beautiful girl named Stacy. Sam, Stacy and Toby attended Yale University both boys on a scholarship and Stacy because her father was a rich alumni. The three of them shared a flat off campus together. Sam who had just gotten out of a three year relationship with his high school sweetheart was heartbroken and had been moping around the flat for days not paying attention to his flatmates. He had no idea that his current lethargy would change his life….forever.

Sam woke up on the couch where he had fallen asleep watching home videos again, the coffee table and floor were littered with beer cans and pizza boxes. Sam was a good looking young man with messy brown hair that wasn’t short or long, his facial features would have been described by girls as outrageously good looking though his brown eyes were now red from lack of sleep and he had a messy stubble growing. He had an athlete’s body due to him being the star quarterback of his high school football team. He was dressed in a stained white shirt with pajama bottoms and a fuzzy robe. Sam sat on the couch for a while rubbing his eyes and massaging his head. His brother Toby and his girlfriend Stacy walked into the living room.

“Sam?” Toby asked. Sam didn’t respond oblivious to other sounds. Toby was an older version of Sam except with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes.

“He’s delicate Toby, leave him be.” Stacy said. Stacy could have been mistaken for Rachel Bilson. She looked almost exactly like her except with a somewhat leaner body and bigger breasts.

“Yeah I guess, it kills me to see him this escort ataşehir way.”

“You’re a good brother.” Stacy kissed his cheek.

“Well I better get to class.”

“Go be a lawyer, hon. I’m going to take a shower.”

“Dang, just when I have to go to class.” Toby said mischievously.

“GO!” Stacy laughed. After Toby had left Stacy knelt on one knee next to Sam she and Sam had known each other for five or six years, longer than she had been dating Toby though she was Toby’s age and older than Sam. Sam had been her confidant they had worked together at a retail store once and had been friends since when she met his brother they started dating.

“Sam, pal?” she said nudging him, he said nothing continuing to massage his head. Stacy sighed she stood up heading for the shower.

Stacy stood in her bra and panties waiting for the water to heat up. When steam could be seen she pulled her panties down, revealing a clean shaven pussy with a small landing strip, she ran a finger down her clit before unhooking her bra, as it fell off it revealed perfect 36 C breasts with brown stiff nipples, Stacy giggled as she squeezed them together. Stacy was a fan of masturbation no matter how satisfied she was by Toby she would double-click her mouse two or three times a day she did it in the showers so as to not upset Toby. As she stepped into the shower she brought her hand down to her pussy thinking about how she had been fucked like a whore last night she could still feel Toby’s 8 inch cock ramming into her as he held her against the wall holding her forearms up. Stacy began.

Outside the bathroom, Sam stood up for the first time in two days, he had to take a mad piss scratching his crotch he made his way almost zombie-like towards the bathroom unaware that Stacy was in there.

Stacy was on the floor of the bathtub furiously kadıköy escort bayan fingering herself, she had forgotten to lock the door and didn’t see the door knob turn. Sam walked in he pulled his pants down taking out his cock. Both stopped, Stacy leaped up. Both were caught up looking at each other, Sam was staring at Stacy’s dripping body which had made his cock hard Stacy was staring at it. Sam’s cock must have been three inches longer than Toby’s and much thicker too. Time seemed to catch up with both of them.

“OH JESUS! Stacy I’m sorry!” Sam yelled he tucked his hard-on with difficulty back into his pants.

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME SAY I WAS GOING TO THE SHOWER?! AND WHAT HAPPENED TO KNOCKING?!” She screamed grabbing the shower curtain to hide herself but the curtain had become see-through with the water that had been splashing onto it and her naked body could still be seen by Sam as well as her stiff nipples. Sam ran out of the room slamming the door yelling apologies. Stacy was breathing hard, her bodacious tits rising and falling, she wanted to finish. She got out of the tub to lock the door she lent against it the image of Sam’s cock burning in her mind. She edged to the mirror and stared into it. She had been dating Toby for three years but she knew Sam for five or six years, did she love Toby or her old friend the much younger the more well-endowed Sam? Or did she just want to fuck him? She knew all the romantic stuff Sam did that Toby never did, that was one for Sam, his cock, that was two for Sam, she knew him longer and they knew intimate details about each other’s lives, that was three for Sam. But Toby? She had dated Toby for three years, one for Toby, Toby had a good cock too, two for Toby, they loved each other? She wasn’t so sure. She knew that Toby only thought of her as a hot piece of ass that was obvious by how escort bostancı much sex they had, but did he feel more for her? Stacy climbed back into the tub continuing to finger herself but she soon found herself imagining Sam’s cock inside her instead of Toby’s the idea brought her to an orgasm that left her breathless and lying in the tub for a good half-hour.

After Sam had ran into his room which was immaculate seeing as he hadn’t been in there in days, he still had a raging hard-on. He threw himself on his bed. What had he done?! He walked in on Stacy his best friend, his brother girlfriend! And he had let her seen him get hard over her, their relationship was ruined. Sam’s cock ached in the confines of his pants he pulled them off letting his 11 inch cock breath free. It throbbed, Sam hadn’t masturbated in a long time his ex Jessica had kept him fully satisfied with three blowjobs a day and a full on fuck fest at night. Sam’s hand closed around his cock as he started to jerk off, Stacy’s naked body in his mind. He had been doing it for a good half-hour, when Stacy walked in wrapped in a towel. Sam threw his robe over his cock but it wasn’t fast enough bursts of thick cum erupted from his cock as he shot it onto her cheek, nose, forehead, towel.

“OH MY GOD!” Sam yelled. Once again he had been an idiot.

“It’s ok we’re even now you walked in on me, I walked in on you.” The cum dripped into her mouth she tasted it, it was amazing she wanted more.

“Stacy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shoot my stuff on you.”

“Were you thinking about me?” Stacy asked she erotically wiped the cum off her face and sucked her finger.

“N-..No.” he lied.

“Tell the truth.”

“Yes.” Sam couldn’t tear his eyes away from her his brother’s girlfriend was tasting his cum!

“We’ll have to talk about this.” The front door opened.

“STACY?” Toby called. Both Sam and Stacy jumped. Stacy ran from the room closing the door. Sam fell on the bed pulling his pants up. She said they had to talk about this and she tasted his cum?! What was going on? Sam had a feeling his whole life was about to change.

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