I’d been separated about 8 months, and although I’d had a few dates, I guess I was just looking for some good hot sex with no commitments or complications.

So there it was, in one of those contact mags, “Separated mother of three, early thirties, seeks generous gents for hot sexy times”, and an accompanying semi naked photo.

She was stunning. Slim, busty, long blonde hair, well it appeared to be blonde in a black and white photograph, and legs than went on forever!

What the hell, I thought, I’m 54 but if I’m paying, who cares. And I can afford to pay, it’s just been against my principles to do so. I justified this particular instance, in my mind, by the fact she seemed to be a person in need.

I sent the appropriate reply, with my private and personal mobile number, a phone I only use for making outcalls. Days went by with no reply. Then a hand written reply came to my post office box.

It was her.

We’ll call her Sandy (not her real name). She apologised for not calling my mobile but explained she was very “broke” and didn’t want to run up her phone bill. She had her home phone number in the letter, but requested I not ring ‘til after 8pm, when the children were in bed.

I became very excited at the prospect of meeting this “spunk” and had great difficulty in containing myself ‘til 8pm.

Dutifully after 8pm that night I phoned. My spine tingled when she answered. Her voice was as sexy as her photograph. I explained who I was and she confounded me by saying she new. I asked her how she knew it was me and she replied “Because yours was the only letter I replied too.” I asked why mine only and she said “You’re the only one who sounded like a gentleman. There were plenty of replies, most suggesting things I couldn’t repeat, offering all kinds of inducement to do all kinds of perverted acts. I’m having enough trouble coming to terms with what I’m about to do, without being physically and mentally abused.”

I encouraged her to keep talking, she was obviously very nervous. I wanted her to be comfortable when we eventually met.

She told me she was at her wits end financially, with kids going to school, trying to pay the mortgage, by food etc. and only a part time job. She had thrown her husband out after years of mental torment but he was not supporting her or his children. He reasoned if she got desperate and broke enough she’d beg him to come back. It was a girlfriend who suggested this action, one she’d never dream of, she said. But as she became more and more desperate, she had the girlfriend take the photo, and she submitted it to the contact paper.

We agreed to meet the next night. It was a Friday. The kids were going to stay over at her girlfriends place and I was to come to her home. I asked her what payment she wanted. She was stumped. “I don’t know. Pay me what you think it’s worth when we’re finished.”

She really is new to this, I thought and hung up, looking very much forward to tomorrow night.

I own my business and employ 11 staff so my attention is required all the time. But I tell you now, I had the greatest difficulty concentrating on that Friday at work, thinking about the oncoming evening.

I tried to rationalise my excitement, by saying to myself, “look this is just like seeing a prostitute”, but no matter how hard I tried to reason it, it just didn’t seem that way. She just didn’t seem like your hardened whore. She sounded vulnerable, and I guess my protective male instincts were coming to the fore.

I arrived at the arranged time of 8.30pm, a bottle of very good Rosemount Chardonnay tucked under my arm.

She answered the door promptly on my ringing of the bell.

I was gobsmacked!

The photo in the contact paper didn’t show her face, just part of her semi-naked body.

She was beautiful! I actually started to wonder whether I was at the right address,

until she spoke. “Rob?” she asked.

“Yes”, I stammered.

She stood aside and like a dummy I just stood there looking at her, drinking in her loveliness.

It was an autumn night, just the beginning of a chill in the air. She was wearing calf high, high heeled boots with, what I found out later to be black stockings. A black mini skirt, escort ataşehir but not exceptionally short, a white semi-transparent long sleeved blouse which nearly concealed the low cut bra underneath, which was struggling to contain her magnificent breasts, her blonde hair hanging down past her shoulders. She had said she was thirty three but she looked much younger.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked nervously.

“I’m sorry. You’ve just taken my breath away. If you don’t mind me saying so Sandy….you’re beautiful!”

Her smile lit up her face. “Well with compliments like that sir, you had better come in straight away.”

She led me through to the lounge. I walked behind her, watching the sway of her hips. It wasn’t accentuated, just a natural swing that was very sensual.

She spoke over her shoulder as she walked. “What star sign are you?”

“Sagittarius. Why?”

“I just like to know if we’re compatible.”

“And are we?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m a Scorpio.” She turned and smiled, “I’ve got quite a sting in my tail.”

There was a nearly empty wine glass on the coffee table and she glanced at it then turned to me. “I am. Sorry. I should say was, very nervous hence the glass of wine. Well, second one actually. But already I feel more relaxed, comfortable. Thank you.”

“I haven’t done anything,” I said.

“Yes you have. Just your gentlemanly attitude, the way you are dressed, your manner and your lovely compliment has made me feel at ease. Thank you again.”

“Well you don’t have to thank me for the compliment. I meant every word of it. What would you like me to do with this wine?”

“Could we open it now?” she asked. “I don’t get to drink good wine. This,” she pointed to the glass, “is “chateau cardboard”. If you know what I mean.”

I grinned at her reference to the cask wine, as she passed me the corkscrew, and opened the wine.

As I was pouring the wine, Sandy sat on the lounge, her skirt riding up just high enough for me to see she was wearing suspenders and stocking.

My cock was starting to harden.

She patted the seat on the lounge, for me to sit beside her.

I sat down alongside her. She turned her body towards me, the skirt sliding up even higher, and raised her glass to mine.

“Here’s to, what I think is going to be, a very enjoyable evening,” she smiled, placed her hand on my thigh and leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.

My cock was starting to strain in the tight confines of my trousers.

I put my glass down and drew her to me. She melted into my arms willingly, our mouths locking together, tongues exploring.

Her hand dropped to my crotch, feeling for my ever hardening cock. She started to gently rub it through the cloth of my pants. I let my left hand drop to her thigh, trailing gently up over her stocking tops, reaching her bare skin. I snaked my hand up under her skirt ‘til I had my hand on her bare hip.

This girl was either wearing very high cut nickers, or had none on at all!

She broke our kiss and said “Maybe we should continue this in the bedroom.”

Sandy stood up, took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. It was a very feminine room and the furnishings, although not expensive were very tasteful. The bed was queen size and opposite a wall length mirrored ‘robe.

“I like to see myself in action,” she smiled.

She came to me and slid her arms around me, her mouth closing on mine again. The kiss seemed to go on forever, the she broke away, looked directly at me and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Don’t. Can I do that please?” I asked.

“Sure. But why?”

“Because I’ve wanted to undress you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You are so beautiful, I want to peel you off slowly.”

Sandy blushed, the redness slowly spreading down her neck. Her eyes started to brim with tears.

“Have I upset you?” the concern showing in my voice and on my face.

“No. It’s just that I thought this whole thing was going to be so degrading. You know, doing it for money and everything. But you’ve made it so comfortable, relaxed. I really am looking forward to getting into bed with you.”

I smiled and gently pulled her closer kadıköy escort bayan to me. As my hands started to slowly unbutton her blouse, I felt her body tremor.

‘It’ll be OK,” I whispered.

“I know,” she said softly, “It’s just my body reacting to your touch.”

I undid the last button, eased the blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood there in her bra and skirt, her breasts almost spilling out of the half cup bra, her nipples stiff and extended.

I felt for the button and zipper on her skirt, tugged the zipper down and let the skirt drop, joining the blouse on the floor.

I stood back and drank in her beauty. Standing there proudly in her bra, high cut G-string, suspenders, stocking and boots, she was breathtaking.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said and came to me. She unbuttoned my shirt, slid it off my shoulders as I kicked off my slip-on shoes. She dropped to her knees, unbuckled my belt, pulled down the zipper and let my pants drop to the floor.

My cock was now standing to full attention, straining to escape from my undies. Sandy tugged at the elastic of the undies, pulling them straight down, at the same time as she leaned forward and slid her mouth over my rampant cock, swallowing it to the hilt, taking it down her throat, her nose pressed into my shaved pubic area.

I gasped. The only person I had ever had, that could deep throat like that, was my ex wife.

She looked up at me as she drew back up the shaft, one hand stroking me and massaging my balls while the other hand was on my butt cheek pulling me into her wet and willing mouth. I couldn’t do anything. I just stood there, my pants and undies around my ankles, as she sucked on me for all she was worth. She worked my shaft with one hand as she massaged my balls with the other, her mouth sucking up and down in unison with her hand.

It was only a few minutes before I felt my orgasm building. “I’m going to cum,” I stammered.

She sucked and stroked even harder and my cock erupted and I spewed my spunk down her throat. She didn’t spill a drop, sucking and licking me clean, ‘til my cock began to soften.

She stood up and kissed me. I could taste the remnants of my spunk in her mouth.

My arms went around her and I felt the clasp on her bra. I undid it and released those beautiful breasts. They were magnificent. Full and heavy with large aureole and extended nipples, now stiff with desire.

I eased her back towards the bed laying her down as I kissed her again. My softened cock was beginning to come back to life again. I sucked on each of her breasts slowly and softly, increasing the suction as her body responded.

I moved away from her breasts, my hands and mouth travelling all over her body. I sucked her toes, licked my way up to her thighs, massaging, kissing and licking all of her exposed skin. My fingers found their way to her G-string, the crutch was sopping wet. I tugged at the sides and she lifted her buttocks so I could slide them off easily. Her pussy was exquisite. A small tuft of fine blonde hair above her slit but the rest completely smooth and hairless.

I gazed in rapture momentarily, and then lowered my mouth to it, my tongue sliding easily into her wet depths.

She drew a sharp breath, then opened her legs wider giving me unobstructed access to her love hole. I plunged my tongue in and out of her willing cunt, her hands went to the back of my head pulling me hard down on her mound. My tongue flicked her clit and she shuddered. I sucked it lightly between my teeth, her body beginning to writhe underneath me. I inserted two fingers into her now very wet cunt, searching for that elusive “G” spot, as I continued nibbling and sucking on her clit. I kept this action going for was probably a reasonable length of time, maybe 10-15 minutes. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. She tasted delicious!

Sandy began to draw sharp breaths her body now bucking uncontrollably, her hips lifting off the bed pushing her cunt hard onto my mouth. She grabbed my head and held it hard against her mound and screamed, shuddering violently as her orgasm took over. She moaned incoherently, muttering what could have been obscenities under her breath, escort bostancı her hips and lower body still bucking and writhing under my mouth.

Eventually her actions subsided and she lay still.

She opened her eyes trying to focus on me, “I haven’t cum like that in years. Probably not since my last child was conceived, and he’s now ten.”

I stood up and smiled down at her. My cock, now rock hard again, standing out in front of me.

“Are you going to put that beautiful thing in me, or just stand there and make me wait and dribble some more?”

I looked down at her laying there in just her suspenders and stockings, her pussy glistening wetness from her orgasm. I think I could have cum just looking at her!

I unzipped her boots and took them off

She moved over enough for me to climb onto the bed beside her and immediately grabbed hold of my cock.

“Lay on your back,” she commanded, “and I’ll climb on top of you.”

This I thought was a great idea. I have much more control when the woman is on top, believe it or not!

I did as I was told and Sandy straddled me, knees either side of my hips. I looked at her cunt, now gaping open. She took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself onto my cock head. I felt the knob as it pressed into her wet lips and slid past them into her warm wetness, sliding all the way in until she was fully impaled, her pussy lips touching my shaved pubic area. She sighed as she settled onto my cock and started moving slowly and gently, just rocking backwards and forwards, feeling the movement in her cunt.

I began to slowly lift my hips, pushing myself up into her, matching her movements up and down. She began to slowly increase the tempo as we matched thrust for thrust. I could feel my cock hitting against her cervix as our actions became and more and more physical. We fucked like this for what seemed ages, her hands digging into my shoulders, mine massaging those beautiful tits, pinching and squeezing her stiff and extended nipples.

Sandy threw herself down on my chest, her arms wrapping around me, her mouth searching for mine as she kissed my passionately, her pussy slamming up and down on my cock. Our tongues entwined, I felt her body shake and begin to spasm as her orgasm took over and the juices from her cunt washed over my cock. She continued riding me as her orgasm subsided, our mouths still locked together, my cock still rock hard inside her.

She lifted her head. “You haven’t cum?” she queried.

“No. I have control,” I smirked, “but probably not for much longer.”

“Then do me doggie please,” she begged as she climbed off my cock.

Sandy got onto her hands and knees and I came around behind her.

I positioned my cock head at her wet cunt opening, grabbed hold of her beautiful hips and slammed my pelvis forward, driving my cock into the hilt, in one powerful forward stroke. Sandy responded by pushing her hips back to meet me, matching me stroke for vigorous stroke. These actions didn’t take long to bring me to the point of orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten and yelled “Oh God! I’m gunna cum.”

“Oh god. Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Give me all your cum. Fill me up with your spunk. Oh god, give it to meeeeeee!”

I shot my load deep into her, my cock spewing forth with weeks of built up spunk. I thought I’d never stop cumming.

Sandy’s own orgasm erupted almost simultaneously and she moaned and muttered incoherent obscenities as she collapsed, face down on the bed. I collapsed with her, my cock still buried deep in her pussy, my breathing

We lay there together, sweat from both our bodies mixing with the cum dribbling from Sandy’s pussy.

I eased my softening cock from Sandy’s pussy.

“Oh. Don’t take it away.” Her muffled voice coming from the bed clothes.

“Honey, this thing isn’t gunna work for a third time, let me assure you.”

She rolled onto her back and turned her face to me smiling, “Are you sure?” she said with a mischievous grin.

“I’m absolutely positive. I’m a lot older than you sweetheart and I’m pretty sure I’m well and truly buggered.”

She smiled as she replied, “Well, I’m certainly well and truly fucked. I haven’t had sex that good since I was a teenager, screwing an older lover. You’re a far better fuck than my husband ever was! And I think if we have another glass of wine or two, we might just get your mate hard again,” she grinned.

And you know, she was right!

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