Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Anal Plug

I had told the group of guys I had advised when I worked at the college that “Santa is a chick magnet.” As with all the other good advice, they never listened to me. So after I retired and still played Santa for the local preschool I went to one of the sororities for some elves to assist me in my holiday visit.

It went well, and by well, I mean that the parents were thrilled, most of the kids weren’t scared and I didn’t get peed on at all. After a few cookies and a couple of off key renditions of Christmas and Hannukah songs the three able assistants and Santa took off to return to campus in our car discreetly parked out of sight of the school. I love the looks from the other cars as we drive down the road, Santa and his elves. Classic.

I asked if they had all been good elves which got them giggling and telling a few stories on each other “Deb has been VERY good this year, or at least that is what her boyfriend says” offered one. Another chimed in “I’ve been just naughty enough, Santa.” Ah, youth!

We pulled in by their house and I expected to just drop them off, but they invited me in to meet the rest of the chapter. It only took a little begging to get me to agree to come in. Okay, no begging at all. Once inside I found that they had planned a Christmas themed happy hour and it seemed that they had started well before we had arrived. I guess we had some catching up to do.

I sat in a chair in the middle of their living room and they all took turns sitting on my lap getting pictures with Santa. But it seemed to get a little more fun with every round of punch the girls consumed. The kisses on the cheek got longer, they wiggle on my lap a little more, the clothes a little less. Or perhaps it was my imagination.

I asked one young woman what she wanted for Christmas and she replied “Multiple orgasms, Santa!” Which set everyone laughing, and especially when I added “Tell me about it – you know Santa only comes once a year!” That seemed to break the ice a bit and the women began to confess just how bad they had been to Santa. Actually they began to tell me how bad the other women had been until a group of three brought one of the group up to me and said “Santa, we think Jaime has been the worst of all of us and deserves to be punished.” At least that was what I could make out of what they said between giggles. I invited Jaime to have a seat and to tell me how naughty she had escort ataşehir been. “Well Santa,” she began, and then she whispered in my ear “It’s not that I have been bad, it is more how bad I would like to be. With you.” She turned and looked at her three friends and smiled, and they doubled over in hysterics.

“I could put coal in your stocking, but perhaps I should turn you over my knee for that” I offered, at which she turned and said “If you must Santa.” and stood up and then bent over my knees. I had the complete attention of the room as I raised my hand and aimed for her bottom on my knee. A light smack on her drew cheers, but she turned and said “You can do better than that Santa, I have been naughty!” Another smack brought more cheers, but again she looked and said “I could barely feel that.”

One of her friends came forth and suggested that perhaps it we removed her tights she might get a better spanking and lowered her friends pants exposing her base ass on my lap. Cute, round and firm, her bare ass was exposed before me and the slap of hand to flesh was clearly louder. A slight red imprint of my hand remained on her cheek. And another smack was greeted with cheers as the young woman wiggled on my lap. At this rate, Santa might just come more than once this year!

A few more spanks and we determined that she had atoned for her naughty behavior, but the party had begun in earnest. She pulled her tights up and gave me a kiss and moved on to the bar, but another young woman approached and invited me into the next room “I’d like to ask you something.” was all she said as she took my hand and led me into a side room.

Once in the other room I noticed four other women, two who had been my elves. All were seated on the floor and giggling a bit as they sipped their drinks. The glow in their cheeks wasn’t only from the weather. My escort turned and began to speak “Santa, we wondered if you would be interested in a game. We like to call this one ‘Santa Roulette’.” At that all the girls giggled more and shifted a bit on the floor. I must have looked a little confused, even behind that white beard because she continued “What that means is that each of us takes a 30 second turn at , um, “stimulating” you until you, well, cum.” I did the math quickly and hoped I could last more than one two and a half minute round. I heard someone say “Ho, ho, ho – that certainly sounds kadıköy escort bayan like Santa is the winner.” and realized it was me.

The five women moved around me and I could see that they were each different. Different hair; 2 blondes two brunettes, one red haired. Different body types, a lovely variety. I reached for the buckle on the suspenders that held my pants and loosened the two on the front. The corduroy pants of the red suit dropped exposing the boxer shorts with candy canes I had worn just for the occasion. Well, not this occasion, but for the earlier event. But they certainly worked well now. As I reached to lower them, a pair of soft hands reached up and tugged “Let me unwrap you, Santa.” One of the blondes looked up at me and lowered my shorts.

“Alright girls, we start with Deb and will go clockwise every thirty seconds until Santa cums. And you better not cry, you better not pout, you better take it all!” announced the brunette who had ushered me in. “We’ll count it down when it gets to ten seconds to go.” One of the girls moved in, I assumed it was Deb, and with a cheer she began to stroke and rub my cock. It became harder as it became the center of attention in the room. As she rubbed, her mouth moved closer and her tongue began to lick the delicate underside of my shaft literally sending a shiver through my whole body. “Ten. Nine. Eight…” I heard the group counting down as Deb covered the tip with her mouth and used her tongue to go around and around.

“Two, one. Next” A new woman grabbed my dick and stroked and took me into her mouth, taking up where Deb had left off. I had wondered if there would be a lag between each new partner, but they were like an expert relay team and I was the baton. As I watched her rub and suck, I noticed Deb who had started things off begin to remove her top, exposing her breasts and rubbing them as she watched the other woman sucking me off.

“Three, two…” A third woman came in front of me and dove onto my hard cock taking it deep in her mouth and fully out and in. Exciting to see my shaft disappear into her and come out wet and shiny from her saliva. But I had to look away. I hadn’t made it through one round yet. I needed to focus on something else or this game would end early.

The fourth and fifth women took their turns. Each had a different style, but each was expert in her own way. I began to feel escort bostancı a little detached as I watched face after face go down on my hard cock. The tip was turning a nice shade of purple. I knew it wouldn’t last much longer, but I also noticed less and less clothes on each of the women. As the first woman, Deb, again focused on me, the other four began to share each other. Two were kissing, a deep tongue wrestling kiss that went back and forth. The other two were watching, keeping time as one of them prepared to be next, but had a hand on each other. The red head was feeling the blondes’ ass as the blonde cupped her breast and played with her nipple. A delightful visual orgy unfolding before me. The line from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, “When what to my wondering eyes did appear.” ran through my head.

“Two, ONE!” I had made it past the first round and into the second. I was hard, but it was odd. I didn’t feel any urgency to cum. I was enjoying the show, actually shows, before me. I certainly felt each lick, rub and suck, but it wasn’t like I needed to hurry and climax. We would play this out and see where, and on whom, it would end.

Three more women tried their best, all exceptional. When they finished they returned to their other partners. Now they were not only kissing, but two were openly fingering each other. I watched as they slid one and then two fingers into each other. Watching them, I felt something stir as the woman who had first shown me into the room took her turn on my cock. As she covered the tip with her mouth and slid it into her hot wet mouth I began to shake and my knees were beginning to weaken. She must have felt it as well. She began to move her mouth up and down and used her tongue as she held my ass.

In a moment I began to cum. Exploding into her mouth. All eyes turned as I let out an “Ohhhhhh.” and continued to cum in her luscious mouth. Her lips held tight, my cock slid slowly out and her lips closed to a kiss on the tip. Not a drop of my hot cum was wasted as she looked up, opened her mouth showing all what she had taken.

She turned to the woman next to her and gave her a deep kiss, exchanging my cum to her mouth. And that woman turned to the next, and so on until it returned to her. After the final kiss she wiped her lips and each of the women stood and dressed, returning to the party.

I had restored my suspenders and one of my elves remained. She offered to show me out to my car but I knew the way. She waved as I left and said “Merry Christmas, Santa. Come be naughty with us again next year?” I smiled. I was very happy that my guys had not listened to me. Santa truly was a chick magnet.

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