Sarah and Stacy


Sarah and StacyChapter 1. The first steps towards becoming a sissy slut.My name is Stacy, I’m 19 years old, I live in Los Angeles. I used to be Stan – a weak, thin boy, I was often bullied in school by cool guys, I felt my role as a beta boy. Sissy themes I began to get involved with 15 years. Once after school, I was home alone, as my mother was at work. I jerked off my little cock in porn with sissy girls. I imagined myself in their place in the arms of an alpha male with a thick cock. I wanted to try everything I saw: lingerie, anal penetration, blowjob, submission. And on this day I decided to change my life.First I went to the bathroom and shaved my hair off my thin body. Only on my pubis I left a strip of hair like a girl’s. Now my cock has become a real clitty. Next, I found an enema and washed my pussy for the upcoming anal games. Having rummaged in my mother’s cache, I found her ”toys” (we lived without a father). I grabbed a huge black dildo, lubricant and plug. I went back to the bathroom and started developing my pussy with my hand. When all the fingers came into it, I inserted a plug into it.It’s time to dress up. From my mother’s wardrobe I chose a short red dress, stockings with garters and red high heel shoes. I don’t put on panties, because I like when the breeze caresses my clitty and pussy. I dressed up, put on makeup, put on earrings. I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy slim girl in front of me. From what I saw, my clitty began to swell. Now is the time for anal games. I pulled the plug out of my pussy and then kadıköy escort lubricated it and the dildo with a lot of lubricant. I sat in front of the mirror and began to play with my pussy. I sat on the dildo slowly, as this was my first experience. After several attempts, I felt a pain that made me moan like a girl. The black dildo entered me completely and I began to ride on it. I did not touch the clitty, as the girl should enjoy only penetration into the pussy. After 10 minutes, I had my first anal orgasm. It was an unforgettable feeling. I cummed on my palm and began to lubricate my pussy with cum. The sight in the mirror was unforgettable – a slut with a broken-up pussy from which cum flows.From that very day, in my soul, I felt no longer an ordinary loser named Stan, but a sissy slut Stacy. I liked being a girl and there wasn’t any way back…Chapter 2. Mom’s black lover.Since then, every day I developed my pussy. I loved trying different outfits: skirts, dresses, topics, stockings, heels. Fortunately, my mother is full of this. More about her. Her name is Sarah, she is 38 years old. She has curly black hair, 4 breast sizes and a big ass. What is there to hide – my mother is a slut. Sometimes at night I hear moans from her bedroom. Once I went to the door and saw something through the gap – my mother is fucked in her pussy by a black muscular bull with a huge cock. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his body. From what I saw, my clitty began üsküdar escort to swell. I ran into my room, grabbed the first skirt I got, took out my mom’s dildo and began to ride on it under my mom’s moans. At this moment I wanted one thing – a cock of this alpha male in my pussy. After 5 minutes, a trickle fired from my clitty. I greased the dildo and pussy with my cum and began to ride on it again. That night I experienced an orgasm as much as 4 times. Since then, this black bull came to mom every night. And every night I rode on a black dildo, wanting to be in my mom’s place.Chapter 3. Dreams Come True.One fine day, when my mom was not at home, I was doing my favorite thing – I was riding a black dildo under a porn with sissy girls and alpha males. I was in the guise of a schoolgirl: a white shirt, a short check skirt, white stockings and red high-heeled shoes. Nothing boded trouble, when suddenly the door to my room creaked … I was shocked – in the doorway was my mom’s black lover. He came to my mom, but found her ”daughter”. We were silent, my heart was pounding terribly… But suddenly a smile appeared on his face. He came to me, unzipped his fly, pulled out his huge fat hairy cock and inserted it into my mouth. His huge cock barely fit in my mouth, but I still continued to suck. After 5 minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, took me in his arms like a real girl, put me on the bed and began to enter me in a missionary position. I wrapped my legs around his body like my mom did. I felt tuzla escort his power over me. After 10 minutes, a trickle sprayed from my clitty, after which the black alpha male did not restrain himself and filled my pussy with his cum. Our lips and tongues merged in a passionate kiss. Suddenly, at that moment, my mom returned home…- What do I see? My lover fucks my slutty daughter…- Mom is not what you thought!- Don’t make excuses dear, I knew about your hobbies long before that, because you leave traces of your sperm on my clothes, I also found sissy porn in the browser history, and I saw your dirty photos on the computer. Don’t worry, dear, I will love you for who you are. Now you can put on my clothes whenever you want. And by the way, I asked Jamal to fuck you, because I knew that you wanted this when you peeped on us. Now Jamal will fuck us together.- Thanks mom, I love you!Sarah went to Stacy and kissed her on the lips. Tears flowed from happiness. Sarah quickly ran into her bedroom and put on a schoolgirl outfit, like her daughter’s. Sarah lay down on Stacy and they began to gently kiss each other, while Jamal fucked them in turn. That evening, Jamal filled all their holes with his cum. When Jamal left, Sarah and Stacy continued to kiss in bed and lick each other cum from their broken-up holes.Since then, Sarah and Stacy have always fucked together. Sarah, just like Stacy, stopped wearing panties and only wore short skirts and dresses. Stacy began to take hormones after which she became even more like a girl. Mom and daughter liked to walk around the night ghetto in short skirts and high heels, from under which their asses were visible. Thus, they lured the crowds of black alpha males. Subsequently, Sarah and Stacy began to act in porn, in the role of a slutty mom and her sissy daughter. They began to earn a lot of money, and their life was wonderful!

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