SARAH,S FANTASY GETS REALAs some marriages do after wife Sarah and I,d been married a few years just having sex got boring so we invented games to,keep,it fresh and new, fantasy role play being one in which we told each other our fantasies and then tried to act them out if possible. Mt favourite back then was making love to Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Sarah managed to buy a black wig and an asp type crown from a charity shop and then found ,a transparent gown on n the same shop. An old pair of golden sandals she,d had for years completed the ensemble. With the wig over her usual blonde hair, heavy eye makeup, the crown, sandals, transparent gown and Nothing else Sarah WAS Cleopatra and so it seemed a shame we hadn,t been able to find a Marc Antony costume for me, but the fantasy still worked so we had fun acting it out. At first Sarah was a bit reluctant to reveal her favourite fantasy. “A few years ago my Mum and Dad took me on holiday with them to Somerset. One day when I was walking through a local park with cousin Roy a large black youth appeared behind a tree. He didn,t realise we could see him as he took out his massive cock and began to pee in the grass. It was really Big and Not even hard! Ever since then I,ve tried to imagine how it would be to Suck a cock that Big or to feel it going deep in my Pussy! I know it,ll unlikely ever happen and I,m a silly woman, butbthat,s my fantasy.” There was little chance of her getting a black man to screw her atvthat time, but life has a strange way of turning out some times and years later her parents volunteered to look after our nine and ten year old c***dren while we took anadolu yakası escort a week off in Devon in the lovely town of Torquay. In one of the restaurants there we began chatting with Charlie, Jamaican born of English father and Jamaican mother. Charlie was a local sang with a local band and had a great voice and he wanted very much to travel to America so asked me many questions about the country of my birth. One evening after we,d listened to Charlie and his band he invited us round to his flat on the sea front. A typical bachelor pad it was very comfortable and by that time we,d all drunk a fair bit and Sarah had been plied with Bloody Marys and in those days after she,d drunk four or more her inhibitions went out the door. Now Charlie was muscular, but just under six feet tall so she Wasn,t expecting what happened. With the booze motivating her she asked “Charlie. I hope you don,t mind me asking, but how BIG is you Penis?” “My What?” I don,t imagine he knew the scientific name for it. “Your COCK, Charlie! How Big is it?” She explained. “Well I don,t think you,ll be disappointed as we Are friends and if Joe don,t mind!” “Of Course he won,t mind and I,m just curious!” she replied. “Okay.” He was wearing grey trousers so stood up, unzipped his flies and released his member which if anything was even Bigger than the one she’d seen pissing all those years before and yet he wan,t erect yet! “WOW! That is Huge! Can I touch it?” she asked. “Sure you can”. he smiled as she reached out to fondle his length and hanging testicles. Without asking she kissed his bulbous knob and licked the drops of precum anadolu yakası escort from it. “Mom You taste lovely, just slightly salty.” She licked her lips, then took him in her mouth and began to seriously suck him causing his prick to get harder. She,d mearned to do deep throat a few years before, but when Charlie was fully erect there was NO WAY she could get all of it in her mouth though she did try! By now I began to remove her clothing as she sucked him loudly. Eventually she was naked from the waist down so I started to,lick her from behind running my tongue over both her cunt lips and anus ring which she loves and makes her suck the cock in her mouth even more passionately and Charlie now leaned back with his eyes closed as my hot wife continued to work her cocksucking skills on his giant root. Of course all things end and with a loud gasp Charlie exploded filling my wife,s gulping mouth with thick semen and as good as Sarah was at swallowing cum there was too much and it oozed Down her chin and on to her big titiies while I continued to lick her between the legs. Completely drained Charlie now thanked my wife so I repositioned her on her back, stripped off the rest of our clothing and slipped my cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face from above which she Didn,t mind. Surprisingly Charlie was still hard and now tried to ease his giant into Sarah,s sweet pussy, getting resistance at first, but then he was in and despite her mouth full of my cock she groaned and moaned as her pussy was stretched like never before. (Later she told me taking his cock was almost like when she gave birth to our anadolu yakası escort two c***dren, but much more enjoyable). Inevitably with all the stimulation and novelty of seeing my wife taking such a horses, cock I came and Boy did I cum! Sarah tried swallowing it, but like with Charlie some oozed out and on to her magnificent mammary glands. I withdrew from her luscious mouth so she could breathe easier, but now between groans her breath Came in pants and the sensations coursing through her body brought the kind of words she normally Didn,t like me saying and Didn,t like to admit she knew “FUCK Me Harder, Charlie! Deeper Baby! Shoot me full of your Hot Stuff! Oh Make Me Cum Charlie. I,m A Bitch in Heat! Make Me Cum You Fucking Bastard! MAKE ME CUM! CUM IN MY CUNT!” Were some of the nicer words she used. And of course Charlie followed her instructions as she groaned even louder with feeling his hot cock juice filling her fanny to overflowing. Charlie smiled and thanked her and me for such a great fuck after withdrawing from my wife,s well stretched pussy, but Sarah was exhausted, too tired to speak as she struggled to regain her breath. Later when we returned to our room and bid Charlie good bye and good luck as we would head back home the next day Sarah apologised to me. “I,ll suck you off before we go to sleep, but after Charlie,s cock I,m far too sore to Fuck just now!” She kissed me.”But what an experience!” An Experience she obviously enjoyed a lot, but sadly her pussy was never quite the same after Charlie, now it was much looser than before and Didn,t provide the tight comfortable friction previously experienced by my cock, but there WAS a solution I started fucking her arse as it was tighter and when she was in the mood she seemed to prefer itbthst way so we were both happy and she realised her fantasy became reality. Wish I could have fucked the Real Cleopatra though.

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