Scavenger Hunt


Janelle opened the card and read “In this place, you will find the laziest person in the house.” She sighed. This was just like Harry to make her work for her present. She had hoped that the anniversary would be a quiet affair, but apparently she was going to have to do some thinking in order to get a gift.

She thought for a second and strode into the kitchen. She tapped the lazy susan cabinet and it went spinning quickly. There was a cardboard box and a card on the top shelf of the revolving cabinet. Janelle pulled them out and closed the cabinet. The cardboard box held the words “bring me with you” scribbled across side in her husband’s handwriting. After 30 years of marriage, she’d recognize it anywhere.

“Now you need to find the laziest male in the house – and don’t look for me,” read the card. Janelle picked up the box and threw away the clue. It took her several seconds to think of the La-Z-boy sofa that they’d bought for the living room. The sofa had another card on it along with a second box. This box was smaller and more in the shape of a cube.

Janelle picked up the card and read, “With this, you can turn me on from afar.” She looked down and located the remote, but there was nothing on the coffee table next to it. She wondered if she’d made a mistake. The only other television they had was a 7″ screen that she had under the kitchen cabinets, and it didn’t have a remote.

With a start, she realized that Harry had made the TV the object doing the speaking, so the clue referred to the television and not the remote. Sure enough, taped to the back of the TV was another card and a small envelope that read “do not open until the puzzle is solved.”

Janelle hoped that this wouldn’t go on for many more clues. Her hands were filling up with the gifts she was accumulating on this quest.

She split the envelope of the third card and read, “Pandora would have liked this item.” Just like Harry to get literary on her. Janelle pulled a book of Greek myths off the shelf and flipped through the pages. She came to the story of Pandora and read it through. The woman had opened a chest and let evil things into the world. The last sentence talked about hope remaining in the chest.

She knew that they had a hope chest in the bedroom. She wiggled her eyebrow. Maybe she was getting close to the real present on their anniversary.

She threw open the door to the bedroom and entered. Harry jumped up. He was wearing a silk robe that Janelle had never seen before. She wondered where he had gotten it – and where he’d hid it.

The bed was covered in rose petals and an ice bucket sat empty on the nightstand. There was a small box resting on the hope chest. She opened and saw the diamond ring glittering in its bed. She slipped the ring on her finger and admired it. She realized that he’d lit candles when she saw the diamond sparkle from the flames.

“Oh, Harry,” she said, “thank you!”

He gave her a smile. He took the boxes from her. The first one held a bottle of champagne, which he settled into the ice bucket. The second box had some of her favorite chocolates. She set those aside for later. She didn’t want to eat too much now.

The envelope sized package was opened last. He pulled out a flimsy negligee. She took it from his hands and held it to the light. It left little to the imagination. She held it up over her clothes and danced a few steps around the room. “Is this what you had in mind?” she asked with a grin.

Harry shrugged. “Sort of.” He gave her that lopsided smile that she’d loved for many years.

“I have something for you too.” Janelle said, sliding a hand under the bed. She brought out a box and a card.

Being a man, Harry glanced at the card and then rapidly opened the box. He pulled out the new tablet and grinned. “Thank you.” He flipped open the cover for the tablet and a piece of fabric fluttered to the floor.

Janelle smiled. “Something for you too.”

Harry held up the very tiny briefs and grinned. “I guess we had the same ideas for tonight.”

Janelle smiled. “Let’s change, and have some champagne.” She hurried to the bathroom and bostancı escort returned nearly before Harry had undressed. Harry slid into the briefs, which really didn’t hide much at all.

Janelle took a moment to check him out. Harry still had the same runner’s build he’d had in his 20s, but he had more hair on his chest than he had back then. She wondered as she looked down at the negligee what he would say about her.

She didn’t have long to wonder, because his interest was sticking out of the front of his underwear. This could definitely prove to be a fun evening, she thought.

He turned and grabbed the bottle of champagne by the neck. The cork pop made Janelle jump, just like it always did.

Shyly, Harry approached her with two glasses of champagne. The bubbles were illuminated by the candles flickering throughout the room. She was glad now that she’d persisted with the scavenger hunt. There was certainly treasure beyond champagne and diamonds at the end of the trail.

She sipped her glass and watched Harry as he did the same. The evening felt the same as so many others in some ways, yet she felt a strange tingle of the anticipation of something new. Perhaps it was the drink or the negligee or the effort he’d put into the evening, but it felt special.

When she set her glass on the nightstand, Harry approached her. He was tentative, like he’d been when they were first dating. He took her hand in his, massaged each digit slowly and then held it tight with their fingers intertwined. He took another step closer to her and brought his mouth to hers. His lips tasted of bubbly. She licked them gently, tasting the champagne.

He opened his lips without warning, and her tongue easily slipped inside of his mouth. She could taste more of the champagne on his tongue as she gently caressed his tongue with hers. The mood felt the same as this gesture. Everything was relaxed. Janelle could see the candlelight through her half-closed lashes. In his own way, Harry had tried his best to make this a special night.

His tongue began to move against her own, starting a dance. Janelle could feel his body pressed against her own. She took their intertwined fingers and wrapped them around his member. She liked the way that he was always still aroused when he saw her this way. He hadn’t lost his ardor for her.

The kiss continued, becoming hungrier as the moments passed. Her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft. Harry moaned into her mouth, something he rarely did. She definitely had his full attention now.

She dropped her hand away from him, not wanting to end the evening too soon. Harry closed the distance between them, and Janelle could feel his heat pressed against her own body. She made a move to take off her clothes, but he stopped her. “Let me handle this,” he said softly in a tone that was filled with lust.

She nodded and dropped her hands. He broke off the kiss. Janelle’s mouth felt cold, missing the heat of his lips against hers. Harry moved his mouth to her jawline and then to her neck, taking little bites and tracing the bits with his tongue. She felt a shiver go down her spine with the anticipation. Harry buried his face into the intersection of her neck and shoulder. She could smell the familiar aroma of his shampoo and aftershave. That combination had become an aphrodisiac over the years. On a few occasions when he’d been out of town, she’d sprayed his pillow with the aftershave and used the scent to pleasure herself.

Harry’s mouth slowly went down her shoulder until it met the thin straps of the negligee. He pushed the strap off her shoulder and caressed her skin. He moved his mouth to the other shoulder and did the same thing, slowly working his way down her shoulder. She gasp as he moved the strap off her shoulder and the lacy garment slid to the floor.

She stood naked in front of him. She thought back to the times early on when she would have been nervous to do this, but after so many years, she trusted him and he trusted her as well. He cast an approving eye over her, and moved close to her. Their bodies pressed against each other, ümraniye escort bayan except for the small piece of fabric that covered part of his manhood. Janelle knew that she’d do something about that soon.

Harry raised his hands and took her breasts in them. He touched them, played with them, and felt them gently. Janelle enjoyed the light massage. He slid his thumbs out so that he could maneuver them around the nipples. Still holding them gently he rotated his thumbs around so that they brushed against the nipples. At first the motions were slow and methodical, but as he continued his thumbs grew faster, teasing them repeatedly. Her nipples grew harder and tight, and Janelle felt those first signs of warmth inside of her. Usually this didn’t do much for her, but the ambiance and alcohol were having an effect on her libido.

The mouth that had been on her shoulder now traveled down, replacing the thumb on the left. Harry licked, teased and lapped at the nipple until Janelle felt as if currents were being sent between her legs. The sensation was incredible. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly. One of the nice things about sex at this age was that no one else was around to disturb you if you made noise.

Harry moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. Janelle’s hands ran over his shoulders and back, touching him lightly. His broad back shivered for a second when she ran fingers down his spine. It was good to see that she had the same effect on him.

Harry stopped and stood up. He grinned at her. Janelle took the moment to reach in and tug down his briefs. The touch of the silk was erotic to her, and she held on to them until they were low enough for her to drop them to the floor.

He swung free now, and Janelle took him in her hand again. The top of it was sticky and wet. She used her thumb to run circles over the head. Harry bit his lip as he watched her. She smiled at him and increased the pace. It leaked more, giving her more lubricant to use.

She stopped again. Janelle cupped his balls for a moment and rolled them in her fingers. They were tight to his body and getting tighter as she played with them. Harry stood there in front of her and allowed her to do as she pleased.

She used her sticky fingers to pleasure herself next. His natural lube served to make her somewhat wet. She liked the thought of using his juices on herself and pushed two fingers inside of herself. Harry just watched, his mouth open and his breath coming a bit ragged.

She knew that Harry wanted to take her place. She knew that he wanted to move in and pleasure her now. She liked knowing that she was making him wait, building his desire. She moved away from him for a moment. She stepped to the nightstand where her champagne glass sat. She finished the rest of the wine and then reached down for the bottle of lube.

She preferred to do this herself. Janelle knew just how much to use to make it pleasurable without being sloppy. She put some on her fingers and then moved back to where Harry was standing. Harry watched as she lubed herself up, shoving her fingers deep inside of herself – just the way she liked it.

Harry showed his excitement. His dick now had a few drops of desire running down his shaft. He took Janelle by the hand, and they moved to the bed. Janelle sat down first, perching on the edge of the bed. She was at crotch-level for Harry, and she took him in her mouth without speaking. Harry seemed shocked at first, but he soon began a slow rhythm with her. Janelle had always had a gag-reflex, so she wrapped her palm around a few inches at the base, so that it didn’t slide in too deep.

Harry pulled out of her mouth with a pop. “Tonight’s about pleasuring you,” he reminded her. He got down on his knees and spread her legs gently. Harry slid a finger inside of her, pushing it in deep just as Janelle had done. Janelle lay back on her elbows and watched as he focused on her. She smiled at him as he obviously concentrated on the act. He was nervous for some reason, as if he hadn’t done this thousands of times before. His finger felt good inside of her, kartal escort the warmth and heat starting to become a gentle heat in her. She pulled a pillow over and lay back to enjoy his technique.

She knew when he added a second finger to her. The pressure was more intense, but she still wasn’t full of him. He brushed the sides of her on occasion, and a few times he hit that place deep inside of her that made her moan. Harry grinned like a young man, when he got that response from her. He slid in and out, moving to quicken his pace. She thought of him inside of her, and she wanted the real thing. However, she knew that Harry wanted her to enjoy tonight and that meant some manual stimulation if that was going to happen.

While he was pushing those two fingers in and out, Harry began to nibble on her inner thighs, licking them, biting them, and then blowing cool air on the saliva to make her shiver. She knew that he was planning to add another digit soon. He liked to make her anticipate the next move. She knew how good it would feel and wanted him to hurry.

He pulled his fingers out of her for a few seconds, and she realized how much she missed the feeling. She wanted more and she wanted it now. Harry had lubed up a third finger, and he began to push into her. The additional finger made her feel full, and the occasional touches to her pleasure zone now happened with each thrust. She cried out at one point, when she didn’t think she could take anymore. Harry slowed down and moved his fingers so that the pressure was less intense. Even so, the warmth had built up to a glow that filled her.

Harry pulled out his fingers. He stood up and then pulled himself on top of her. He rested on his elbows as he gently lay on top of her. His legs were between her and she could feel the heat of his member pressing against her abdomen. It was slick and moved against her as Harry leaned in to kiss her again. This encounter was not the early chaste type; it was hungry and wanting. She returned it with fervor, sucking his tongue into her mouth greedily and teasing it with her own. She let it go and then bit his lip – not hard, but just enough to keep him in place.

He shifted so that he was now between her legs, pressed against her opening. She could feel the pressure against her, but he didn’t move. Harry was going to let her set the pace here. She moved to align herself and shifted just enough to pull him inside. The head of his member was in her, and she could feel its heat. She shifted again and more of him entered her. Harry grew impatient and thrust into her. She gasped and then moaned. The sensation was intense. Now he was thrusting in her, bringing himself almost to the point of pulling out and then pushing in until his balls were flush against her.

His rhythm sped up. Each thrust brushed against her and she could feel the desire building up inside of her. Harry was working up a sweat tonight. A few drops of perspiration ran down his temple as she watched him concentrate on pleasing her. His grunts and moans told her that he was getting close. She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

He cried out, and Janelle could feel his spasms inside of her. She kept moving against him as he finished. He lay on top of her for a moment, and then pulled out. Back down on his knees, he started sliding his fingers into her.

This time he didn’t slow down as he pressed against the places inside of her that he’d learned over the years. In fact, he went right for them. His attention was quick and thorough. He slid in and out, trying to match his earlier rhythm inside of her. She thought of the slickness inside of her from his own juices and knew she was getting close. Janelle bucked her hips towards him, forcing his fingers deeper inside of her. She whimpered after one motion dragged his finger across her for seconds.

She began to sweat as well. The heat was building up inside of her and before she could say anything, she felt her whole body go limp as wave after wave of heat ran through her limbs. The orgasm was intense and the sensation overwhelmed her senses for several minutes. She slowly came out of it and found Harry watching her with a smile on his face. She gave him a small smile in return, but didn’t feel like moving just yet. He stood, now limp, and brought them both a glass of champagne. He delicately put the ring on her finger and toasted yet another anniversary.

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