Schoolgirl: Your Fantasy


I am alone today, so I decide to invite you over. You drive over and call the number on the front of the apartment building for me to let you up.

“Hello?” I ask in a small, timid voice.

You’re a bit taken aback by the childish voice on the other side.

“Amanda?” you ask back.

“Yeah, I’ll let you up.”

You come up the three flights of stairs to find my door locked. You find this odd as usually you let yourself in. You knock and hear me run to the door. I open it a crack. You see me dressed in my schoolgirl outfit, complete with white kneesocks and panties, a plaid skirt, black bra, white buttondown and pigtails. You know it will be a little while until we go out to dinner.

“Hi! My brother’s not home, but you can come in anyway.” I say.

“What?” you think, “she doesn’t have a brother. Maybe she’s trying to act out that fantasy I wrote, that’d be really hot.”

You come in to see MTV on the television, and a glass and plate on the ground. I run over and scoop the plate and cup up and set them on the endtable. You sit on the couch and I sit next to you, legs tucked under myself.

We make small talk for a little while and you try to flirt with me a little. I try to not flirt with you or act too quickly. I work hard to stay nice and innocent for you. You notice I keep shifting my weight.

“What’s wrong?” you ask.

“Nothing, just, ah, let me stretch my legs out,” I say. I push my legs over you so my legs cross your lap. You can tell I am becoming a little impatient with this game and me pushing my legs on your lap is a sign that I really want something to start. We talk for a little longer and then I remember you haven’t seen my room since bostancı escort bayan it’s been redone.

“Do you want to see my room?” I ask.

“Sure,” you reply, seeing the flirty little smile on my face.

I show you around my room with the new decorations and then sit on my bed. You sit next to me. You can tell this is an awkward moment for both of us.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Johnny?” I ask you.

You are confused for a moment, and then realize for sure I am playing the innocent little girl that you always fantasize about.

“Um, No, but I’m always looking for one,” you respond timidly, as you are becoming more comfortable with our play.

“Yeah, me too,” I respond.

You look over at me with that look in your eyes and brush my hair out my face. You lean in to kiss me and I turn my face away, innocently. You pull back and look at me, pouting.

“God! Sorry. Okay. I’m ready.” I say.

This time you lean in more slowly. Our lips touch and it is electrifying. You gently have your hand stroking my cheek and I feel like I am on fire. You start to lean across me on the bed but that causes me to lose my balance. I swing my hips up and straddle you and smile at your shocked face. You are becoming more aroused now, as the only thing shielding my pussy is the thin cotton panties.

“Now I won’t fall off,” I say, still smiling innocently.

We continue making out for a while, slowly, tentatively, when you gently pick me off your lap and lay me down on my bed. You continue kissing me all over my shoulders and neck as you start to undo my shirt. I start to push your hand away and you stop for a moment and ask me if we are ümraniye escort going too fast. I hesitate, and then shake my head no. You tiptoe your other hand inside my shirt and I know what you’re going for. I don’t want you to stop kissing me so I let you do as you please. As you finish unbuttoning my shirt you look at my breasts inside my bra. I blush and look away. You gently cusp my chin and make me look at you.

“They’re beautiful. I like them a lot. Can I take your bra off?”

I blush again but nod my head. I arch my back for you to take off my bra. You sigh again looking at me and it makes me uncomfortable, so I pull your head down and start kissing you again. You put your hands on my breasts and start playing with them. My stomach is getting butterflies in it and I really sink into character. I try to take your shirt off but you do it for me. I tentatively run my hands all over you. You come back down on top of me and kiss down my chest, over my stomach. Being so mesmerized I hadn’t noticed that your hand is now underneath my skirt, slowly stroking my pussy.

“Play with my clit,” I whisper.

I can tell you’re taken aback by what I said.

“I know how to get myself off. Do you?” I ask.

You smile and chuckle. You keep working your tongue down on me until you’re kissing my pussy through my panties. I moan quietly, and you take my panties off with your teeth. My hand flies down to my pussy to continue stimulation and then again you are upon me. You push my hands above my head.

“Don’t.” is all you say. You know that this turns me on a lot, as I’m into being told what to do.

I obey you as you continue to play with my pussy. You slip escort kartal a finger inside of me and find out I have been doing my exercises and I am tight as a virgin, but very wet at the same time. I gasp as I feel you inside of me and you ask me if I’ve ever done this before. I shake my head no.

You keep fingering me as I start to breathe louder and moan. You can tell that I’m getting close to orgasm so you stop. I look at you quizzically.

“Please, Johnny, Please…”

You smile at me, taking out your cock. I gasp and avert my eyes. You lay on top of me and rub the head of your cock up and down my slit coating it with my juices. I know exactly what you want, and I want it too.

“Do you want it?” you ask me.

“Do you promise you won’t tell anyone?” I ask back, still playing innocent.

“Of course I wont,” you answer.

“Well, yes then, please,”

That’s all you need to hear as you slowly start pushing inside of me, going slowly to not hurt me, and also to make the sensation last. You pull in and out a couple times to tease both of us. I breathe in quickly as I feel your full length inside me. I grab tightly onto your back, pull you down on top of me and kiss you deeply. After a few minutes of taking it slow you suddenly start pounding my pussy as fast and as hard as you can. As you are banging me as hard as you can, you bite on my ears, neck and shoulders to send me over the edge. I moan and scream, and you cover my mouth to silence me. I’m dizzy and moaning your name, and then you cum inside of me, lots and lots of it, then collapse on top of me. You lay on my chest for a minute and then look up at me and whisper,

“I love you, kitten.”

I am still flooded with emotions and hearing you say you love me makes me tear up a little.

“I love you too, baby.”

You hold me still and kiss me, holding me in your arms until we fall asleep together, knowing I’m always your innocent little girl at heart.

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