Scott Dad and me


Scott Dad and meAt 17 I never dreamed that I would be returning to live with my father. I said “I do” to my high school sweetheart that year. The problem was, over the next five years he would continue to say “I do” to every woman that winked at him and after our first year of teaching, I said, “Enough,” and had no where else to go.Fortunately, that was also the summer when my little brother was going to leave our small town where he had worked since he was 15 in the medical equipment center and go for 6 weeks of basic training and 2 weeks of advanced combat medical training with the army reserve. So there was a three day overlap where we all three were crammed into the small house dad had moved into when mom died two years ago.Those three days were eye opening to me. My little brother Scotty had become Scott. He was no longer a scrawny little k**, but, as I discovered the first morning I was in the house, he was a man. I had just stepped into the shower and remembered my shampoo was still in my room. I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel just as Scott walked in. He was only in his boxers and they were tented out in a fashion that made it clear that he was endowed like a bull. I couldn’t find my voice. I just stared as he walked with closed eyes to the toilet and freed a cock that looked to be a full 2 inches longer than my ex had. It was magnificent! And then I realized I was standing there naked in front of my little brother and I grabbed for my briefly forgotten towel. I saw Scott turn and look at me. His eyes popped open wide as he caught a brief glimpse of my naked body. I stammered and he just laughed as I scrambled past him and to my things in his room. He was gone from the bath when I came back and I cannot say whether I was more relieved or disappointed about him being gone.That night, when Scott got back from his last night of work, we had a celebration of sorts. I drank to my new freedom and Scott drank to steal his nerves for heading off to basic. Dad joined us late in the game and soon we were all drunk and dad told Scott to show me what it was that he worked on.Scott had learned how to fix medical equipment and a lot of the things that the insurance company would not pay to repair, Scott had brought home and fixed. One of his prizes was a breast pump machine that he said still did not work quite as smoothly as it should, but worked which was a big improvement over how it had been when it had been returned to the shop 6 weeks earlier.There were other things too istanbul escort that he had fixed, but I was drunk and the only thing I could think of was to wonder how that machine would feel pumping on me. My breasts have always been on the small side, but oh so sensitive. I was thrilled when they finally was large enough that I could suck on them myself years ago. Now, all I could think of was trying out the machine.We all packed it in not too much longer after that and I watched Scott take his prizes back into the room that was about to become mine. I found myself staring at him in a not too sisterly way and as he came back to the doorway I said, “Scotty, I love you.” And then I kissed him. It was a far more intimate kiss than I had planned and ended far too soon.He smiled at me as he broke our embrace and said, “Feel free to play with anything you find in here while I am gone. Dad and I will be leaving first thing in the morning and I won’t be back for a couple of months, so… have fun!”The next morning, I woke up to find the house empty and a horny hangover twitched to life as I returned to the bedroom after my morning constitutional. That was when I noticed the breast pump and my curiosity fueled the spark of desire that was forming in the folds of my pussy. There was no reason deny it, I was alone in the house. Within minutes, I had my night shirt pulled up and was pressing the plastic cups against my flesh. The moment I flicked the switch I knew I was in heaven and the machine began to suck my nipples out like no boy in high school had ever done nor my ex had ever taken the time to do.It was as if there were strings of nerves connecting my elongating nipples to the bud of my clit. Each tug on my breast, seemed to pull my flesh tighter around my sensitive clit. I laid back on my pillows on the bed and let the machine build my pleasure for probably close to an hour before I allowed my fingers to peel back the flesh of my pussy and within a few short touches send my mind reeling with a long needed orgasm.After regaining my wits, I cleaned up and began working on settling into my new room. After lunch though, the allure of the machine sitting beside the bed began to much for me, and I found myself once again, placing the plastic cups on my breasts and feeling the pleasure sweep through me as it brought me to the edge of yet another orgasm.By the time I was ready for bed, I was finishing my fourth round of pleasuring avcılar escort myself and I was pleasantly exhausted. As I drifted off to bed it occurred to me that with having the summer off (I am a middle school English teacher) I was going to have many more days to re-play the days pleasures.Now, after 3 days of this, something completely unexpected happened. There was a cloudy liquid in the collection bottle. At first I had no idea what this was, so I got online with my computer and found out something VERY interesting to me. Since I had not taken any of my birth control pills since moving back in with Dad, my hormones had thought my pregnancy had just ended in birth, and the stimulation of the machine was making me a wet nurse!!At first I thought I had better stop, but I couldn’t, it was too delicious! Both the pleasure of the sexual stimulation and the sensation of my breasts growing heavy and the milk dropping and watching it fill bottles three and four times a day were just the best part of every day. My breasts grew 2 cup sizes in the next month and I had to start wearing the formed bra’s to hide my pads. Still I could not stop.Then one night, Dad came home early as I was in the process of relieving my heavy breasts. I did not hear him come in and before I realized it he was standing there watching me with eyes that were hungry with lust. I started to cover myself and he quickly took the two strides to stand before me and his hand reached for mine and stopped me. The plastic cup lost its suction and fell away and I followed his gaze down to our hands, where my breast was now freely spraying them both. I felt mortified. Right up until Dad reached down and lifted my heavy breast and leaned down to suck my milk.I didn’t care. The machine had felt good, but having a man’s warm lips wrap around my puckered nipples forced a groan from deep within me. I was only vaguely aware of his hand now between my thighs, opening me up. The rhythmic sucking of my own father and the taboo nature of the whole situation sent my lust soaring and the moment his finger flicked across my clit I moaned and began trembling with an orgasm that he did not allow to end until he had drained both of my breasts.Without saying a thing, he left the room and I went to the bath to clean up. The next morning, a new ritual began in the house. Dad was up early, and by up, I mean his cock was the first thing to come through my door!! For the next 45 minutes he suckled first one breast şirinevler escort and then the next. He used the breast milk that spilled unbidden from the second breast while he was suckling the first, to lubricate his hand for stroking his semi-rigid cock.We settled into this routine until the day Scotty came home. That was yesterday. Dad came in early and dutifully drained my heavy breasts before driving to pick him up at the airport. I wondered if he would tell Scott, and if he did, I wondered what Scott would do. I didn’t have to wait long.The two of them walked in the door at about noon, and I ran to Scott and kissed him. He swept me up and twirled me around. Then as he set me down on the ground and held me back, he said, “God, you are right! Her breasts are awesome!!” Dad took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I watched as the two men of my life walked around the far side of the bed. “Sit down Lacey, and let’s take care of your afternoon milk,” Dad said. I stood there staring for a moment and then I slowly undid my blouse. I could feel the milk in my breasts letting down and the new weight of them dug the straps of my breasts deep into my shoulders. I tugged the straps down my shoulders and undid the clasps at my back and allowed the girls to fall freely into the sight of my father and brother.Obediently, I sat down on the bed, facing away from the two of them, but within minute I could feel them both climbing onto the bed. My father’s face suddenly appeared staring up at me from my left thigh. He took the tender swollen flesh of my breast in his hand and guided the now dripping nipple to his lips and he began to suck.Scott was suddenly there looking up at me with a crazed lust in his eye. I guided my breast to his partially open lips and dribbled milk into his mouth. His tongue snaked out to gather the nectar into his mouth. The whole insanity of the moment sent my head spinning. And then, I moved my own hands behind me and found that both of them were in their boxers.Within minutes I was manually pumping two hard cocks in my hands while they sucked like starving babes. I was oblivious as to whose hands were where. There was a finger or two deep in my cunt and a thumb rubbing back and forth across my clit. A stray finger opened my back passage and I knew that it had to belong to Scott, since Dad had never come close to opening this forbidden passage, and just as with so many other taboos that I had shattered, this too was an unexpected pleasure. An hour later, we were a mess. I had brought Scott and Dad of twice and their goo mixed with my milk and our sweat to make an incredible mixture of decadent scents.That was four hours ago, and I have to confess, that as my breast are now, again, tender and full, I can hardly wait for them to get home from the golf course and once more drain my breasts again!!!

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