Secret Cabal


The residential area known as Cherry Grove passed quickly by outside the window as Roger and Ellen drove into the fading light of the evening. The couple had moved there some four months ago when Ellen had been offered a very lucrative position with a newly minted energy contractor, it was a dream job for Ellen but a tough decision to move away from family and friends. Roger was still trying to catch on with one of the local businesses in some computer support capacity but that had been far from their biggest problem. Though they had a beautiful new house in a posh neighborhood they still felt a bit cast adrift, both of them were terribly shy and making new friends was a difficult task for them.

At least that had been the case until just recently when a chance encounter with a man in the neighborhood had led to an invitation to join his social club. The man in question named Richard, was a tall and rather athletic looking gent of perhaps sixty, with a barrel chest and a voice to match he spoke with just a hint of a European accent perhaps German or maybe Russian. He had stopped Roger one day when he was out watering his lawn, they began to chat about this and that until after two months of occasional run-ins on the sidewalk he had appeared at their door one day. He was there to offer them a chance to visit and perhaps become members of what he described as a rather exclusive co-ed social society.

“I think you both would rather enjoy it,” he said when bringing the invite “It’s a tight knit group and we certainly have a lot of fun together and I can assure you the facility is first rate.”

“So it’s like, what, a country club then?” asked Roger.

“Err…well something like that, it’s one of those things you really have to see for yourself, we initiate new folks once a month, next time is this Friday” Richard answered.

“Initiate…sounds like a frat,” said Roger with a bit of a frown; he had always hated that kind of elitist crap, mainly because he was never invited.

“HA! No it’s not like that at all, more of a formality really, but one that has to be observed” Richard replied. “So what do you say?”

Roger paused in thought running a hand through his dark brown hair as his brow furrowed in concentration.

“I guess I can talked to Ellen see what she has to say about it” he replied with a smile lighting his handsome features that had often led to comparisons with a young Clint Eastwood.

Well after a brief talk with Ellen, they had agreed and that is how they found themselves traveling the back roads of the county for the past hour trying to get their GPS to cooperate and take them to the right address.

“I think this piece of shit is busted” Roger complained. “We’ve been driving around forever and there are no houses out here, it’s the middle of nowhere.”

“Wait!” said Ellen. “Isn’t there a turn out just past those trees ahead?”

What looked like a turn out turned out to be a narrow road that soon brought them to an old black iron gate that stood conspicuously open, as they passed through Roger noted the correct address posted on one of the granite columns. After a winding drive through a heavily wooded area their eyes widened in surprise as they emerged before an enormous mansion that looked right out of an episode of Downton Abbey, Roger slowed the car and turned in to the drive as a well-appointed valet stepped up to his door.

“I will take care of your vehicle sir” the valet offered smartly. Roger reached for his wallet but the valet waived him off.

“Not necessary sir, please enjoy your evening,” said the valet and with that he swiftly entered Rogers’s car and sped away around toward the back of the massive estate.

“Huh…well, I guess we knock” said Roger stepping up to the rather ornate double doors that stood some twelve feet tall and were made out of what appeared to be heavy oak. Before he could knock, the door suddenly swung open and they found themselves starring at Richard’s smiling face as he fairly beamed back at them.

“Delightful!” he said, “I’m so thrilled you could attend, please come in.”

He waved them into an expansive entryway that seemed to soar up toward the sky with a gorgeous glass ceiling letting in the last fading light of the day.

“This must be Ellen, Roger’s description hardly did you credit my dear, you are a true beauty” Richard said as he actually took her hand with a kiss like an old world gent. Ellen found herself blushing a bit with the complement though truthfully every woman liked to be told she was beautiful.

“Thank you so much for inviting us” Ellen managed to stammer out.

“Not at all my dear, delighted to have you” Richard replied “Why don’t we step this way.”

Richard led them down a short corridor that ended it what appeared to be a sort of library with bookshelves covering most of the walls, on a small breakfront sat a nondescript black decanter and Richard moved to it quickly pouring three glasses of a slightly amber liquid.

“Here, bostancı escort bayan to the beginning of a wonderful evening and hopefully a long association” Richard offered in toast after handing them each a glass.

“What’s this?” Roger asked.

“A bit of a home brew we prefer around here, I’m sure you will quite like it,” he offered back.

Figuring that it couldn’t be poison if he was drinking it as well Roger quickly downed his with Ellen doing the same, it had a vaguely fruity taste like wine but with a bit more kick and it soon spread a warmth through his stomach. As they stood eyeing the tomes covering the walls a new figure entered the room, a woman, in her early forties perhaps with short dark hair wearing a long black evening dress.

“Ah Penelope right on time, Ellen this is Penelope she will take you where you can change for the initiation ceremony,” Richard said.

“Change?” questioned Ellen.

“No worries my dear, all a part of the fun, I think you will find the outfit we picked for you to your liking,” Richard laughed.

With a slightly worried look at her husband Ellen quickly followed Penelope out a side door that led to a staircase and soon down a long corridor to a series of doors, picking the third one Penelope placed a hand of the knob and turned to face Ellen with a smile.

“I will give you a few minutes to get ready and be back to collect you, you will find your clothes for the evening on the bed” she said.

Ellen passed through the door that shut behind her finding herself in a well-appointed bedroom with beautiful hand carved furnishings, on the bed she saw a small pile of clothing with a card laid on top. As she stepped toward the bed she felt suddenly lightheaded and a bit woozy as a feeling not unlike arousal past through her. “What the hell was that?” she thought as she steadied herself against one of the soaring bedpost. Slowly she reached down and lifted the card to eye level reading the short instructions.

“Please remove all your garments including any under ones as well and place the outfit you see here on your person…Best of luck, Richard.”

As Ellen looked down she realized the outfit in question was a simple white cloak of soft fabric and sitting on top an intricately designed masquerade mask, it immediately occurred to Ellen that this cloak would never cover her soon to be naked body and yet, somehow, the thought did not seemed to be concerning at all. With careful movements, Ellen quickly slipped out of her clothes leaving them neatly folded on the bed and slipped the cloak over her shoulders followed by the mask that she tied to her face. She stepped to a large freestanding mirror to gaze at herself, the cloak fell across her shoulders but did little to cover her body, and she found herself admiring the image in the mirror that stared back at her. Before her was the image of a woman of five foot five, short glowing red hair topped her head in a tight cascade of curls falling just past the nape of her neck. Her fair skin shined in the light and almost involuntarily, she reached up to cup her perfectly shaped breasts topped with soft pink areola and thick slightly engorged nipples. On her face the mask turned out to be that of a Lioness, perfectly crafted and very well fitted to her face though she certainly didn’t know exactly how they would have known what size mask she would need.

A knock at the door pulled Ellen from her revelry and she moved to answer it to find the woman she had been introduced to as Penelope on the other side but not as she had been just minutes earlier. She now stood clad only in a long black cloak of fine material with a mask of some sort of bright bird on her face. The cloak was pulled back to reveal her shapely breasts with their dark wine caste areolas and pointed nipples, between her legs she sported a well-trimmed bush of black hair.

“Good you’re ready, things are about to begin” said Penelope. Penelope took Ellen’s hand and began to guide her down the hallway.

“If you don’t mind me saying you have gorgeous breasts and that fiery bush…to die for,” commented Penelope.

Ellen found herself not at all taken a back but appreciating the complement as she moved towards the adventure that awaited her.

Roger’s experience of the last half hour had been very similar to Ellen’s with two notable exceptions; though the cloak and the nakedness were there; his mask was that of a fierce bull and, after a passing bit of light-headedness, he found himself with a raging hard on that absolutely refused to subside. Interestingly though, his embarrassment over the fact that his penis was sticking rather obviously beyond the confines of his cloak and pointing his way forward quickly vanished and soon seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Richard had returned after leaving him to dress in a sitting room adjacent to the library and now guided him down a corridor that led into a wide-open room filled with several dozen ümraniye escort people all with black cloaks and elaborate masks. As he passed through the crowd and started moving toward the center of the room he caught a few snatches of conversation much of it about him.

“Hmmm…Look at that fat cock, couldn’t you just suck that all night long!” commented one tall blonde hair woman they passed to a shorter brown haired woman at her side.

“You are so right”, her brown haired companion replied, “I would love to feel that thing inside me, he would stretch me out but good.”

Several of the women they passed even had the audacity to reach out and stroke his engorged member as he passed, murmuring appreciatively as they did so; he had the feeling of being the prize dessert at a county fair. At last, they arrived at what turned out to be a raised platform, round and with a think cushioned floor; it stood about two feet above the main floor of the room on stout legs. The platform was surrounded by low backed, heavy wooden chairs and was big enough for two people to lay down on easily. As they arrive at the edge, Richard turned to face him swinging what looked to be an elephant’s trunk protruding at least ten inches past the edge of his cloak.

“Your show now my friend”, said Richard patting Roger’s shoulder in an almost paternal way.

“I know you’ll do fine my friend” he added.

Roger found himself mounting a short set of stairs to stand on the soft top of the platform, as he looked around people began to gather, some taking seats in the chairs and others standing behind them. Surveying the room he momentarily caught sight of the blonde from earlier who he noted was sporting a rather impressive pair of DD breasts, as he gazed in her direction she threw him a wink and then licked her lips in a seductive way sending a little thrill through his still well engorge rod. “Easy boy”, Roger joked looking down but his attention was drawn to a murmuring from the crowd as he saw two figures approaching from the wings.

Ellen found herself moving back down stairs and arriving in a room filled with people dressed similarly to Penelope, the variety of masks was bewildering as she passed a number of on lookers. On occasion one of the men would reach out to squeeze her breast or run a hand across her ass commenting on the magnificence of both but strangely this bothered her not in the least. As she passed through the crowd she spied a raised platform in front of her where she saw a man in a white cloak and a bull mask waiting for her, as she mounted the platform and drew closer she recognized the naked body of her husband.

“Wow”, she said gazing up at his flashing green eyes. “Has your cock always been that big?”

Roger laughed and quickly fired back “I think there is something in the air.”

The two stood staring at each other as the voices in the crowd fell to a hush and a sense of anticipation began to fill the room.

“Umm…what do you think we are supposed to do?” Ellen whispered.

“I think they want to watch us make love,” Roger answered back nervously. “Does that bother you?”

Ellen realized with a start that it did not bother her at all; in fact, all the eyes on her were actually arousing her even more as she stepped closer to her husband’s waiting body.

“No, it should, but somehow it doesn’t at all” Ellen replied, then in a voice choked with emotion “Do you want me Roger?”

Roger reached out to run a hand down his wife’s cheek, “You are so beautiful Ellen”, she took that as an answer and slowly reached back to unclasp her cloak letting it fall to the ground. With slow grace, she knelt down, took hold of her husband’s rock hard cock, and guided it into her mouth, slowly beginning to slide her lips up and down its length, pausing to run her hot tongue around the swollen head and lick the soft underside eliciting a gasp from her husband’s lips. Around her, she began to be aware of a steady stream of appreciative comments as her head worked up and down her husband’s turgid pole.

“Wow, looked at her, what a striking woman, I envy that man’s cock right now” said one fellow.

“She has the most beautiful soft lips doesn’t she, I wish they were wrapped around my prick” offered another.

“Red on the head eh” joked a third.

Ellen opened her eyes momentarily to glance around and saw a number of men in the chairs had begun to stroke their cocks in time to her movements, even Richard, who she noted had the biggest freaking cock she had ever seen. The sight of all these men masturbating while watching her sent a wave of desire rocketing through her as she continued to blow her husband now looking up at him and catching his eye with a wink, she took his hands pulling him down to her as she lay on her back and spread her legs. Roger took the hint leaning forward to place his mouth below her Venus mound and gently separating her soft red hair with his tongue slowly inserting it into her waiting hole. With escort kartal deft flicks of his tongue he began to run it up and down her dripping slit, stopping to work her clit with the tip of his tongue as he wife began to moan softly at the pleasure he was giving her.

“OH…Yes Roger, eat my pussy sweetheart, ah you make it feel so good,” Ellen gasped.

Their audience was enjoying the show all the more and a number of women had even gone so far as to produce long fat dildos from under their chairs and were now ramming them in and out of their pussies as they watched Ellen’s husband work his oral magic on his wife’s sweet, pink hot box.

“Fuck me, have you ever seen anything so hot, look at him eat that pussy!” commented one on looker.

“I wish that was me,” said the blonde-haired woman from earlier, who at that moment was pumping a black dildo the size of a small thermos in and out of her wet cunt.

Roger continued to lick and suck his wife’s sweet clit as she became more and more aroused, now humping his face and pushing his head down hard with her hands, wanting to feel every inch of his red hot tongue against her swelling pussy lips.

“UH…OH…fuck Roger…your making me want to fuck you so bad…oh baby…don’t stop” she said. She could feel the warmth from her clit beginning to spread to her stomach, a sure sign that her orgasm was on its way. As she gazed around at the crowd, you saw one man with a cock nearly as thick as her husband’s suddenly cum, shooting ropes of white jizz flying through the air as he groaned and gasped in his chair. “I did that” she thought, “He just came because he was turned on watching me…wanting me…damn!”

The thought of the sudden power she wielded and that all these men were touching themselves because they desired her began to drive her to push even harder against her husband’s bobbing head, without warning, she felt the hot, hard power of her orgasm suddenly rip through her body.

“OH…OH God Roger…I am going to cum baby…I am OH…fuck…I’M CUMMING!” cried Ellen.

Roger rode the wave of his wife’s orgasm feeling her juices flow across his tongue as he lapped at her swollen pussy, the sound of her arousal coupled with the wonderful smell of her was driving him crazy and all he could think was how bad he wanted to be inside her with his cock. Rising up on his arms he reached down to guide his cock into his wife’s waiting pussy, as he looked down into her eyes that burned with desire for the feel of his body inside hers he was struck by how stunningly beautiful she was and felt his need grow even greater. With an audible groan, he slid deep into the depths of her love hole and felt its warm flesh wrap like velvet around his swollen cock, with slow and deliberate strokes he began to make love to his wife as she began to move her hips to meet his thrusts.

“God Ellen…it feels so good inside you…you’re so perfect,” Roger said.

“Yes Roger…love me deep baby…give it all to me…every inch…ah so good” she responded.

They began to move with greater and greater urgency as Roger began to feel the tightness growing in his balls; he knew it would not be long before the flood tide of his cum would erupt from deep inside him.

“Ellen…Ellen…I can’t…uh…fuck…I can’t hold it back anymore sweetheart…its coming!” Roger wailed.

Ellen pulled her husband’s mouth to hers kissing him deeply as his cock head began to swell inside her, quietly she whispered in his ear.

“Pull it out and cum on my tits Roger…they want to see…all these women want to watch you cum…They want you Roger…show them why!” she said.

With a grunt of effort, Roger rose up on his knees cum beginning to leak from the end of his cock as he pulled it from his wife’s hot pussy. Coming to his aid she quickly slid her hand around his throbbing pole and began milking it with long slow strokes of her finger tips as it soon started to jerk in her palm sending a spray of white hot cum splashing across her gorgeous tits covering her nipples in his love mana.

“OH GOD YES Ellen I’M CUMMING SO HARD! Please don’t stop baby…stroke it…pull my cock…oh so good!” cried Roger.

Around them voices began to rise as the audience joined in many of the men cumming right along with Roger, shooting their loads onto the floor in response to the sight of the passionate love making they had just witnessed, many of the women as well were creaming their dildos or even their fingers.

“AH FUCK!” screamed the tall blonde-haired woman as her pussy spasmed around her dildo.

“Lucky bitch, I would give anything to fuck a stud like that!” she called out.

“Did you see the way she made him cum? Her pussy must be like heaven, I would ask her for a night but I doubt my heart could take it,” said Richard.

Penelope smiled next to him, “I would love to be caught between the two of them, Ellen has the sweetest lips and I would love to feel them on my clit, don’t even get me started on Roger’s cock.”

As the two of them come back to Earth they are treated respectfully as valets come forward with warm wet towels to clean them and they are quickly whisked away to a side room where Richard soon joins them, a pair of black cloaks slung over his arm.

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