Secret Life of Chub Ch. 01


“Feelings No Longer Inside”

One hot summer day, Ben Baxton sweated out his soul after mowing his yard. His brown skin turned darker from the hot, beaming sun. His blue jeans had dust on them, claiming dominance over his day of yard work and a shower called out to rescue him from his labor. Ben took off his soaked Braves cap and went towards his parent’s house, leaving the green lawn mower out in the yard. When he almost reached the door, a guy slowed his green car down and honked at him.

Ben turned to see the car backing up and pulling into his parent’s driveway. He walked toward the vehicle and noticed the guy’s face. It was an old classmate of his, Larry Murry. He was a football jock at their high school. He was one of the guys who used to partake in stripping the freshmen naked, embarrassing them. He was the only stocky-built, white guy on the defensive line along side you.

“Well, well. What’s up stranger? How long has it been? Ten years?” Larry asked.

“Ha,” Ben chuckled. “It’s actually been about twelve. How have you been, man?”

“I’ve been doing great. All I do in my free time is play video games.”

“Nice,” Ben said.

Later during the conversation, Ben’s mother calls for him to go run an errand for her. Ben points out that he must go.

“I’ll get at you later, man. Here’s my number,” Larry said, getting a sticky note and a pen. He gave it to him, and they went their separate ways.


A few days later, Ben texts Larry and gets invited to play the hottest fighting game. Ben drives to his house on the south side of Jackson. Ben reminisced at the time where Larry jacked off on the school bus in the shadows after they won the game that night. Larry had turned 18 on that day, and he considered the win and the jacking off two birthday gifts for the night. Ben was the only person who saw him do it from behind his seat. The moonlight revealed his white, five-inch dick turning red like a red Hulk and growing wider. Larry used his spit as his lube and moaned softly not to draw attention. Well, at least not too much. He managed to snatch Ben’s. It was as if he knew Ben was watching because Ben’s breath could be felt on his neck from behind him. Larry’s dick spat out his load on the back of the seat in front of him, and he discreetly wiped it off with his grass-stained football pants. He then fell asleep until they reached their destination.

Ben wondered why he felt so attracted to that act or was he attracted to Larry. Ben was raised in a good Christian home, but he questioned why did he have feelings for both women and men. He was always taught that it was wrong to have sex with the same sex, and you’ll go to hell. Why on Earth will he be attracted to both sexes in the first place? This was Ben’s secret life question that he was afraid to ask anyone at his church.

Ben finally makes it to Larry’s house. It looked in the need of a serious paint job. The one-story house looked tattered with the walls, resembling a Dalmatian dog. Larry’s looked out the window and quickly opened the front door seconds later.

“Are you ready to fight to the death?” Larry said with a smirk on his face. Surprisingly, Larry wore a white muscle shirt and black basketball shorts with an off brand label on the side.

“I didn’t Bycasino bring my Xbox controller,” Ben responds, shrugging his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, dude. I got you,” Larry said, inviting him in.

It’s the first time in years that Ben saw his whole frame. Over the years, Larry had gained weight and his ass had gotten a little bigger and chunkier. It looked similar to the BBW women he liked watching in porn videos. It looked quite plump. Ben felt like he wanted to smack it, but he quickly realized that this was man.

Larry’s living room illuminated an entertainment heaven with the smell of chocolate. His trophies on his entertainment system were a 55″ Samsung LED TV, Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Edition, PS4 The Last of Us Edition, and a black Wii U. The consoles sat shoulder to shoulder to each other in all of their glory. On the coffee table there was a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup swirled around in it. The bottle of syrup sat next to it.

Larry directed Ben to his two emoticon bean bags in front of his sofa about four feet from the TV. “Have a seat and let the games begin.”

They played Mortal Kombat, and Ben was getting his ass beat. When Larry unleashed a combo on Ben’s character, he would playfully punch Larry in the right arm. Each time was harder than the last. Ben started to punch back when he got tired of it. Ben looked down at Larry’s shorts when a loading screen came up. He noticed Larry achieved a big hard on, as if he obtained a higher fighting ranking. This made Ben get hard himself.

Larry noticed Ben’s eyes looking down. “What are you looking at?” he asked.

“Nothing, man I was just thinking about some stuff,” Ben said, deterring the question.

“It’s ok,” Larry said, touching his junk. “At some points in a man’s life we look at each other’s dicks. I do it all the time. I see yours got perked up.” Larry points at Ben’s dick, almost touching it.

“Hold on,” Ben said, swatting his hand away. “That’s for women only.”

The game loads back up, and Ben decided to take a cheap shot, while Larry didn’t pay attention.

“Oh, hell no!” Larry yelled, and he punched Ben softly in his balls and latched onto the head of Ben’s dick. Ben’s eyes grew wider. He wanted to swat him again and leave, but Larry began caressing his penis head, while Ben tried to beat Larry’s character on the game. Ben didn’t flick him away, so he slouched over on the beanbag and let the controller hit the floor.

“Mmmm,” said Larry. “I wondered if you’d let me do this to you. I noticed a long time ago that you were watching me jack off that night. I knew you liked it.”

“Naw, man,” Ben said, swatting his chunky hand off his dick. “I think I need to go.”

“You don’t have to. I don’t want to kill you, except on this game,” Larry pleaded. “Just stay with me and talk. I’ve been gay, since I started college. I just don’t act like it in public. I have to keep my manliness going for my football team I’m playing for this summer.”

“I don’t believe it in that mess,” Ben said. “I was taught better.”

“But since you’re a man like me, have you had those feelings where you wanted kiss another guy because he was cute, suck another dick, or wonder how it feels to get fucked in the ass?” Larry Bycasino giriş questioned.

“NO!!” Ben blurted out, lying to him. Ben did have two of those desires, except sucking another dick.

“Okay, I’ll stop with the touching. You don’t ever have to speak to me again. You can go now.” Larry suggested upset and looking down. “Just lock the bottom lock behind you.”

Larry went back to playing his game. He fought Ben’s character as if just using it as a punching bag. Ben started to the door. He faltered with the bottom latch and locked it. However, he didn’t leave. He locked himself in, but in Ben’s mind he locked the outside world out, allowing his feelings to turn into actions.

Ben walked slowly to Larry and laid his hands on his shoulders. He messaged Larry, making him turn around in disbelief.

Larry’s eyes each turned into an oasis. Larry grabbed Ben’s head and brought their lips together. This was Ben’s first time kissing another man. It felt so wrong, but his feelings said that it was okay. Larry’s lips tasted like ice cream and chocolate syrup.

“Man, you’re delicious,” Larry uttered.

“I need to stop,” Ben said. He tried to pull away.

“There’s no need in stopping now. You just started something.” Larry suggested, and they began to kiss again.

Then Larry got up and grabbed Ben’s fat titties. He caressed the nipples and started devouring Ben’s neck as if he was a vampire. Ben chuckled.

“My folks say that I need to lose all that shit. My belly and titties, that is, Ben let out.

“Don’t worry about them. You’re beautiful and sexy as you are. And you’re tasty as hell. I’ve never had black meat before. You’re wonderful.” Larry started at his neck again. Then he grabbed onto Ben’s ass. Ben moaned and hugged Larry’s big, fat frame. Ben felt so wrong now. He had crossed that boarder of no return, but he felt okay with it at this moment. He felt that someone had talked with some sense with this hard question to answer.

Larry backed away from Ben and began to undress. Ben wondered if he should and stayed frozen.

“There’s no need to stop. Let’s strip and do the do,” Larry said slipping down his pants. Ben gave in and stripped to his underwear, too.

“I wonder if you’re a bottom or a topper. Hmm,” Larry thought out loud. He licked Ben’s nipples with delight. It was as if he found a new toy.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Ben asked with his dick getting harder through his briefs.

“Let’s try this for starters,” Larry suggested, lying down on one beanbag. “How about you straddle me, and we can grind our dicks together. I’ve tried it once. It was fun and felt good, too.”

“I can try,” Ben said. He climbed on top of Larry’s pelvis, and Larry poked out his dick from the boxer’s hole. His dick was just as he remembered it – the red Hulk. Larry stroked it a little before allowing Ben to fully touch his pelvis. Precum erupted out in a stream. Ben wondered if he should lick it, but he was too scared to actually do that for now.

Larry lifted up his big belly, so Ben can fully grind on him. “You know what? Why don’t we go ahead and take off our underwear. This will be a lot easier,” Larry said. They both agreed and took them off. Ben assumed the same position, Bycasino deneme bonusu and this was the first time Ben touched another man’s dick, especially dick to dick.

Ben tried undulating his body in a grinding motion. Larry’s head leaned back in pleasure. Ben bit his bottom lip. This felt great. It reminded Ben when he used to masturbate on top of a pillow in his younger days.

“Fuck, that feels good. Let’s put some of this on there,” suggested Larry.

The only lube close enough was the chocolate syrup on the table, next to the melting bowl of ice cream. Ben rose up just a little, allowing Larry to squeeze out the sweet contents on their dicks like cookies and cream ice cream. The two men rubbed their dicks with their hands, totally covering their manhoods.

“Let me try something,” Ben said, taking away the syrup and drizzling a little bit on one of Larry’s nipples. The chocolate flowed down like the chocolate on those candy bar commercials, flowing all over his brown nipple.

Ben placed the bottle of syrup on the floor and lunged his mouth on the nipple. He made slurping noises, while Larry moaned in excitement. Ben began to grind his thick, brown dick on the hulking dick. They made sloppy, squishy noises. Precum seeped onto their dicks and lower bellies. The body fluids mixed in a forbidden, yet tempting, dance.

The smell of chocolate mixed in with the two men’s manly odors, given off by their testicles and dicks. It launched a sign of sweet sex into the air that can only be smelled by them, and they didn’t care. It became their moment of pleasure.

Ben felt that he was going to be stricken by lightening, yet Larry thought he found a new sex buddy that he can try to identify with.

Both men were about to climax. Ben kissed Larry’s lips and grinded harder, almost slipping off Larry’s pelvis. Luckily, Larry held Ben by the ass, preventing him from falling. He also dug a finger inside of Ben’s ass. Ben moaned louder until he came all over Larry’s dick and lower stomach. Ben felt so good, but he kept going for Larry to come. Larry unloaded more come as if he hadn’t had sex in years. Their lowers abdomens looked like a chocolate milk shake by now – cum and chocolate.

Ben rolled off of Larry, hitting the floor. Some cum still oozed out of their dicks.

“That was awesome, but man, I feel fucked up in my head,” Ben said, placing his hands over his face.

“Don’t be ashamed, dude,” Larry said, standing up. He scooped some chocolate and cum on a finger and licked it. “You’ll get over it. I did.”

Ben got up, and Larry threw him a white towel. Then he got dressed.

“How’d you enjoy your first time?” Larry asked.

“It was okay, but I don’t know if there’ll be a next time,” Ben answered.

“There doesn’t have to be – unless you just want a good fuck again,” Larry said.

“I got to go. I’ll see you some other time,” Ben said.

“See you, man,” Larry responded.

Before Ben unlocked the door, Larry bull-rushed him against the wall and kissed him, like he was never going to see him again. Ben pushed him off of him.

“You still got chocolate on you,” Ben said.

“Sorry about that,” Larry said, wiping off the chocolate with a nearby paper towel on the bar.

Ben kissed him one more time and exited the house. Larry waved bye at him, and as Ben turned away. Sweat rained down his forehead, just like the other day when he mowed the yard. He felt good and bad at the same time.

“I see now,” Ben said to himself.


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