Secret Lover Ch. 02


The next morning I woke up. As my eyes adjusted to the light, and my brain took it’s time recognizing where I was, it began to think about last night. I remember Colleen kneeling on the floor in front of me, her tits covered in my cum and smiling, saying “this changes everything.”

I turned my head, there she was, still sleeping, still looking hot, and making me give a little smile. I wasn’t sure if it was a smile of sexual satisfaction, feeling as though while it wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned it, I did bang Colleen. Or maybe it was something else. Despite her great big surprise, I was happy to still be lying next to her.

I slowly rolled to my side. In doing so I felt the burn, the pain, the soreness of an asshole had been recently fucked. Noticed I said recently fucked, not fucked for the first time. While I am not gay, or even bisexual, I am by no means close minded, especially when it comes to sex. And while last night was my first experience when an actual penis, I did date a girl who we’ll say was kinky. She was not shy, by any means, and she loved sex to be dirty, sweaty, rough and sometimes a little gross. Most importantly she liked sticking things up my butt. She started off by just putting her tongue up there, which is awesome, then it moved to a finger, then some fingers, then a another finger. Soon it was her vibrator, which I won’t lie, was awesome, especially when she turned it on and it gave my prostate a little tingle…damn. But shortly before our sexual fling ended, she had banged my butt with a strap-on a couple times. Needless to say, my asshole had adjusted and it, sometimes felt good.

I guess it was preparing me for this day, after a night of an amazing sexual experience.

But, as I rolled to my side, I felt the pressure of blood shift in my erect penis. I reached down to adjust my cock, despite being naked, I needed to make some sheet adjustments. As I did this, I looked down Colleen’s body, gently draped in a white sheet. My eyes traced down her mountainous tits, which made small tents from hard nipples that cascaded around her beautiful mounds. The sheet kept going down, over her smooth stomach, then rising again. And rising, and rising, and…that was one big fucking tent.

Between her tits and her cock, it was like the Rocky Mountains had grown on her sheet covered body. I wanted to reach over and touch it. I wanted to trace my hand down her head, along the shaft, to her balls and create a silhouette of her glorious cock. I couldn’t help staring down at it. Thinking, ‘this beautiful woman has a beautiful cock.’ I thought about how I had sucked it last night. How Colleen’s she-penis was actually in my mouth. Then how it was in my ass and how smoothly and gently she had fucked me. I thought about her throbbing cock as it came inside me.

All of this thinking was getting my cock a tingling, and I took a deep breath to calm myself before I did something that I wasn’t entirely sure Colleen would appreciate. Sure, waking up someone with a blow job is great, but you can’t over look how someone would react.

For example, I had a girlfriend once, in my younger college days as a freshman, who wanted to wake me with a blow job. I felt that warm mouth encase my cock, being as I was not even close to being awake, it freaked me out. So, I swatted her away, in doing so, cracking her across the eye, making it nice and puffy. She forgave me, and understood it was an accident. And in case you were wondering, she did finish the blow job.

Point is, I didn’t want to grab Colleen’s cock, jerk it, suck it, enjoy myself, but at the same time scare her and get slapped in the face. No, that did not seem like a fun thing to have happen. So I had to control my incredible urge to suck a cock, which I never, in a million years would think that I would have to control myself from doing.

Then…”you know what’s great about morning wood?” Colleen asked, startling me. I turned and looked back at her.

“What?” I said, chuckling.

“When there’s someone around to suck it.” She said, very matter of factly, but smirking. She then grabbed the sheet and tossed it down the bed, exposing both me, and her outstandingly fit naked body. “Let’s go, get to it buddy.”

I smiled, and her smirk went away. She was serious. She apparently wakes up with uncontrolled urges to get her cock sucked. Good thing I was wanting to suck it, or it could have been a little awkward. She put her hand on the back of my head and gently started pushing me down to her cock.

I shifted myself into a sideways type position, my head hovering over her tight stomach, staring at the shaft of the great beast. Remembering my lesson from last night, I worked a nice amount of warm, gooey spit to the front of my mouth before opening, and taking her swollen cock head into my mouth. I moaned from the salty burn of her flesh, which felt so good. She sighed with satisfaction and I began working my mouth further down her shaft.

“Slow baby. Go slow.” She sighed. “Work yourself into a rhythm, take as much as you can.” She instructed as she sighed.

Being the xslot novice cocksucker that I was, I felt the tips to be helpful. How will I know if I am doing it right if no one is there to correct me? Fortunately for me, Colleen knew what she liked and wasn’t afraid to express that desire.

So I did as I was told, I worked my mouth slowly down her shaft, then back up. When I got to her head, I made my own little move, flicking the sensitive part of her head, just under the hood with my tongue, which made her moan a little more.

As I sucked, I thought ‘how do I like my cock being sucked?’ I like tight, hard sucking with a tongue slowly being dragged up the side of my shaft. I like my head flicked and rubbed with a tongue, and I like a quick, fast, deep as you can go descend down. So, that’s what I did.

I rubbed the tip of Colleen’s head with my tongue, using all possible sides, angles and techniques. This sent her a screaming, suddenly and unexpectedly. “Whoa,” she said. “I did not expect that. Nice move.” She commented.

After I flicked her head until my head tongue was burning, I did a deep dive bomb type run down her shaft, taking it as far as I could. I took it to the point of gagging, right to the edge of my throat. It was slamming on the breaks of my jaw when I did this or else it was going to be unpleasant. Once I slammed on the breaks, I latched my jaw down tight, smothered my tongue down as hard as I could on the side of her thick vein covered shaft and pulled my mouth back up, slow, almost painfully.

This drove her nuts. One hand grabbed the back of my head, running her fingers over my scalp. The other hand grabbed the base of her cock holding it in place as I drug my mouth back up to the head to begin my run again.

This time I could taste a salty, almost creamy, slimey like substance…pre-cum. It was my first taste of another man’s pre-cum. And I’ve got to say, I didn’t hate it. It had a salty taste to it, but when it dissolved in my mouth not only did it taste sweet, but it added to the already existing collection of spit in my mouth causing the sliding of my tongue up Colleen’s cock that much better, and not just for her.

On my final dive down her shaft, she stopped me as I reach the end of my mouth’s depth. “I think I am going to cum.” She said. “Go back up…slowly.” She said, groaning. I did as she instructed, her hand pressing down on the back of my head. “Okay.” She groaned. I tired to pull my head away, but she held me in place. “No, no, taste it. Swallow my cum, all of it.”

Suddenly an erupted occurred. Her groan was my only indication. My mouth became filled with a bitter, thick globs of cum. Her cock just kept spewing it. “Swallow!” She shouted and I begin choking down her cum, gulps at a time. I couldn’t contain it all it spilled from my mouth to my chin, to her cock shaft and down to the base.

She released me as her orgasm stopped, and I yanked my head back, gagging, choking, and tears running down my eyes. What cum remained in my mouth was launched out and either onto the floor, or the sheets or Colleen’s body. A taste of bitterness and disgust was in mouth, much different than the pre-cum sweetness. It was a taste decoy. It wasn’t her fault, it was just unexpected.

My first thought…how do people swallow cum and enjoy it.

I lied back down on the bed, trying to control myself. Colleen sat up. “Let me get you some water. Cum is an acquired taste…you’ll get used to it.” She said as she walked from her bedroom, into the living room, stark naked and with a she-boner and a stomach covered in her own spit out cum.

She came back with a glass of water, closing the door behind her she came to the bed. She sighed with clear satisfaction. “Nicely done.” She said, handing me the water. I thanked her and took a drink, swishing the water the around my mouth trying to clear the taste of cum.

She saw the look of disgust on my face, and understood the queasy feeling. “Yeah the first time I swallowed, I felt the same way you do. But you get used to it, then start to enjoy it because you realize what it meant to the person who gave it to you. Remember, you got me off with your very talented mouth. You made me cum…it’s a hot and high feeling, huh?”

Truthfully, I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about. I couldn’t get past the taste. All I could think about at that moment was how badly I wanted to brush my teeth.

I was walking out the door of Colleen’s dorm building and as I did I ran into my best friend and roommate Brian. We greeted each other as college age guys do and continued down the path towards our dorm.

I looked at him as we walked, “So, how was your night?” I asked. His head kind of turned to the side a little, it was strange.

“Huh?” He asked again, in a suspicious, investigative way.

“How was your night?” I asked again, this time he leaned towards me, again, very strangely.

“It was fine…dude, do you know you have cum breath?” He asked me in a suspecting way.

I suddenly became very nervous and uneasy. “I have what?”

“Cum xslot Giriş breath. Your breath smells exactly how Lisa’s breath smells right after she’s sucked my dick.”

“What? Fuck you dude, cum breath…whatever.” I said, blowing it off, trying to play it cool, but the guilt of it was probably all over my face.

He stopped me, the looked on his face was like he was trying to out me, trying to break me into confessing that I was sucking dick. “Where were you last night? Whose room did you come from?” He asked me, staring me down.

This was my chance to brag a little I thought. As far as I knew he didn’t know Colleen had a dick, so why not share my conquest. “Well, Brian, dickhead, I was with Colleen.” I said, in semi-gloating way.

Brian just nodded, but he still had the look of suspicion on his face. “Right on, you finally hit that, huh?”

“That’s right.” I said, but I could sense something was up.

He looked at me, turning his head, lifting an eyebrow. “Or…did she hit you…if you know what I mean.”

“What?” I said, feeling suddenly weak. He smiled at me and leaned forward, right next to my ear.

“I know.” He whispered.

Weakness had turned to nausea. The fact that my best friend knew about Colleen’s secret, and now possibly had an idea that not only did I suck her dick…twice, but I got fucked in the ass by her as well…this wasn’t happening, and I wasn’t going to let it. “You know what?” I asked, pushing him back, getting my defense up.

“You know exactly what I know. Don’t play dumb. And I know how you feel about Colleen, so I won’t rip on your too badly. And I won’t say anything to anyone, just tell me you know what I am saying.” Brian said, and I think he was sincere.

“Yes…” I broke, just as he knew I would. “I know what you are talking about.” Brian smiled like a 5 year old.

“Tell me.” He said, smiling more and more.

I looked around, making sure no one was here to even see us having this conversation. The last thing I need is more questions. So I leaned into Brain. “She’s a Tranny.”

Brian snickered. “That’s right…that is right.”

I sighed as I leaned away from him. He smiled at me more, I think he wanted to break into hysterics, but held back from doing so. I waived him off and started towards our dorm. He followed behind.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, it’s just you know…I thought you’d have known before going into that situation.”

“How the fuck would I know?” I said.

“Well, I knew.” He said.

“And how the fuck do you know?”

“Bro, my girlfriend is best friends and roommates with Colleen. Do you really think she wouldn’t tell me at some point? And shit once I found out I had to see it, so Colleen showed me. Dude, it’s huge.”

“I know, man.” I said, in response.

“HA!” Brian shouted. For a brief moment I let me guard down about enjoying Colleen’s large penis, but after Brian’s laugh it went right back up.

I was growing quite upset with this whole situation. Not only did I find out about Colleen’s not so little secret, but I am now finding out that my best friend had seen the “girl” of my dreams naked before I did, and didn’t even bother to share any of this information with me.

We got back to our dorm and I immediately went and brushed my teeth. Because no matter how mad I was, the taste of cum was the taste of cum and it had to go before I could focus on anything else.

After I brushed my teeth…quite thoroughly, I went into my room, closed the door and called Colleen. “Colleen,” I began, the frustration and unhappiness clear in my voice. “Why am I beginning to think that more and more people know more about you than I do? I mean, what exactly before and now is our relationship?”

There was silence…”Hello?” I said, still pissed off.

“You tell me.” She said, her voice as equally, if not more stern than mine.


“You tell me what our relationship is.” She said. “I told you, this changes everything, and this is what I meant by it. Yes, the majority of people on campus know of my sexuality. Which is honestly why I thought you did too. If you tell people we had sex, if you want to change our relationship, you need to be ok with people knowing that I have a cock and that I have and will be fucking you with it.”

Wow, she really laid it out there. It through me back, I was pretty close to silence. She was right, if I tell people we had sex, they’ll know I played with a dick other than mine. And I’m not gay, and I don’t want people thinking that, but I am not put off or upset by Colleen’s sexuality. In fact I am pretty sure I still have very strong feelings for her, that are the same if not a little more increased because of last night, I wasn’t sure.

“Look.” Colleen said. “Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take a shower, eat something, cool off for a few, think about things and then come over tonight and we’ll talk. I’ll tell you anything you want to know. And if you want to continue our relationship as friends, fuck buddies, or a couple, xslot Güncel Giriş then we’ll discuss how we’re going to back each other up because it’s not going to be easy. Okay?”

“Yeah.” I said, pretty much ending the call. I sat there still for a moment, then got up. I did as Colleen instructed.

I was sitting on the couch in my living room inside the dorm, eating a sandwich and drinking a beer when Brian walked in with Lisa. They saw me, Brian had that same old silly grin on his face. Lisa, however had more a high school girl love connection thing going on. It was like any minute she was going to bust out with an “awe!” and come over to hug me. Instead she did the next worst thing.

“I talked to Colleen.” She said.

“You did, huh?” I said, clearly annoyed hoping it would deter her from continuing the conversation, which it didn’t.

“Yeah,” she said with a sigh of, I want to say pity, but I don’t really know what it was. “She told me everything.”

“Everything, huh? Meaning how she butt fucked me, or everything as in everything.” I said, again trying very hard to clear Lisa away from me. Instead she sat next to me on the couch. Brian, however was laughing…it was probably the butt fucking comment.

“She told me everything, everything. From the butt fucking until about a little bit ago.”

“Oh good, I am glad she told you she butt fucked me.” I said, a little annoyed by that detail.

“She told me you did a few other things too.” Lisa said, nodding in a ‘oh I know’ way. Again, Brian laughed. I leaned forward and looked at him. Lisa peered over her shoulder. “You’re being an asshole.” She said, sharp and stern. And suddenly I liked Lisa all over again.

“Look, Sam. You have no idea how excited, how happy…and even satisfied Colleen is after last night. She loves you. Do you…love her?” Lisa asked.

I sighed. I knew one thing. “I know this…even after learning about her, and this I guess is where I am conflicted, my feelings haven’t changed towards her.”

“Look, bro.” Brian chimed. I sat up to look at him. “I know I am giving you shit right now, but the heart wants what the heart wants, who are we or anyone else here to judge?”

He made a lot of sense. I really did like Colleen, a lot, hell I could probably say I love her. For some reason or another the fact that she was a tranny never seemed to bother me. I never forgot my real feelings for her. So I guess it was love. I looked past the physical flaws and saw the person, the “woman” that I enjoyed being around.

I knocked on Colleen’s door. She answered wearing what can only be described as an erection inducing outfit. She had this smile on her face that made it very hard for me not to just do whatever she told me. She had control over me from the get go. It was pretty clear what her intension were, unfortunately we had to get through the nitty gritty of a “expectations” conversation. But still…”wow” I said as I walked in.

She had the place set up for a romantic evening, candles, wine, booze, but they weren’t quite ready yet. She knew we had to have conversation also, but wanted to let me know what she wanted…me. She was wearing a pink silk baby doll top that barely hung onto her tits and draped down her body, showing off her tight hard stomach. Her panties were small, barely covering anything, but not showing the massive bulge of a cock.

“So, where’s everything…tucked?” I asked.

She just smiled at me. “That’s a secret.” She said. Though I don’t know how she had many secrets in the fine bit of lingerie.

So she sat down next to me on the couch. I was feeling a little over dressed here, but hopefully this wouldn’t last long. “Colleen, I am going to lay this out, I love you.” I looked at her for a sign, and she was already lighting up. “And the heart wants what the heart wants and I’ve wanted you for a long time. There are some things that I am recently discovering that normally I’d probably run for the hills. But with you, I don’t care. Whatever equipment you’ve got down there, it doesn’t change who you are to me.”

I looked up at Colleen, I could tell if she was going to cry or jump me. She did neither. She took a deep breath and sighed. “I’ve been going through this transition for the past 8 years. I’ve never found a friend or a man who made me feel like you do. I am tired of silly little twinks. And to find a man, a real man who’s into me for me…and likes the sex too, it’s like a dream. Sam, I love you too.”

Then she jumped me. Lunging into my arms and knocking me to the seat of the couch and we kissed, real hard. It was like a kiss from a movie, something that happens at the end when the boy and girl, or boy and tranny get together. It was awesome.

Then I felt that her tiny panties could no longer hold that secret. It felt like I was being stabbed in the leg with a baseball bat. I groaned. Colleen pulled her head up off me. “Be quite, you’re going to have to get used to that happening.” She said, diving back down and kissing me harder and deeper than before. And as we kissed she began grinding, and dry humping me, which was a very strange feeling for me. Usually I am the dry humper, not humpee. But rather than get discouraged, I humped back. Our cocks began gliding together, mine in my pants, hers poking through her panties and thumped down on my upper thigh.

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