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Big Dick

I woke up on the couch just after six the with a thick head and a raging hard-on. Saturday night out with the lads and I hadn’t pulled. I hadn’t pulled for weeks and was beginning to think I was losing my touch. In the background I could hear some teenage presenter trilling on ab out a competition to meet a boy band so I guessed I must have fallen asleep watching the telly last night.

I had been dreaming about Sian, my new secretary, she was bending over my desk. I was I rubbing her crotch and feeling up her tits – they were hanging loose as she bent forward. I stood behind her moving her damp panties aside as I undid my flies ready to slide my aching cock into her. I sat on the couch with my dick in my hand gently squeezing it as Sian pushed back against me. I was stroking myself as I thrust into her. She was telling me how she yearned for me and wanted to feel me blast my spunk up her. I was thrusting faster, stroking myself harder then I was gasping, shooting my load in hot spurts until I was spent.

“Oh Fuck” I said out loud as I realised I was sitting there with my shrinking dick in my hand and cum all over myself.

God she was hot. That made up my mind. I was going to step up my attempts to get her in the sack, she was hot for it, I could tell.

The sun was streaming cheerfully through the patio doors and the surface of the swimming pool was glistening enticingly at me. No time for that today unfortunately. I stripped off my T-shirt and used it to clean myself up before heading upstairs to the shower. As I soaped myself clean my thoughts moved to how I could ensure I’d be feeling Sian up for real.

I decided to go into the office for a couple of hours. It was Sunday but being the boss meant there was always a stack of work waiting for me. I also thought being in the office might give me some inspiration on the Sian front

I hadn’t long settled in my office when a movement caught my eye. I turned to investigate and realised the lovely Sian was rummaging around under her desk.

“What are you doing here?” I asked “It’s Sunday”

“What! Oh! Gosh. Hello Dan!” her head popped up and her eyes darted about.

“Are you OK?”

“What? Oh yes, absolutely. Fine. What are you doing here?”

“I was about to ask you the same question”

“Me? Oh, I was just catching up on some paperwork and stuff, you don’t mind do you?” It was becoming increasingly bizarre talking to her head bobbing around behind the desk.

“Were you planning on staying down there all afternoon?” I asked “because I don’t mind but it’s a bit unusual” She looked really embarrassed and when I started to walk towards her she shrunk down further and shrieked

“I’m just sorting out some stuff, there’s no need for you to get involved” By now I was intrigued to know what she was hiding from me and I continued towards her.

“Please, don’t come round here” she looked up at me desperately.

“Listen Sian, I’m worried about you now – what on earth’s happened?” as I drew level with her I realised why she wanted me to keep away.

“What on earth are you doing?” escort bostancı I laughed. She was crouched behind her desk holding one of those long floaty summer skirts up to her chin. She didn’t appear to be wearing anything else.

“I was hot” she stood up and glared at me letting the skirt fall back around her waist. She wasn’t naked as I had secretly hoped but was wearing just an old grey bra that despite it’s lack of sex appeal was giving me a lovely look at her charming bust. Her tits were the sort that you could fill your hands with. They looked firm enough to not to need the bra at all, I could just make out the rise of her nipples under the fabric. “There’s no aircon in here at the weekend and it got so hot, I wanted to get the Caronex bid put together ready for Monday morning so you would be impressed but it’s so hot in here…” Tears of anger and humiliation were pricking behind her eyes and she slumped into her chair “you probably think I am a complete loony now and I was trying so hard to impress you”

I managed to stop myself laughing enough to reassure her that I was more impressed with her level of commitment than what she was – or wasn’t – wearing and agreed that it was ridiculously hot. That was typical, these offices weren’t cheap but the landlords were so tight they couldn’t stretch to weekend services.

“I think there is a fan in one of the offices down the corridor” I told her “I’ll see if I can go and poach it”.

I returned a few minutes later with the fan under my arm. I noticed she hadn’t covered herself up which encouraged me and I offered her space at my desk

“My desk is larger than yours so if we plug in the fan here in my office we can double up at my desk” She agreed and gave me a heart-stopping glimpse down her cleavage as she bent to plug it in.

She went back to her desk to get her things then settled opposite me. We worked for an hour or so before I sat back to have a break and watched her for a few minutes. I was enjoying the close view of her breasts, watching them gently swell as she breathed. The breeze from the fan had caused her nipples to harden and they were jutting clearly through the fabric of her bra. She noticed me staring and cleared her throat loudly

“Everything okay?” she raised her eyebrows at me. I had the beginnings of a hard-on and was feeling pretty okay

“I was wondering” I tried to sound casual “if all of your underwear is as practical as that?”

“Oh no” she gushed “I have some really sexy stuff”. She looked up at me uncertainly “but I’m not sure I should be talking to my boss about it” “I did ask” I reassured her “and I would like you to feel comfortable discussing anything with me”

“I only wear this manky old stuff when I’m working. I have plenty of nice stuff for the weekend and going out” she explained

“You mean you wear that old thing to the office? All my fantasies about your underwear have been false!” she blushed, I continued “I’ve been watching you sashay around in your little suits imagining all sorts of delights underneath when all the ümraniye escort time you had that on! I think I am going to have to give you an underwear allowance from now on”

She smiled sheepishly at me. “You’ve been thinking about my underwear?”

“Okay, I come clean but I’m not alone, all the men in here do. I just have the advantage of being sat here seeing for myself – despite it not being quite as I had imagined it’s still a sight I’m enjoying”

“You’ve made me feel awful” she said sitting back in her chair and letting the breeze from the fan blow her hair away from her face. Her nipples were really hard now and I could see them clearly through the material. “I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m not keen to live up to your expectations.” She said and then reached up to centre of her bra and undid the front fastener. She eased the fabric aside releasing her smooth round breasts, shrugging out of the bra and letting it drop to the floor.

I sucked in air and looked at her with surprise

“I thought that as my underwear was such a let down you might want to see what else I have to offer” she explained. “I can cover up if you would prefer”

Did she think I was gay? “If you cover up I am docking your wages” I told her firmly.

She carried on with her work but I couldn’t concentrate. I had a serious hard-on and was mesmerised by the way her nipples kept brushing the edge of my desk each time she reached for another sheet of paper.

“Shall I get you a drink” she asked a few minutes later “you’re looking a bit hot and bothered”

“Thanks” I mumbled watching her breasts bounce out of the room. She came back with two cups of water from the cooler and set them down. Walking around to my side of the desk she started to rummage through my personal files

“You don’t mind if I try and sort out your filing system do you?” she asked as she started to pull out files and put them on the floor “I’ve been meaning to get stuck in for a while now”. Every time she bent down her breasts swung beautifully away from her body, settling back down when she rose. I watched her happily and started to wonder whether her panties were as grey as her bra.

“Do you wear matching underwear” I asked trying to sound indifferent. I watched as her tits pressed against the cabinet when she reached into it.


“I was wondering if your panties are as old and grey as your bra”

“You’ll have to find out won’t you” she said seductively and moved to stand next to me.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. She’d transformed from coy and suggestive to asking me to grope her. My cock was throbbing and straining to be released. My palms were sweaty and my breath was becoming short.

I twisted my chair toward her, found the edge of her skirt and lifted it slowly gathering the cloth as I went. When I reached her mid-thigh she moaned ever so quietly. I looked up, her eyes were closed and she was using her hand to caress one of her breasts, gently tugging at the nipple. This sight caused my cock to jerk and I could feel my pre-cum kartal escort bayan starting to ooze.

I moved my hand so I was touching her leg and continued my upward journey. She moved her thighs apart very slightly as I went higher. I was almost at her crotch when I felt wetness I wasn’t expecting. Her juices had seeped from her pussy down the tops of her thighs the hot little bitch

Her voluminous skirt was in the way and I was considering what to do when Sian took matters into her own hands, taking hold of the material and pulling it over her head. As the material rose I saw the reason for her thighs being so wet was the absence of any kind of panties to hold back her juices.

The elasticised waist let the skirt slide all the way over her head and it fell to the floor. Standing there totally naked she was the hottest thing I’d seen in years. She was lightly tanned all over without a strap mark on her. Her waist curved in from her hips but she was without an ounce of fat. Her thighs and stomach were firm and yielded gently to my touch. Her pussy was carefully trimmed so I could see her lips pouting out with juice glistening all over them

“You horny little bitch” I growled as I put my hands on her butt and pulled her towards me. She stood between my legs with her pussy inches from my face. I used my hand to part her thighs slightly and leaned forward sticking my tongue out and carefully licked the front of her crack. I pressed forward until I could feel the hardness of her clitoris under my tongue. She groaned as I ran my tongue over her hard mass a few times tasting her silky juices. With my hands still on her butt I pushed her towards me increasing the pressure of my tongue and she moaned more loudly.

“Oh God” she mumbled and I felt her pussy gush with more juice. She reached down and started tearing at my zip. She managed to pull my trousers away and held my aching cock between her hands. She started to lean forward and I braced myself for a blow job praying I would be able to hold on and not spunk into her mouth straight away.

To my surprise she pushed my trousers further down my legs then straddled my lap ramming herself straight down onto my cock.. With one wet thrust she was seated with my full length deep inside her. I’m reasonably well endowed and proud of my girth and never had a woman take me in one before. I felt myself thicken even further and knew I was leaking pre-cum into her soaking hole. I grasped her tits, which were swinging in my face and sucked hard on a nipple.

She pulled my face away and shoved her tongue deep down my throat thrusting her pelvis at the same time. She held onto my shoulders as she pounded harder and harder on my rigid shaft. My balls were aching ready to explode as I met her thrust for thrust. As much as I wanted this to last forever it was no good and I blew my load into her. She arched back pushing me even deeper inside so I could feel the end of my shaft reach her limits. She cried out and shuddered with her own orgasm and we collapsed onto each other panting and sweating . I finished spunking up her and slowly my member slid in a gooey mess from inside her.

“If you carry on like that I can see your career really taking off” I said as she started to stand up. She looked at me and gave me a quiet little smile and I got the feeling she already knew that.

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