Senior Week Day 01


Amanda was so excited. She had just graduated from high school, and was spending her first week of freedom with her boyfriend, Eric. They had rented a cabin in the mountains for a week and they had it all to themselves. Amanda and Eric had been together since Sophomore year. Recently, it felt like they had just been going through the motions, and this week was to change that. This week, all bets were off. Now we begin from Amanda’s point of view.


I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and walked to my room. I quickly dry off and then discard the towel. I admire my body in the full-length mirror on my closet door. My light blonde hair falls neatly past my shoulders and touches the top of my 34B breasts. My pink nipples are a little puffy, but Eric likes that. My flat stomach leads straight to my pussy, which I had just shaved. Usually I trim it and leave a “landing strip.” But in planning for this weekend, Eric asked if I would shave it completely. And I did. This weekend, all bets are off. Anything goes. And I can’t wait.

After staring at the reflection of my five foot two inch frame, I pull on a pair of light blue bikini-style panties. No bra today, it’s a three hour drive to our cabin in the mountains and I want to be comfortable. Besides, my tits are small enough that it doesn’t really matter. A light blue tank top to match my panties goes on next, followed by a pair of dark blue gym shorts. I hear him pull up and honk the horn outside. Not a moment too soon.

Eric’s great. He’s so sweet to me, and quite the looker. He’s six feet tall and slim, yet muscular. He was the goalie for our high school’s soccer team. I hop into the car next to him. “Hey sweetie, you’re early!” I say with a kiss. “Sorry baby, I couldn’t wait.” I giggled and we were off on our trip.

Having rushed out, I didn’t have a chance to eat or go to the bathroom or any of those things I like to do before long trips. Eric gave me some Pringles, and he had to half gallon bottles of water. The chips made me so thirsty that I downed mine quickly and was sharing his an hour into the drive. We sped past a rest stop with a sign that said “Last Stop For bağdatcaddesi escort 30 Miles.”

“Shit, we should’ve stopped there, I have to pee like crazy.”

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll be at the next one within half an hour.”

It felt like the longest half hour of my life. I had to pee so bad, and by the time we reached the next stop, I was clenching my legs together. Eric pulled into the stop. We got out of the car and we saw it only had a vending machine and a picnic table. No restrooms. I started to cry.

“I have to go so bad.”

“I know baby, I know. Listen. We said that this weekend, all bets are off, and any fantasies we want to act out, we should go for it. So here’s mine.” I watched as he took a bag out of the back seat. He patted the back seat and I sat there. He opened the bag and pulled out a diaper. “Lay down.” I laid down. Eric began talking as he pulled off my shorts and panties. “This week, or for at least part of it, you’re going to be the baby. Bottles, pacifiers, the whole deal.” He lifted my legs and slid the diaper under my butt. He wrapped it over my front and taped it shut. “Even diapers. So starting now, you’re the baby, and I’m in charge, ok?” I nodded. “Now, you let me know when you’re finished, then I’ll change your diaper and we’ll be on our way.” No sooner than he said that did I feel the pee start to shoot out of my vagina. I was peeing myself. I felt the warm urine coat the inside of my diaper as I stood there facing him. I was so embarrassed.


“Yes, baby?”

“I peed my pants.”

He just smiled and laid me back down on the seat. He unfastened my wet diaper, wrapped it up, and discarded it in a trashcan. He took a baby wipe and cleaned the pee from my mound. He patted a bit of baby powder on me, slid another diaper under my butt and wrapped it up. He then picked me up, carried me to the passenger seat, put on my seatbelt, and then got in the car. We were on our way.

I felt so weird sitting there in just my tank top and my diaper. I kept thinking about how crazy this week was going to be when I yawned. “Aawww, is baby tired? Here, have beykoz escort your bottle and take a nap.” Eric handed me a baby bottle with juice in it, and I began sucking the juice through the bottle’s nipple. I was starting to enjoy this baby game, and it wasn’t long before I dozed off.

I woke up with a start, something didn’t feel right. I looked down at my diaper and it felt warm. I went in my sleep! I started to cry. “Aww baby, don’t cry, do you want your pacifier?” I nodded. My eyes widened as Eric slid his shorts down. He had shaved his pubes too! There wasn’t a hair on his balls or anywhere around his dick. His little cock only reached about five inches when hard, and when soft it was only an inch, but he still managed to get me off a few times. He was hard, and he gently pushed my head to his dick. “Suck your pacifier, baby.”

I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on the tip. Gradually, I worked his whole dick into my mouth and deep throated him before sliding back up his pole to the head. Using my tongue, I teased the hole at the end of his cock where his cum shoots out. I slid my tongue all over it and into it before continuing to suck the head. Finally, I heard him groan and he shot his hot cum deep into my throat. He pumped load after load into my mouth, gagging me, and filling me up so much that his semen dribbled down my chin. After he settled down, he asked me a question. “Does the baby feel better?” I nodded. “Why was baby crying?”

I had forgotten all about that in the passion of the moment. I was humiliated. “My diaper…” I began. “Aawww, does baby need her diaper changed? Did the baby pee pee in her diaper again?” I started crying again. “I…it’s…” I couldn’t say the words through my sobs of embarassment. “Did my baby make a mess in her diaper?” I nodded. I couldn’t believe this happened. Every once and awhile I wet the bed, but I’ve never done this before. “Don’t worry baby, we’re almost home, Daddy will take care of you.”

Sure enough, we were there within fifteen minutes. Eric grabbed the diaper bag, picked me up, and carried me into the cabin. He laid me on the floor and took off caddebostan escort my dirty diaper. He wiped me clean and powered my pussy and my butt before putting on a clean diaper. After bring our things in, he asked “Is baby ready to eat?” I smiled and nodded.

Eric pulled off my tank top, exposing my braless breasts. He tied a bib around my neck, and fed me cereal. Occasionally, he’d move the spoon and milk and bits of cereal would fall off, landing on my tits or the bib. After I had eaten, he said “Oh no, baby’s dirty, time for a bath.”

He carried me to the bathroom and sat me on the floor as he filled the tub. He undid my bib and took off my diaper, leaving me naked. He put me into the tub. I looked up at him, and said “Can you be a baby too?” He was surprised. “Why?” I smiled. “Because babies can take baths together!” He smiled, stripped, and got into the tub with me. We played in the bubble bath together for awhile, and then I decided to take control. “Are you hungry?” He nodded. “I’ll feed you” I said cheerily. I brought his head to my boobs, and pushed him towards me. He eagerly took my right nipple into his mouth and sucked. I was enjoying this attention until he accidentally bit me. “No! That’s bad!” I turned him over and spanked his bare ass three times. After I was done, I turned over and let him return the favor. Then we rested back into the water, me on his lap.

I could feel his little prick growing under my ass. I shifted around a bit, and when he was completely hard, I reached back, spread my ass cheeks, and lowered myself onto his cock slowly. We had never done anal, but being in the tub made the process a lot smoother. He gently fucked me in the ass for a few minutes before I jumped up and said “Baby needs diaper!” He quickly followed me out of the tub and put a fresh diaper on me. I soiled my diaper almost immediately, and Eric once again changed my diaper. He then laid down on the floor. I took a diaper, slid it under his ass, and wrapped it up. He looked so cute laying there in his diaper!

Later on, we popped in a movie and sat on the couch watching it, wearing nothing but our diapers. Out of nowhere, he whispered in my ear, “I’m peeing my diaper right now, I want you to pee with me.” I let go of my bladder, and we rubbed our diapered crotches against each other as we peed ourselves. After changing each other, we headed to bed in fresh diapers, eager to see what this week would bring.

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