Sex hungry

Sex hungryThis is story about between husband and his wife.Both husband and wife have came from orthodox family that they thought each other. Parents of bride and groom have made to see each other in bride’s house. At the time bride groom has shy, so bent his head toward land. Bride could not see groom’s face, she liked to have chat with him with their parents,but groom is not ready even to see her.And again she try to talk with her would be the way she could not see groom’s face and all, again he messed with her, he went to her house with his father. She could n’t say anything that what happened previously. Afterthat marriage arrangements had happened with groomside spent. They got married. In meantime groom think his wife is virgin and dream with her for happy life. Here he is thinking his wife is virgin but she is working bahis siteleri as call girl for her daily needs and also for marriage. In the first night he is eagerly entering to tear his wife’s vagina but what had happened can you guess? He try to approach her but she is already naked holding her legs up. He give his rod to her hole it went to depth with friction, pain, moaning, nothing happened. Boy asked her what is this? Many men, boys, fucked me even yesterday before ceremony and after ceremony many guys fucked me. I tried to say that who I am, how was my past, are you agree etc., but you are not ready hear to my words at any cost. Anyway your penis is 3.5 inches it is not enough for vagina.i fucked many guys from 14 to 60 plus.All of them had 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. At the same you fucked me just canlı bahis 50seconds that is not enough. My vagina itching will increase after 2 mins and it will go 5 hrs or full night but you can’t that I know about your strength. My father, my brother, my sisters and their husbands together would fuck each other. My father is my best fucker I have ever fucked. He has 8 inch and I would suck for hours and hours he will not drip.he would suck my clitoris,lick my breastnut, play with my butt, he is the only person man I have ever fucked, I want to get c***d with him, I want to fuck him daily. At the same time my regular customers my school, college boy friends,colleagues,my street guys, relatives, etc ready to fuck me even 8th standard student has bigger penis than you. So please don’t touch me, husband. I don’t want your penis canlı bahis siteleri ever hereafter. Tomorrow we can go to hospital to abort my baby bcz my lovable gifted for my marriage. Leave all the matter you come to hospital and stay out I will abort and come, my friend will come to pay money and to sign for as baby’s father. Give divorce as soon as possible with in a year or else should n’t control me to fuck others than you, if do I will torture you many as harassment, intimidation, etc., at the same you have to pay 20 Laksh or go to jail. Groom has nothing to say so spent 20 laksh and gave divorce her. She got 20cms black cock powerful and she enjoying her without wasting even seconds. She always sucking his cock for many hours and tasting her whole vagina many hours both are in heaven not in land. Literally both have so power on particular work sex. Now she is getting tight grip with his penis ,she forgot her father’s, brother’s, sister’s husband ‘S, boy friend ‘S etc., she always lying on his chest sucs, licks his chest hair…. To be continued

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