Sex Studio Secrets #2: Takako Hot New Year

Sex Studio Secrets #2: Takako Hot New YearTakako bows deep for her friend and fresh Master Professor Peter to pay her great respectTakako longs for a sexy surprise for the New Year from her far friend in sexy old AmsterdamTakako longs for a long abuse on camera in my private studio on first floor of my sexy shopTakako longs to be taken in her anal canal by a lovely long mighty member of a dominant manTakako longs to be taken beyond her limits to see new stars in her hot mind blowing orgasmsTakako rings twice at my door, I instructed her the secret sign for my special studio guestsTakako rings twice and I immediately open as I have seen her arrival on my doorstep on cameraTakako bows deep for her friend and fresh Master Professor Peter to show Him her great respectTakako bows deep for her Master to accept the leather collar around her neck He offers first!Takako feels delighted by the treatment of this classy elder gentleman in his hot sexy studioTakako feels like a luxury bitch as He has her on a leash and walks her upstairs to the studioTakako feels bursa escort like a Princess in His private boudoir with all that red velvet and many mirrorsTakako feels honoured by His proposition to perform a slow sexy striptease for his eyes onlyTakako feels honoured by His hungry gaze at her private parts when she teasingly spreads wideTakako feels she gets wet by the sexy situation of being His hot bitch in awesome AmsterdamTakako feels she gets slightly swollen love lips pussy juice starts to drip down her thighsTakako feels delighted by his idea to releave herself after that long flight to prepare herTakako feels delighted by his gentle enema entering her sphincter slowly but very steadilyTakako gets into proper position Professor Peter proposes On your knees bent over pleaseTakako gets two full big bags of luke-warm water inside her anal canal in awesome AmsterdamTakako gets many caresses over her grown belly to help her to let the water flow deep insideTakako gets a few smacks at her cheeks to warm her up for what is about to happen to her escort bursa soonTakako gets permission to retire to the bathroom to empty her bowels for her Professor PeterTakako gets into position on his orders: on her knees, legs spread and her head at the pillowTakako gets into the mood as he presents her his manhood to suck into shape of his big bananaTakako gets his stiff mighty member deep into her throat – her Master almost makes her chokeTakako gets his wooden manhood first in her tasty tight twat to make it there sufficiently wetTakako gets first a few orgasms before her blindfold in order to surprise for all next ones upTakako moans as Professor Peter enters her anal canal and in one stroke pokes in his whole poleTakako moans as Professor Peter takes her very fast and hard, just she way she likes to be usedTakako comes hard screaming for more to take her over the edge to new hot horizons of pleasureTakako comes hard again only a few minutes later as she feels how Professor Peter pumps his seedTakako gets blindfolded for her next series bursa escort bayan so the surprise will be bigger for her next takesTakako gets blindfolded so she can not see with what we will enter next her hot brown backdoorTakako gets the instruction to bend her back in order to properly present me her hot bottom upTakako gets the information to spread her legs wider in order to open her twat for my floggerTakako screams all the time I take her till it is highest time to wish Peter a Happy New Year!Takako screams as my cat-o-nine-tails starts to kiss her sexy swollen lovely looking lusty love lipsTakako screams as my cat-o-nine-tails starts to hit her big clit popping up between her hot love lipsTakako screams as she comes so hard she starts to squirt wetting my cat, which increases the impactTakako screams as she keeps orgasming as long as my cat kisses her warm wet sexy soaked sweet snatch Takako screams as I enter a flexible long dildo in her yearning yummy anal canal slowly inch by inchTakako screams as I keep feeding it deep inside her till she has half a yard up her ass and collapsesTakako screams I still here in my hot dreams – how many new stars has she discovered in her orgasms?Takako screams in my dream – or is it for real? Thank you Professor Peter and a Happy New Year!

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