Sexting Pt. 10


Jennifer was called to Washington DC; Army Intelligence made her an offer after she finished Law School. Jennifer had two tracks open to her. One was serve in JAG and the other was taking the Intelligence Command up on their offer. She got in late Monday night and decided to sleep in her residence. When she was in the Law Building she received some information that could change everything.

Jennifer waited in the Major’s Apartment she was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. She heard the keys in the lock and the Major walked in. He attempted to kiss her but she pushed him away.

“What is going on Jennifer?”

“I have the same question for you Major Johnson?”

“Ok tell me what I have done?”

“You didn’t think that I wouldn’t find out that you were seen with, what was described to me as Hot woman, I guess I’m not good enough for you,” said Jennifer.

The Major sat back on the chair he was occupying; “Jennifer it was a former girlfriend in fact it was General Warren’s daughter.”

“Did you send her a racy text to entice her to visit? Like you did to me?” asked Jennifer.

“No No, she sent me an email saying that she was going to be in town and asked to see me. I took her to lunch and said that I was engaged. We caught up on people we knew. That was all there was. She’s got the trophy husband, one of your future colleagues, an attorney in Atlanta. She’s a sales person. She was in town for some conference. She got in her rental car and left campus and that was the last time I saw her,” said the Major.

“I don’t know what to think Chip, I thought that you loved me, now I hear that you are sneaking around with other women, and I wonder if you really do love me,” said Jennifer.

The Major reached in his pocket and handed Jennifer his phone. “The pass code is 4758. Open it and look at mail, text messages anything you want. See if you can find any incriminating information.”

Jennifer looked over the data stored in the phone she chuckled a little when she came across the photos that she and the Major exchanged. She checked the text log and did not find any messaged from other women accept from female cadets.

“As a future Lawyer I would recommend removing the messages from your female cadets,” said Jennifer.

“Well did you find any incriminating evidence?” asked the Major.

“No Major,” Jennifer rose and picked up her pack. “I need to think.”

Jennifer left and walked over to her residence. The Major sat bewildered not knowing what was going on.

The Law School a few days later.

Jennifer’s friend Barbara was sitting in the Law School sub shop when Jennifer approached. “Going Solo or can I sit down?” asked Jennifer.

“I have been wanting to see you, everyone has been talking about your ring. I want to see it,” said Barbara.

“Well I would need to take you over to my residence,” replied Jennifer.

“What’s going on Jennifer?”

“I got back from a trip to DC and Rick told me that the Major took an old flame to lunch when I was away, I got so pissed and confronted him. He didn’t deny it but explained it away saying that she called him up because she was at some conference. I don’t know what to do,” said Jennifer.

” Look I know Rick, and he is not happy unless he is screwing with someone, You need to get your head straight, Jennifer. The few times I have met Chip I knew that you two had something special. My family is well off; you saw that when you came to my house. I can’t tell you the amount of guys who have shown interest in me because they think that I am going to have money. All those guys melted away when I told them that I was going to be a Navy lawyer and forgo my family’s wealth. I met the Major he is real Jennifer; you need to work this out. Or you will regret turning a small blow up into Mount Everest.

“Yea I think I went overboard but I felt so violated. We had just taken deliver of the ring and then I went to DC. I just went nuts,” said Jennifer.

“How did you the Major find each other?” asked Barbara.

“I have never told anyone the way we got together. The Major saw me walking on campus. He then got someone to get my cell number. I was in my room one night and he texted me a photo of his equipment I should have tossed it but I was intrigued. I wanted to know who the guy was. I sent him a photo of my goods and we spent three days sending dirty pictures and videos back and forth before we met. I was so stupid we had sex the first night we met. At first it was just physical but later we really clicked,” said Jennifer.

” That is a little weird. You should have had him arrested but you fucked him. If I were you I would do something to get back together, it would be different if you found him in bed with someone. But he took an old flame to lunch, Hell she might have wanted an affair but he put a stop to it, ” said Barbara.

The talked about school until they had to go to class. Then Jennifer went to the Reserve center. The soldier who was drunk in Germany was waiting escort kartal for her when she arrived. He came into her office and stood at attention.

“Ma’am your friend at the university has taken four pounds off of me. He really knows how to run a PT session. His cadets are in the best shape I have seen.”

“And you telling me this because?” said Jennifer.

“Ma’am is there anyway I and return to the unit? I don’t think that I can take another week of your friends PT sessions. I spoke to my wife and I think that we have things under control. Our phone calls it’s what triggered my drinking.”

“Corporal I will contact the commander and your supervisor to see what I can do. But if he takes you back, you will need to find an Alcoholics support group on the base, and you will still need to attend the PT sessions until I hear from him,” said Jennifer

“Thank you Ma’am,” said the corporal saluting her.

“Corporal I will tell my friend that you said that he runs a good PT program.”

Jennifer looked over the accumulated paperwork and saw that there wasn’t anything that really needed her attention. She opened her computer and pulled up her email program. She drafted a message to the Major.

“Chip, I can not tell you how mad I was when I heard that you saw another woman while I was away.”

One of the Clerks came into Jennifer’s office. “Major Connolly a JAG is here and needs to speak to you.”

“Send him in,” responded Jennifer.

An Army Captain walked in to her office and stood waiting. “Sit down Captain, what can I do for JAG today,” Said Jennifer.

“I am here to discuss the attempted sexual assault by Corporal Hanson,” said the Captain.

The Captain explained the options for disposition of the case. It ranged from a notation in his record to full-blown courts martial.

“I will see what the Commander wants to do and we will need to see what the victim wants to do. The Corporal reports here daily but is on home detention at other times,” said Jennifer.

“We will wait on your decision, and I hear that you’re becoming a colleague soon good luck on the bar,” said the Captain.

“Sorry that we had to meet so late in the day but I am still in classes,” said Jennifer.

“It was no problem ma’am. My girlfriend lives here so I killed two birds with one trip,” the Captain stood and left.

Jennifer turned back to her computer and looked over the message she was composing for the Major. “… I don’t know what came over me I was afraid that I had lost you. But my actions guaranteed that outcome. The few folks that I have talked to have, in so many words told me I am a fool to let you go. Is there a way for us to repair our relationship? I remember our good times and I want to make new memories with you.”

Jennifer looked the message over several times and touched it up and finally hit the send button. She went back to her paperwork and spent the next hours finishing all the tasks that the day staff had left for her. The Security guard put his head in her office and asked when she was leaving. “It will be in a few minutes.”

Jennifer gathered her stuff and walked out to her car and drove back to the campus. She collapsed when she hit the room and after undressing she went to sleep. The next morning she opened her computer but there was no reply from the Major.

After performing her morning actions she got dressed and looked her uniform over and put it on a hanger. She left and went to the dinning hall and then on to the law school. Through out the day she kept checking her email but the Major did not respond. Thoughts crept in that maybe it was over. She was finished with classes and she ran back to the housing area and went up to her room and changed into her uniform and got in her car and headed for the Reserve Center.

The afternoon and evening was uneventful and she checked out at 20:00 and headed back to campus. She stopped off at a drive-through and got dinner. After that it was back to campus. Jennifer gathered her pack and dinner and went up to her room.

There was a long box with a bow leaning against her door. She put her pack and dinner down and picked up the box. Inside were twelve very beautiful red roses. There was a note and Jennifer recognized the Major’s handwriting. “There is only one woman I love and her name is Jennifer Connolly. Will you marry me? M. Johnson”

Jennifer opened her room and put the box on her bed and pulled her dinner and pack in the room. She was beginning to tear and felt small drops run down her face. She sat at her desk and began to cry. No one had expressed their love to her before. She had had boyfriends but she pushed them away. Single minded in college, single minded in the army and now law school. She kept her eye on the prize. Then she fell in love with the Major.

She opened her computer and checked her email there was no response from the Major. Jennifer opened a window and began to compose a message. “Thank you for the lovely flowers, maltepe escort yes I will marry you Major” She hit send and opened her dinner.

Her phone chirped indicating a new text message. She picked up the phone and wondered what photo the Major would send. Jennifer opened the message and there was no photo just a few words “When are you coming over, or do we meet in a neutral location.”

She got up and pulled the engagement ring out of the drawer and slipped it on her finger. She quickly got out of her uniform and put her morning civvies on. Jennifer walked out of the room, down the to the lobby and across the quad. The Major was standing in the door and he wrapped her in his arms.

“I missed you so much,” said the Major.

They kissed and kissed and kissed again. The Major maneuvered her into the apartment and she sat on the couch.

“Jennifer I am so sorry about the reason for our spat. If you had been home I would have included you. This will sound stupid because I can’t form words or ideas as well as you can. But I am so lucky that you love me, I am so proud that you agreed to become my wife. This is going to sound self-serving but I really like showing you off. But that came out wrong but I hope that you understand what I meant.”

“Hey your not bad arm-candy either,” said Jennifer.

“That is cold, but I guess I deserve it,” said the Major.

Jennifer leaned over and kissed the Major. He took her left hand and examined the ring. “I did not get a real chance to see how it looked,” said the Major.

Jennifer felt the old chemistry coming back. She realized how much she missed him. She put her head on his shoulder and suddenly fell asleep. An hour later she woke up, she was stretched out on the couch with a blanket over her, and the Major was sitting in the chair. Jennifer sat up straight and looked around. “I don’t know what came over me, I think my schedule is catching up to me,” said Jennifer

Jennifer stood and the Major embraced her that kissed, “You can stay if you want,” said the Major.

“As much as I would like to, I think that I need to head back. Remember I do love you,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer turned to walk out and then turned back to the Major. “Two things, my bad boy corporal says that he’s dropped four pounds since coming to your PT sessions and asked me to see if he could return to the unit. The second, we both need to communicate better I do not want to go through this again.”

Jennifer walked out and over the quad and back to her residence. She would have stayed and had great sex but she had reading to do and the short nap in the Major’s quarters helped.

The next morning she was up at 05:00 and spent time reading. With her personal life somewhat under control she was able to concentrate. She headed off the class. Her days were becoming routine. After work at the reserve center she headed for the Major’s quarters. The Major welcomed her and handed her a set of chopsticks. There was a fork so she would not be hungry. After dinner she went in the office and read for two hours. She heard the Major shut the lights off and headed to bed. Jennifer got out of her uniform and walked into the bedroom in panties. She slipped next to him and kissed him.

The Major moved on top of her and kissed her. Some how Jennifer was able to remove her panties, the Major moved down to Jennifer’s pussy. He planted his lips firmly on her vagina and inserted his tongue. “Major please fuck me.”

“I have really missed you, Jennifer Connolly,” The Major moved and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and he impaled her and then he kissed her. He put his arms around her and lifted her to a sitting position. She began to jog up and down on his pole, while he sucked on her breasts. Jennifer continued to push the Major back until he was on his back. She went crazy as she was climaxing. She got so physical that they both they fell on the floor laughing. The Major continued to kiss her. She tried to get off the floor but the Major would not let her up. “Chip my legs are going to sleep let me up.”

The Major stood and lifted Jennifer by her armpits. She was a little unsteady when she got to her feet, and fell back on the bed. The major got down and began to massage her feet. “Major if you continue I will cum again, keep going.”

The Major moved up and kissed her. The Major made one more trip down to her pussy and kissed her labia. He moved back and kissed her again. They turned toward each other and kissed. They eventually fell asleep.

Jennifer woke at 05:00, the Major walked in to the room in his exercise outfit. He leaned down and kissed her. “How are you doing Major arm candy,” said the Major.

“Watch who you’re calling arm candy, mister.” The Major leaned down and kissed her. He then disappeared out the door. Jennifer turned over and fell asleep again. Suddenly a bugle call went off in Jennifer’s ear. She sat bolt upright.

“That is what sounds when you call Jennifer,” said the pendik escort bayan Major who had just returned from his PT session.

“I don’t want to go to class I just want to make love to you,” said Jennifer.

“That’s fine it’s Saturday so I guess you don’t have class,” said the Major.

Jennifer looked at her watch, which was still around her wrist. The day date watch said Saturday. “I have really lost track of time.”

Jennifer got out of bed and went into the second bedroom and found a t-shirt. She opened her computer, and looked at her calendar and found that no duty was listed. She took the shirt off and walked into the kitchen where the Major was drinking an orange juice.

“I like the view, ma’am.”

“I thought you would,” said Jennifer.

There was a knock on the door and Jennifer ran to the bedroom and put the shirt back on. The Major went to the door. One of the cadets stood at the door. “Major Johnson cadet Brill collapsed after PT. She’s in lobby of the Dorm.”

“Let’s go,” said the Major.

Jennifer was in the bedroom and quickly put on sweat pants and a shirt and followed the Major to the dorm. In the distance she heard the wail of a siren. The Major was organizing the group that was standing around to keep too many hands from getting involved. Two Paramedics arrived at the scene and began checking vital signs. The cadet was awake and responsive and one of the paramedics went to get the gurney. Jennifer got the Major’s attention; “Go be with your soldier, I will be in your quarters,” said Jennifer.

One of the unit’s staff showed up and further organized the cadets. They started interviewing members of the unit to see if the cadet had showed signs of health problems. Statements were collected and were held for the university. The scene quieted down and Jennifer went back to the Major’s quarters and started studying. She had two more papers to write and she knew that that would take up most of her weekend.

She pulled one of her books and stared reading her assignment. About an hour later she heard her phone and pulled it out of her purse. “Jennifer, we are about finished here the kid was dehydrated and they have an IV in her arm. She is responding well and they said that she would be discharged in a little while.”

“How are you getting home?”

“Lt. Winters will bring the unit’s van over and transport us, I should be back in a few hours.”

Jennifer went back to her book and started to take notes. A few hours later she finally was tired and disgusted with the reading. She went back to the bedroom and stretched out. Just as she was falling asleep she heard the Major come in the door, calling her name.

“I’m in the bedroom,” said Jennifer.

The Major walked in and leaned down and kissed her. “She is a little woozy but getting better. I heard that she was at a party last night and shouldn’t have been out so late,” said the Major.

“You mean she should not have had so much to drink last night,” said Jennifer.

“That too,” said the Major

Jennifer reached up and pulled his sweats down and found his cock staring at her. She started to massage his cock. She brought the tip to her mouth and kissed the end. Her tongue painted his shaft. “I want to make love to you,” said the Major.

“What’s stopping you darling.”

The Major pulled her sweats down and found Jennifer with no panties and her blonde muff on display. Jennifer guided his cock to her pussy and he drilled his shaft into her cunt. When he was in her fully she locked her legs around him. Their mouths met and their tongues fought each other. She prevailed and her tongue explored his mouth. The Major started moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Jennifer responded by flooding his cock with her cum. The Major continued to thrust in and out of her pussy and with one lunge he exploded.

They both embraced and kissed and just looked at each other. “I really missed making love to you,” said the Major.

Jennifer got out from under the Major and pulled her pants up, She put her top on and kissed the major and stroked his cock. “I have more reading to do, I don’t know what your doing.” Jennifer walked out of the bedroom and went back to where her books were piled up. She settled in and started to read and take notes.

She heard the shower going and after a while the Major came out dressed in Dockers and a polo shirt. “I want to take a look at the cadet make sure she’s doing alright. He walked out of the door and walked into the dorm used by the ROTC unit. There were several students in the cadet’s room. Everyone in the room stood at attention. The Major said “As you were.” The Major checked the young woman over and he looked like she had recovered from the ordeal. “You gave us a scare cadet, I think that you need to cut down on the partying for awhile. I want you to drink plenty of water. You are excused tomorrow morning,” said the Major.

Everything seemed well and the Major encouraged the gathered cadets to let her rest. He left and walked back to his quarters. Jennifer changed clothes while he was away and they kissed when he walked in the door. It was about 15:00 and both the Major and Jennifer wanted food. “Come on let’s get out of here and find us some food,” said the Major.

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