Sexy Secretary Fantasy


My long red nails tapping away on the keyboard this morning struck a rhythm in my head that I’ve not been able to shake, mostly because I haven’t wanted to. Instead I just lose myself in the feeling of a workplace utopia. My sensual side doesn’t stop just because the clock has struck 9am and I’m suppose to be all business, you have to understand that first and foremost, I’m all woman. My long slender legs are tightened by my black thigh-high stockings. The nylon seduces my thighs with every step I take, and each time I cross them .for your viewing pleasure.

My white lace panties with the slim line crotch gives a slight peek of the pinkness that is my buried treasure. A vault of creamy delight that never sleeps, instead it flows freely with excitement enough to entice even the most straight-laced man, one man particular, who would never think about having fantasies of his secretary.

My sheer white blouse accentuates my large breasts, two top buttons pulled slightly from the stress of my mounds aching to break free. My pale rose areolas have all ready tightened, puckered up and drawing hardness from my nipples that crave to feel his warm wet lips nursing from them like a child.

My mind never stops, he occupies every wet notion that I have, I’ve undressed him a million times in my mind, escort kartal bringing a pleasure that feels so real to us both, how could he possibly resist the temptation? My computer screen is a blur while my fingers keep working, tapping out the pattern that leads him out of his office door, behind my chair and massaging my shoulders with such a sultry touch that I melt like warm butter for him. But alas, the door is still closed, I’ve typed jibberish on the screen and my head is spinning with such illicit thoughts that there’s no turning back from my needs.

Deleting the last paragraph with one finger my others are searching through my clutch back for what looks like a lipstick container. In actuality it’s a mini vibrator that is as mandatory to me today as my paycheck. Sliding it into place, against the sweet wetness of my excitement,

I place it right against the drawn back hood of my pleasure spot, turning it to the lowest speed possible, wanting to keep myself in this state of bliss for as long as I can.

My thighs now covered in cream, my heart is racing with the anticipation of a convulsing orgasm and I hear his door open. No more sounds, my heart has stopped while I watch his broad shoulders framed by the doorway, a smile that shoots into my heart like Cupid’s maltepe escort arrow as he utters the word please. followed by “Take some dictation.” He didn’t turn on his heel to retreat from my area, it was like he was waiting for me to grab my pad an pen and then he would escort me into the work area of his private office.

How could I stand up? How could I even walk without the friction between my legs causing my jets of wetness to seductively drip freely? Still, he doesn’t budge, so I slowly stand, trying to keep my vaginal muscles squeezing my lipstick lover in place. Rounding the corner of my desk it suddenly falls to the floor, activating the high speed, and his look of shock.

There it laid, on the mauve colored carpet, covered in my shimmering wetness and buzzing fiercely. His face now a crimson shade he turns and walks back into his own safe surroundings, while I pick up the culprit and place it into my skirt pocket.

He sits at his desk looking like a statue, no emotion, no movement, no reprimand or acceptance, just a blank face that leaves me to read into it whatever I want. Suddenly my fear, my embarrassment and my shyness shed like a deer’s antlers in the Winter. I stood in front of his wooden barrier, as if awaiting my judgment when my mouth opened and words pendik escort bayan were coming out, very few words but ones that would hold the impact of how I needed him.

Explaining that I couldn’t just sit with nothing but a wall separating us, thinking about how much I ached to feel his muscular body mounting mine and not do something about it. Then, reaching into my pocket I pulled out my vibrator, walking around to his chair I lightly wafted it passed his nostrils, letting him inhale the musky scent of my desires.

To my surprise he put his hand on mine, guiding my tool back to his mouth as I watched his tongue trace outwards, in search of my taste, licking and sucking on the hard plastic until he had cleaned every drop of my residue from it. My thighs quivered at the sight, my entire body was shaking so much that I had to lean on his desk to steady myself, feeling his hands tracing up my stretchy nylons, higher and higher until his fingers were probing the dripping wet crotch of my panties.

My meaty lips were spreading wide, ready to take him, all that he had to offer inside of them. I could see the bulge in his pants, my mouth watered to taste the cream that was boiling inside his testicles, and then keeping him between my lips I would seduce him into hardness once more and then pose like a human wish-bone to offer him my treasure. I can feel his bulbous head opening the path into my valley of velvet, I’ve waited so long for this moment. Little did I know when he called me into his office what sort of “dick-tation” I would be taking!

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