ShadeKim Possible/Victorious: Shade Shego was tired of her life the whole world domination thing. She had saved up a lot of money and moved out of Drakken’s lair and moved to Hollywood. She didn’t have any friends or anyone to help her. She hated being alone and when your different it is what happens. Shego decided that this time around it wouldn’t be that way.She looked through the local papers and found an ‘I hate’ group hosted by Jade West. All they do is sit around and talk about what they hate. She could do that she hated a lot of things.When she arrived in the room of fellow haters she was surprised that there were only two others.The host herself and some creepy guy.She walked over to the gothic looking host. Shego had to admit she liked the girl’s style black combat boots, green highlights and a scowl on her face. “Hi I’m Shego.”Jade was surprised that there was a green skinned woman in front of her, “This isn’t some alien dress up thing.”Shego lit her hands up, “This is natural!” She hated people thinking that she was a comic book geek or a freak.Jade smirked, “Cool hands, well welcome to the hate group. I’m Jade West and that’s Sinjin. He’s in love with me and that’s why he’s here.”After some conversation they all sat in a circle like an AA meeting. Jade started off, “Shego is new so she gets to go first.”Shego nodded, “My former employer was an asshole and I hate him. I hate that I constantly got my ass beat for him. I hate that people judge me. I hate the word freak or demon.” That struck Jade remembering Shego called her a demon in front of the whole school. “I also hate the colour pink.”Jade smiled, “Wow we are going to get along great. “I hate Vega’s, tissues, the word moist, k**s, annoying people, an!mals, sunlight, dumb people, signs, ketchup on hotdogs, girls who wear skirts over jeans, waiters who bring my dessert before I’m ready, people who complain when I crunch ice, people who say ‘have a nice day’ seriously hate that. Cilantro, the smell of fish on a hot day, the number nine, and bras who hook in the front.”The rest of the night they all shared some laughs. Sinjin mostly stayed quiet and left early leaving the girls alone. They finally called it a night and since Beck didn’t pick her up like he said he would Shego drove her home.”Hey Shego would you mind coming in?”Shego shook her head and followed the Goth inside her house. Jade smiled, “My parents are gone.”Shego nodded, “Nice, what do you want to do about it?”In a heartbeat Jade was in front of Shego running her hands through the green skinned goddess’s hair. “You look bursa escort so hot.”Shego immediately got wet at the sound of Jade’s husky voice on her skin. “Jade you don’t know what you’re doing.”Jade kissed her neck, “I swing both ways and you look beautiful.”Shego couldn’t hold in the moan from that kiss. “Jade.”Jade dragged Shego to her room and threw her on the bed. “We are going to have fun and I want it to be rough, feral and primal.” Shego nodded and got undressed as did Jade.Jade brought her hands up to palm Shego’s soft D-cup breasts. The Goth hungrily nibbled at the green girl’s neck making the other moan for more.Without Shego noticing Jade had dragged her hand down to Shego’s heated pussy and slowly pushed her index finger through letting it pump slowly at first allowing her to adjust. When Shego felt the pressure to her a small gasp escaped her mouth. Soon she had her eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure.Jade soon took her finger out and replaced it with her index finger and middle finger. Her face was flushed with desire as she began to scissor her fingers inside the girl.Shego was groaning with pleasure as she came into the girl’s hand. Shego blushed and laid down in the bed panting. But Jade wasn’t even close to being done yet. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to Shego’s ear.Shego gave a soft moan. Her head tilted upwards as Jade continued to press soft kisses from her ear all the way down to her beautiful tan breasts. She breathed on her s!ster’s nipple and watched it harden with lustful eyes. She leaned forward and gave the hard nub a tentative lick. Shego released a gasp and arched her back pressing her breasts closer to Jade’s mouth. Jade smirked and took the nipple between her teeth before sucking it deep into her mouth.Shego moaned as she felt herself begin to get wet. She struggled, wanting to bury her nails into the girl’s and press the mouth more firmly against her breast. Jade released the nub and turned to the neglected other to repeat the action again.Shego groaned in pain as the throbbing in her center grew. She tried to rub her legs together. Jade noticing the pinks pain released the girl’s breast before licking a path down to her center. Shego stilled in anticipation but Jade denied her wish instead she turned away from the spot and continued down her inner thigh.Shego shouted between gasps “Jade! Please stop teasing me!”Jade pulled back “What do you want me to do?” she said innocently.Shego almost cried in frustrating, “I- I- I want you to mouth fuck me!” she screamed.Jade smirked before she slowly bursa escort bayan crawled up Shego’s legs till her face was positioned above her center. She leaned forward smelled her s!ster’s sweet center. She slowly breathed on her clit causing Shego to moan and roll her hips.Jade slowly ran a tongue across the lips of s!ster before slowly sliding her pink tongue into her c***d’s core causing Shego to release a loud gasp. Shego thrust her hips up trying to push the woman in deeper. Jade tired of teasing dove deep into her s!ster’s center.Shego gasped and threw her head back moaning. Jade slid her tongue across every part of the hot heaven. As she thrust her tongue into the hole Shego at the same time lifted her hips trying to deepen the tongue.As Jade attacked the girl’s pussy one hand pinched her clit the other deep in her own pussy. As Jade hit her own sweet spot she moaned into her s!ster vibrating her center causing Shego to moan and release more of her juice into Jade’s awaiting mouth. Jade finally found her s!ster’s sweet spot causing Shego to cry out as she floated away seeing white.Jade quickly fished her dildo out of her bedside table and showed it to Shego. “I’m going to fuck hard so you can only walk bowlegged and as dirty as I can.” Shego nodded with a shiver.Jade grabbed one of Shego’s breasts and gave it a hard squeeze. Jade’s smirk widened hearing Shego pleasurable moans as she finally put two fingers inside Shego’s wet pussy and started fingering her.”Ah… d-don’t stop Jade, ah God yes! Please don’t stop” Shego moaned hesitantly as she felt Jade’s fingers go deep inside her pussy.”Not even five minutes and you’re already getting all hot and bothered. Do you want to cum, Shego?” Jade teased as she added another finger into Shego’s hot pussy.”Please make me cum, I can’t take it anymore, I’ll do whatever you want!” Shego pleaded.”You’re damn right you’ll do whatever I want you to do Shego!” She squeezed Shego’s breast, causing her to scream as she finally came on Jade’s fingers. Shego started breathing heavily as Jade took her fingers out of her pussy.”Now get yourself together cunt. I’m not done with you just yet.” Jade demanded. A few minutes later Shego finished fixing herself up beforeJade grabbed the dido and began to rub it against Shego’s ass hole. “Now tell me, you horny girl. Tell me how hard you want it in the ass. Then tell me how much you love it” said Jade as she continued to rub it against her green skin.”Please just put it in already!” said Shego in a desperate voice.”Now that’s what I wanted to hear,” said escort bursa Jade as she then lined the dildo to Shego’s asshole and quickly rammed it inside her. Instantly Shego grabbed the bed sheets as she then felt Jade senselessly fucking her.”Ah, ah, ah, yes fuck me, oh god, yes don’t stop ah, ah, please don’t stop,” said Shego as she felt the large dildo do deep inside her asshole.”Tell me how you fuck getting fucked in the ass,” said Jade as she began to slap Shego’s ass as she thrust faster and harder. “Damn no wonder why the everyone loves fucking you so much.” She said as the bed started to hit the wall.”I love it. I love getting fucked in the ass. I love having this big thick dildo inside my asshole. Please don’t stop I’ll do whatever you want. Ah god yes! That’s it keep going,” said Shego as she felt her first orgasm of the day approaching.”That’s right you’ll do what I fucking say. You think just because you’re hot you think you can get whatever you want. I want to hear you beg for it. I want you to scream what you really are,” said Jade as she then put her hand underneath Shego’s arm’s and then grabbed Shego’s tits and squeezed them as hard as she could.”Please make me cum. Please I beg you Jade make me cum. I can’t take it anymore. I’m a fucking whore who wants to cum that’s what I am. I want you to make me cum Jade. That’s all I fucking want. So please don’t stop. Just fuck my ass as much as you want.” Said Shego as soon her eyes started to roll behind her head and soon her tongue started to stick out.After what seemed liked forever Shego as tightly squeeze the bed sheets as she then came all over the toy and bed. After a few minutes Jade had pulled out as saw a small stream of cum coming out and going on the bed. As for Jade she just looked at the senselessly fucked girl for a few moments before she then shoves it back it without any warning. Soon Shego’s eyes shoot wide open as the dildo went even further than the last time.”Don’t you think just because I made you cum once it was over fuck that you’re my bitch my and I’m gonna use you in every way possible. And I’m not even done with this nice piece of ass,” said Jade as she squeezed Shego’s tits even harder than the last time as she senselessly started fucking Shego from behind.After ten minutes Shego came hard as her legs gave out. “Jade!”Jade licked the dildo clean before putting it back in her drawer. She then cuddled next to her lover. “I hate how you’re too tired to return the favour.”It was a lie, Jade finger fucked herself the whole time.Shego was breathing heavily, “I will get you next time.” Shego backed up into Jade’s embrace and soon fell asleeep and for the first time in years not alone.”Remind me to introduce you to Trina Vega,” Jade said as they laid together with a content smile on her face.The End

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