Sharleen’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 03


Sharleen searches for sexual satisfaction


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story follows on from Ch. 1 and 2 of Sharleen’s Sexual Adventures. While this is a stand-alone story, prompted by comments by readers of the earlier stories, if you haven’t already read those stories I would advise you to do so first.


Several weeks passed during which time the three ladies, Jude, Dale and Shar, kept in touch with their respective partners from that fateful night out. Shar now regularly spends weekends with Ben; Dale spends several nights a week with Mark, alternating between his place and hers; Trevor permits Jude to keep in contact with Joe and spend every Friday night with him, despite her initial decision never to see him again after their first night together.

One Saturday afternoon as Jude and Trevor relaxed in their spa bath, Jude asked the question she had long wanted to ask.

“Honey,” she began, cuddling into his warm slippery body and tightening her grip on his semi-hard cock, “Have you ever thought of having a threesome? You know, like you and me and Joe in bed together?”

She waited with bated breath for his answer, hoping for a positive response yet fearing that a negative response would stop her wandering imagination in its tracks. After several long minutes, Trevor responded.

“Well, to answer your question, no, I haven’t thought of a threesome. But after chewing it over for a short time I can see that it could be fun. However, the threesome I would envisage would probably have you, me and Shar in it, while I guess you’re thinking of you, me and Joe. Right?”

“Yes,” admitted Jude hesitantly.

“What about a foursome with us all?”

“Well, that would be a possibility, but the idea with my threesome is that with two men I could spend a lot more time making love. I guess that each of you would be good for a couple of shots at least, so I’d get to experience four fucks instead of my normal one or maybe two with you alone. If Shar was there she’d drain both of you in a few minutes flat, you know what a nympho she is.”

Trevor had to agree with Jude’s logic. Many times he’d been drained by Shar and he’d heard that Ben had also been drained repeatedly and often.

“You know, that’s a whole different problem. What we really need is a whole heap of guys to fuck Shar. I wonder how many she’d take before she was satiated.”

“I guess you’d love to be one of them to find out,” replied Jude, feeling Trevor’s cock hardening rapidly in her hand, “Just look how he’s responding even at the thought.”

Trevor groped towards Jude’s pussy, spreading her lips and inserting a finger.

“Well, it’s not only me, I see; you’re as wet inside as you are out, only more slippery.” He reached over and drew her to him, kissing her hard. “I think it’s time that I showed you what a real man can do to love his wife.”

Trevor picked her up and carried her dripping into the bedroom. All the way Jude struggled as they left a trail of water through the house.

“Hush,” said Trevor once she was on her back on the bed, “It’ll dry; it’s only water.”

Ignoring any further protests he kneed her legs apart, held her on the bed with his hands over her breasts, then lowered his mouth to her pussy, licking her clit, sucking it into his mouth, then pushing his tongue into her warm wet opening. After several minutes of this her protests had muted to a low mewling sound as she rolled her head from side to side in response to waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Maybe you’re the one who should take on a group of guys, judging by the way you respond to my loving,” suggested Trevor, “Look at you, just lapping up the stimulation. I wonder how many times you could cum in a session.”

She opened her eyes then and looked at him, a look of indecision on her face. He knew the look well; she was trying to work out whether to make a confession or not.

“Ok, out with it,” he told her.

“Well, I don’t know whether it counts or not, but when I was younger, well before I met you, a girlfriend and I decided to have a cum competition using vibrators to see how many times we could cum before we were too exhausted to continue. She came 22 times in several hours before she simply dropped off to sleep with the vibrator still buzzing.”

Trevor waited for the end of the story. Eventually he prompted her.

“And how many times did you cum?”

“28,” she replied, her voice sounding proud but turning her face away as though such an admission was somehow bad, “I came 28 times and then must have just dropped off to sleep.” She turned her head to face him again. “But it was wonderful. düzce escort I’ll never forget the sensations of cumming again and again and again. Each one seemed to be better than the last; each one seemed to say ‘Just one more’. Always there was the need for just one more until eventually I guess I just lost consciousness.”

Trevor thrust his oozing rock hard cock into her sopping vagina, plowing into her to its full depth in one movement. Jude’s description of her escapade along with her prior arousal were too much for her and with a scream she convulsed into orgasm, writhing and shuddering beneath Trevor as he struggled to hold on. Quickly she relaxed again and grinned up at him.

“Ooohhh, where did that come from? You can see how the memory of that event really turns me on. It could be fun with a lot of guys, I guess. The only thing is that the memory continues. After I awoke the next day my clit was really sore. It was worn almost raw and it took ten days before I could massage myself to orgasm again. The other interesting thing about it was that orgasms seemed to be addictive; the more I had the more I seemed to want. Even when I woke up after 31, I was horny as hell, but unable to rub my clit because of the pain. I think I’d love to see how many men I could take in one session sometime, if you’re willing,” she concluded.

“Hmmm, well, that discussion went a little differently to what I thought it might,” replied Trevor, “I thought we were talking about satisfying Shar, not you.”

“Well, why should she have all the fun? Maybe Dale would like a turn too, who knows?”

“I don’t, but I do know that all this talk is making me horny as hell and as I remember my cock’s inside you with a job to do. So let’s fuck, not just talk about it.”

With that Trevor began thrusting hard inside Jude as Jude responded by lifting her hips and thrusting back, forcing him in deeper, harder. She came twice more before Trevor finally released his cum deep inside her, causing her to experience yet another orgasm. They lay there together, panting, kissing, caressing as their hearts beat together and slowed down after the exercise.

“You’re such a wonderful lover, honey,” she whispered into his ear.

“As are you, darling. That was four times as I counted. What a sexpot you are sweetie.”

“Only because you treat me so well and have such a gorgeous weapon to make me cum on.”

They lay on the bed for another twenty minutes or so before helping each other up, changing the wet sheets, then heading back for a quick shower together before dinner.


Dale had noticed a huge change in Shar’s behavior now that she was having regular sexual releases, but maybe, thought Dale, she also was happier in herself now Mark was meeting her own needs and so she was being less picky. Whatever the cause, the result was amazing and she and Shar were developing a very healthy and supportive relationship. Then one day Shar came home from a night with Ben and sat at the table with Dale, who recognized there was something on her mind.

“What is it?” she asked, “You know you can tell me and we can sort it together.”

“Well, Mom, it’s kind of embarrassing,” began Shar, “Ben and I were just chatting after making love yet again and he began caressing my pussy and stroking my clit. Then he asked if I’d ever been with a woman sexually. I told him no I hadn’t and hadn’t even thought of it. Then he told me that if I ever decided to he’d love to watch if we were willing. I was so embarrassed. I really didn’t know what to say. So I dressed then came home. Mom, have you ever done it with a woman?”

“Yes I have,” replied Dale, remembering the time when she and Jude had made love while Trevor took Shar’s virginity. “It’s really nice, really loving, and the big advantages are that you’ll never get pregnant and there’s nothing to go soft.”

“Oh Mom, really! You’re impossible. Aren’t you even a little bit embarrassed?”

“No I’m not, not at all. What’s there to be embarrassed about with women giving each other pleasure? Hell, Jude lends you her husband to take your virginity and you come over all judgemental about women pleasuring each other? That’s crazy.”

Shar was silent for several minutes as she thought about these things, investigating the apparent contradictions Dale had pointed out. Finally she seemed to make up her mind.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I guess the whole idea of it was strange but now I see things a little clearer. So, Mom, can we make love together please?”


“Yes please. I left Ben earlier than I wanted to and I’m feeling horny as hell. Please make love to me, Mom, right now.”

This talk had also made Dale feel horny so she approached Shar, took her hand and helped her out of her chair, then hugged her closely. After a few minutes of gentle hugging, she began kissing Shar on her lips, slowly insinuating her tongue into her mouth, playing with her tongue then breaking the kiss.

“The advantage of women loving women is that we know what makes us feel good; men don’t, they have to be trained but some are untrainable edirne escort because they only think of themselves,” she told her. So I want you to do to me what makes you feel good and what you’d really like me to do to you.”

Shar began kissing Dale once again, this time sucking her lips gently into her mouth. Dale sucked back then mover her hands to cup Shar’s ass cheeks as she felt the same movements behind herself. They stayed like this for several minutes, gently caressing each other’s cheeks while kissing deeply. Dale felt herself getting very wet and assumed Shar was as well.

“Let’s go to bed,” whispered Shar hoarsely.

They broke from each other and hand in hand walked to Dale’s bedroom and lay beside each other, face to face on her bed. Shar began stripping Dale slowly and sexily, first exposing her breasts, then nibbling and sucking on her engorged nipples.

“Oohh darling, that feels so good. The last time you did that was when you were a baby oh so many years ago. I enjoyed it then too.”

As Dale enjoyed Shar’s sucking, she stripped Shar out of her top and bra and once Shar stopped for breath she dived down and began squeezing, caressing, nibbling and sucking on her luscious breasts. Shar lay there, enjoying the stimulation, her breath shortening and quickening until she was writhing under Dale’s ministration.

“Oh yes, yes, that’s so nice, ooohhhh it seems to go straight to my clit; so arousing, yes, keep doing it, like that, I’m going to cum, ooohhh, yes, yes, aaaarrrggghhh, I’m cumming!!”

She stopped talking, her body becoming rigid as her orgasm washed over her, sending tingles to her toes. As she came down from her release Dale stopped her stimulation and held her daughter tightly to her.

“Well, that was unexpected,” she commented at last. “Do you always cum that easily?”

“Oh yes. It’s embarrassing sometimes with Ben. Often I cum just as he holds me and kisses me and massages my breasts. He loves stimulating me to cum while I’m in public and fully dressed; it’s a game he’s developed.”

“Hmmm, that would be fun, I guess. Probably similar to having a vibrator in your pussy that’s controlled by someone else so they can make you cum in some pretty strange places at very inconvenient times. I had a boyfriend when I was younger who dared me to wear a remotely controlled vibrator to a party. I was so embarrassed when I came while talking with a friend, and of course I couldn’t tell the friend why I was acting strangely.” Dale chuckled at the memory. “I think I’ve still got the vibe somewhere. Would you like to try it sometime?”

“Oh yes please, or I could buy one myself. It sounds incredible fun.”

“Yes, it is, but so is lying in bed with you. Now, where were we?”

“You were just about to strip me and ravish me, making me have endless uncontrollable orgasms,” grinned Shar.

“Oh yes, so I was.”

Dale knelt on the bed and began removing the remainder of Shar’s clothes. She quickly stripped off her short skirt and brief G string panties, then lay back as Shar returned the favors for her. Once they were both naked Dale turned until they lay head to toe, wriggled backwards until her mouth was over Shar’s neatly trimmed pussy and began licking and sucking her pussy lips, spreading them apart with her tongue and fingers so she could lick the length of her slippery trench.

Shar wasted no time at all in adopting a similar position, pulling a pillow under her head so she could easily lick and suck her mother’s fleshier and more mature lips while tasting her arousal. They spent a long time in the 69 position, each stimulating the other until once again Shar tensed as Dale brought her to yet another orgasm.

“Ooohhh, Mom, that was wonderful,” she said, turning her head to grin at her mother, “Keep doing that; it’s wonderful.”

Shar felt Dale reach down and begin stimulating her nipples while still keeping her tongue buried in her slit. The additional stimulation, coupled with her still highly aroused state after her recent orgasm, pushed her over the brink once again.

“Yes, yes, YESSSSS, OOOOOHHHHHH that’s wonderful,” she moaned, her cries partly muffled by her mom’s mons over her mouth.

“Geez, you cum so easy, Shar,” commented Dale, recommencing her stimulation after a few moments hiatus. “You must be every guy’s dream cumming so hard and so easily. Some guys have to struggle for ages to bring their girl off at all and you’ve had three in a few minutes with only mild stimulation.”

“Yeah, I know,” commented Shar, “It really is wonderful and Ben just loves it. Says he feels great being able to give me so much pleasure.”

“Hmmm, so how about a bit more pleasure right now? You up for something new?”


Dale climbed off Shar and pulled open a drawer, then rummaged in the back and brought out what to Shar looked like a handful of straps.

“You seen one of these before?” she asked.

“No, Mom, what is it?”

“It’s a strap-on dildo. Obviously I don’t have a cock so I strap this on and use it like one. You ready for it?”

“Ooohhh, yes elazığ escort please,” grinned Shar in anticipation.

Dale strapped it on herself, the long, thick dildo hanging down in front of her thighs. She walked closer to Shar so she could feel it.

“Take it in your mouth and wet it, sweetie, that way I’ll go in easier, although you’re so wet it probably doesn’t matter.”

Shar sucked it into her mouth, able to take only about half of it in. She felt excited about such a monster plundering her vagina, comparing the size with Ben’s relatively large cock and deciding that this was definitely both longer and thicker. She examined it carefully, noting the padded base that was pressing hard against her mom’s clit, realizing that both of them would be gaining pleasure and hopefully releases from this encounter.

Dale moved away a little and Shar assumed her favorite position, on her back, knees partly raised, feet wide apart, her vagina gaping slightly in anticipation of penetration. Dale moved between her legs and positioned the end of the dildo at Shar’s entrance.

“You ready, darling?” she asked.

Shar nodded wordlessly, wondering for the first time whether this would hurt. Dale pushed forwards with her hips, thrusting the dildo into Shar about half way, watching her daughter’s face as her mouth formed a silent ‘O’ as she felt the intruder inside her.

Dale moved out a little, then in again, further, deeper, feeling Shar thrusting upwards lustfully, inviting greater penetration, wanting more. Dale gave her more and more, watching Shar’s face screw up slightly as the dildo reached the end of her vagina, stopping, withdrawing slightly, then pressing further into her daughter’s vagina, extending it, watching Shar’s eyes for signs of too much pain. No signs were apparent and Dale felt her pubic bone press against Shar’s, knowing that she now had the full length of the monster buried deeply inside her.

Shar wrapped her arms around Dale, holding her tightly as her pulsating vaginal muscles relaxed to better accommodate the dildo. As they held each other, they kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth, breasts pressed together. After a few minutes Shar broke the kiss.

“Fuck me, Mom, fuck me hard with you huge cock,” she whispered into Dales’ ear.

Dale began doing just that, withdrawing almost fully, then pressing back in to the end, their pubes pressing against each other, the dildo massaging Dale’s clit hard sending pulses of stimulation to her over-sexed brain. Gradually she increased the tempo, thrusting, withdrawing, her breath coming in rapid gasps.

Shar was in heaven, being fucked by a massive cock which could go on forever without softening. Each thrust was accompanied by a surge of arousal to her brain, each surge lasting longer, feeling stronger than the last until eventually she was her pussy, nothing else existed, and she was heading for the greatest orgasm of her young life.

“Yes, fuck, fuck, ooohhh, yesss, harder, faster, yesss, ooohhhh, MOM, I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGGGG!!” she yelled as her body contorted, thrashed about under Dale, went rigid, then relaxed completely as Shar passed out from pleasure.

Dale was almost there, the pad on her clit had done its job, sending pleasure to her brain, stimulating her, bringing her closer and closer to her release. A few more thrusts, just one more, then another one, and she’d be there. She continued to thrust into Shar even though she was unconscious and after just a few more thrusts she came hard, holding her hips forward, the dildo fully inside her beloved daughter as she lay on her, panting, struggling to catch her breath again.

It took a good five minutes before both women were again conscious and coherent.

“Oh, Mom, that was wonderful,” said Shar at length, “That was the best I’ve ever had. We’ll have to do that again some time but right now I want to fuck you please.”

Dale was also looking forward to exchanging roles so she raised herself off her daughter and slowly withdrew the dildo.

“I feel so empty, Mom,” commented Shar.

“Well, put this on and then fuck me. You’ll be very pleased how the pressure feels on your clit, I’m certain,” replied Dale, unfastening the dildo from around her hips. “Here, let me help you into it.”

Dale and Shar fitted the dildo, adjusting a few straps until it hung in front of Shar’s thighs and the base pad was centered over her clit.

“It feels good already,” said Shar, “Lie down and let me fuck mu Mom,” she grinned.

Dale lay on the bed and Shar wasted no time in positioning herself between her mom’s legs, inserting the dildo then pushing gently but firmly inside until she felt it reach the end.

“Just withdraw then push again firmly. I’ll let you know if it hurts. I’ve taken this dildo right inside before.”

Shar followed instructions and after several more attempts she was lying on her mom, their pussies together, the dildo fully implanted inside Dale’s vagina. Almost immediately Shar began fucking her mom and Dale thrust back, wanting more. After only about ten thrusts Shar stopped with her eyes closed, her body rigid as she reached another orgasm. It lasted less than a minute, then she was again thrusting. Dale felt herself climbing the slope, each thrust adding to the stimulation in her brain, closer, closer, then Shar stopped once again, her body taken over by her next sexual release.

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