She couldn’t stop giggling…


She couldn’t stop giggling…My wife and I were fooling around in bed. She had her Hitachi magic wand and was getting all worked up, I had my boxers on and was kissing her chest and getting turned on…We’re both fit, good looking, just turned 40. We’ve been together almost two decades. She’s Korean and very cute, I’m Caucasian in decent shape. We’ve done a lot over the years, and I never get bored with her. She’s really liking the magic wand tonight. She pushes me on to my back and pulls my boxers off, then starts to suck on my cock. This is a rare treat, normally she’s embarrassed by this kind of thing. “What if my friends knew?” I’ve told her it’s normal, everyone does it, and besides who’s going to know? Now I’m rock hard, and she stops and lies esenyurt escort back, inviting me to kiss her chest some more. This is one of her favorites, magic wand between her legs and my tongue on her nipples. She’s moaning, she loves it.”Do you want a pearl necklace?” I ask. “No… it’s too messy!” I grin, though, because I know she’s enjoyed it before. Making a mess on her chest, on her ass, on her face is one of my favorite things, better than cumming inside to me. I’ll be able to get what I want here, since she needs me to kiss her chest in order to properly get off. A fair trade, I think!So I rub against her thigh, grabbing my cock with my free hand to keep stroking and getting ready. Then I avrupa yakası escort lean in and just gently blow on her nipples. Teasing. Getting her to beg me for more. It works, of course. “Don’t tease me, suck on them!” I smile and instead just brush my lips against one perfect tit.She grabs the back of my head and forces me down to her chest. This is a surprise, forceful for her, and I really really like it. I’m not used to being forced into anything. There was that one time… but I’ll tell that story later maybe.Now I’m forced to kiss her chest, and that’s got me all worked up. I hear her moaning, and I’m frankly ready to blow my load all over her thigh anadolu yakası escort just from this.Then she cums. I’m happy, I’m ready to finish too.”Not on me, I said!” She pushes my shoulder and puts me on my back, then rolls over and french kisses me, her tongue deep in my mouth. I feel something warm hit my right cheek.Surprised, I turn to look. I take the next shot straight across my face, from forehead to cheek.Shocked, I tense up. This of course makes me cum harder. The third shot is significantly more. I’m now properly glazed, and still cumming hard.My wife gasps, then blurts “you… you just gave yourself a huge facial!” Then she starts to giggle.This is humiliating. And I can’t stop cumming, because it absolutely turns me on. By the time I’m finished there’s a hot load all from my face down to my chest and stomach. I’m still holding my throbbing cock. She’s just sitting up on one elbow, watching me and laughing and smiling.”Little help?” I ask. She reaches and gets some tissues. A lot of tissues.”Now you know how it feels” she says. I do, and it’s fucking hot. I had to go take a shower just to get cleaned up.

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