She’s Incredible. Or Insane. Ch. 03

Big Tits

Some days later, she told me I couldn’t have any orgasms for the week. Saturday was a test day.

Remember, I didn’t know what was coming, who was coming, what I’d be asked to do. But I love Bev and I trust her. So . . .

Dafna came over – I’d heard she was a writer. Everyone said she was really good with words. But I confess that wasn’t the first thing I noticed about her.

She has infectious good cheer. But I confess that THAT wasn’t the first thing I noticed about her.

She had breasts. Gigantic breasts. A truly mammoth pair. Really, they came into the room a few seconds before she did. Every girl has a right to be big, but she abused the privilege!

Okay, she was a little short, with a full, lush head of chestnut hair, a little nose and an unusually wide mouth. But I don’t think ANYONE noticed those things in the first moments after meeting her.

God – those things were giant-sized . . . they were nose-cone rockets, but far too big for her body – too big for any woman’s body! The super-strength foundation garments struggled, you could see it, how the bra-breastplate struggled to hold them in. She was wearing a bustier of sorts, but it was industrial-strength, not a lingerie item. She knew the impact she had on men, and especially in this outfit. I think I avoided drooling, but I’m not positive.

I tried to walk over and shake hands, but found I had a limp – because a great long hard thing was stuck in my pants, suddenly.

Bev hugged her friend (Dafna came up to Bev’s boobs, which was amusing AND arousing for me, and I think for them) and then my babe settled her significant frame into the biggest chair there. Dafna turned to me and said “Are you good to my friend?”

“I try,” I said honestly.

“You’re modest. Good.” She said “Of COURSE you’re good to her – you don’t think we do this for just any guy she gets the hots for, do you?”

“Do what?” I asked myself.

I found out later that Dafna’s task that day was to give me a virility test. She was planning to make me cum and cum and cum, to see how many times I could do it in one day. She stripped me down, and took off her shirt. She knelt to give me a good stroking, and this let me look down on acres of breastflesh. Acres! And this was with that military-grade foundation garment still on – breast-mounds filled my vision. It was everywhere, and I wasn’t even seeing her entire front, yet! She kneaded and fisted my hard-on, which was waving like a flagpole in the wind for her. While she rubbed my cock, her boobs kept bumping into my knees, even though she was nowhere near my legs. They were that big!

Like I said, it’d been seven days with no release. “Don’t hold back with me, big fella. Just cum when you feel . . .” she didn’t get to finish. I shot bolts of thick cum across her bare shoulders. They two women chuckled. I kept spurting. She pointed me toward her foot-long cleavage. (Well, at least the cleavage that was showing was that long.) My ramrod was unbelievably stiff. Cum wasn’t spurting from my cock, it was BLOWING out, like a bicycle pump was behind it.

The women stopped tittering, because I was cumming like a firework. I shot yards of sperm.

Then I shot more. Actually, my eyes were squeezed shut, and only later did I see how many stripes and strips of sperm I’d left across her. I was surprised at how much I had cum. She was saying “Oh, wow!” and even Bev applauded a little.

“One!” called Dafna. She dropped my cock, which was now more like a salami than a lead pipe, and stood – not an easy task, with such heavy breasts. She went to my Bev, and turned to face me. Bev undid the back zipper/bolts/rivets (I just don’t know) that had been hoisting those monstrous tits, and PLOOBADOOF! The corset bustier thingy dropped and so did these vast pillows of flesh. They reached her waist, but they were ROUND, not long. They pointed up, just a little, conical and rosy-tipped. The tips were easily a foot away from her ribs. I’ve never seen their equal.

And there’s more. She didn’t have areolae like most women – she had HEADLAMPS. The sort of areolas so wide you could bury your face in one and not feel ordinary skin on your cheeks – just on your ears as you plunged in.

My cock took one second to go back to being a lead pipe.

“JUST what I was hoping for!” said Dafna. hatay escort She bobbled and burbled over, and put one hand on my stiff penis. It was grateful. “Shall I fuck you? No, it’s a little too big for me. I think some old-fashioned sucking is what to do.”

I looked nervously at my girlfriend. Bev said “This is part of it.” And Dafna sat on the couch, with her giant boobs resting on her thighs. “C’mere!” she said, like she was calling a dog. And like a dog, I went to her – eagerly.

She put her mouth around my dick’s head, and started these little bobbing motions, with her mouth tight. It was like trying to force my hard pole into the smallest of pussies. I think I’d have cum right there, if I hadn’t just shot off.

She forced cock into her mouth, hands-free, and grabbed my fingers. She slapped my hands to the slopes of her superboobs. She moaned her approval of the shockwaves this caused in my erection. I felt as much of those giants as I could, from this pose, and felt pre-cum seeping out of me. Already? Amazing. But those tits! Even Bev was clandestinely touching her sweet, hot pussy, watching us.

Dafna was able to get about half of my shvantz in, and I was impressed. She didn’t have Bev’s go-for-broke sucking style, but she was good, and she was working me. Popping my prong out for a moment, she said “Don’t hold back. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum!”

That sentence made me wobble on my feet. She lay me down, draped her amazing mammaries across my thighs, and sucked me back in. Wow. Then she grabbed my balls and – gently – pulled them away from my body. Amazing – I was just starting to think about cumming, but that move with my balls made it harder to cum. She tongue-stroked my beefy boner, and she was unrelenting. That, and the way those breasts FLOWED over the sides of each of my legs (I’d never felt anything like it!) had the hot stuff rising in me pretty fast. Bev said “Look at the color of his face! He’s close!” and Dafna got a little more of me into her mouth.

“I . . . I . . . aaah . . . AAA . . . aaauuuuuggghhhhh!” I said, intelligently, and felt a bolt of superheated cum fly. She took one long suck while I spurted, and then pointed my spraying cock at my chest. Fluid cum flew. Droplets and strings landed across me. I never point it at my chest, I’m medium-hairy there. Dafna was on her knees now, and I saw that her breasts were so tremendous that they went way past her elbows. Funny, she had gigantic cone-shaped breasts, but the nipples were barely detectable. Well, maybe I’m not at my most observant when I’m splattering sperm across myself.

Dafna stood at the ready, with tissues for me to wipe myself down. I couldn’t – I was so drained by two cums in 22 minutes, I just lay there and panted. The women were kind enough to clean me off, as best they could.

“Lemonade?” Rehydration sounded really good. “Simpsons?” A break for some TV sounded really good, too. They beat me to the couch, and I got to be lucky Pierre – sitting between these two out-of-my-league women.

At the first commercial break, Dafna took my hand and put it under one of her giant boobs. WOW, that thing was heavy. My softened cock began to stir. Bev, a minute later, took my other hand and put it between HER breasts. My cock lengthened . . . but it ached. I am not a teenager, I don’t have three cums in a day. But they wanted to see what I was capable of, and Dafna held up my almost-hard cock. She was starting to get up, and I thought she might just fuck me – but Bev beat her to it. SHE straddled me, and wedged the still-growing head of my cock into herself.

“But Homer is gonna” I protested in jest. My Bev shoved a meaty breast into my mouth to shut me up. I swallowed my words, and did my best to swallow that breast. Dafna placidly held my balls, and gave Bev a running commentary on how steamy the scene we were making was. “But don’t let him cum in you!”

I was genuinely achy in the cock, but happy. I felt I was a long way from cumming. But Bev had one of her little cums, and hopped off, exchanging glances with Dafna. Bev looked apologetic, but Dafna just giggled. “I don’t blame you, I’d fuck him every chance I got, if I were in your shoes!”

Then Dafna enfolded my cock in those ultra-breasts. Remember I said that I felt a long way ığdır escort from cumming? Suddenly, that changed. I’m a breast man, and this was . . . primal. I felt a surge in my SPINE. Dafna’s unbelievable frontage was not just pressuring my cock, it was pressed against my hips, my thighs, and most of the way to my ribcage. I’d never dreamed of a feeling like that, and my cum-apparatus squealed into gear. Imagine machinery that had run out of lubricant, machinery that was spinning wildly and overheating. That’s what I felt inside as Dafna pressed her ten-ton tits against me. I thrust into those breasts, and found that I could not stop. I tried to stop, but my hips weren’t listening. “You’ll never tit-fuck anything like these again!” said my erection. “So slow down!” Shouted my brain. But my overworked cock was louder – screaming “Now, now, now, now! Good, good!”

I don’t know how, but I held on for two excruciating minutes. And it took both of my hands to scoop her tit-tops aside so I could cum. I don’t know, I think that maybe I believed her boobs were SO heavy that my cum would be trapped in me no matter how hard I spurted. But with a liberal application of strength, I parted her oceanic tiddies and then FIRED clear-ish streams of cum. I don’t know what Bev’s face was like, I don’t know what Dafna was doing, I only know I was cumming every last bit of fluid in my vesicles. The fire in my balls leapt out, and then I collapsed backwards.

Dafna mercifully covered me up, while Bev helpfully wiped sperm off those planet-sized breasts. I wanted to watch them wobbling, but I was starting to lose the ability to do . . . anything. We had lemonades, and they chatted like the old friends they were, but I wasn’t able to join in. I just wondered if I’d die in this room, and if the undertaker would be able to pry the smile off my face.

I must have fallen asleep, as it was a new episode of the Simpsons on, when I came to. And Bev had my cock in her mouth. I was getting hard. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. And then Dafna did something she hadn’t done all day – she put my face to her breast. Normally, you want to get both of a woman’s mammaries pressed against your face, but these were too big for that – you had to make a choice.

Bev nipped my cock, because she was amused that I erected so readily. Despite all my shlong had been through, mega-boobs still had the usual effect on it. She kept sucking on me, and I felt very hard, suddenly – but hollow. As if my cock were empty on the inside, just a rigid pipe on the outside.

Dafna said “Beverly, I am about to go nuts, if I don’t get some.” Bev smoothly removed my stalk from her whirlpool of a blowjob, and held it up. Dafna, more agile than you’d expect (for a woman carrying a tonnage of tit-flesh in front of her,) impaled herself on my tower.

It was a fabulous cunt, she had. But my after three cums in two hours my cock felt like it was going to cry. I can’t explain it better than that – I don’t mean it was weeping pre-cum, my balls were too dehydrated for that by now. (Okay, my Cowper’s glands – happy? No? Look it up, then.) My standing penis seemed to feel that no one should be put through this kind of treatment, that it should be allowed to stand down. But it was helpless – her pussy was soothing and enticing at the same time. It was like her puss was the drill sergeant, and my cock could only follow orders.

I had been sitting (slouching) on the couch, and now there were breasts in my ribcage, up to my armpits, burbling across me like a sea of flesh. Magic. Mountains of magic were on me, making it surprisingly hard to breathe. I started thrusting up into her. She liked that. I started panting, maybe gasping. And Dafna stopped and said “Take me on my back.”

We stood, but rushed to get back to rutting. Dafna lay back, and those breasts SLOSHED everywhere, firm as they were. There was boobage up to her chin. There was boobage covering her navel. They sat high, and wide, and one rolled off her side, but we trapped the other between us as we got to fucking again . . . this was not believable! My cock tried to get harder, but mostly it felt overworked. Dafna wriggled against me, and smiled. I could just see it over the breastflesh between us.

I set a good rhythm, and she got more and more loud. A ısparta escort while into this rutting, I stopped thrusting for a moment. She wouldn’t – she kept jamming her hole onto me. What could I do? I kept fucking.

Bev was watching, propped on one elbow. I saw the glint of pussy juice running across the front of her thigh. Wow, was that erotic. And Dafna saw me looking over at the woman I love. Between grunts, Dafna told Bev “He’s . . . porking me, but . . . he’s thinking about . . . you!”

My cock ached like it had run a marathon. I guess it was doing the cock-equivalent of one. On a certain level, I wanted to get this over with. I leaned in and grasped Dafna’s silky-smooth butt cheeks. This forced me even harder onto her giant pontoons – and those breasts punching up into me made a spark of orgasm start in my innards. But that overheating-machinery thing was making my cum organs ache from the inside out. Dafna wrapped her legs around me, and locked her ankles. Yowza – I would have cum buckets, if I could have. I felt an orgasm wanting to happen, but it couldn’t gather enough force, now that I was so drained. That’s when Bev came to where I could see her, and how she was rubbing herself.

I kept plunging into her huge-titted friend, but watching her approach her orgasm. And there was a consonance, a resonance that lifted me – despite all the soreness I felt inside, and a moment after Bev called out her climax, I bucked and grimaced and unloaded what felt like several beads of hot iron into Dafna. She really liked that, it seems.

I could hardly move. Bev got Dafna out from under me, and I just lay, face down, as I landed. I know men don’t complain about getting too much sex, but this test was too much for me.

It was dark outside, now, and we ordered in. I felt a little feverish, really, and was happy to sit and do nothing much. The women chatted, and then Dafna read us a short story by Jonathan Carroll – he’s not well-known, but he’s really good.

Dafna disappeared into the bedroom. Bev told me how proud she was of me, for being such a trooper. And then she put my soft, soft cock in her mouth. I felt like a wrung-out dishrag. I didn’t mind her mouthing me, but nothing was going to get me hard, nothing.

Dafna emerged, wearing a lingerie thingy that made her breasts all I could see. And a creak happened in my cock. It was interested. I really wanted nothing but some rest, by now – but Bev’s talent at sucking, and Dafna’s wobbling and burbling before my eyes, and something started to happen in me, whether I wanted it or not.

I was just about to protest, when Dafna ENGULFED me in tit. Before, I’d gotten to suck on the point of one, but now she just mashed them to my ears and beyond. I felt those round, gorgeous blimps of womanliness MEET BEHIND my head! Holy fuck! Yeah, I was suffocating, but what a way to go!

Bev hummed her approval around my dick. It was half-way to erect, and she was doing her best to make it swell up. Should I say doing her worst? With Bev, I never knew if she was sucking me for my pleasure or for hers. She really enjoyed the power she had over me when she fellated me. Wow, she was good.

Dafna released me from the most astonishing boob-prison I’d ever see, and settled for bopping me on each side of my head with her wonders. That’s when I heard a buzzing. She was mashing one nipple at a time against me. I sucked, but I was about out of energy. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t cum for them any more. Normally, the fact that Dafna was using a vibrator that seemed to be inside her while she used her hands on me would have me panting, but I was out of steam, out of the sperm-making business. They’d gotten all the cum I could produce.

“Baby? Stop that.” I said to Bev. She only sucked harder. Dafna watched her, with one giant breast resting on my shoulder and the other blocking 90% of my view. “Seriously, stop. I can’t cum any more. I really can’t.” Bev did even wilder things to my erection, but I couldn’t enjoy it any more.

“SAFEWORD!” And she stopped. “I’m sorry, babe,” And she said, “No, I’m sorry!” We hugged, and then we hugged Dafna, who smiled, blushed, and started to shake in our arms! Oh yeah – the vibrator (plus a DAY of sex, in which she hadn’t had any cums as far as I had seen) pushed her over the edge, even if it was an awkward time to cum. She flushed red, and held her breath, and shook harder. We helped her through it. I gripped her quivering thighs. Bev used her fingernails on Dafna’s nipples, through the satiny armor that it took to contain those titanic boobs.

We all slept in a puppy pile, that night.

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