Shitty Thoughts Pt. 02


All characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18.

Chapter 4 — School

As I sat on Tracy’s porch, I felt the sun bathe me in its warmth. For the first time in my life, I truly enjoyed the moment. I didn’t have to worry anymore. I could get whatever I want, whenever I want—eliminating the stress of finding a job, a house, a partner, a meal, or anything else I worried about before I got my powers. As nice as that was, the most liberating part of my powers was that I could be myself. I could explore my depraved fantasies guilt-free, and that gave me a deep feeling of satisfaction.

My thoughts were interrupted by my stomach growling. Apparently, Tracy’s shit wasn’t enough to eat. I thought about what I wanted to eat, and decided on a fancy Italian restaurant near my school. I stood up and started walking down the street. I smiled, knowing I could take any car I wanted. Over were the days of bussing around town. I knew exactly what car I wanted. One of my neighbour’s had a classic red Ferrari that he kept in his garage all year. It always pissed me off. He had extravagant wealth, and never took the time to enjoy it.

“It’s my turn to enjoy it,” I thought, with a sense of justice. I tried the front door of their house, and it was locked. I decided to try something new, and said, “If there is anyone in this house, come unlock the door.” I waited for 30 seconds, and contemplated kicking the door down. But, I heard footsteps, and the lock click open. I slowly opened the door, and behind it was a Hispanic woman who I recognized as my neighbour’s house cleaner.

She was a beautiful woman, probably in her 40s. I decided to have a little fun with her before getting her to fetch the keys to the car. I hugged her, squeezing her tightly into me. I inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. She had a fruity perfume to her, and I found it arousing. I let my hands rub down her back, and I squeezed her ass. It wasn’t too big, but it was firm, and felt good in my hands. I pulled her hips forward into my groin, grinding my dick just below her stomach. I felt a jolt of electricity run up my cock, and a wave of pleasure pulse through my body. I pulled back from her just enough to plant my lips on hers. I started kissing her. After a minute of sucking and licking her lips, I wanted more.

“Stick your tongue out,” I commanded. I put my lips back to hers, and felt her tongue slide out and part my waiting lips. She snaked her surprising long tongue into my mouth, and I gently sucked on her tongue, savoring the taste. It didn’t have much taste save for a little tang, but I noticed her mouth was much warmer than mine. I sucked the spit off of her tongue, and then took a step back.

“Turn around and bend over.” She complied, and I knelt down to be face level with her ass. She was wearing black, loose fitting velvet sweatpants. I shoved my face in her ass, sniffing her scent with vigor. Her ass smelled much stronger than Tracy’s. It was muskier, with stronger hints of poo. “She must have just shit,” I thought.

“Fart for me.” I said, quickly putting my nose back into her crack. She let out an airy hiss of a fart, and I felt the warm cloud blow against my nose. I inhaled, and almost choked on the smell. It was rotten, and I wondered how such a beautiful girl could make such a nauseating smell. However, the terribleness of it only turned me on more. I decided I want to do more with her, but not right now. I was too hungry to fuck this woman.

I stood up, and told her to get me the keys to the Ferrari and open the garage. She went to the kitchen, and I stood there smelling the residual fart she had left on my face. She returned with the keys and handed them to me. I could hear the garage door open. I walked outside and into the garage, pausing to admire the car. It was absolutely gorgeous.

“Hey housekeeper, come here,” I yelled. The lady walked out the door and into the garage. “Get in the passenger seat.” I commanded. We both got into the car. This was my first time sitting in a luxury car, and the seat was more comfortable than any chair in my house. I turned on the car and the engine roared to life. I put it in gear and started driving. I accidently skidded out of the driveway, totally unused to such a powerful gas pedal. After a few minutes, I got a hang of the car. It was time to put the housekeeper to use.

“Take my dick out of my pants and give me the best blowjob you’ve ever given.” Without missing a beat, the house keeper undid my fly and pulled out my dick, gently stroking it while she positioned her head above it. I felt her warm mouth suck on my semi-hard dick. She was jerking the base of my shaft with her hand and bobbing her head on the tip in unison. It felt phenomenal. When I was finally hard—which didn’t take long—she pushed my cock all the way down her throat and started swallowing. I felt her throat pulsating around my dick’s head, and the feeling was unreal. I had to focus extra hard on driving, or bağdatcaddesi escort else I’d crash into one of the frozen car’s littering the road.

After a ten minute drive, we got to the restaurant. I told the housekeeper, “stop blowing me, get out of the car, get completely naked, and lean over the side of the car.” She followed my instructions, and I got out of the car to watch her strip. She had big boobs with dark areolas, and they were slightly saggy from age. Her stomach had stretch marks, presumably from having kids. Her legs and ass were fantastic, smooth and fit. She had an unkempt bush, and I could barely make out the lips of her pussy under it. She leaned over the car and I walked up behind her. Her ass was perfectly level with my dick, and I joked to myself that this is why Ferrari’s are so valuable.

With a smile on my face, I pushed my spit-covered dick against her pussy. I easily slid into her warmth. She was a little bit tight, and hot as hell. I pushed my length into her, using her hips as grips as I pulled out again. I rammed back into her, and leaned in to hug her body. I started fucking her deeply and slowly. The feeling of her soft, velvety pussy walls rubbing against my dick sent me into euphoria quickly. I started fucking her roughly. The sound of my body slapping against her was getting louder as I got closer to cumming.

I was fucking her for all I was worth, and I felt my dick begin to cum. I pulled her hips into me, pounding myself inside her. I held myself there, and shot spurts of cum deep into her womb. I felt my dick twitch, dumping a load of cum deep inside her. When I was done cumming, I pulled out. I watched a small waterfall of cum drip out of her gaping pussy, and felt proud of the mess I created.

I felt my stomach grumble angrily, and remembered how hungry I was. I left the housekeeper in the parking lot with cum dripping onto the cement. I walked into the door of the Italian restaurant, and was greeted with the fantastic smells of food cooking. I sat down at the biggest booth in the restaurant and looked at the menu on the table. It all looked so good, and I didn’t know what I should have made. Then, I realized I no longer had to decide.

“Bring me everything on the menu.” I heard the kitchen come to life with my command, and I watched the waitresses walk to the kitchen to help assist.

Across the restaurant I spotted four beautiful blondes having a meal together. They looked to be in their twenties, and they were all in mid laugh. “You four, come over here and line up in front of me.” Their expressions all went blank as they stood up and walked over to me.

“I want you two to get under the table, take off my shoes and massage my feet. And I want you two to sit on either side of me and massage my hands and arms.”

They took to action, and I felt my shoes being removed and a pair of hands massaging both my feet. The other two blondes grabbed my hands and started massaging. I let my head fall back and my eyes shut as I enjoyed this new level of relaxation.

I was awakened from this trance when a small army of waitresses came out of the kitchen, armed with plates full of different food. There were steaks, pastas, pizzas, seafood, chicken, duck, lamb, desserts, and more. I was in heaven. I pulled my arms away from the blondes and dug in, taking bites from every plate.

I pointed at one of the waitresses and said, “Bring me a glass of your most expensive wine.” She returned with a glass of wine and I took a sip. It was incredible. I ate until I felt like I’d burst if I had one more bite. Sitting back, I succumbed to a little food coma as the blondes went back to massaging my arms again. After about 20 minutes of this, I told them to stop and got out of the booth. I walked back to my car, and laughed when I saw the size of the puddle under the housekeeper.

“I must’ve cum harder than I thought,” I laughed to myself. Out loud, I told the housekeeper, “Get off my car,” and she stood up. I got back into my car and turned it on. After a little thought, I decided to go to my high school to have some more fun.

I drove out of the parking lot and headed towards my school. I drove into my school’s lot and parked at the front door. I got out of my car and looked at the clock on my phone. It read 11am, and second period was about to end. Everyone would be in class. I leaned against my car and debated how I should proceed. I felt pressure, like I had to do this right. I decided on a plan. I would order the tech-shop kids to build me a box that looked like an oversized coffin. I would put the mattress from the bed in the nurse’s room in the box, and then put the box in the gym. I would have every girl in school line up in front of the box. They would walk up, spit in my mouth, then piss and shit on me.

My heart started beating faster in excitement. This would be my ultimate fantasy, and I actually get to live it. I got started, and beykoz escort entered the high school. As I was walking down the hall, I had a fun idea. Being naked in school is most people’s nightmare, but without the risk of being caught, it sounded kind of fun. I took off all my clothes, and felt my bare soles on the warm tile floors. This was all so exhilarating, I almost felt faint from the excitement.

I walked into the tech-shop and said, “Everyone, build me a coffin without a lid, in my dimensions, but add an extra food in length, width, and height. Make sure it’s sealed, so no liquid can escape it. When you’re done, put the mattress from the nurse’s room inside, and put it in the middle of the gym. Call me to the gym over the P.A. system when it’s done.” When I finished talking, the tech-shop came to life with a flurry of movement. The students reminded me of ants, all working in unison to serve their queen—or in this case, king.

While waiting for their work to be done, I decided to have some fun. I walked over to the classroom next door. I opened the door to a dark room with a projector lighting up the board, and everyone watching intently. There was a diagram of the female body on the screen, and only women in the class. I deduced that this is a female sex-ed class, and I smiled at the lesson I was about to give some of these women in anatomy. I walked to the front of the class, and it felt like all the girls were watching me. Here I stood, naked in front of a group of high school girls, and not feeling one bit of shame. I looked over their faces, and recognized almost all of them. I never spoke to any of them before. Most of them wouldn’t give me the time of day, and they all thought of me as some kind of pervert.

I looked next to me at Mrs. Reynolds, the girl’s Gym Teacher. I always had a crush on her, she was beautiful. She was in her 30s, tall with milk-white, smooth skin and red hair. She had large breasts, and sometimes she would bend over and I would try to get a look down her shirt. “Let’s see what you’ve been hiding, Mrs. Reynolds.” I said to her quietly. She was wearing a blue zip-up sweater with the zipper all the way up. I walked up to her and put my lips on hers, gently kissing her. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeper.

I paused for a second and said, “Kiss me back.” She started kissing me, and our tongues intertwined. Her arms reached around me and pulled me into her. We kissed deeply for a few minutes before I said, “Stop.” I took a step back, and grabbed her zipper. I slowly undid her zipper, teasing myself with the reveal. When I got to the bottom, I parted her sweater. The view was spectacular. She was wearing a black sports bra, which contrasted beautifully against her creamy white skin. Her tits were basically overflowing the bra. Her stomach had washboard abs, and her hipbones framed her stomach with a ‘V’ leading down her pants.

“Take off your sweater and your bra.” She took of her sweater, and let it drop to the floor. Then, she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. It fell to the floor, revealing her breasts. They were magnificent. Perky, with light pink areolas and puffy nipples. I put my face between them, feeling the soft, warm skin against my cheeks. I smelled her, and her perfume was intoxicating. I lifted a hand and squeezed her warm boob. It felt heavy and supple. I kneaded it in my hand, and I felt her nipple start to harden against my palm. I took my hand away and replaced it with my mouth, taking her nipple into my mouth. I licked it, tasting the saltiness of her skin. Her nipple continued to stiffen in my mouth as I sucked it. I took my mouth away and admired her tits some more. It felt so surreal, seeing a teacher’s tits.

I turned around to Ashita, one of the students in the classroom. She was an Indian girl, and I found her annoying. She would laugh loudly with her friends, and I always had the overwhelming urge to tell her to shut up. But, given my social status at the school, it wouldn’t go well. Now, I could hardly care less about whether she was annoying or not. With the power I had, my past life seemed unimportant.

I pulled her desk back a little bit and sat on top of it, so I was sitting in front of her. I pulled her face down and pressed it against my dick. I felt blood rush to my dick, and I said, “Suck it.” She complied, and I felt her use her tongue to maneuver my dick into her mouth. She sucked on my dick until it was hard, and started deepthroating me. I looked at the other girls in the class. My eyes landed on Morgan, who I had a crush on freshmen year. She was Ashley’s friend, and I was even texting her before Ashley saw the video on my phone. After the incident, she blocked my number. I called her over, and she walked up next to me.

“Kiss me,” I said. She walked up to the side of the desk and leaned forward. She kissed me, and it made my face blush. I pined over this girl for so long, and now I finally get to be with caddebostan escort her. Ashita was expertly sucking me off, and Morgan stuck out her tongue for me to suck on. I was starting to enter another trance of pleasure.

Suddenly, the P.A. system crackled to life, and a male voice said, “It’s ready.” I pushed the girls off of me, and jumped up. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, and I was about to open the greatest present ever. I walked speedily to the gym, and was ecstatic to see my vision come to life. In the center of the gym was a metal, oversized coffin with a mattress inside of it. I walked up to it and got in. I lied down in it, and evaluated the handiwork. It was spacious and comfortable. The walls of the coffin went up a foot above my head, so all I could see was the ceiling of the gym.

I issued my command, “All the women in the school line up in front of the coffin in single file order. Then step into the coffin, strip and throw your clothes out of the coffin. Then, spit in my mouth, turn around, piss and shit on my face, and leave.”

I heard a symphony of shuffling shoes making their way towards the gym. The

first girl stepped into the coffin just below my feet. I recognized her as one of the cheerleaders, Madison. She was short, white, with brown hair and a little bit of acne. She had a cute face, with big eyes and a button nose. She took off her shirt and revealed her bra, which looked too big on her. It was a boring beige bra, which was rather unflattering. She undid her jeans and pulled them down, revealing blue panties with red hearts polka-dotting them. Her body was small, but had a little bit of fat on it. Her stomach and legs lacked the fit look that Mrs. Reynolds had. She unclipped her bra, and let it fall. Her breasts were small, with big puffy areolas, and stiff nipples. She pulled down her panties, and I saw her pussy. She had a light amout of brown pubic hair puffed around her small, tight lips. She had a small mole on the top left area of her pubic mound.

She threw her clothes out of the coffin and walked up to my face, one leg on each side of my body. Bending over, she brought her face to mine, and I opened my mouth in anticipation. She let a big gob of spit slowly dribble out of her lips and fall into my waiting mouth. I felt it hit my tongue, and I rubbed it on the roof of my mouth, playing with its slippery texture. She turned around and squatted over my mouth, and I opened up again. I could smell her femininity, and it was complex—a mix of sweet musk, stale pee, cheesy ass smell, and perfume. I wondered what it tasted like. A stream of yellow urine shot out of her and into my mouth. It tasted metallic and salty, and I let it fill my mouth and run down my cheeks. When her stream stopped, I swallowed what was left in my mouth.

I watched her asshole jut out from her body, and a fart hissed out. The smell was rancid, and I coughed a little. A little brown dot appeared in the center of her puckered rosebud. The dot slowly expanded into the tip of a log, which got bigger as it inched out of her bowels and towards my open mouth. It was dark brown in colour, and smelled much worse than the fart. The tip made contact with my lips, and it was steaming hot. It slid into my mouth, and I felt the dense log creep across my tongue. The taste was atrocious, and it stung my tongue. As the turd reached toward the back of my throat, Madison cut the log off, and the rest of it fell across my cheek. I lied there sucking on her dense log while she stepped out of the coffin.

The next girl stepped into the coffin, and it was Gretchen, the Russian exchange student. She had dirty blonde hair and high cheek bones. She was extremely skinny, and people speculated that she might be anorexic. She was wearing a white button up shirt with a grey shall, and blue jeans. She started stripping, and I enjoyed the show while sucking on the shit in my mouth. She took off her shall and unbuttoned her shirt, throwing it out of the coffin. She was indeed skinny, and I could see her ribcage prominently. Her tits were nonexistent, and her nipples were small little buds. She took off her jeans and panties in one motion, and I saw her pussy. She was clean shaven, and her lips were puffy and pink.

As she walked up to spit, I swallowed the small amount of the slimy turd left in my mouth, and opened up for her. She brought her face close to mine, and spat roughly in my mouth. She spat with such force that it splattered on the rest of my face, and I flinched. Her aggressiveness turned me on, and my dick somehow managed to get harder. She turned around and squatted over me, and her small ass cheeks spread wide, revealing her pink bud to me. She started peeing, and her wild stream splashed into my mouth and flowed down my cheeks. Her piss was mildly salty, and the warm pee felt nice on my cheeks. When she was done, I swallowed the last of her piss, cleansing my palette for what was to come. Her asshole quickly jutted out, and a small noodle of a turn shot out into my mouth and coiled. She shat just enough to fill my mouth with her warm, mushy shit. The taste was terrible, and the smell emanating from my mouth made me want to choke. In three big swallows, I managed to get all of her shit down.

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