sister in law catches me masturbatin,true start wi

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sister in law catches me masturbatin,true start wiOne afternoon at about 1 o’clock I was sitting alone at wife was at work and had a couple hours to kill and thought I might as well put on a old DVD I have not watched I a while ” extream anal 3″ .I thought I would be fine and did not close the curtines to the big picture window that looks into my living room .my wife’s sister was supposed to be in work but got out earlyand came over and drop off some party supplies:) .I have always thought that she had a hot body I find. It hard not to look at her when she.puts on a her bathing suit and we swim in the river.I start the DVD and pull my pants down to my anckles and sit on the couch.I put on the scene with Ashley blue and star rubbing my dick while watching Ashley take canlı bahis it hardcore in every hole.I was just going slow trying for a intense load.I remember that Ashley was on her back taking a cock in her ass when I heard a knock on the door and a half second later the door knob was turning…I pushed the power button on the remote as quick as I could while trying to pull my pants up without her seeing over the couch .she peeked in the door and hesitently said” hello “. I think she looked in the living window while she knocked and saw me polling up my pants and tucking in my cock.she looked like she already had a buzz and was wearing a low cut shirt that showed off her tits.she has 36 d cup size.I always wanted to see her tits, she is always bending over in front of bahis siteleri me and wearing a bathing suit that has no fabric from her neck to her belly button I say hi as she slowley comes in the door and says sorry for not calling. She bends over to take her shoes off and I can see her tits hanging down they have slight teardrop shape hanging there my wife has told me her nipples are big just like hers and that they are a little bigger too.every time she bens over I’m trying to imagine what those big dark nipples look like.she stands up and asks when my wife is home I say in 4 hours my cock is still rock hard and I saw her look at it when she sttod up.I am beat red and embarresed my cock won’t get soft because I can’t stop thinking about balls hurt and I start getting güvenilir bahis a sick feeling in my stomach.I followed her to the kitchen she drops her bag to the floor and bends over to pull out the supplies.I stare at her ass as she shows me her ass crack and imagine her ass speed open.she says she will wait for my wife and all I can think of is how to get rid of my hard on. We do some supplies and have a couple shots of rum and out of nowhere she says she wants to she if my cock was thick like her sister said she comes over, pulls down my pants and slides my half limp dick in her mouth .I have seen her long young when she is drunk before and it feels as good as I thought it would when she Locke my balls with my dick down Her throat. I can feel my cock fill her mouth and pull her shirt off and see her little belly andtit held up by her bra.she looks up at me as I grab her ponytail and shove her head on my dick she spits a sloppy all over my cock as she stokes it.To be continued…

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