Slave Sister


It was a bright summer afternoon and the Kennedy parents were out, leaving their three daughters Sam, Veronica and Lucy in the house.

Mr and Mrs Kennedy had a special appointment with each of their bosses concerning their upgrades for their job positions.

“We’ll be back by midnight, take care munchkins…”

Mrs Jane told her three lovely daughters. The eldest one was Samantha age 20, the middle one was Veronica age 19, and the youngest was Lucy, age 18.

“We’ll be here…as always…I still don’t see why I can’t go to Landon’s party…”

Sam huffed, flipping through her iPhone messages, while sulking in the corridor that led to the entrance of the grand mansion.

Veronica snuck up behind her and snatched the phone outta her hands.

“Ooohh…this guys smokin hawt…”

She cooed, waving the picture of a blond haired blue eyed russian boy with a crooked smile and dazzling white teeth bright than snow.

“You’re grounded…that’s why…that stunt you pulled at Immaculata the other day…not cool…you nearly got expelled…”

Mr Austen snapped.

After three more minutes of arguing, the parents finally left, slamming the door shut.

Sam knew better than to sneak out, there were light beams all over the front lawn and several cameras on the front porch.

“Jesus…what kind of parents do I have to put up with…”

Sam moaned, collapsing onto a sofa in the living room.

Veronica was turning on every fan in the house, her cheeks were flushed,

“It’s hot in here and the air conditioners are broken! What’s the point of having a huge fucking house that has nothing in it! We don’t even have a flat screen tv!”

She screamed, kicking the average sized box tv on a wobbly table.

She too collapsed beside her sister, fanning her face with her hands.

“Face…it…we’re poor…I really do hope our parents get the jobs…then I can finally get myself a maid or something…I’ve always wanted one of those…”

Sam grunted, shoving a pillow to her face.

Lucy, who had been listening to the two whine and complain from the kitchen, suddenly appeared holding a tray full of drinks and cookies.

“Look Sam, I know you wanted to go to the party, and I’m sorry that you’re stuck here…but don’t worry, we’ve got the house to ourselves for once…we can at least eat whatever we want…”

Lucy smiled, placing the tray on a stool beside them.

Sam looked up, blinking in confusion.


She Bycasino smirked, reaching over for a ice filled glass.

She sniffed it several times.

“Is this…vodka?”

She asked with a gasp.

Veronica widened her eyes in shock.

“Dad said we’re not allowed until we’re like…18…”

She reminded her.

Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Who cares…”

She muttered.

“Uh…where’s your glass?”

Sam asked, after taking a long swig of her sparkling red drink.

“I don’t want any…”

Lucy said, sitting on the floor at their feet.

“Get off the ground, it’s dirty…we having vacuumed in weeks…”

Veronica said, nudging her in the ribs.

Lucy tilted her head to look up at Sam.

“I heard you said you wanted a maid?

She asked rather nervously.

Sam nodded, looking rather dazed.

“Yea…why not…I’m sick of cleaning up my room…I’m sick of our stupid dog shitting all over the place”

She moaned, rubbing her red eyes.

Veronica suddenly let out a high pitched giggle.

“We lost him at the park the other day…remember?”

She threw her empty glass across the room and slouched in her seat.

Lucy slowly reached out to pet Sam’s ankle.

“Would you like a slave instead?”

She asked, her face reddening.

Sam nearly choked on her drink.

She slammed the cup hard on the table next to her, causing it to shake.


She asked, squinting down at her.

“Do you want a slave girl?”

Lucy asked again, her cheeks reddening.

Sam shrugged.

“I dunno…”

Lucy touched her high heels.

“Would you like a massage?”

She murmured.

Sam and Veronica looked at each other awkwardly.

“Is this some sort of joke? Okay…spit it out…what is it that you want…? A new laptop? A car? A cat?”

Sam laughed sheepishly.

“Are you still scared that we’ll tell mom about that test you failed last week?”

Veronica sneered.

Lucy shook her head.

“No…its not that…it’s..”

She hesitated.

Lucy stroked Sam’s ankles again.

“I just want you to be happy…since you can’t go to Landon’s party, I figured I’d make it up to you…”

Sam folded her arms across her chest.

“So you’re saying you want to be our slave? Is that right?”

Lucy nodded.

“For how long?”

Veronica chimed, Bycasino giriş looking intrigued.

“For as long as you want…”

Lucy replied.

Sam still couldn’t believe her ears.

“You were always pretty quiet, and shy, but I never thought you were this nice, you know what, fine, I could use a bitch in the house, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking lately but the effects are amazing…”

Sam snapped her fingers.

“Fine, my slave, take off my heels and rub my feet for me…”

She took another sip of her vodka while she watched her little sister unbuckle her shoes.

“Uh really? What about me? I just got back from soccer practice! My feet are killing me!”

Veronica pouted.

Sam wiggled her bare feet and placed them into the girl’s lap.

“I still don’t know what’s gotten into you, are you sure you didn’t drink any alcohol or something? You know the effects are far greater on little kids…”

She looked mildly concerned.


Lucy said, stroking Sam’s soles.

Veronica made a loud grunting sound at the back of her throat.

“She has a foot fetish…”

Veronica stated.

Then suddenly, an imaginary lightbulb turned on over her head.

“Aha! So it was you who was tickling my feet these past few weeks! And I thought it was the dog or something!”

She squealed.

Lucy blushed.

Sam nodded in approval.

“That makes sense…you know what, I can use this “so called” fetish to my advantage…”

She looked triumphant as she watched Lucy pull gently on her toes.

“I want you to massage my feet everyday, but at night until I fall asleep, then in the morning to wake me up…”

Veronica snorted.

“What about me? I want a slave too!”

Lucy reached out to grab Veronica’s right foot, while keeping her other hand around Sam’s size 8 foot.

She rubbed the two at the same time, while watching the dazzled and drunken faces of her older sisters.

“Get some moisturizer from my room…”

Veronica ordered.

Lucy nodded, scrambled to her feet then bolted out of the room.

Veronica grinned at Sam and Sam grinned back.

“She’s weird, but I like this, whatever’s wrong with her, I hope she keeps it up…”

A few seconds later, the girl sprinted back into the room, carrying a small bottle of cream.

She got back onto her knees and snapped the bottle cap open and squeezed the Bycasino deneme bonusu pink contents into her hand.

Veronica and Sam placed their feet onto the girl’s lap, as if she were a footstool and watched her as she applied the strawberry scented moisturizer to their calves.

“Let’s watch a movie…”

Veronica suggested.

Sam snapped her fingers at Lucy and she instantly jumped off the floor.

“The notebook or titanic?”

She asked.

“Neither…let’s go with American pie 3…”

Sam said, waving her off.

Lucy went to fetch the CD and while she set up the film, Sam checked her phone again at the sound of her Justin Bieber ringtone.

“Oh my god! Look! He’s actually a smoking cocaine!”

Sam gasped, shoving the snapshot into Veronica’s face.

“I thought he said he didn’t do drugs…”

Veronica breathed heavily, as she stared at the figure of a half naked college dude behind Landon and his fistful of white powder.

“Babe i miss you…”

Sam typed, while Lucy resumed the foot service for her sisters.

She massaged one foot of each girl for five minutes, before she alternated sides. Lucy listened to the squishy sound of moisturizer as she rubbed inbetween the toes, using both hands to fully knead the heel.

Veronica snapped her fingers.

“Get me a lemonade…”

She ordered.

Lucy obeyed, returning in less than one minute.

“Hey don’t forget this foot…”

Veronica said, sticking her tanned toes into her face.

“So you’re actually having fun?”

Sam asked Lucy, looking bewildered.

Lucy smiled.

“Fine…I mean don’t get me wrong, I like this, after I want you to clean our rooms.”

Sam said.

Lucy massaged their feet for the next half hour until Sam ordered her to stop.

“Go get my nail polish.”

Lucy bolted back into the room 50 seconds later holding a blue polish tube, as well as clear and white.

“I want a French pedicure…”

Veronica exclaimed.

Lucy spent the rest of the movie polishing her toenails, then she moved onto Sam’s who wanted hers blue.

This took 15 minutes.

“Now go put the next American pie movie.”

Veronica shooed the girl off.

As soon as the movie began, Sam had Lucy get on all hours, facing them sideways, just like table.

“There…you’ll be our footstool for the next 2 hours or so while our nails dry…”

Sam laughed.

The girls lifted their legs and dropped them with a thump onto Lucy’s back.

“It’s only 7:30…”

Veronica stated.

“Hmm…stop moving slave…”

Sam snapped at the girl who had reached to scratch her lower back.

“Yes mistress.”

Lucy apologized.

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