Smile My wife with old man -1


Smile My wife with old man -1deleteddeletedWe are living in porsh area as i get this villa from my company because i am working as a manager in that company. We are well settled in financially, so my wife Keerthana is always take care of my one year son in home. She is a good house wife as she also take good care for our home neat and clean. Everybody who comes first time in our they will get a good impression about our house. Our married life has been going very smoothly in love, caring, sex everything was perfect. We always choose passionate and soft-core in our regular sex. Keerthana is also like the same and she was completely satisfied with me in the initial years of our marriage life. Compared to my wife i was nothing. She is very beautiful and perfect but she is not much fair like film actress. But a average colour she has. I always notice when we gone to any mall or somewhere every men’s eyes on her cute face and body. When we returned in our home I used to tease her by saying about the persons were eyed on her body. She does love to hear it from my side. We are very opened minded couple, so me and Keerthana sometimes discuss about other couples body and all. But our limitations had not crossed the line. She respect me as her loyal husband and I do the same to her. As I told you before our sex life was a soft-core. The main reason for it I am not a strong man enough to ride my sexy wife Keerthana. Its true that she is satisfied from me but Keerthana the girl who can enjoy the sex more than this. She always energetic on our bed. Sometimes she will take the initiative me to take on the bed if she is in good mood. If so she will guide me for do everything. One more reason is there it is size of my cock. As not everybody like not too much small. I have only 6.2 inches. But not having much thickness. When she take it on her mouth she could easy speak even if my cock was inside the mouth. But she did not complained about less thickness of my cock. Keerthana is always neat and clean in every aspect relating with her life, she do regular shave on her pussy and other secret parts. Her private parts also the same colour of her face. So i always love to eat her private parts more than fucking her cunt. I wanted to taking care of her pussy and ass with my tongue. Once in a month we used to go any hill stations for enjoying our Romantic movements. Totally we enjoyed our life very much with our one year old son. Same time some of our neighbours jealous about our living style except one 55 Year old man Shanawas. Shanawas was very attached with me and Keerthana because he lost his wife in an accident on last year. Before that we were very close with that old lady. She cared Keerthana when she was pregnant, so now the Shanawas uncle only the man who attached with us in our area, others were just only acting like they cares us. After the death of Shanawas uncles wife he again started drinking alcohol. There was nobody to help Shanawas uncle in his home, so sometimes Keerthana will go and give him some foods and wash his cloths, clean the house to keep the house neat. I am also happy for Keerthana’s act for helping a old man in this pathetic situation. Days were passed. Our sex life is going the same routine like soft-core. But sometimes we had felt our graph had became low compared with previous. My excitements became less. So i started to watch porn again after some years. I fixed a large LED TV in our bed room and i stared to watch it Infront of my wife Keerthana. She had no complaint for my new act and some time she also watch it with me before a awesome fucking session. After one month we checked other verities like Milf, gangbang, face sitting that we usually do. Finally we reached on Swingers/Cuckold. Firstly we did not get the meaning of these two words. She asked me about this. Shamelessly i told her i am also not familiar to watching this, she said these both words are same, but i said “No, i think it has different meaning” we had a small cute fight finally we agreed to Google it. We were surprized after reading these meaning of both words. Because for us it the swapping the partners and let wife for fucking a bull is like a strange idea. We had really laughed because it was very new idea for us. After watching some other soft porn movie we made energetic fucking session more than usual. Next morning i left to office and she had gone to Shanawas uncles home after finishing our household work. It was a Saturday so i was very relaxed in my office as it was not rush day. In the free time i collected some movements from last night with my wife and our discussion. Again i open my personal laptop and googled it because i really confused about the idea of Cuckold. Swapping is ok because both partners will get mutual satisfaction. But the word Cuckold…… i think it in my mind…. how can it give satisfaction for husband if his wife is sleeping with a stranger even in front of her husband. He must be angry for it rather than enjoying. Also i found a more pages, community in facebook and i got surprized lot of people had like on this pages and commenting their wife’s are ready for new bull. My eyes gone wide. So panned to study about this. I open you tube after i read more articles about the idea of Cuckold. Also collected some good stories from internet. After reading one story i also noticed that i am hard. I got excited and read the second one that was a husband agrees his wife to enjoy with her neighbour and he watch it without his knowledge. It really turned me on. After reading this i realize that my Precum were leaking under my pants. Suddenly my phone rang. It was my wife Keerthana. She always call me on this time everyday. I attend the phone and she said she is with Shanawas uncle and she called me to enquire that i had take my lunch or not. While she was saying she was with Shanawas uncle in his home my mind had gone in a negative direction. I did not say anything more and i cut the phone and went to washroom. The first time ever i masturbated in my office toilet because of the word Cuckold. That night sex was awesome with Keerthana. I was really hard-core for the first time with my wife without watching any porn before session. She also love it more than me. Even after ejaculating in her cunt I sucked her pussy with my own cum for the first time. When sucking her pussy with my cum I was thinking that i cleaning her sweet pussy after a long session with her new lover. It really turned me on again. She was really excited in my new act and she blushed me with a sweet smile and take my hard cock on her mouth and sucked it like hell. I was in heaven. She sucked my balls as well for the first time. Her nipple got erected like a mountain. After two hours of our hard session we layed on the bed by hugging each other. She asked me the reason behind this excitement. After a hesitation i said i was imagining that you were fucking with a stranger not by me, and i was cleaning up your pussy after he fucks you. Suddenly she jumped from the bed and looked into my eyes and asked what happen to me. I said “I don’t know, I really turned on when I am imagining you fucking with a total stranger man”She looked me strangely and sat beside me and patiently ask about my problem. I explained to her what i read in google about Cuckold. Open the laptop and show the full comments and articles about this subject. She is really honest with and trust me more than i do, so she patiently said “ok, i don’t why you turn on when thinking about this subject, it is just a fantasy of your that someone stranger who is fucking your wife and you enjoying it by just watching. It is just a fantasy and not going to happed in real life, so no harm for you to thinking me like this if you can perform like what you had done with me today, because i really enjoyed todays session due to your excitment”Me said “I know dear, you can understand me. I was not like this, but after reading these stories my mind is going in another direction. Automatically i am replacing you with the wife who is in the cuckold story ”Then there was a silent for a movement. I brock the silence and said “You know dear when everybody on the mall and outside looking to your assets I was not bothered it. But now i realize that when i retake the scene now i am getting hard on. Because you are really a amazing sexy bomb”She laughed and said “That i know dear, but i never ever cheat my husband, Its my promise”She stand from the bed and walked to the bathroom and before closing the door she teasingly called me name and said “ Sooraj, will you clean my pussy?? Because its paining due to my lovers cock.. hahahaha…” and she closed the door with a big laugh before i catch her up.After hearing this, felt something in my heart and a shock on my cock and again get hard with excitement.I layed on the bed and take my cock in my hand and started masturbating with eyes closed. This time my wife came from washroom and she saw me i am masturbating, she understood that i was imagining something about her with any other person. She silently watch there by standing with hands crossed. I about to come fourth orgasm shot on the same day had sprayed on the bed, it was huge load of cum, Keerthana amused with my stamina and asked“Wowww… it was your third right??”Me said “No dear, its fourth one, i already done when i was in office”Keerthana smiled and said “ What happend Sooraj?? I am seeing you for the first time like this much excitement and stamina.. so you really want me to see with another man???”I realized she was watching me while masturbating. I said with a shame smile “Keerthana this fantasy has came after reading that story. It make me so Horney. I will refer it you, canlı bahis just tell me what you feel after reading”Keerthana said “ok i will read. But still i didn’t get the answer for my question”I put my head down and said “Frankly Keerthana, after reading this story deep in my mind wants to see you with another man”After a deep pause between our conversation I continued “Sorry Keerthana if i hurt you by my words, I am apologising you”Keerthana came and sat beside me. She said “Sooraj, i know you from last two years, and I completely trusting you”Our conversation had ended up after so much emotions and apologising.Two three week had passed. Our sex life had improved because whenever after intercourse without saying she came and allow me to suck her pussy. Actually we did not discussed Cuckold subject after that day, but my own cum licking from her pussy act is simply we both know that we imagining my fantasy that I am licking it of her boyfriend cum from her pussy. One day when she was watching the TV i came and sat on the opposite sofa where she was sitting. Casually I asked “Hey Keerthana, have you read those stories???”Keerthana: which story?Me: You forget?? With a smileKeerthana blushed and said “Yes i read it”Me: aha good.. then How is it? Is it interesting?Keerthana : Ah little bit. By saying this she jumped and runned kitchen with simile hiding on her face. I understand that she also liked the idea of cuckold. Because she was not saying anything negative about this concept. Also some improvement had happening in our bed room while we having intercourse. She had become energetic than before and responding in good way when I sucking my cum from her cunt and she allow me to lick more than before. Sometime she moaning like a slut by closing her eyes. May be she would imagining really i am cleaning her cunt after a hot session with her lover.She was standing and cooking something on gas stove. I reached on he back and placed my both hands on her waist. She was wearing a saree, I stood behind her and whispered in her hear “do u love it or not”??? While asking this i placed my cock on her ass and rub it on her saree. She slowly pushed her ass to my side and said “why on this time”I said i didn’t get the answer. She said “For reading it was interesting, but in real life it is not possible. Moreover our marriage life will spoil”By pulling her waist to my and said “Hey, I only asked you that did you love the story or not, but you have gone too far dear.. hahahaha” and smiledKeerthana turned to my side and pushed my with her hand by saying “You idiot…. “ and turned on other side and resume the cooking. I understand that she also love it the idea. But the only fear she facing is that our marriage life and society.When I reached again her for convince our door bell has rang. She asked me to open the door. Then I got an idea and said “Keerthana. We don’t know who is waiting in front of our door. This is our home, so no need to be afraid. Lets play a small game”Keerthana looked Confusely and asked “What game??”I explained her “We can give a good treat to this guest like we were doing in mall and outside. Wear tight your saree and show your boobs and ass little more, also ensure that your cleavage and navel has in a good view. It will be really fun for view the reaction of our guest”She said “Sooraj, Its dangerous. We don’t know who is outside.”Me said “Put off the gas stove and be ready from our room. I am going to open the door” and a runned to living room. From my behind she was trying to say something but I’m far away to hear it. I was getting hard with excitement by thinking about the next situations. When I open the door. I was disappointed to see Shanawas uncle there. My excitement had gone like golden duck on a cricket pitch. The first attempt had failed. I expected a handsome boy or any other men age between 20 to 40, but uncle is above 50 and I lost my First luck. I hided my frustration and invited Shanawas uncle to inside our home. He was not drunk this time. We sat on the sofa where in the living room and chat casual talk. He thanked me for sending my wife to help him on his house, and enquired about Keerthana. She was in the bed room and it was closed. So she could not know who is out side. As i expect she open the bed room and came to us. When she see Shanawas uncle on the living room she looked into my face and smiled, i can read something behind that smile. She was wearing her saree very tightly wrapped around her boobs and some of her upper parts of her boobs are popping out from her blouse. My god… it is not her cleavage actually she is shown her upper part of her boobs almost outside. Her bare waist and navel are really visible through the side of her saree. The Saree wrapped on the lower waist side rather than upper side. She looks like a awesome sexy lady. When i noticed Shanawas uncle, he was running his eyes on her body. I could easily read his eyes as i am also a men. Keerthana is not minding that he is too old, she is teasing the old man in front of me. He also enjoying her beauty with lust in his eyes. Keerthana blushed into my face and bend in front of us to take a empty glass which were on the small table to show her clean view of cleavage to us. I noticed Shanawas had opened his eyes wide and gasping for some air from his throat. I got erected under my pants for my sweet wife’s new act as she transforming to a new house wife who is ready to show up her asset to others in front of her husband was watching.Then she sat on the hand rest which Shanawas uncle has been sitting. Her one ass cheek is resting on the hand rest, so Shanawas uncles arm just inches away from my wife’s ass cheeks. She is facing toward my side and Shanawas uncle was sitting on my opposite side. When i looked into Keeravana’s face, she was teasing me like biting her lips and signalled me to look on the hand rest. While in the conversation i noticed that sometimes Keerthana’s ass cheek is touching on Shanawas uncles hand, he also take the advantage with her and pushing his hands with her ass. She smiled and pointed her eyes into my pants that already had buldged. He keep his hand on the hand rest itself without any small movements. After some times Keerthana get up from there and went to kitchen for take tea for Shanawas uncle. Then Shanawas had left by saying he has to go for some place urgently.After he had gone i reached for Keerthana in the kitchen. She was not bothering me when i was standing just behind her. She was smiling and turned towards me. I said “Keerthana.. He was too old, then why did you tease him?”Keerthana: Yes he is too old. I tease him because you need to experience that Cuckold humiliation right??Me: Actually i was sad when i saw Shanawas uncle in front of our main door as i was expecting a good looking boy. I guessed you will also behave decent manner after you realize it was Shanawas uncle, But you surprized me by teasing him in front of me. Keerthana: Actually i was afraid to come out from our bed room dressing like this in front of a guest, but When i saw him in our living room i got more guts to explore myself because we know him very well, as well as he is an old man. If the person was a boy, he would disclose this information with his friends. But Shanawas uncle does not have intimate friends or family other than us. That’s why i had done this. I am sorry Sooraj if i hurt you.Me: Wowww Keerthana. You are amazing. In this short period you have study all the information. So are you ready to make this in our life??Keerthana: Not yet Sooraj, i need some more time. First i need to practice how to explore in front of other men’s. Then i will get some confidence to sleep with a stranger otherwise i would be afraid of him. Me: Yes, your concern is reasonable. So what is your plan to explore yourself??Keerthana: When we are going to monthly trip?we can experiment it when we are going trip to some where else. So we will be safe as well as i may get confidence.Me: Ok, lets plan it for this Tuesday. I will be free for, 3 days. We dropped our with his grand parents, because this tour will be so much fun than before we had. We almost prepared for our trip to Kodaikanal a famous honeymoon spot in Tamilnadu. We had left there in the early morning. After reaching there we had taken a good honeymoon cottage in front of a big mountain. Our room boy was a tamil boy who is almost 20 year old and his name was Nagappa. He was very co operative with us from the beginning as i had given a big tip when we have taken the room. I noticed the this young boy is staring my wife Keerthana. I asked the tour operator to give us a guide and suggested Naggappa’s name. He agreed it and told him to take care of us. He was also happy to take this duty as he can see my sexy wife all the time. Then i convey this good news to Keerthana. She smiled me and appreciated me about my idea. When we are ready to go outside with Nagappa i suggested Keerthana to wear a cloth under her boobs. She didn’t get the idea and asked me to do the same. I removed her bra and take a small rope made with soft cloth, and tied it under her boobs and tied it behind her. When i press it upward her boobs were bulged to the top side and her nipples get erected. She smiled and wear the bra over it and wore a Kurtha on the top. Now her cleavage were really visible and her boobs looks like a real mountains because of this erection. The first see of Ningappa was stunned and open his mouth when he saw my wife’s boobs popping out from her Kurta. We started our journey in our car and first we planned to go a trucking, so we decided to take a single Jeep for three of us excluding driver. The driver was also a Tamilan average 40 Year old. bahis siteleri My wife and Nagappa had entered the back side of the Jeep and i sat on the front side with driver. I noticed Nagappa satring at her boobs and when she was smiling at him, he turn his face away because of his shyness. I could see them from the mirror where inside the Jeep. We both like Nagappa with his shy face and i winked at her by turning my head towards her. After sometimes vehicle started to move between big rocks. Our vehicle started to move like a wave with a big jump. Nagappa was sitting just opposite of her and she was sitting just behind the driver, so the driver couldn’t see her. After sometimes because of vehicle movements her our body started to swing. Her boobs started to jumping up and down and she tired to hold her hand on a iorn rode from her back on the jeep. Now her boobs pushing forward better than before. So Nagappa had get a good view of her cleavage. She was also enjoying the situation. She looked at me on the mirror. She understand that i am watching all their activities. She winked at me and pushed her boobs little more. Now her half of the boobs are popping out from her kurta. Nagappa the young boy staring at her both melons. I helped them to divert drivers attention with me and, we were discussing about tour package and season times, same time i was noticing them from the mirror. Her left boob was almost visible. Some of the part of the bra were visible. Ningappa gasped his air and staring at her boobs. At last we reached our destination where a top of the mountain, we got out from the Jeep. We three started to walk and talked about the climate. She adjusted her boobs, then whispered in my ear she want to talk me privately. I excused to Nagappa and stay away from him. The she saidKeerthana: Sooraj, did you see everything?? Me: Yes almost i saw everything tha you allowed him to stare at your boobs. You enjoyed it, right??Keerthana: Yes. I really enjoyed it. Because he is stranger to us, so i got little more confidence to show him. So are you sure, can i continue??Me: Yes off course Keerthana, this is a platform you to explore yourself with a stranger. I will be always with you. Take your things further.Keerthana smiled and kissed me on the lips in front of Nagappa. This is first time she is kissed me in front of a stranger. Nagappa tried to keep his eye contact with us. We loved this act of in front of him, i understand he is very shy boy and trustworthy. On the way to back in the Jeep Keerthana give a good treat to this shy boy. After finishing that trucking. I asked Ningappa to drive my car. I told him i already drive more than 200 Kilo meters from our home and also want to drive the same kilo meter to reach our home. He happily agreed by saying “i know driving very well and I love to drive the car, our tour operator have thier own car and own driver, so i will not get all time.”I smiled and give him the key and said Keerthana’s to sit front seat and i sat on the back. Keerthana understand i have some plan. She agreed and sat with him on the passenger seat. While driving me and Nagappa became very close as we discussed about his family and friends. I saved his number in my mobile and i said we will call you whenever we come here. Last I asked him “do we have any private place”Keerthana mischievously looked into my face. I blushed and looked into Nagappa. He smiled and askes “What private place you want?”I said “You know we came hear to enjoy our honeymoon, and we don’t want to enjoy only in the cottage. We are looking for something new”We all understand what i really meant. Keerthana hit in my hand and smiled at me. Nagappa smiled without looking at us. He was concentrating on the driving. After a deep silence he stated “Sir, it would be risk in outside as many families will be present in everywhere in this Kodaikanal.”Keerthana looked at my eyes. Her face became red. She got excited to hear our talk about how i can use her. Her breathing had increased. I understand her needs. I came behind her seat and told Nagappa “can you please stop somewhere”.Nagappa understand what is going to happen. That young boy said “Sir please, we cannot do it here coz many vehicle will pass through this road, people may notice.” I heard what he had said. Without replying him i leaned forward and kissed on her right shoulder. Nagappa noticed my act and he was not looking us. I put my both hand across on the front seat and placed her waist. He closed her eyes with excitement as she was sitting with a young boy and her husband is caressing her from behind in front of him. Nagappa trying to avoid his eye contact with us. I pulled the front seat to back side. Now she is half lying on the seat and, i placed my hands on her stomach and kissed on her lips. She also responded very passionately. With the presence of a third person she became Horney.While kissing i placed my hands on bottom of the breast. Nagappa looked on the side. I think this young boy wants to see more. I pulled both boobs from down side. Her hand were caressing my hair from my back of the head. Her half of the boobs were pooped outside. I removed her first two buttons of her Kurta and allowed those melons comes outside. Frequently Nagappa turned his head and looking us. Now her both boobs came outside and her nipples get erected. She was busy with my lips. I pressed her nipples with my finger and she is breathing heavily. My heart beat is also raise to show my wife assets shown in front of a young stranger boy. That was a new experience for us, without any delay I placed my hand on her lower stomach and massaged her just above her pussy. She moaned a little like mmmm aahhhhhh…. Nagappa keep his eye on us while driving. Pulled her Kurta up and placed my hand between the elastic of the pant and her bare stomach. I asked her i low voice. “Are you ok?? Can i do further??” She whispered in my ear “Its a new experience for both of us, lets show your wife’s assets to this young boy. Let him enjoy by seeing my private parts”I got a shock on my head. I am proud to say that my wife is bolder to take further steps. I pushed my finger into her panty. She gasped when i pressed it with my bare hand. She closed her eyes. I massaged her wet cunt with my bare hand, she spread her legs little wide me to give a nice access. I think Nagappa is also enjoying this view. Without bothering him i placed my both hand on her pants and pushed it down with full force with her panty. Wow. Now her sweet wet pussy is visible to this young boy. He slow down our car and slowly looked into my wife’s pussy. His eyes had became wide. I pushed my two fingers into her pussy she cried with a joy, ahhhhhhhhhhI removed it, My fingers were having enough lubricants for the next push. I pushed my right hand again, this time i didn’t removed it, used my thumb and massaged it with her clitoris. Her body moved like a wav, and same time i pressed her left boobs with my left hand. Her kurta is only covered in her stomach and pants was removed till her knee. Her all parts were seen my this young boy. After so much of screaming and crying with pleasure. She made her first a orgasm and she opened her eyes and kissed on my lips. Then she put her seat straight and shyly looked into my face then Nappaga. The young boy don’t know how to behave. Keerthana put her kurta and pants properly. Everybody was silent after this. I brock it and started the conversation to avoid awkwardness.“Nagappa, where we are going next??” he said we are going to have the pine forest. As we reached there many families were busy for taking photos on their mobile. We have a DSLR camera and Nagappa helped us to take our intimate images. When he taking the photos nagappa always looking into my wife’s body. Her ass and boobs were bulging more than any of the women were present there. Then i asked Nagappa to pose a photo with us. We take a selfie and also i asked him to pose with my wife, she looked mischievously and stand with him. He had keep a distance from her. After some requesting he touched body with her hand. She suddenly hold his hand with her. His elbow was pressing against her boobs. She winked at me and pressed little more. She enjoyed a lot. That day was very interesting for three of us. Evening we reached on the cottage and i had a sweet night with Keerthana. Nagappa left at the night with the promising that he can reach in the morning. Next morning, i heard a door bell, it was Nagappa came early at 6 AM. Keerthana and me were nude under the bed. I asked him to wait at the room just outside of our bed room. I get up and went to bathroom. Then Keerthana asked me from the bed in loud voice. “Sooraj, my leg is paining. I think my calf muscles had strained. Please come and help me” I clicked a good idea. I replied in the loud voice from bathroom, “I already started to take bath, please call Nagappa. He is outside, he will take you alright” And in the same loud voice i Instructed to Nagappa from the bath room “Nagappa… Please go and help her, she will get relax if you massage the calf, please can you do it?” After saying this i peeped out through the key hole of the bath room. Nagappa said ok from the other room and reached in our bed room.She was smiling towards the bathroom door. But it felt like she really have some paining on her calf. Nagappa hesitantly reached near the bed. She was laying looking toward on the roof with covered her body with the bed sheet. She looked him and said “ sorry Nagappa, it really paining, can you please put some move on my calf and massage it ?” it felt like she really suffering for that pain. She handed over a move balm and put her left leg out from the bed sheet. It covered bahis şirketleri now till her knees. Nagappa sat on the floor and looked into the calf, he give a amused look as her leg is very smooth and silky. He applied some balm on her calf and started to massage. They don’t know i was watching all the things were happening our bed room. I put the shower on and pretended like I am having a nice bath.Their massaging is progressing on the bed room. Nagappa use his both palm to caress her leg. This young boys nervousness became more than before. His hands were shivering, his face became red and his lips getting dry. Keerthana noticed changes of his appearance. She got more guts as she is laying in front of a Shy boy. She got an sudden turn on because of his shyness. She slowly pulled the bed sheet upward till her thighs, and slowly she bend her right knee up side. Now Nagappa could see her outline of her private parts. It was not fully visible as inside the bed sheet was little bit dark. Nagappa noticed it and continued the massage.Nagappa became nervous as he know that i would come to the room any of the seconds. She asked him to massage the left thigh also. Keerthana is taking next step in our life. Nagappa not looking at her body as he was placed his hands on her lower thighs with turned his head opposite. Keerthana decided to go little more further. She asked him to take hand little more upward to her upper thighs. While he massaging her left thigh, she put her hand on her wet pussy under the bed sheet. She started to masturbate slowly with closed eyes. The clock is running, her orgasm is reaching her. Her body started to move, because of her movement on the bed the bed sheet had slipped from her body and fell down on the floor. Wow Now she as completely nude in front of this guy. Nagappa’s eyes became opened like he is seeing a nude women for the first time in his life. My cock had got up straiten. Slowly i started to massaged my cock for the most beautiful site that i ever see from my wife. She was masturbating in front of a 20 year old young poor guy. His hand were still on her thighs. She moaning in low voice and her body was shaking for her orgasm. She was breathing heavily, suddenly she stopped her masturbating and opened her eyes. Keerthana saw Nagappa was staring at her nude body. Nagappa looked into her private parts closely. My wife Keerthana is giving a beautiful view for this young boy. Suddenly she held his hand and looked into his eyes. After a deep pause she placed his hand near by her wet pussy. Oh god my cock was aching with pain for seeing this view. My wife’s mental ability had improved more than before. They were looking on their eyes like a lovers. She guided his hand to press her pussy lips. His small finger is just touching on her pussy lips. He patiently placed his hand without moving, She closed her eyes as she expecting him to do anything. Nagappa looked into her pussy very closely. She was on high mode she put her both legs on the air and give him a good view of her ass. Keerthana hold his hand again and this time she place it on the above of her pussy lips and ass hole, and pressed his hand over the pussy. Then she told him to be silent and asked in a loud voice “Sooraj, You finished your bath??” I replied in the same tone “No Horney. I just brushed now, i need a long nap today” That means i give them a meaning of that, they have enough time to enjoy themselves. I am witnessing all these from that keyhole. I don’t know she will share these incident with me in our intimate movements.Nagappa got little confidence after he hear the sentence from my side. He removed his hand and sat beside her closely she was lying there with closed eyes. Her big ass cheeks were spread, and her pussy and ass hole is just in front of this young boy. Nagappa don’t know how to masturbate a women in proper way. Keerthana guided his hand to press her pussy with his fingers. He pointed his middle finger and placed in front of her pussy, she understand Nagappa already started his work. Then he pushed in a single thrust deep in side her pussy. Her body jumped because of that instant hard push. She layed on the with closed eyes. Nagappa removed his hand from her pussy and looking close with her pussy lips. Then he place that same finger in the opening of her ass crack, and pointed on the hole. My heart beat been raised. Till now we didn’t try to put on her pass hole. She also breathing heavily as she understand that this young boy is going to open her anus for the first time. She gasped air from her throat as she expecting him to push his finger into her ass hole. Nagappa slowly push his finger on the opening on her ass hole. It would be very tight. She expecting him to push it further. She locked her both thighs with her Hand and pulled it towards her boobs. Her both knees were pressed against her boob. Ningappa have a good clear view of her ass hold. Her both legs on the air, Her Clean shaved pussy lips were tighten and folded because of she pressed both thighs against her body. Her waist is pushing against his finger at last Nagappa pushed his entire finger into her ass hole, and without removing out he pushed it once more with a full force. Keerthana tighten her eyes and send a strong gasp from her mouth. He stared to fingering her ass hole like a drilling machine.I am also reaching to cum for this beautiful view. She put the pillow on her face and pressed it over her mouth to control her moaning. Then Nagappa removed the hand from her ass hole and pushed into her pussy, this time he used two finger in her pussy. Same time he pointed the other finger on his left hand had pointed toward her ass hole again. He pushed it inside the ass hole and fucking both pussy and ass with his both hands. Keerthana moaning voice had increase, she tried to control it with pillow, but she couldn’t, after few hard thrust she cried in loud voice that i could hear. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then i asked from bathroom pretending like i am unaware about what was happening in the bed room., “What happen Keerthana” She jumped up from the laying position, after taking some deep breath to calm her excitement she said “ nothing Sooraj, i couldn’t control the pain when Nagappa massaged my calf” I replied them “Ohh ok, i finished my bath. I am coming”Suddenly Nagappa jumped form the bed and left to other room. Keerthana was sitting on the bed with her spread legs. She get up and wore a nighty from our bag. She didn’t say anything when i came from bath room and she immediately rushed into the bathroom and closed the door.That day we were travelled lot of places in the Kodaikanal. On the way i expected she will tell me the incident in the morning when i was bathing, but she didn’t. My heart felt a pain. Because i am trusting her more than anyone in this world but she was not ready to tell me the incident from her side. Nagappa was almost silent on that day, but Keerthana had enjoyed a lot till i asked a question. When we reached one of the spot in Kodaikanal, Nagappa refused to come along with us as he said he was not well. I said “Ok, you take rest inside the car, we will come within 30 minutes”. He agreed, me and Keerthana had gone the one of the place. While we were walking i asked herMe: You are very happy today!! Anything special happened???Keerthana looked into my eyes. Without any delay she said “Nothing special, what happend?”Me: Nothing, i just asked. How is you calf now?Keerthana stoped her walking and stood there, looked into my eyes . I diverted my eye contact with her. After few seconds she continued.Keerthana: did you see everything? I nobbed and said “How was the feeling when he fucked with his finger on your ass hole?”Keerthana stood there silently and looked on the floor by disappointment. I hugged her and continued “Dear. I know you were afraid to tell me what happened in this morning” Keerthana pressed her face into my chest and hugged tightly and said “Yes sooraj, i was little afraid to tell you my proceeding already crossed the limitations this much fast. We were only planned to explore my body to that guy. But i lost my control when he touched on my legs in this morning, after all he was very shy and i felt very secure with him. So i got some more confidence to take the next step without asking you. Please forgive me”Me: Its ok dear. I don’t have any compliance with you for this act. My only concern was you didn’t tell me your self till this time.Keerthana: Sorry sooraj, it was my mistake. I will not break my promise again. Me: Thanks dear for the relief, tell me how was you ass fucking??Keerthana pinched me on the shoulder and walked away with a cute shyness. I followed her and asked again, this time she replied me “Sooraj, As you know, it was my first experience. It was really unexpected. When he touch on the opening of my ass hole i was worried. But he simply handled it by using her small finger, as well as his hands were very soft like women’s, so i could adjust it. Anyway how do you feel when you see your wife being used my a young poor boy.”Me: my cock had not get a relaxation from last day. I will be always want to watch someone has fucking you hardy. No matter where he fucking, ass hole, pussy or mouth where ever i will enjoy. Keerthana looked into my eyes in a teasing way and whispered. “So you like your wife is become slut who enjoying every men’s dick in her pussy”?I smiled and said “Not like a slut but, A completely and trustful housewife and mother who is going with her lover with her husbands permission and explaining the incident with her lover and allowed husband to clean her well used pussy”Keerthana laughed and commented “Ok, i will try my best” and she escaped from my hand before i slapped on her jokingly. I felt we were the most beautiful enjoyable couple in this world. When every couples were busy with their arguments and ego clash, we were enjoying the new world of lust with passionate love.TBC…

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