Solo Dance Evolves


We are in a room, and it is nighttime…the room has no furniture. It is lit by dozens of candles spread in a circle on the floor. More fill windowsills and shelving throughout. The largest window is open and its lace curtains, floor length, billow and lift with the spring breezes making the candles flicker. Though the day has been cool, our dinner, the wine, words shared of love, of swimming in a deep sea together, have generated a heat between us. We’re both inclined to swim deeply within each other tonight.

The light shines on my naked body. I kneel in the center of the room, pulling gently on my cock with one hand and stroking my balls with the other. I know that nothing turns you on more than watching me touch myself. I sit back on my heels, eyes closed and long hair blowing in the wind. When I open my eyes, I see you…smile at you, which is your invitation. You begin to undress, trailing clothes around the room as you watch me from all angles. When you are finished, I feel you approach me from behind, sliding pendik escort your fingers through my hair, so soft. I tilt my head back to you and your mouth goes to my throat, teeth raking over it, kissing, tasting my skin.

I feel you becoming breathless, watching my movements. You see my hands moving, manipulating, squeezing…you reach for my right arm, it’s tense and rigid, as hard as my cock. I love your touch on my arm, and flex for you. You reward me by digging your fingernails into my arm. I know you want to be a part of this, but watching is what you love, you crave…The wine gives your walk a familiar sway, and I make a note to dance with you later. I see you get on the floor in front of me, mirroring my position…your knees apart, resting on the heels of your feet. My eyes feast on a lovely surprise…you’ve shaved, giving my eyes access to all your folds, the wetness leaking out of you. My senses immediately summon your taste and it fills me.

You lean back on your left arm and with your maltepe escort right you open yourself up and begin sliding 2 fingers up and down your slit, getting yourself wet all over. You look up to see me watching you, so you spread thighs as far as you can, and begin to insert your middle finger slowly, slowly in and then twisting it out, then rubbing it on your clit…moaning as you do it and getting wetter and wetter just knowing I am unable to remove my gaze. I feel so much love for you tonight…so happy in this dance of joining…our 2 strong personalities finally at peace with merging. Who knew that the combustion of youth would pale against the depths of our love?

You watch me, my hands moving faster now, a little semen leaks out and I wish you could taste it, know that you share your own quickening at the memory of previous tastes. Your hips gyrate slightly with your need, and those fingers continue sliding, in and out while I get closer to my own orgasm, my heart speeding as my body tightens…the kartal escort exquisite ache intensifying at the base of my cock. My eyes lock with yours…so much said without words. You know my body, and drive yourself onwards, wanting so much to come together with me. I move at a feverish pace, you know it will be soon, and then I gasp, raising myself up off my heels and lean forward towards you and I groan out your name, pumping out hot thick come onto your breasts, your belly, your cunt. You reach out with your hand and rub it all over your breasts, bring some of the slickness down to your opening and you flush, plunge, and swim in that luscious sea again…the candles flicker, you lose your balance, whisper my name to me and you come…hard…long….and I’m holding you up, feeling your body spasm, your heart up in your throat. The room is a blur of heat, light, us…I move my hands to you and work you, keeping you at this plateau….laying you back on the hardwood floor….shadows of your curves from the candles showing me again how beautiful you are, and I plunge into you…your eyes widen in surprise, then your legs are wrapped around me, claiming me, diving into me…lips kissing and biting. Who is pulling whom in deeper? I care not…for I am with you…

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