Something To Do


Something To DoTaylor tilted her head, wary of Jay kneeling on her hair, as he kneeled either side of her ears he gently brushed the soft skin of his nuts over her face, the hairs gently tickling, her forehead first, then her nose, slowly over each cheek, before resting on her chin, lowering his arse down over her mouth, smiling she moistened her lips, before gently flicking his smooth wrinkled rim with her tongue, he smelled good, always smelled like he just needed to be made dirty.Jay kept still at first, except for stroking her bare belly. She gently ran her lips over that smooth hard piece of flesh between scrotum and anus, this oddly was her favourite part of the male anatomy, it lead either way to pleasure and giving pleasure was what she thrived on, licking and sucking, this was going to be a good session, inwardly she glowed.Circling his rim with the tip of her tongue, progressing to flicking, poking and big broad wet licks, sucking and totally indulging in his deep dark hole. She could just about reach his arse cheeks with her hands, gently at first timing nail strokes with her tongue, her heart rate was increasing as was the desire within, so much pleasure could be gained from pleasing a man, her hips started tilting, rocking with the anticipated movements of pleasure, the desire to squeeze her thighs together to bring herself off was intense, the fact that she had each leg firmly strapped to the legs of the pine kitchen table hindered that greatly, jay was pressing his arse down on her mouth and covering her nose, rendering her unable of demand, all she could do was writhe helplessly in her tethered situation whilst getting more and more turned on and pushing her tongue into the now gyrating Jay, whilst grabbing desperately at his arse and digging her nails in, in an attempt to hold him down on her face deeper.Jay gave off little groans as he stroked his cock, pulling at the end of it and then giving in he started wanking left handed for difference, long slow strokes at first, getting faster he knew he could cum instantly, but took control and held on to his load.Jay spat on his right fingers and found her clitoris, sliding it backwards and forwards between his spit wet index and middle finger tips, her crack glistening in its own anticipation, muffled sound escaped from Taylors mouth and uncontrollable judders ran through her pelvis and thighs; each judder causing the leather reins around her ankles to pull tight, followed by a squeal of discomfort. Almost instantly he pressed hard with his thumb, the pressure causing pleasure so intense it was hard to derive from pain, Taylor bit his arse, as she slammed her own arse hard down on the floor in an almighty final judder of pleasure. She could feel the prelude to a squirt as small amounts of that special liquid trickled out and made her even wetter. Jay had not been made privilege to the knowledge of her ability to squirt, after all this was just the second time ataşehir escort they had gotten naked, she had to keep a little of herself back. Couldn’t tell him everything over coffee!Jay leant forward and licked her crack from front to back; she tasted good with the faint aroma of her washing powder from the knickers she had been wearing on her journey over. He could taste the prelude, just like a woman could taste pre-cum.Coming back to her clit he flattened his tongue against it, this is when he came into his own, he was by far the best at oral that she had ever experienced, he managed just the right amount of pressure at the right time, speed selected to perfection and then he did the pulsating rotating thing that just made Taylor desire something up her arse and hard and if that didn’t do it… Jay moved into 69 over Taylor, her legs still tied, one each to the legs of the kitchen table, thank god for the Oriental rug on the quarry tiled floor, although already she could feel the distinct sting of her old friend the carpet burn. Her wrists had been tied together but with a 2ft divide between them, this would have allowed total freedom, but for the addition of a longer piece of rope that the leather wrist tether passed through. The rope was attached around the back of the old brass taps of the butler sink. Hindering her reach, she could reach the front of Jay with one hand, but only at the expense of her other being pulled back, almost like a pulley system, together her area of reach was limited and left her wanting just another inch. Frustrating!As he sank his tongue into her glistening hole his stubbly chin pressed hard against her clit; again making the divide between pain and pleasure a very faint line, his hard cock hit the back of her throat causing her gag reflex to kick in as he fucked her throat, her eyes rolled uncontrollably and watered intensely, he got caught a few times on her teeth, rather than backing off or adjusting his angle he just rammed his cock in harder and deeper each time he felt the sharp scratch of her ivory.Intensity was once more taking over for Taylor, too much going on and that faint out of control feeling, that she so desperately needed to learn to deal with, by now she would have flung her fuck buddy on his back and climbed aboard to bring her-self to climax, giving him the show of his life in doing so. But he’d tied her up and she couldn’t, she couldn’t fucking do anything other than take it, couldn’t over ride her hate for the lack of control, inability to let go, her fight was almost as intense as her orgasms. And although she had been climaxing, almost continuously throughout the whole experience, she hadn’t let herself go, she was afraid of letting go as it was going to be huge.Jay was mental orally, devouring every inch of her he sucked her labia, worked his tongue in and out, timing clit stim to perfection and then he licked her ümraniye escort arse, perhaps the most sensual pleasure of all sexual acts, before plunging not one but two fingers fiercely into her tight hole, causing her to scream in pain, c***d birth had not been kind and had left her with a front to back scar, which if caught at the wrong angle burned beyond words, even 18 years on, hurt like hell.He rotated his fingers, exploring the sides of her arse, spitting on the edges, watching as it dribbled across the tight dark wrinkles of the glistening hole, lubricating his fingers, the scar settled and then he plunged his fingers deep inside, punching the rest of his hand against her cheeks, fucking her mouth so violently that he often fell out, sc****d the teeth or indeed smothered her, but for Taylor… what was happening between her legs was far more intense and overriding than anything happening to her mouth.Jay devoured her orally, fingering her arse hard at the same time; her thighs had gone weak from the intensity of fighting the restraint along with constantly being on the edge of an explosive orgasm. Every time she told herself to let go, she brinked the edge but couldn’t bring herself to cross the line. That clever bastard, he knew that she could squirt, he’d tasted her sneaky leak earlier, with his thumb up her wet cunt and his two fingers up her arse he rammed her hard, pressing his tongue down hard on her clit, so hard and throbbing it was on the edge of going numb, he worked it, he’d been taught and taught well. Flat movements side to side with just the right pressure, her whole body went tight, she had finally done it and lost control. Unlike other women she didn’t need internal stimulation to make herself squirt, each and everytime it had been from clit stim.Jay thrust his cock deep into her mouth one last time, lifted his mouth from her , as her whole body violently contorted and she shot her load wide and far, he watched the first pulsation, then spanked her clit as she continued to come, rubbing it, spanking it she continued to flood the place, her back ached from arching, her wrists were numb from the restraint, her thighs tight from the convulsions and that nice Oriental rug, well that had more than its fair share of her skin and now fluids, it had passed the initiation test. Jays bollocks were so tight they hurt, as he loosened off the leather and gave Taylor back her freedom, he gave a glimmer of a smile as he watched her judder uncontrollably, as yet another wave of pleasure passed through her now totally knackered body. She scrambled back off the floor into sitting position against the sink unit for support, all thoughts of reality emptied form her head as her body continued to judder momentarily in support of her previous orgasm. She was fucking spent; who would have thought oral sex could have been so knackering.Jay stood now a leg either kadıköy escort side of her weak thighs, looking down on her he stroked his hard cock and then took her hand and wrapped it firmly around. It was now that the first words were spoken, simple and to the point, Jay said…“Wank me”Taylor had felt so lifeless, but rose to the challenge, cupping his nuts in her right hand, sneakily giving his rim the odd once over she wanked him with her left, each stroke bringing her back to life as she re-positioned to get onto her knees, she took him deep into her mouth, she loved sucking cock, now was her time to show him just what she could do, she began to work him, nibbling his groin as she pulsated his bollocks gently in her hand, long, slow strokes with her left hand on his cock, brushing it against her cheeks and oh so teasingly past her open her lips, so that he could feel her hot breath on his end, interspersed with deep throat, all or nothing, that was her, she loved teasing, but if she teased, she would always see it through to the end. Eye contact was important, she kept looking up at Jays face, he had his eyes shut, head tipped back in pleasure, but every now and then he would look down on her, cup the back of her head in his hand and see the pleasure in her face as she once more took him deep, licking his shaft as she did so, the pleasure for her was not only in the feel it was in the power of knowing that she was in control of bringing so much pleasure to another person, pleasure in knowing that she was good, pleasure in allowing someone to be privy to her skills, letting them in on her secrets.Taylor licked his bollocks and then sucked them into her mouth, gently moving each nut with her tongue, she had her head tilted right back and could still look up at Jay, past the blur of her hand that was now wanking his hard throbbing cock hard and fast as her other pressed firmly against the base of his cock and pubic area, Jay was swinging his hips in time with her movements, then sank his nails into the back of her neck as he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back, she directed his cock and watched as the first hot load shot out towards her face, opening her lips he clasped her mouth around the end of his cock and took every last bit, too heavy a load to keep it all so she swallowed some. Licking his end to a pulsating painful pleasurable end, she sat back on her heels. Jay took her hand and lead her over to the armchair by the Aga, her chest was flushed, her mascara run, hair escaping from its tie, small battle scars from her tryst with the oriental rug and the leather ties and even now she was still having the odd faint judder.Sitting down on the chair he pulled her down onto his lap, so she sat across him at an angle, gently he caressed the back of her neck with one hand as he held her secure with his other hand on her thigh.He hadn’t spoken as she hadn’t, oddly quiet for a woman he had thought. He kissed her lips, she tasted salty, she reciprocated and then smiled, cupping his face in her hands, she then parted her lips and revealed why she was so salty, smiling he moved in with an open mouth to receive her saved treasure and so the swapping commenced, almost she thought as sensual as having your arse rimmed. They both swallowed.

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