Special Delivery


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I only offer this to entertain. If at least a few people get their feelings tugged around, I consider my mission accomplished. If I can give somebody a few laughs, or inspire an orgasm, that’s even better.

Thanks to the editors and authors who have helped me improve my writing from ‘Painfully Godawful’ to ‘Average’. I hope at least one of them will look at this and smile.


Like many people, I occasionally talk to myself when I’m alone.

“It’s a very special day for Mister Kurt McHennen. A special day, for a very special delivery! I can hardly wait!” Nobody was around, so I hugged myself and squealed like a happy little kid.

In preparation for my special delivery, for the first time in months, I had given all 23 of my household staff a paid day off at the same time. Nobody mowed the lawn or trimmed the trees. Nobody dusted the shelves or mopped the floors. If I were hungry, I’d need to find the kitchen and cook something.

Other than myself, the only people on the huge property were the two security guards patrolling the perimeter, and the two pairs at the front and back gates. There wasn’t another human within three kilometers of me.

I owned about fifty expensive business suits but disliked wearing them. They were restrictive and uncomfortable, so I avoided them when possible. I mainly wore clothes to avoid offending other people, and did a lot of email, research, and other work nude in my bedroom when I could. The staff had all been warned, the fourth floor was clothing-optional.

I put my shorts and t-shirt on a bench, and enjoyed the quiet and privacy by walking across the front lawn wearing only my sandals. Today the yard was clothing-optional too. I liked the fresh feeling of the light breeze under my arms and between my legs.

Instead of the usual hustle and bustle, I heard only a few birds chirping. Several squirrels searched the yard for nuts and seeds, undisturbed by lawn equipment.

I looked up at the marble façade of my four-story mansion, considered the delivery I was expecting, and said to myself, “Life is good, but it’ll be so much better soon!” I thought if I smiled with any more intensity, my face might break.

Adults are terrified of acting like children because it might damage their image. I had freedom for a day. To burn off a little energy and vent some of my excessive joy, I climbed in the fountain and splashed around nude like a crazy person. I cupped my hands together and threw some water skyward. “WOOOO!”

Ten minutes before delivery time, I dressed again and waited impatiently.

Usually, vehicles travelled the driveway at a leisurely pace, but a large silver SUV sped toward me at over eighty kilometers an hour. I recognized it as one of the security vehicles. I knew if there was an emergency, they would be on the way to help me. I looked around and wondered why they were going so fast.

A rear door opened as soon as it screeched to a halt, and a young lady in a light pink dress jumped out. She was Kandi, my ‘special delivery’. I thought she was very cute with her small nose, small ears, and honey blonde hair tied in long pigtails. I saw the top of her head was lower than my shoulder. She was one of the smallest girls in the Senior class at her high school until graduation the previous week.

She had turned 18 a month ago and one of my lawyers had checked her ID with the local authorities to make sure. It was hard for me to believe I was so lucky. She ran toward me carrying a small pink purse over her shoulder and loudly said, “There’s a change of plans! Come inside with me! Quick!”

I ran up the granite stairs behind her, marveling at her beauty. She urgently said, “Sit on the floor, right there. We need to do this fast. Mom’s having a baby, her water just broke.” She sat in a chair near the front door, but out of view of those outside.

She pulled her dress up and took a long thin white cigarette from her purse and lit it. She blew out a thin stream of smoke and spread her legs. She had no panties on, and I could clearly see her nearly hairless vagina and a little ankara eryaman escort of her anus. She used two fingers to open herself a little. “So, you see that I’m a virgin?”

I nodded. She slid forward and tilted her pelvis up, so I could get a better look at her little butthole.

She handed me a small bottle of lube from her purse and took another big puff from the cigarette. She spread her knees even wider, saying, “Check if it’s big enough, then I have to tell mom your answer. Quick!”

I squirted the slippery liquid on two of my fingers, rubbed a little around the edges of her bottom hole, then slipped a gooey fingertip inside her.

“I’ve been practicing a lot, so I think it’ll work. You know the deal. A hundred grand gets you my ass as much as you want until college starts in the fall. And you need to deposit another fifty grand, in case you pop my cherry.”

I nodded again. Her little pussy was pretty, and I knew it would be very tight. I’d happily pay for it. I moved my finger in and out of her rectum, trying to loosen up her anal ring. Before long, a second finger fit inside. She mentioned, “Mom was joking that for a million, she’d sell me. She’d make me marry some random guy! That’s crazy! A million bucks! Any guy can just find a wife in a bar! Especially a rich guy! Pfttt! I’m just glad you’re handsome, and rich enough to pay a lot for my butt. We really need the money.”

She took another puff and asked, “You have the money ready to transfer, right?” I nodded again. “Yes.” I used a little more lube, and before long, I could fit three fingers in her anus, which told me she could take my penis the same way. I was highly excited and happy. I’d love to repeat the arousing test every day.

She looked at me with a serious expression on her face, asking, “So, do you want my butt, or not? Time’s up.”

“I only have two questions. I can really have anal sex with you as often as I want?”

“Yeah, of course. That’s the deal. What else?”

I kneeled, held her hand with my non-slimy one, and asked, “Will you marry me?”

She ran to the SUV. As it drove away, I sent a message on my cell, giving the staff a surprise paid vacation. I used plenty of lube and happily screwed my little fiancee’s ass while I watched her smoke, laying on her back on the bench outside. We listened to the fountain and birds, as I merrily slid in and out of her tight rump ring.

“I love watching girls smoke during sex. It’s like fucking and getting a blowjob at the same time! Doing it outside is great!”

“I haven’t tried sex yet, but I like it in my butt. And I LOVE to smoke.” She pulled out another cigarette and lit it, then sucked in a huge puff, inspiring me to pump myself nearly dry.

She wrapped her legs around me. I carried her across the yard, then up to my bedroom on the fourth floor. She was still impaled anally by my cock, and I squirted into her ass twice more on the way.

We fondled and kissed in the shower a long time. Afterward we searched for the kitchen but gave up after half an hour. I ordered a pizza instead. As we waited, I stood at the top of the grand staircase while she gave me a blowjob. She stood two steps from the top and her height was perfect! She didn’t have to kneel, or even lean down much!

We ate nude in the huge great hall and washed the pizza down with a nice bottle of wine. I popped her cherry after the wine kicked in to reduce her pain, then fell asleep holding her in my huge bed.

Before the staff returned in a week, I’d screw her outdoors several times a day, and in as many rooms as possible at night.

Life wasn’t good, it was EXCELLENT!

3 months later

I was eagerly awaiting another special delivery, sitting by the pool nude in the back yard of my mansion. I couldn’t wait! I was impressed that one of my staff had found another girl who was nearly perfect for me! I took a sip of red wine, resisting the spontaneous urge to throw the glass in celebration. My wonderful little wife was out of town shopping, and I’d given the staff the day off. I loved having the freedom to walk around the mansion sans clothing, or lay by the pool nude.

I took another sip of wine, then jumped escort elvankent in the pool. I yelled with joy underwater, until I ran out of air. I stood up on the shallow bottom and gasped, then flailed my arms around in the water, playfully splashing like a young child. I jumped backwards as I tucked my body into a ball, doing a backflip in the water.

I climbed out, then saw a vision of loveliness approaching as I got back to my chair. Jaye was nearly my height and had very curly dark hair. She wore a trench coat, large sunglasses, and a big straw sun hat, concealing nearly everything but her hands, ankles, and yellow high heels.

As she looked toward my groin, I asked, “Aren’t you dressed a little warm for summer?”

In a deep, sultry voice she agreed, “Absolutely. It’s really HOT out.” She put the glasses and hat on a table, and I could see her pretty blue eyes and the bright red of her lipstick.

She wore large gold hoop earrings in each ear, along with a pair of small golden stars that hung down on thin chains. The stars moved in and out of the hoops when she turned her head.

She licked her lips and took off the trench coat, then said, “VERY HOT out.”

I sat, in a futile attempt to camouflage my rapidly swelling cock. I smiled even more as I saw her large breasts. I could easily see the shape of her nipples through the fabric of her thin yellow bikini top. What I’d seen so far was any straight college boy’s dream.

I willed my gaze away from her marvelous tits, and saw the reason she agreed to my offer between her long smooth legs. From the shape of her bikini bottoms, I could easily see her penis and testicles were nearly the size of mine, and she was starting to get erect.

We had agreed that I would pay for her college and the rest of her sex change surgery, in exchange for her doing whatever my wife and I wanted in bed three nights a week until she graduated in six months.

Jaye took a sip of my wine and leaned on my chair a little as she said, “Your dick looks really hot. Would you like to cool it down in my mouth?”

I gently took her growing package in my hand. “How about I heat it up in that hot ass, and empty yours?”

She gulped down the remaining half glass of wine, and took her bikini bottoms off. “Mmmmm! Please!”

She reached in her little yellow purse for lube and her cigarettes.

As she lubed my cock, she said, “I love to smoke during sex! I’m glad you don’t mind.”

She wiped a dab of lube on her asshole, and lowered it onto my cock. The tight anal ring squeezing me felt great! Watching her smoke as I played with her dick took it from great to amazing!

I rocked my hips, thrusting in and out of her ass, as I stroked her shaft at the same speed. Holding a big dick in my hand while seeing her boobs wobble made me even more aroused.

She started squirting semen onto her belly a moment before I unloaded into her colon.

Jaye practically purred, “Oooh! Sooo nice! I love cumming with something in my butt! The rubbing on my prostate really sets me off.”

“Watching you suck on a cigarette, and seeing your tits moving! And feeling a big cock squirting in my hand while I cum! I love it!”

She put out her cigarette and lit another. “Let’s try it with me facing the other way.” She stood and turned around, then lowered herself onto my rod with her cleavage in my face.

We repeated our performance with the same result, other than MY abdomen being coated in her spunk. I happily played with her large breasts as she jerked off and rode me.

I led her to the large bathroom in my master suite. We enjoyed giving each other enemas and washing each other in the shower.

She sat on the bed and said, “I like licking an ass that’s nice and clean. May I?”


She rimmed me, licking around the edge of my anus for at least a minute, then stuck her tongue deep into my rectum. The feeling was wonderful and got even better as she reached around and stroked my cock.

The door swung open as a climax hit me, and my beautiful little wife Kandi screamed, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”

My cock sprayed, then dripped semen onto the hardwood floor as etimesgut escort bayan told her, “UNGH! HUH! UH! I got us a gift. UH! Happy Three-month Anniversary!”

Jaye practically purred out, “Oooh! You’re even cuter and sexier than he said! Come here and make love to me.”

Kandi held up her small fist. “KURT! YOU…” She stared at Jaye’s bountiful breasts and large penis a moment. I pointed to the new swing hanging from the ceiling above our bed.

I said, “Any time you want some anal or fucking, just sit in the swing and your wish is our command. Or you can lay on your belly on the swing and suck one of us while the other fucks you. And I know you’ve wanted to try dicks in your pussy and ass at the same time. Or you can ride Jaye’s nice dick in the swing, while I just turn it back and forth to alternate between your butts.”

“KURT, you… you’re a FUCKING naughty sex GENIUS! I love you!”

Six months after Kandi’s arrival

The fountain in front of the house always turned on at 6:30am, and I was taking advantage of the timing. I sat between my wife Kandi and our ladyboy girlfriend Jaye, on the edge of the lowest fountain tier at 5:45. I watched them yawn and sleepily rub their eyes. Another special delivery would be there any moment.

As the sun started poking above the horizon, Kandi complained, “I’m usually up earlier than you, but this early is crazy.”

Jaye yawned again. “Eyaaah. What’s so important this early in the morning?”

A white SUV appeared in the distance and drove toward us.

“This is mostly for Kandi, but believe me, it’s worth missing a little sleep. She always wakes up first, and doesn’t want to disturb us, even if she’s horny. She’s also suggested that she wants to try sex with a woman. I decided to fix both problems by getting her an alarm clock. Actually, six alarm clocks, with pussies and boobs.”


The SUV stopped near us, and six college-age women climbed out wearing nothing but bikinis.

“Let’s sit on the bench and watch, Jaye. This’ll be good.”

The young ladies swarmed around my little wife. They complimented her and touched her hair and body, then touched her face. Before long several took turns kissing her. Within five minutes, all of them were nude, and two had fingers in Kandi’s little pussy. There were so many faces and bodies near hers, her feet were the only part of her I could see most of the time.

Jaye and I reached into each other’s shorts and started jacking each other off as we watched.

The undulating mass of females rotated very slowly, and every minute or two the one in directly in front of Kandi was replaced by another. There were orgasm cries and moans of pleasure over and over. We watched the standing lesbian orgy until Jaye and I had both cum twice, and needed a rest.

I heard Kandi scream, and couldn’t tell if she was having great sex or dying. Her cries ended as the fountain came on, spraying all the girls with cold water. The visitors all grabbed their bikinis and got towels from their vehicle. I watched carefully as they toweled off and dressed in their skimpy swimsuits. They climbed in once they were dry, and the SUV took off.

I saw Kandi laying oh her back on the edge of the fountain, with water spraying all over her. I walked over near her, and between her desperate pants for air she exclaimed, “UH! They raped me. HUH! I didn’t say they could. Uh! They held me and made me, over and over! HUH! All fifteen or twenty of them.”

I reminded her, “There were six.”

“You let them rape me! UH! But I came SO HARD! SO MUCH! I squirted THREE TIMES! That was AFUCKINGMAZING!”

“I’m glad. Every morning for three months, two of them will be back at 7am to wake you up the same way.”


Jaye asked, “How did you get them to do that? The price of six lesbian hookers who all love doing it would be crazy.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. All of them are innocent, law-abiding college students. They obviously like girls and agreed to have fun with Kandi. In exchange, one of my banks will help their college sports teams have fun. They need new uniforms, bats and balls, tennis rackets, and so-on. Maybe they mentioned something about a new gym.” I winked.

Jaye and I said in unison, “Happy six-month anniversary, Kandi!”

“You are the best husband EVER! I can barely stand how much I love you! But you need to wait until seven tonight for YOUR gift.” She smiled naughtily.

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