Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 Cha


Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 ChaCHAPTER 4It was as Jacinda found out to begin very soon. Just after dinner a wardress approached giving the order to follow her. What’s going to happen asked Jacinda.OK the wardress said walk beside me. As Jacinda complied the wardress said, from what I have heard. You are going to get your knickers taken down. You are going to get severe cunnilingus.I don’t know what that is replied Jacinda, does it hurt.Well replied the wardress it hurts alright you will be barking like a rapid dog before it is over.Continuing the wardress said the Orpanage girls fear it more than anything else. You must have seen them being escorted from time to time to this block. They like you are chosen pacifically for looks and body shape.Now Jacinda remembered seeing, three attractive girls dressed in very tight short skirts being escorted across the courtyard. It had been a Sunday morning ,so she had the day to herself that’s why she was there at that time.Out of curiosity Jacinda had followed and saw them go into the part of the building she was not familiar with.Jacinda did not dare follow them into the building as technically she was out of bounds as it was.However she when to the side of the building. It was a sheer block wall but every few yards there were iron air vents about two foot half meter from the ground.Walking past a few of these Jacinda heard sounds coming from one in particular. On grouching down. Jacinda could smell a warm heavy smell and the distinct smell of disinfectant.Now jacinda looking through the vent could see she was looking down into a large room Looked like a large hospital examination room.Apart from hearing voices from anther part of this room Jacinda could not see anything.Jacinda could not hear really clearly but could hear bits of what was said. She heard what’s was a distantly cultured older mans voice, say get your knickers down for strict cunnilingus girl. Two hours.A girls voice that seemed clearer answering pleading. Then the mans voice again saying Martha pull this girls knickers down she is going in the syrups. For a few minuets Jacinda could hear nothing. Then an audible loud gasping that got louder, now jacinda could hear a loud moaning.Jacinda looking at her watch then relished that she had to hurry back to her part of the building for breakfast.Jacinda thoughts were brought back to reality. When the wardress announced here we are..As before she was taken to the see the stern middle aged woman who brought her here and interviewed her before.They knocked and entered the room.Looking up the woman using her first nameviewed her from across the room,Saying good jacinda I see you are suitably attired in your school uniform this is most necessary as your discipline correction is soon to begin.Normally a girls discipline starts with a good spanking then a sound bare bottom thrashing .With you .i have decided that we will begin with sexual correction.I an going to watch and so is wardress Hanna who is a lesbian and requested she be present.As an exhibitionist I am sure you wont mind Jacinda in fact during correction you may want to look at me or wardress Hanna talk direct to ether of us to express your remorse or just talk.Now following these woman Jacinda stared at the womens shapely legs black stocking with seams istanbul escort and high heels that were making a distinctive click on the polished hardwood floor.The large wooden door even had the word clinic neatly printed on a brass plate attached to it.The room inside was Hugh at a quick glance Jacinda saw benches a couple of funny looking chairs with stirrups rows of dildos every description.More flat wooden benches in a far corner a contraption that looked like it had a carved wooden horses head .SO Much to take in and the smell a mixture of female discharge and disinfectant.Just then an elderly man with grey hair balding on top approached nothing very distinct about him not even very tall probably 5′ 8. As far as Jacinda was concerned very ugly.Turning to the middle aged woman the man said ,Martha .So this is the naughty girl who was showing her bare bottom cunt outside a mens toilet. Do you think she needs to be strapped down or put in the stirrups.Martha answered, Defiantly later Arthur, but at this stage, I would recommend a severe prolonged correction of cunnilingus Three Four hours or longer if possible I want her to learn the consequences of showing her bottom and cunt outside a public toilet . Well she will learn that in here said the man, incidently she is an exact double of that Tara M-sis , girl that was discharged from here last year,.Beautiful girl is now a tv presenter in Australia .Comes back to the institution regularly for caning. She responded to cunnilingus very well. I sucked a lot of cream out of her took nearly five hours.Please be seated ladies I will administer .the correction here on this low wooden bench so that you can watch the correction wardress Hanna can restrain the girls wrists to the back bar when the time comes. Turning to Jacinda the man said now stand in front of that bench facing me .Martha and Hanna.So you naughty girl for showing your bare bottom and CUNT to men outside a public toilet.I am going to administer cunnilingus a severe administration of not less than 6 hours .No more than 7.There was a gasp from the two women at the severity of the administration. As they knew what it meant.Loverly just what she deserves said the wardress hanna. I am going to enjoy watching every minuet of her agonizing pleasure as its sucked out of her slowly litre by litre Will she last that long asked Martha. I know normal administrations last about 3 hours,A full six to 7 hours oh thank you I could not have hoped for a better sentence. Please Albert explain to me brieflybut with a few details what is going to happen.Albert replied most defiantly I have been doing this for ten years now. Believe me Martha it will be a long prolonged correction.. She is super fit well oversexed from the food additives. On heat just about creaming herself even now at the mere sight of the sexual implements.I could make her cream her knickers right now by pointing to any instrument of sexual correction and explain its use. But I wont..When it starts each orgasm will be around 600 mils thick cream. It will taste hot sweet. Her frequent multiple orgasms will range from a litre to near two litres.She wont realize the amount but will know it’s a lot. I will avcılar escort suck it out slowly use it as a lubricant and roll it with my tongue swallow it down.I do however always hold back a few mils in my mouth that I use as a constant lubricant it’s a very effective method..Towards the end her thick discharge will start to thin. Then get hotter its even hot to my tongue,Then she will gradually have dry orgasms these will burn her make her hump. These dry orgasms are forced out of her by the manipulation of her clit. .In the final stages I will use my mouth and strong suction suck her dry cunt inside outWe have the means in here, although an injection and smelling salts will be needed in the final stages. N ow turning to Jacinda Albert said.Have you anything to say to me or the ladies present before it begins.. . Jacinda did not understand what was going on. Did not even know what cunnilingus meant, but now knew from listening to them talking. That it was going to be long and agonizing.CHAPTER 5Now white faced Jacinda faced the women. I just sincerely want to say how sorry I am and apologize for being a naughty girl and honestly wont do it again.At that the man Arthur dropped to his knees slowly softly ran his hands up her leg.Starting from the ankle up her left leg, Jacinda now felt his hands above her stockings tops then higher caressing the mound in her tight knickers then he worked slowly down and up her right leg.Then again flushing Jacinda turned to look at the women noticing both had pulled their skirts up showing the tops of their nylons. Martha smirked its hardly began we have six hours to go and you are panting at the touch of a mans hand on your legs thighs .Jacinda turned away Arthur continued feeling caressing one leg then the other.This continued for some time Arther instinctively knew Jacinda was on heat and intended to work her slowly to boiling point.Open your legs wider Jacinda wider. Arthur continued with the gentile caressing of each leg slowly from ankle to the gusset of her knickers .Oh MISTER please Janet said as his hand softly ran up her left thigh and brushed the mound of her cunt.Stopping Arthur said now take of your school jacket and skirt. Keep your white school shirt and tie and stockings on,Remove your shoes. Now GET YOUR KNICKERS DOWN , Jacinda now trembling pleaded please Mister I am sorry. Yes said Arthurt you naughty girls are always sorry when you are told to get your knickers down and I start to work on your cunts. Get your knickers down Now young lady.Reluctantly Jacinda removed her knickers.Blushing as Arthur showed her knickers to the woman saying look at this she nearly creamed her knickers before its even started.Turning back to Jacinda Arthur said now you naughty girl lay back on that benchI want your legs over the edge. That’s it .Grip the bar at the back or you can lean up and watch look at talk to the disciplinariansMuch to Jacindas dismay/disgust Atthur took of his shirt tie reveling a paunchy sagging torso. .Before Jacinda could take in much more..Arthur dropped to his knees im front of her his tongue now working from the back hollow of her left knee stocking top up her inner thigh now the outside and around her shaven cunt.Then he was tonging up the thigh of her right leg.When his tongue şirinevler escort now started to gently lick her cunt and clit Jacinda gave a small involuntary gasp and lay back., Turning to one side she saw the two women staring intently.Smiling with their legs crossed skirts pulled well above their stocking tops.Now just relax Jacinda its hardly started smiled Hanna the wardress.For some reason the sight of these women their stern faces black stockings, shapely legs now crossed very high showing suspenders and stocking tops.The sight now had a strong sexual effect on Jacinda so much so that she moaned loudly and turned away.Again Jacinda suppressed a moan knowing instinctively that’s what they wanted to hear.Arthur suddenly Stopped much to Jacindas relieve but I was only for a few seconds. You will learn in here there are many forms of cunnilingus, I am master of them all the vacuum the snake the felt tip, eating out etc.You will experience them all I have done this for years and am a master of the discipline.To Jacindas despair/amazement to prove his point Arthur stuck out his tongue, it extended at least 8″A leg over each of my shoulders you naughty girl quickly. or I will restrain you in the stirrups.Jacinda did as she was told feeling the man grip the cheeks of her bottom hard and pull her forward. Its was something Jacinda could never have imagined the mans tongue was now deep and rolling inside her.O O H MISTER please I wont do it again OhShe looked at the two women OH please Missus I never thought it would be like this. please I am near to spunking in his mouth please I am sorry.You naughty girl snapped Marta you will spurt and cream all right. This will be the first of a lot more arch your back and let it go LOOK at at me as you spunk off you like these stockings Look at them at the tops the suspender straps.Arching as Arthur held her buttocks firmly Jacinda had her first orgasm she looked at the two woman.Who watched her quivering violent orgasm .Jacinda half sat up quivering as her thick cream was sucked in to Arthurs mouth his tongue constantly rolling.A few minuets later Jacinda again had a violent orgasm. Now panting and flushed she began to. Have a conversation with the two woman. Please missus I have learnt my lesson oh missus his tongue.Please make it stop missus. How much more how long will it last .At least anther 6 hours replied Martha. O I wont be able to stand it said Jacinda please make it stop.What are you feeling now asked Marta IS his tongue is very deep. Can you feel it pushing at your vaginal membrane. Does it reach that far Panting Jacinda replied yes it does.After your next orgasm. Your virginity is to be taken with a dildo.You will bleed for a bit then you will come harder.Jacinda now sat bolt upright digging her heels into Arthurs back she held both hands at the back of his neck. The experienced woman knew the signs and watched eagerly. You will spurt soon you naughty girl Hanna smirked .LOOK at me at my black stockings and tops.Oh just look at her exquisite expression her mouth open gritting those white teeth they are clenched almost like a snarl I have seen that expression from girls on the caning horse, Loverly. Yes answered Martha these naughty girls respond to cunnilingus, when their cunts start to boil.As if on Que Jacinda started to moan then her mouth opened forming a large round O.Arthur held her buttocks firmly pulling her in.Jerking frantically Jacinda experienced multiple orgasms in rapid succession.Then she fell back on the bench talking, in a quiet little girls voice, Jacinda again pleaded with the smiling women.OH missus I am so sorry it will never happen again she was now sweating.TO BE CONTINUED

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