Spring Garden Encounter


Spring Garden EncounterWhere does this story come from? A prim and proper British video on PBS showed this woman walking through an English Garden, hell old men are as horny as young men, so why not write a dirty story about it? There is nothing true about this story, no real people, no real activities, but image fucking a stranger that is begging for it!It was early spring, the weather was warming enough to venture out to the parks without a jacket, but still cool enough to remind a person that summer had not yet arrived. I was walking though one of the parks in town, it was more of an arboretum than a garden. The local garden club maintained it and designed the spaces to display a wide variety of plantings. It was a beautiful place in the early spring as all the plants were turning green and a few flowers were beginning to bloom.I walked along a path that was lined on both sides by shoulder high shrubs that were so thick that you couldn’t see through them. It wasn’t intended as a maze, but it felt a little like one with all the twists and turns in the path. I was alone in the garden when I arrived and had my camera to take pictures along the way. I stopped here and there taking pictures and just enjoying the day.Around a secluded corner of the garden I caught the scent of lilacs, it was far too early in the spring for them to be in bloom so wondered where the scent was coming from. The scent was like a trail, as I walked forward the scent became stronger, I turned right and it became fainter. I doubled back and followed the scent again.There is nothing so sweet smelling as a lilac, the cool air was heavily laden with the scent and my curiosity drove me forward. As I came to another turn in the trail I heard a woman’s voice, it sounded as sweet as the scent I had been following. I turned the corner and I saw the woman, setting on a bench in the middle of a circle of shrubs.The path I had been following was the only entrance into the circle and the moment I saw the woman I slowed, then backed up around the corner. The woman had her skirt pulled up around her waist, her legs spread wide apart, and her fingers pushed into her pussy. It was the most erotic scene I have ever seen in person. Yes, porn shows all canlı bahis sorts of erotic scenes, but real life rarely provides such images.I peeked through the bushes that surrounded the opening into the circle. The woman was probably 50 years old and others may describe her as a BBW, I viewed her as a sexy curvy woman. She was wearing a thin knit top with a scooped neckline that revealed her cleavage, “a guy could get lost between those tits,” I thought to myself. Her top was so thin I could see the outline of her lace edged bra through it and her nipples were erect and making a perfect display of themselves.She was wearing stockings and a garter belt with the hose tops dark and smoky against her milky white thighs that were jiggling with the action of her fingers in her pussy. Her long dark hair hung across her shoulders, and like her thighs, was moving in rhythm to her masturbation. The scent of lilacs filled the air as did the sound of her fingers squishing in and out of her sopping wet pussy.Her lace panties, which no doubt matched her bra, was pulled aside revealing her dark pubic hair as well as the bright pink glistening pussy. My cock and responded the moment I saw her setting on the bench, and now it ached for attention. Yet I was not brave enough to expose it and pleasure myself as she was.I shifted from one foot to another; the tension in my crotch was beyond description. As I moved I stepped on a twig, the cracking sound of it sounded like a cannon going off. The woman didn’t look up, her hand continued fucking her pussy, and her voice was sweet and yet dripping with lust. “Get it out, bring it over here, and fuck me like there is no tomorrow.”I was shocked to say the least, but how could a guy resist. I unzipped and freed my captive cock, it felt cool in the open air, yet hot and throbbing with sexual excitement. I looked down and there was a drop of clear liquid forming on the tip.She looked up, her hand continuing fucking her pussy, “Don’t waste that,” she said looking at the tip of my cock. Then she beckoned me to her.I was being pulled to her, as if by some invisible force field, and as I stepped close she opened her red lipstick covered mouth and licked the drop off the tip of my cock. bahis siteleri Then she put her lips around the tip and I felt her tongue swirl around me, my knees seemed weak, the feeling of her hot wet mouth on my cock was beyond description.I looked down into her cleavage, I had been right, she was wearing a black lace bra that did indeed match the panties she had pushed aside to pleasure herself. Lust drove my actions from this moment on, I plunged my hand down between her tits, they were warm and soft, yet firm and so full. She pulled her mouth off my cock, it bobbed in front of her face and felt cold with the spring air against the wetness from her mouth.“Well,” the woman said, “do I need to beg you to fuck me?”I had never heard anything so erotic, I dropped to my knees and raised my cock to her wet pussy. Her hand was still working her slimy hole so I pulled it aside and placed my cock along her wet slit. I slid the tip up and down feeling the warmth and slick arousal. She shuddered when the tip of my cock bumped her clit that was swollen and poking out of her mound.I slid the tip down to her hole, looked into her eyes that were slits in her head. I pushed it forward, I felt her lips spread around the tip of my cock and slowly penetrated her letting her feel the rim of my cock head as I entered her. I held still, it was intentional, I wanted her to want my full penetration as bad as I wanted it. She licked her ruby red lips and smiled, “You are a fucking tease,” she said. I felt her roll her ass against the bench, trying to impale herself on my rock hard member.She was unable to achieve her goal, “Please, please fuck me, fuck me now.” She said with a tear in the corner of her eye.I did as she begged, I shoved my hard cock balls deep in her in one quick motion. I felt her lips surround the shaft of my cock as I buried it deep inside her. My hands were on her thighs, I could feel the straps of her garter belt under my hands as I rocked my hips back and forth as my cock invaded her pussy.I moved my hands along her thighs and could feel her silken panties on her ass and then I grasped each ass cheek and began thrusting long and deep into her. The scent of lilacs filled my head, she had lured me here with güvenilir bahis that scent and I wanted it to fill my head as I fucked her in this public space. I was looking down her top again, her tits were held tightly in her top.She noticed my gaze and without a word from me she awkwardly reached into her top and pulled one breast out over the top of the bra and out of the neck of her top. It was held in a garish position with her nipple pointing up at me. I bent and sucked on her nipple into my mouth, it was as big as my thumb and the rubbery nub felt fantastic between my lips. She was moaning and clutching at my back as I fucked her with deep heavy thrusts.I bit at her nipple and she squealed with delight and as I felt I couldn’t hold back much longer I felt her shudder and her moans became louder until she shouted, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, DON’T STOP I AM GOING TO CUM!!!”I had never had a cheering section before, her desires were obvious and I had no hesitation as my cock began to swell inside of her, I was going to cum deep inside her. Then I exploded, my first squirt was almost painful as my prostate contracted and blew a hot thick stream of cum deep inside her pussy.She gasped, “Oh, yes, cum for me baby, cum for me so I can feel it inside me.” I felt the second contraction coming, again it was almost a cramp and as it spurted another wad of cum out of the tip of my cock she pulled my head hard against her nipple and said, “YES, YES, I AM CUMMMING…….”I couldn’t breathe, she hand my face pressed against her tits and I felt her pussy contracting against my spurting cock. I started to hump against her pussy, trying to ride higher so my cock would rub her clit, but she hoarsely shouted, “no hold still, I want to feel you cumming inside me.”I complied and emptied my balls into her, I could feel her pussy contracting and then a gush of warm liquid flooded out of her as she was gripped by her orgasm. And then it was over, and I was surprised that it wasn’t an awkward moment. I pulled out of her, my cock wet and slimy from our mutual orgasm.She reached down with her hankie and wiped my cock and then moved it to her sopping wet pussy. She dropped the soiled cloth to the ground and pulled her panties over her pussy and said, “I love the feeling of hot cum inside me,” and smiled with her lipstick smeared from sucking my cock.And with that she rose from the bench, adjusted her skirt, and said, “Better get back to work, see you tomorrow?”

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