Squire Gilbert , Family Ch. 02


My sleep was filled with dreams of large penises doing unspeakable things to me but I awoke staring down the cleavage of our chambermaid, Sarah. Sleepily I slipped my hand into her bodice and cupped one of the firm breasts a stiffening nipple stretched into my palm.

“Ooh Mistress Beth.” Gasped Sarah. “They said you was waking up to the household and it looks like you’re catching up pretty quick, Mistress. But no time now your father has sent me for you. Tis dinner time and you must attend or we’ll all be in trouble.”

Oh, very well.” I sighed and raised myself off the bed.

I let Sarah make me ready and led the way down to the Little Hall where all the family ate when we didn’t have guests. Everyone was already in the room waiting for me so I curtsied to Father and then to Mother and asked they forgive my tardiness.

Then I saw John and ran into his arms. John had been away with the army for some weeks and I missed him dearly. He looked so handsome in his scarlet uniform and as I broke away from his grip I couldn’t help but glance down at his crotch: A distinct outline of his cock was visible. I smiled inwardly as the new little devils inside me got to work.

Dinner was an involved affair that could take hours but for some reason today was brisk. The maids cleared away as we withdrew to a more comfortable room adjacent. John stood next to Mother and Anne stood behind father who was sitting in his large chair. Charity, Gracie and Robert all sat to my left. For some reason all eyes seemed to settle on me.

“Now then Beth,” My Mother started, “you have reached an age when you should really be properly part of this family and the ways of this house. I believe you have seen some things today that should give you some idea of what may go on.”

I canlı bahis watched in awe. While Mother spoke to me her hand slowly stroked John’s leg moving up his thigh higher and higher. I could clearly see a swelling in John’s military breeches as she stroked.

“So Beth,” she went on as if nothing was happening, “your Father will teach you your next lesson and so you’ll be part of the grown up family. Go to your Father now and kneel by him.”

Mother’s hand had risen and was now lightly brushing up and down John’s stiff cock through the material of his breeches. I stood rather shakily and went to kneel by my Father who reached out his hand and ran his fingers through my hair. I looked up at him and smiled and watched as Anne slipped her hand down Father’s chest. Further and further it travelled until it rested in his lap. Well, I say ‘rested’ but it was rather more stroking than rested.

“Watch me, Beth, and learn.” – Mother again.

I turned to look at her and she had loosened John’s breeches and had his stiff member in her hand and was slowly rubbing up and down the long shaft. I gasped and felt a pang lighting some internal fire.

I gasped louder when Father’s hand on my head pulled me back round to look at him and I came face to .. er .. head with my Father’s erect manhood. Anne had fished it out of his breeches and was softly stroking it. She bade me give her my hand and taking it placed it on my Father’s hot cock. Father groaned and pulled my head against his stomach so I could see my Mother and still have his prick before me.

Mother fixed me with a purposeful stare as she ran her long tongue along John’s hard knob and flicked at the purple end. Pulling her tongue away a string of clear sticky liquid formed a bridge between them. I got the message. bahis siteleri Tentatively I stuck my tongue out and ran it against the cock in my own hand and hearing Father groan more I was encouraged to continue.

I copied Mother’s every move until I had my lips wrapped around my Father’s stiff prick and felt him start to pump it into my mouth. I laved it with my tongue learning to listen for Father’s reaction to each touch of my lips and tongue. At the same time using my cool little hand on his shaft and balls.

John was fucking Mother’s mouth with some purpose now, a look of driven lust on his face.

“Mother, uuuugh, Maaaahther.” John groaned, “I’ve missed your sweet mouth on my cock so much. Sweet fuck, I’ll wager I cum a gallon down your throat.”

I continued to push my mouth up and down on Father’s rod seeking to match each of his thrusts but every now and then easing back to press the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. He loved it.

“Good god, Mary, I do believe we’ve spawned another little sluttern. She sucks cock as well as her sisters.” My Father roared. “Let’s see how she handles a ball-sack full of Gilbert cum.”

“Not yet!” My Mother urged slipping her mouth off my brother’s prick. “John’s about to pump out his load for us. I know how you love to see him spurting his load onto me.”

Mother eased her vest down revealing her full breasts and large rubbery nipples. With one hand working John’s penis she squeezed and moulded her large tits with the other.

“Come John, let your Father see your hot cum splash over your Mother. Spray my face and tits and I’ll suck the rest down my throat. Come on John. Cum for Mother.”

Her hand was a blur and she worked John to orgasm. Suddenly he could stand no more, his face a mask bahis şirketleri of ecstasy. His hips jerked to a standstill and his cock strained. A single rope of hot sperm shot from the end of his cock tracing a line from Mother’s mouth, across her eye and into her hair. A pause that seemed to last forever then a second shot lay across Mother’s tits and left nipple. Three, four, five more, the spurts increasing in frequency landing variously on Mother’s face and tits.

“Oooh John, yesss mmmmm.” Mother cooed as she scooped some into her mouth and smeared it liberally into her glistening breasts. She had squeezed the based of her son’s prick to halt the process momentarily before she clasped her lips over the end of the shaft and released the pressure.

John made a little whimpering sound and we watched as his cock jerked a further three times sending the last of his prodigious load into his own Mother’s mouth.

“God’s fuck, nnnnnnrrrrrrggh,” Groaned a voice above me as my mouth was suddenly full of thick viscous fluid ..

“..will I never tire, nrrrrrggghh aaaah …”

A second shot of cum before I was able to swallow down the first cascaded from the corner of my mouth …

“… of watching you get, ooooooh fuuuuck ..”

A third rope straight down my throat. I was getting the hang of this.

” … covered in hot, hot, ccccuuuuuuummmm!!!” My father roared as he emptied his load.

Unable to cope any longer I stroked his cock over my face and throat letting his pearly seed dribble towards my barely visible cleavage and drip obsencely from my lips and chin.

I had been oblivious to this point of my siblings witnessing this perverted scene but now I felt Anne’s hand raising up my face as she brought hers down to mine. She smiled at me lovingly and licked her tongue under my chin scooping up towards my lips before slipping into my mouth in one perfect messy kiss.

“Waste not, want not.” She grinned as she repeated the process from my throat up.

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