Sshhh Caught By My Boss Ch. 2


Sshhh Caught By My Boss Ch. 2####################################…FYI….####################################** Before reading Ch.2 i suggest you to read Ch. 1 **##############################################################################I drove home naked again and I just didn’t care if anyone saw me. After what had happened to me at Diane’s home, being seen naked just didn’t seem to be such a huge thing.I parked in the parking lot, my usual place, in the back, the darkest part of the lot. I got out naked and stood there. I looked at the stars and moon. I sighed. Then I went around my car and got my clothes out. For a moment, just for a moment, I had thought about putting my clothes, my shoes and my purse in the trunk of my car and walking into my building with just my keys. But I thought better of it. I slipped on my slacks and top and carrying my purse I walked into my building and up the two flights of stairs to my floor. I walked down the hall, listening.My floor was pretty silent and when I reached my door I took out my keys and unlocked it. I set my purse down to hold it open. I looked left and right. I removed my top and folded it and laid it down on the floor. Then I removed my slacks and folded them also and set them on top of my top. I lifted my arms over my head and turned in a circle, slowly. I relished the feeling of being naked once more. I could feel the air on my nipples and pussy and it felt good.But, I wasn’t stupid. I bent and picked up my clothes and stepped into my apartment. I sighed to myself. I wasn’t happy with everything that had happened this evening, not by a long shot, but I had desire left in me.I went to my phone and dialed, spoke into it and then hung up. I went to my bathroom and washed myself again. I still felt dirty. I put my clothes away. I went into my bathroom again and brushed my hair until it shone. My doorbell rang.I walked to the door and opened it. There was another pizza delivery guy. He almost jumped when he saw that I was naked. I smiled at him and invited him inside. When the door closed he seemed a little nervous, but he got out my pizza and held it out to me. I took it, not covering up at all and paid him with a twenty.”You can keep the change.””Thank you.””Do I look all right to you?””Yes.””Would you like to touch my boobs?”He didn’t say a word but his right hand came up and caressed my left boob. His eyes were fastened onto my boobs and his hand fondling one of them.”You can touch them both if you want.”He set his pizza bag on the counter and both hands were on me. I leaned back and let him feel my boobs and nipples. It felt oh so good to me. It didn’t appear to bother him that my boobs were small. I let him feel me until one hand snaked down my belly and cupped my pussy.”Just my boobs, please.”He kept his hand on my pussy, squeezing gently, until I made him remove it. I smiled at him.”Be happy for my boob’s young man.”He was a young man, probably in his late teens but I didn’t care at that moment. His hands felt good on me. I stepped around him so he could see my bare ass and opened the door.”Thank you for being so prompt. Have a wonderful evening.”I smiled at him and he walked out, still staring at me. I gently closed the door in his face and took the pizza to my small dining table. I got a plate, fork and something to drink and sat down. I ate some of the pizza, still naked. When I had eaten what I wanted I put the rest in my fridge and turned off all the lights. Then I went to my glass door and stepped out onto my balcony. I was horny and I sat down on my balcony and spread my legs. Then I fingered myself until I orgasmed, panting and shuddering. Then I got up and went inside and to bed.I spent a quiet rest of the weekend, except for nightmares about being pregnant.Monday came and I got up and showered. I put on my makeup and then thigh highs and heels. I slipped into my coat and buttoned it. Off I went to work. When I got there, Diane was already there. I timidly knocked on her doorframe and she looked up and smiled at me. I stepped inside her door and removed my coat and handed it to her. She looked me up and down and smiled at me again.”Sabine, what am I going to do with you?”I was standing naked in her office at her insistence and what was she going to do with me?”What do you want to do with me?””Many things, but first things first. I didn’t bring an outfit for you today so you are going to go out, with my credit card and buy one. I want a short black dress with a scoop neck. Put your coat back on and go to Macy’s and buy one.”I started putting my coat back on.”Oh, and go to the lingerie department and buy a pair of sheer panties. I want anyone who sees you in them to be able to see your ass crack and the seam of your pussy through them. Don’t wear them back. And on the way back, with your new dress on, show a man your pussy. I don’t care where you do it or who you do it to, just show your pussy. Here’s my credit card.”I was a little shocked at what she told me to do, but a little thrilled also. I took her credit card and finished buttoning my coat and left the office. As I walked through the skyway to Macy’s my mind was running 100 miles an hour. I think I was getting into this whole thing! I went into Macy’s and found the dress department fairly quickly. I asked a sales woman for help in finding the dress that Diane wanted for me. I felt somewhat naughty, standing next to her, knowing that I was naked under my coat. I was actually trembling slightly. She found three dresses and led me to the changing rooms. I took them and walked into the area and chose the room closest to the entry. I slid the curtain shut and took off my coat. It felt deliciously naughty to be standing there, in a public store with nothing on but stockings and heels.I tried on each dress. They felt good on my bare skin. My nipples were up and my lower belly was quivering. After I put each one on, I walked out the mirrors so I could see what I looked like. Yes, there was a mirror in the changing room, but it felt better to be out in the store with just the dress, stockings and heels on. I could see my rather thick nipples poking through the fabric. Each dress was shorter than what I usually wore to work. They all showed a lot of leg. My stocking tops were covered at least.After I looked at myself in the mirrors in the store with the last one, I reluctantly went back to changing room and took it off. I looked at my naked body in the mirror while I was hanging the dress back up. Then I looked through them again, still naked, and chose one that looked fairly good on me.I put my coat back on and took them out to the cash register and paid for the one that I chose.”Could you remove the tags so I can wear it out, please?””Certainly.”I stood, watching as she removed the tags and handed the dress back to me. I went back to the changing room and took off my coat again. I looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed because just now I had a terrible urge to walk back into the store just like I was. But cooler heads prevailed and I slipped into the black dress and with my coat over my arm I walked out. I had left the bag for the dress in the changing room and as I walked up to the woman again, she looked a little curious. It dawned on me that she was seeing that I didn’t have any other clothes, just the coat. I felt my face heat slightly. She noticed that also and gave me a sly smile. I felt my face get a little warmer because of the smile.”Where is the lingerie department?”She pointed the way for me and as I walked away, I heard a quiet chuckle behind me. I walked faster. I was feeling slightly embarrassed now. I couldn’t be sure but she probably knew that I had had very little on under my coat when I came into the store.I found the lingerie department and in a while I found the display of sheer panties. I couldn’t decide on a color. So I picked out a pair in black, light blue, red, yellow and a deeper blue. I took them to the counter and paid for them all, even though Diane had told me to buy one pair.Carrying the bag from Macy’s and my coat and feeling the dress brushing over my bare skin I walked down the skyway. I was trying to decide how I was going to show my pussy to a man. Then I saw a Dunn’s coffee shop and I slowed so I could peer inside. The counter person was a man, a young man. I walked inside.I stepped up to the counter.”Can I help you miss?””Um, yes, I think so.””What would you like?”I have a slight problem. My boss sent me out for coffee, but I forgot my money. If, I. ah, um, show you my, ah, pussy, could I have two lattes?”He just looked at me like I was crazy.”Excuse me?””I don’t have any money but I need two lattes. If I show you my pussy can I get them for free?”My face was hotter than hell. He looked at me. I wasn’t that good looking, even in this expensive dress. “Are you serious?”I wanted to scream! I had already offered twice to show him my pussy for two lattes. Either he was stupid or didn’t believe me.”Yes, I’m serious!”He came around the counter with a grin on his face and took my arm and led me to the side of the counter, slightly hiding me from the skyway.”Let’s see it then.””You promise me two lattes for this?””Yes, miss, I promise.”So there I was at the side of the counter with a grinning male in front of me. I had my coat over an arm and was holding the Macy’s bag with the same hand. My face was burning up. I reached both hands down and took hold of my dress’s hem. I closed my eyes and then opened them. Yep, he was still there and still grinning. I lifted my dress up to my waist and let him look at my hairless pussy. His grin got bigger. I lowered my dress.”No miss, lift it back up until I have the lattes made.”I sighed in frustration and pulled my dress back up, baring my pussy again. I stood, red faced while he took his own sweet time in making two white chocolate mocha lattes. I kept glancing nervously at the door to the skyway as I stood there. He never stopped grinning. Finally he finished the last one and I let my dress fall to cover me.”May I please have a carrier?”He was still grinning as he put the two lattes in the carrier.”Come back any time miss.”I picked up the carrier with my other hand with my dignity and modesty shattered, I left the shop. I was feeling pretty embarrassed by the heat in my face but also tingling both at my nipples and groin. I walked back to the office and to my desk. I set down the lattes and Macy’s bag and hung up my coat. I carried the latte for Diane in along with her credit card.Diane looked at me and smiled.”The dress looks good on you Sabine. Did you do as you were told?”I nodded yes. She made me tell her how I showed my pussy and giggled almost uncontrollably when I told her that I had to stand with my dress up while the lattes were made.”Do you think he enjoyed it?””Yes.””Did you enjoy it?”I stood silently for a moment.”Yes.””Did you get the pair of panties?””Well, sort of.””Explain yourself Sabine.””Well, I couldn’t decide on a color, so I got five pairs. I’ll pay for the extra pairs, Diane.””I thought you were learning to follow instructions, Sabine. I guess I was wrong. I’ll have to decide what to do about this. Go back to work.”FUCK! I excused myself and went back to my desk. I put the Macy’s bag in my drawer and started working. I was getting nervous, wondering what she had to decide. I offered to pay for the extra pairs of panties! Damn her anyway!I worked all the rest of the morning and Diane didn’t say a word to me. By lunch time my stomach was churning, wondering what she had to decide about me. For God’s sake, I offered to buy the extra panties myself! Twice during the afternoon I had to run to the lady’s room. By late in the day I was a nervous wreck.Finally late in the day Diane called me into her office.”Go and get the panties you bought.”I scurried out and got the Macy’s bag and hurried back into her office. She took the bag from me and took all the panties out of it. She studied them all and then took the pale blue pair and handed them to me. The rest went back in the bag.”Take the tags off this pair and put them on. Put the others on your desk and sit there.”I hurried to obey at my desk. I snipped off the tags and hurriedly put the pale blue pair on and left the bag with the rest of them sitting on the corner of my desk. It was getting quiet in the office and I was starting to feel better until Jason and Valerie walked by my desk and into Diane’s office. I leaned my elbows on my desk and held my head in my hands. I almost started crying. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good.”Sabine, come in here.”I got up and on unsteady legs I walked into her office. Jason and Valerie were sitting on her couch and there was a chair directly in front of them. My stomach clenched as Diane sat on the chair.”Sabine, you didn’t follow directions so I believe that some behavior adjustment is in order. Lay across my knees.”I glanced at Jason and Valerie, both of whom were looking at Diane and then at me. I closed my eyes before I moved. This was going to be bad. This was going to be really bad. I stumbled up to her side and carefully lowered myself over her knees. The dress was short enough and her legs were apart so the front of it dangled between her knees. Diane looked at the two on the couch.”This is Sabine’s way to atone for errors and disobedience.”I was hiding my face behind my right arm. Diane reached down and flipped the back of the dress up, exposing the sheer, pale blue panties. She reached down and took my right arm and twisted it up into the small of my back. Jason had leaned forward to get a better view and Valerie just giggled. Then the first slap hit my ass. I was biting my lip to keep from making any noise. They just stared at the two of us, well mostly my ass and watched Diane pepper my ass with spanks. I could feel my ass jiggling from the spanking and it started to get warm.”Valerie, the best spanking is done on the bare ass. Would you like to take her panties down or should Jason?”Valerie laughed out loud.”Let Jason do it.”Diane leaned down to me. She whispered.”Lift up just a bit.”I lifted up and she let go of my right arm and quickly unhooked my dress and pulled the zipper all the way down. Then she tugged the front of my dress past her left leg, pretty much baring my stomach. My legs tensed as I felt Jason’s hands at the waist of my panties and I whimpered in humiliation as he pulled them down. My ass was bared in front of them and my panties, when he let go of them, slid down to my ankles.Diane started spanking me once more and no matter what my mental promise to myself to keep still was, in short order I was squirming. A few more spanks, hard spanks and my dress was sliding further down, baring more of my body. After several especially hard spanks my legs started to kick and I moaned as I felt my panties slip off one foot and dangle from the other. Diane surreptitiously tugged my dress further and it slid over my head and partly down my arms. My boobs were now bared to them as was my ass.With my squirming and kicking my panties soon fell off the other foot to the carpet and my dress ended up laying on my hands which were on the carpet in front of me. Diane kept spanking me until my ass was burning up and I had tears running down my cheeks and snot bubbling in my nostrils. A flurry of very hard spanks landed on my overheated ass and an involuntary gasp escaped my lips which caused laughter from Jason and Valerie. Finally the spanking stopped.”Get up and apologize to them for having to be here to witness this unseemly behavior of yours Sabine.”With my dress a crumpled ball in front of me and my panties somewhere behind me, I took two shuddering breaths and pushed myself up. I covered my boobs and pussy with my hands and turned to them, struggling to keep from crying.”I-I-I’m s-s-s-sorry.””Put your hands down!”My nipples, the traitorous shits, were erect and my pussy was tingling as I lowered my hands to my sides. Through my blurry eyes I could see both of them looking at me from my pussy to my tits. I was so humiliated! My cheeks were tear-streaked and snot was running down my upper lip. And they were laughing at me! Laughing at me, freshly spanked and naked! Diane made me stand in front of them forever and then told me to go stand in the corner so they could see my burning red ass. Finally they left, laughing as they walked out.”How are you?””F-f-f-fine.””Do you want to masturbate?”God I hated her but even more myself. I nodded yes. I had to masturbate, I had to!”Go sit on the couch and put your feet up with your legs spread so I can see. Then you can masturbate.”I almost ran to the couch and sat, gasping as my hot red ass touched the cushions. My feet were up almost immediately, legs spread open and my right hand was rubbing my clit and my first two fingers of my left hand were shoved up my pussy. Diane leaned back on her desk and smiled as she watched me frantically masturbate to orgasm. It didn’t take very long at all before I was moaning and humping my ass up meet my rubbing fingers. Naked and punished and humiliated in front of my coworkers I masturbated myself to an explosive orgasm in front of Diane. I slumped back and my right foot slipped off the couch and my left leg fell open further. Diane just watched me until I became conscious of where I was. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I got this sick feeling in my stomach, remembering that now not only Robert and Kate, but now Jason and Valerie knew more about me than I wanted them to know.”Was it good, Sabine?”I sniffed a few times and wiped my nose with the back of my hand.”Y-y-y-yes, Diane.””Don’t worry, Sabine, you have nothing to fear at work, I promise you. Just trust me.”She handed me some tissues and I dried my tears and wiped my nose better. I got down on my knees in front of her and took her right hand and kissed it. She took her hand back and tilted my head up and smiled at me.”Get dressed and go home. From now on you can wear clothes to work, but no underwear. I got up and slipped the new dress on and left. I can’t remember driving home. For the next two weeks nothing happened at work other than I know that Jason and Valerie told everyone what had happened to me. I got nothing but smirking stares from almost everyone. Which, of course, made me turn beet red, which confirmed what they had been told. I also had my period so I wasn’t pregnant and I was oh so happy about that. I also had an appointment with Diane’s gynecologist and was put on birth control. Things were not looking up but they were better than they had been. Perhaps the calm before the storm?It had been two weeks since I was humiliated in front of Jason and Valerie, getting spanked in front of them, Jason taking down my panties so Diane could spank me on my bare ass and Diane making sure that the new dress she had bought for me just that morning ended up on the floor.Diane had spanked me hard enough that my flailing legs made sure that my panties ended up on the floor too. I ended up naked except for my heels and stockings and then she made me apologize to them for making them watch me get it. She wouldn’t let me cover up either, so they saw everything.The worst part was that they told everyone about it. I hated coming in to work now because everyone that I saw had this big smirk on their face. They all knew, everyone of them!I was sort of getting used to it but if someone said anything about any kind of spanking in front of me I turned beet red. All that did was confirm to them that what Jason and Valerie told them was true.But it was Monday, the start of a new week and I was determined to make the best of it. When I got into the office Diane was already there. She stepped out of her office when I was hanging up my coat.”Come with me.”I finished hanging up my coat and followed her down the hall to the executive area. She stopped at Melissa’s desk who was the secretary for Mr. Prescott. He was the oldest of the partners and from what I understood very straitlaced. I was kind of afraid of him, especially since I felt if he heard some of what I had done he would have me fired. So I wasn’t feeling too good right now.”Is he in?””Yes.””Ask him if he’ll see me and Sabine.”I felt my stomach knot up. I wasn’t having a good feeling about this, not at all. Melissa went into Mr. Prescott’s office and shortly came back out.”He’s got half an hour.””That will be enough time. Come on Sabine.”We walked into Mr. Prescott’s office. He was behind his huge desk looking grumpy for some reason.”What do you want Diane?””I just wanted to see if you had heard any rumors around the office.””What sort of rumors?””If anyone on staff had been doing anything that they shouldn’t.””No, I haven’t heard anything like that, Diane. Why?””First of all, that’s good. Secondly Sabine has a little problem that I wanted to let you know about and see if we can ignore it or find a way to channel it for the office’s benefit.”My stomach just about dropped to the floor. I was trying to keep from crying. She told me nothing would happen to me!”What sort of problem does this young lady have?””Well, Mr. Prescott, she likes to take off her clothes.”I could see he was surprised and he turned to look at me.”Is this true young lady?”I was so screwed! Now that he knew I was sure I was going to be fired! I stood silently, hoping that I was dreaming this.”Will you please answer me?”I looked at him and then at Diane. She nodded calmly. I looked down at the floor and very quietly spoke.”Yes.””This is not good Diane. How is something like this going to be to this office’s benefit?””Well, first of all, do you believe her?”He turned from Diane and looked at me. My face had gotten very warm. I had to be blushing. I didn’t look up at him, I just stood staring at the floor in front of his desk. There was a long period of silence.”From the way she won’t look at me and the color of her face, yes, I believe her.””If we look at this from a different perspective, Mr. Prescott, it could make meetings a little more enjoyable. We could have Sabine attend them and make sure the managers and executives have water and coffee. And of course her dress for the meetings would ensure that everyone would make every effort to attend.””Are you suggesting what I think you are?””Yes, I am. Sabine would attend, be responsible for water and coffee and she would be naked.”He leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers together. He turned back to me. “I am finding this hard to believe now. You mean that she would strip before the meetings and be in the room naked?””Yes, I am saying that that is exactly what she would do.””Young lady, would you do that?”I still couldn’t look up and my stomach was in a knot but my nipples were erect. Very quietly I spoke again. Diane had me in a corner once more.”Yes.”He just stared at me. Diane jumped right in, the bitch.”Sabine, why don’t you show Mr. Prescott. Take off your clothes.”Now I was fucked. All I had on was an elegant green dress that Diane had purchased for me, stockings and heels. Mr. Prescott was still leaning back in the huge office chair that he had and small smile was on his face. I peeked up at him, saw the smile and knew that I probably wasn’t going to be fired but I really didn’t want to strip in front of him. Now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, I really didn’t have much choice in the matter.I reached behind my neck and unhooked the dress. Then I pulled down the zipper and the old bastard’s smile was bigger. I slipped the dress off my shoulders and leaned forward to push it down and step out of it. Diane held out her hand and not having a choice I handed it to her. Prescott was looking me up and down.”Interesting, Diane, but she isn’t naked.””Take off the rest Sabine.”I glanced at Diane, glaring at her.”May I sit down Mr. Prescott?””Of course my dear.”His smile was like the Cheshire cat’s. I sat down in one of his side chairs and took off my shoes. I figured I had nothing to lose so I lifted my left leg slightly and let my legs open a bit. I rolled my stocking down with my thighs open so he could get a good look at my pussy. I put the stocking with my shoes and lifted my right leg slightly and rolled that stocking down also. I bent and laid it with my shoes and the other stocking and then I stood back up, bare assed. “Well, well, well. And you say she will be dressed like this at our meetings, Diane?””If that is how you want her dressed. If you prefer that she has stockings and heels on or just heels that is how she will be.”I was pissed but that little tingle was back and of course my nipples were still up and hard as diamonds. Prescott looked me up and down once more.”Turn in a circle.”I slowly turned around in front of him so he had a good look at everything. I stopped, facing him once more, hands at my sides. His eyes on me made me feel a little sick to my stomach.”How pliable is she?””She’s pretty obedient Mr. Prescott.””Come over here young lady.”I slowly walked around his desk not wanting to do it. Prescott swiveled his chair so he faced me. My face was red but I forced myself to have no expression. I thought I knew what was coming. I was right. One of Prescott’s hands came up and grasped my right boob. He moved his palm over my erect nipple and even if it was his hand it sent a tingle through my nipple and boob. His thumb and index finger grasped my right nipple and pinched and twisted it. The hand moved over and caressed my left boob and grasped the nipple and then pulled it out, making me gasp slightly.”She has responsive nipples.”The bastard! He leaned back in that big swivel chair and his eyes went from my face to my boobs and then down to my pussy.”Spread your legs young lady.”FUCK! I slid my feet apart. His big hand cupped my pussy and his middle finger wormed its way up me. I stood in front of him, wooden faced, barely able to keep still. He twisted and wiggled his finger inside me, watching my face. My expression didn’t change.”She also has remarkable self control.”He kept working his finger inside me and to my horror I realized that I was getting wet. As soon as Prescott realized that I was, he chuckled.”Perhaps not that good self control after all. Turn around and bend over.”I didn’t have any choice and did as I was told. One of his hands grasped my left cheek and pulled my ass open and the finger that had been up my pussy started prodding on my anus.”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”I started to straighten up, but the hand that had held my cheeks open was on my lower back and pushed me back down and the finger tip was in my anus. I started to step forward and the hand grasped my hip and held me for the moment it took for the pussy moistened finger to worm inside my ass. I started sniffling and tears leaked out of my eyes.”Oh stop it girl! I’m sure one of your boyfriends has had a finger up there!”Actually no that had not happened to me until Diane had stuck those hateful things up me. By now the finger was deeply embedded in me and I just gave up and let him have his fun. The fact that I wasn’t having any didn’t concern him one little bit.”She’ll do, Diane. Does she do anything else?””Perhaps Mr. Prescott, but maybe we should go slow.””Well, all right.””Sabine, get dressed.”I didn’t ask for permission. I just sat down and quickly pulled on my stockings and reached for my dress. Diane let me take it and I slipped into it as fast as I could and zipped it up. My shoes were on in an instant.”We’ll be in touch before the next staff meeting Mr. Prescott.”Diane led me out of his office and I was almost trotting behind her. We walked down the hall in silence. I had nothing to say to her. She didn’t speak to me until we reached my desk.”Come in.”She walked into her office and I followed.”I told you that you would not be in trouble at work and I was right. I know that old goat. If he had heard about you before your little performance in his office he would have made me fire you. Now he won’t. With a chance to see you naked once a week and perhaps get to toy with you a bit, he’ll be happy. You’ll get an opportunity to parade around naked in front of the executives. That will get you your humiliation and nudity fix. At least a good part of it.””Diane, I don’t like this at all. I don’t want him touching me. He makes me sick to my stomach.””Well, decide. Let him feel you or perhaps you would sooner suck him.”My eyes opened wide. I shook my head no over and over again.”I thought that would be your answer. Getting felt up doesn’t sound quite so bad now, does it?”I just stared at her. I certainly didn’t have an answer for that.”Back to work, Sabine.”I stared at her for a moment and then turned and walked to my desk. I sat down and laid my head on my hands and shivered. Even though my nipples had stiffened and my pussy got wet in Prescott’s office I wasn’t happy. Not happy at all with the way Diane had manipulated both me and Prescott. Yes it would do for my desire to be humiliated but did I want to do what Diane had proposed to him? The entire fucking office would hear about it! Well, most of the office had heard about my spanking already, but still! My mind was running 100 miles an hour, trying to figure a way out of this. Late in the afternoon I had an idea. Too late to do anything today, but tomorrow! Diane left me pretty much alone except for work and I left at five o’clock. I had some planning to do. I had to do something to get myself out of this horror story that my life had become.I was at work before Diane the next morning. I had thought about my situation since yesterday afternoon and I thought I had an idea that would protect me from Diane, at least somewhat. I didn’t think it was perfect, but I really thought it would work. Before Diane came in I had made an appointment with one of the other partners. His name was Mr. Daniels, James Daniels.He was at least equal in power to Mr. Prescott since he brought in the lion’s share of the business to the firm. I liked him because he was nice to me. Hell, he was nice to almost everyone. In my mind I felt that I could manipulate him somewhat and get some control back over my life with his help. Diane certainly wouldn’t try to do much to me if I could just get Mr. Daniels to help me out.Diane let me work on what she needed done. No matter how much fun she had embarrassing and humiliating me, the work of the office still needed to be done.I had taken extra time this morning to be sure my make up and hair were as good as I could get them. I also wore my best dress. It was a blue that almost matched my eyes and I had earrings and a bracelet that was close to matching the color of it. I had bought a new pair of stockings and my heels were blue also. I felt that I looked pretty good. I also wore my pale blue sheer panties. Even if Diane didn’t like me to wear underwear I figured that today she could like it or lump it.As the time came closer to the appointment with Mr. Daniels I started getting nervous but I resolutely rehearsed in my mind what I was going to say. I was going to get this as perfect as I could.About five minutes before my appointment with Mr. Daniels I informed Diane that I was going to be away from my desk for a bit. She just waved a hand at me, immersed in some report. I walked down the hall to the executive offices. I stopped at Melody’s desk. She was Mr. Daniels assistant.Melody was a good looking brunette, perhaps 5 or 6 years older than I was. She was always nicely dressed and was a very quiet person. She looked up and smiled at me.”Hello Sabine. You have the appointment with him?””Yes, I do. Is he in now?””He is. Let me see if he is ready for you.”Melody got up from behind her desk and walked to his door. She knocked and opened it slightly.”Sabine is here to see you Mr. Daniels.””Show her in.”I walked into his office and smiled at him. He really was a nice man, in his late forties and rather attractive.I stood in front of his desk.”Go ahead and sit down Sabine. What can I do for you?””Mr. Daniels this is sort of hard for me. Just bear with me please.”He got a curious expression on his face and waited for me to go on.”Ah, I have a problem with Diane. She is ah, sort of humiliating me and I would like it to stop. Since you are one of the top partners I felt that if I spoke with you, you could help me.””I’m sorry to hear that Sabine. Just how is she humiliating you? Is she not treating you with respect or something like that?””No, ah, she is sort of disciplining me inappropriately.””Inappropriately? What are trying to tell me?”I felt my face start to heat up. This was embarrassing!”Well Mr. Daniels, she has started spanking me for errors and not following instructions. And a couple of weeks ago, she ah, did it in front of Jason and Valerie.””Well, this is not good! No one should be reprimanded in front of others!””That’s exactly how I feel sir and I felt that perhaps you could put a stop to it.””I’ll certainly have to look into it Sabine. How exactly did she spank you?”Oh God, how much do I want to tell him?”She ah, had me over her knee and lifted my dress up.”I was so flustered even though I had rehearsed everything it all just poured out of me.”She ah, had Jason take down my panties and spanked me bare in front of them.””She did, did she? Is that it?””Well, no, she sort of undid my dress and it ended up coming off me too.”God damn it! My mouth was running away with everything!”My God! So you were naked?””Well, yes ah, except I still had stockings and shoes on, Sir.””Jason and Valerie watched this?””Yes Sir.””I would certainly say that was inappropriate!”Mr. Daniels sat back and steepled his fingers in front of him. He had a wry little smile on his face.”I don’t suppose you would want to show me exactly what this entailed?””I don’t understand Sir.””For me to get a full picture of the incident it would be best if you were dressed like that day Sabine.””You want me to take off my dress?””If you don’t mind.”SHIT! I didn’t think this would happen! But God, if Mr. Daniels would help me out of this hell I was living it would be worth it. As I contemplated what he wanted and what I was going to do my face turned a bright shade of red. I stood for a moment, uncertain. Then I made up my mind. If he would help me it would be worth it.I reached behind my neck and unclasped and unzipped my dress. Then blushing oh so much, I wriggled my dress down and off. Mr. Daniels held out his hand. I reluctantly handed it to him and watched him set it on his credenza behind him. I was in my sheer panties which really didn’t hide much and stockings and heels. And blushing like hell! And my nipples were erect again!”You said Jason took your panties down, didn’t you?”FUCK! I put my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down and stepped out of them. Daniels held out his hand and I reluctantly gave them to him. I watched them drop on my dress. He looked at me, standing pretty much naked in front of him. He smiled and his hands dropped below his desk.”Do you think this is appropriate Sabine?””No Sir.””Come around the side of my desk Sabine.”I hesitantly walked around his desk and he turned his chair to face me. I gasped as I saw his semi erect cock lying on his suit pants.”If you want me to help you Sabine, perhaps you would help me.”The dirty bastard! Even as I thought that, my nipples were hard and I had that tingling feeling down low. Mr. Daniels spread his feet apart and gestured for me to get between them. I couldn’t explain to anyone why I was naked in his office. He had me in a corner, just like Diane. I knelt down and took his cock in my left hand and looked up at him. He smiled down at me and nodded. I sighed and bent forward and sucked his cock into my mouth. As my head was bobbing up and down I heard him use the intercom.”Melody, would you please get Miss Chambers and bring her here.”That registered with me but not that well. I was too embarrassed for it to make much sense. I felt his cock harden in my mouth. I kept sucking it. His hands kept my hair out of the way so he could see my face, see my lips wrapped around his cock. I kept sucking and he watched me.”Mr. Daniels, Miss Chambers is here.””Bring her in Melody.”That registered! I lifted my head off his stiff cock and looked at the door to see Melody holding the door for Diane and then she followed her into the office.Diane just chuckled as she saw my head come over the top of the desk.”Melody, close the door. You were right Diane.””I figured that she would try to use someone here. I watched her react to the partners and I figured it would be you, Jim. And I was right.””Yes, you were Diane. Sabine, you’re not sucking.”I wanted to die of shame! Melody had this look of shock on her face and Diane had a grin like you wouldn’t believe!Mr. Daniels turned my head back to his stiff cock and gently pushed it down. I was fucked! I sighed and took it back into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it.”Sabine, you had no way to know that Melody was providing some services for me, but you will understand shortly. Melody, take off your clothes.””Mr. Daniels, Jim, please..”Diane chuckled again. I was too busy to really understand.”Melody!”I heard clothes rustling in the office and Diane chuckling even more.”Come around here Melody.”She came next to my and glanced towards her and gasped around Mr. Daniels cock. Melody was just as naked as I was!”Melody and I have an arrangement Sabine. One that you can now assist her in taking care of it. Melody, get my balls out. You can suck for a while and she can lick my balls.”Melody gently removed my mouth from his cock and fished in his suit pants until she could get his balls out them. Then her mouth went over his cock. She started sucking him.”Sabine, lick my balls.”I saw motion to my right and glanced to see Diane sitting on the edge of his desk, smirking.”You don’t mind if I watch, do you Jim?””Not at all Diane. Sabine! Start licking my balls!The bitch had figured me out! She let me set myself up! I bent my head down and started licking Mr. Daniels’ balls. This was disgusting! Melody was still sucking his cock. Diane was watching the two of us degrade ourselves.”Melody, when I get close let Sabine suck me. I would like to come in her mouth.”The dirty rotten bastard! I kept licking his balls while Melody sucked his cock. And Diane watched the two of us, chuckling. Daniels just sat back and enjoyed it. It took a while but Melody finally pulled her head off him.”Sabine, he’s ready.”I lifted my head up and saw him smirking at me. I was either going to do it willingly or he was going to force me. I did it willingly. My mouth went over the tip of his stiff, throbbing cock and I started sucking again. Melody was kneeling up next to me and Daniels was fondling her left boob. Her nipples looked to be as stiff as mine. I bobbed my head up and down and suddenly his hands grasped my head and his hips thrust up. His cock went deep in my mouth to the back of my throat and he squirted. He squirted several times and I gagged but he held my head firmly until he finished. I kept my lips tight on him and finally he let go of my head. I pulled back and looked around for somewhere to spit it out.”No Sabine. Swallow. Next time you and Melody can share.”I turned to look at him and forced myself to swallow his come, gagging and choking. When I had choked it down I glanced over at Melody. We were both kneeling, asses on our heels. Melody had absolutely nothing on, I had on stockings and heels. Diane was sitting with one hip on his desk and Daniels had this self satisfied expression on his face as he stuffed his now limp cock back in his pants. Daniels leaned back with this big smile on his face.”Sabine tells me that you spank her if she needs it. True?””Yes, it is. I think she likes it too.””What do you think of that Melody?”Melody just lowered her eyes to the floor and kept silent. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.”Well, Jim, maybe we could test them both out.””What do you mean?””I could spank Melody and you could spank Sabine. They’ve both been bad girls today, haven’t they?””That’s a good idea. But first Sabine and Melody should tell each other why they are so willing. Melody, you first.”Melody was fairly composed but she turned slightly red.”Mr. Daniels caught me stealing from the firm. My husband had just lost his job and I couldn’t afford to lose mine. He offered me a choice of keeping my job or being fired. I chose to keep the job.””What does that entail, Melody?””Two or three times a week he calls me in and I have to suck him off.””Does your husband know about this?””NO!””How long has this been going on?””Two years.”‘I don’t fuck her Sabine. She just sucks and does so nicely.””What about you, Sabine?””Diane caught me in the office naked. She told me it was a choice of being fired or doing what she wanted. I need the job.”I was feeling awfully humiliated telling them this.”What have you done for her?”I dropped my eyes to the floor alongside Melody. This was terrible! I didn’t want to debase myself by telling them anything.”Sabine, tell him or after Jim spanks you we’ll go back to my office and I will spank you.”FUCK!”Diane made me open the door for a pizza delivery naked. She’s made me drive home from her home naked. Some of her friends have seen me naked and one of them spanked me in front of everyone. She made me show my pussy to a stranger. She made me get naked in an adult store”I just couldn’t think of everything but I didn’t want to say anymore. I was still kneeling with my eyes on the floor.”Remember Robert, Greg and Brad?”Ah God!”Diane made me suck Robert in a parking lot with his friends watching me and she had two guys do me in front of her and another woman.”I wanted to start bawling.”Our Robert?””Y-y-y-yes.””Do you? Do you mean they fucked you in front of Diane?””Y-y-yes.””You have been a pretty bad girl Sabine. At least Melody only sucks me.”I was terribly humiliated. “How should we do this Diane?”Diane looked around the office and grinned.”You can take Sabine and bend her over that arm of your couch. I’ll take Melody over this one. They can hold themselves up on their arms and I think they should look each other in the face. You can spank Sabine and I’ll take care of Melody.””That sounds excellent! Get up girls and get over the couch.”I was resigned to this and stood up but Melody just knelt there.”Melody, do as Diane said and now!”I looked down at her and her shoulders were shaking. I bent over and took her arm, helping her up. Melody was already crying. I walked her around the desk and Diane took her arm and pulled her to one end of the couch. I walked to the other. I knew I was going to get spanked. Diane pushed Melody up against the end of the couch and bent her over. Her arms went out automatically. I bent over my end and rested my arms on the cushion in front of Melody. I looked at her and gave her a shaky smile. I don’t think she even saw me. Daniels watched Diane rest her left hand on the small of Melody’s back and he did the same to me. Then they started spanking us. After about twelve each we were both squirming. Melody’s bigger boobs were swinging with each swat she got. Shortly after that we were both yelping and saying OW with each spank. Tears were running off Melody’s cheeks and I was very close to crying when they stopped.Daniels pulled me up and pushed me to the front of the couch.”Bend over and put your hands on the cushions.””Great idea Jim.”Shortly Melody was beside me with her hands on the cushions next to me. Diane and Mr. Daniels were behind us.”Sabine’s ass looks a lot redder than Melody’s. Do you suppose it’s because she is lighter skinned?””Probably, but Melody’s is nice and red too. The red sets off their pussies nicely, doesn’t it?””Yes it does.”We both were embarrassed as anything, humiliated to the max. I knew my nipples were hard and I glanced over to look at Melody’s. It looked as though hers were also.”OK girls, you can get dressed now. And Sabine, are you going to try this again?””No.”Melody pushed herself up and slipped on her bra and then her panties. I had to walk by the two of them to get my clothes. Diane saw the panties.”I told you no underwear! Give them to me.”By the time I handed Diane my panties Melody was dressed. I hurriedly put on my dress and fastened it. “You two can get back to work.”Melody and I walked out of Mr. Daniels’ office. She looked at me while she wiped tears off her face. I looked down and walked back to my desk. I wondered how many more girls in this office were trapped into something like the two of us were. At least Melody had underwear. I sat down at my desk and winced. What else could happen to me? God only knew.By the time Diane returned to her office I was busy at work. I didn’t look up when she walked up to my desk.”We’ll discuss your attempt to get out of your predicament later. Make sure the reports are done and get the Larson file up to date.”I didn’t say a word. She walked into her office and closed the door. I stuck my tongue out at her closed door. Brave Sabine.My ass was sore and probably still red. And I was horny and hating myself for that feeling. I still had trouble reconciling my embarrassment and humiliation with the feelings of arousal I got every time. It did not make any sense to me at all.Be that as it may, I was concerned about what Diane had said to me when she walked past my desk. That something was going to happen to me was certain. What it was going to be was not, but most likely I was not going to enjoy it. Let me be honest with everyone. I have discovered that I am not that unhappy being naked in front of someone. It is arousing. But when it is someone from work or when there is humiliation involved, I don’t really like it very much. Someone from work is bad for me because I am going to see them almost every day and I am not sure what they are thinking of me. Is she a whore or a slut? From the other women at work, how can she take off her clothes here? If I am humiliated, like being spanked in front of people, it is horrible. Mostly because I just do what I am told and they get to watch my ass jiggle and bounce and maybe I start crying and then afterwards they can see my reddened ass. Whether it’s just naked or humiliated, my nipples always get erect and they are noticeable. I can’t hide the fact that they are erect and that makes it seem like I am really enjoying it. Maybe I am, some, but not so much that my nipples should get hard. But they always do. Now that I am shaved and since Diane has told me to keep it shaved I don’t even have any hair to hide behind. Everything is right there and I mean everything. Melody has a bush, not a huge one but at least some hair on her pussy.Enough of that. Being naked in front of a pizza guy is kind of good, because unless I order pizza again and he delivers it he really doesn’t know who I am.Anyway I was now thinking of what Diane was going to do and I wasn’t having good thoughts. I was nervous and sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. Nothing happened, not one thing. I went home thankful for that but still worried.It would have been better for me to have it happen that day. At least I would have gotten it over with. But now I had it hanging over my head and I didn’t know when things were going to happen. It was not arousing, it was nerve wracking. So, I came into work on Tuesday, expecting the worst and all day, nothing. The only thing that did happen on Tuesday was that Melody came down and asked me to go to lunch with her. That was both good and bad. We had something in common although I am sure that neither one of us was enjoying it. But I told her yes and shortly before noon she came by my desk and we walked out to her car. Melody drove us to a restaurant away from the office so no one we knew would be there. After she had parked and we went in and got a table we were both silent and sort of looking at each other but not. Finally Melody took a breath.”Look Sabine, this is hard for me to talk about.””I know exactly what you mean.””How did she catch you?”I sighed.”It was a stupid dare by some of my friends. We were all going to go where we worked and get naked and take pictures of each other. I’m old enough to know better but we had been drinking and after a few glasses of wine it seemed like a hoot. I don’t remember how I ended up being the first, but I was. Anyway, after I took my clothes off and they took some pictures of me at my desk I strolled down the hall and into the staff area and Diane was there. She saw me and my friends took off and left me with her. She told me later that she had to suck the security manager to get the security tapes, which I had never even thought about. And she had the security tapes, she showed them to me and it was clear that it was me. She told me that if Mr. Prescott ever saw them, he’d fire me for sure. She told me if I did what she told me, she would make sure that Prescott would never see them. So I started doing what she told me to do because I needed the job.”I stopped talking and fiddled with my silverware. The waitress came up and took our orders.”So what has she had you do?””Pretty much what I said in Daniels’ office.””You sucked off Robert?”I took a breath.”Yes.””In front of some of his friends?””Yes.””Were you?””Yes, she had me strip first.””So who at work has seen you naked?””Well, Diane of course, Robert, Jason, Valerie, Mr. Prescott…””Wait a minute. I thought she told you that Prescott would fire you if he heard.””Obviously not since she volunteered me to serve coffee and water at staff meetings for the executives naked. Prescott thought that was a wonderful ides.””And now Daniels.””Yes.””And he has more than just seen you naked.””Yes.””Shit this whole thing sucks.””Yes it does. Diane has told me that something is going to happen to me but not what or when. Just because I wore panties when I went to see Daniels and she doesn’t want me wearing underwear. I’m sure that I will love it.””You’re k**ding, right?””I’m being sarcastic. I pretty sure she will find some way to humiliate me.””Sabine, I am so sorry.””Thanks Melody. I appreciate that. What happened to you?”Melody looked down at the table. The waitress brought our lunches and we sat silently until she left. Melody sighed.”Well, my husband and I bought a bigger house. With both our jobs it would have been no problem. But five months after we signed the papers my husband lost his job. We had some money saved up so we could make ends meet with my job and savings for a while but eventually it was getting to the point that we were going to lose the house. My husband is working part time jobs to bring in some money but not close to what he was. Well, some of the clients have accounts with us and one month when it was really tight for us, I took some money from one to help with the house payment. I was going to pay it back but the next month was worse and one after that not much better so I never could replace the money I took and I even had to take some more. I had good intentions but financially we couldn’t get ahead.”She looked down at the table again.”So, one day Daniels called me into his office and had me shut the door. He tells me that he had figured out that I was taking money and that he was seriously thinking about firing me and turning me in to the police. I begged him not to do that, that I would do anything to keep that from happening. So he tells me if I will give him blowjobs a few times a week that he would replace the money and if I was good he would get me a raise so things would be better for my husband and I. He told me to get behind his desk and he pulls out his dick. Start sucking. So I did. He promised that he wouldn’t make me do anything else or tell my husband as long as I kept sucking him off.”Melody looked away from me. I could see tears in her eyes. She took a couple of breaths.”So I end up on my knees two or three times a week with his dick in my mouth. At first I would suck until I knew he was close and then jerk him off, but he decided that he didn’t like the chance that come would get on his carpet. He told me to keep my mouth on him until he came. At first he’d let me spit it out but then he told me to swallow, which I don’t like very much. After about six months of that, he let me get him close and then he’d get up and walk behind me, lift my skirt up and pull down my panties and come on my ass. Then he’d stand and watch it run down and then he’d tell me to pull up my panties with the come all over my ass. I was so scared my husband would see the stains and figure out what was going on, but so far so good.”Melody wiped her eyes.”I’m sorry. That day with you there was the first time he made me take my clothes off. Up until then he would just squeeze my tits while I was sucking and that was through my clothes.”She choked back a soft sob.”Now I have no idea what he’ll do to me.”I reached out and grasped her hand and we held onto each other’s hand really hard. I felt so bad for her and I also felt that I was partly to blame for the escalation of her humiliation. I felt sick to my stomach that what I had tried to do ended up involving Melody even deeper with Daniels.”You don’t think that he’ll want to…””Fuck me? If he even tries I’ll quit my job. I’ve already been unfaithful to my husband. I just haven’t gone there yet. And I won’t.””What will you say to your husband?””I’ll tell him the truth and if he leaves me…””Melody, I am so sorry. I feel like it’s my fault.””No Sabine, it’s not your fault. I did it to myself. But now I am worried about what is going to happen to you.””Just take care of yourself. There isn’t much else that can be done to me that hasn’t already happened to me.”We just sat and looked at each other. Neither one of us was very hungry, but we nibbled at our food. Pretty much everything that could be said had been said. We paid out bill and left and when we got back to the office Diane was standing by my desk and watched as Melody walked by, just before I turned into my desk area.”Out with Melody?””Yes.””Interesting.”The bitch gave me a cold smile and walked to her office. She stopped and turned to face me.”At 4:30 I want you to come to the conference room. When you walk in stop at the head of the conference table. Then you will say this. Would you like me to take off my clothes? I’m sure you can figure out what happens next.”My stomach knotted up. I was going to have to humiliate myself. SHIT! I hung up my coat and sat down. I both was going to hate and like this. I knew that, I just didn’t know which was going to be the greater. The hate or the like.The afternoon just dragged. I worked as best I could with that hanging over my head. Diane ignored me other than for things she needed for work. Around 4:20 Diane walked out of her office and gave me a cold smile. Then she walked out of sight down the hall towards the staff area. At 4:25 I got up and walked the same path that she had. When I entered the staff area there was no one there but Melody. She was on the switchboard. She gave me a weak smile. She must have figured out that my time had come.I walked through the staff area and down the hall to the conference room. I stopped by the door and leaned my head against it and took a couple of deep breaths. Then I opened the door and walked in. All the younger staff members were in the conference room. Kate who had seen me at her party, Robert, the one that I had blown in the parking lot, Jason and Valerie who had watched me getting spanked and stripped and everyone else. I walked clumsily to the head of the table and looked down at the floor. My face was getting warm.”Would you like me to take off my clothes?”At least I wasn’t stuttering. The guys in the conference room almost started cheering. The women were something different.”The little bitch!””Is she serious?””She must be a slut!”With all of that being said the most common comments were YES!I reached behind my neck and unclasped my dress and pulled the zipper down. I noticed Diane in the back of the room, smiling coldly. My dress slipped off my shoulders and slid down to my waist, baring my little boobs. A cheer erupted. I blushed harder and pushed my dress down so it pooled around my ankles. I stood there in front of them, naked except for heels and hose. I forced myself to look up, to see the grinning faces and some not grinning. My nipples, as usual, were hard and there was a tingling feeling down low. I was embarrassed, humiliated and aroused. Diane walked around the table to stand to one side of me.”You all know Sabine. She likes to be naked in front of people. I know some of you girls think she is stupid and a slut. She won’t be doing anything else except she might let some of you feel her up. The executives of the firm are aware of her little kink and don’t mind so you may be seeing her like this around the office. She’ll be doing one other thing today, right here. She’ll get up on the edge of the table, lean back and open her pussy for those who want a good look.”My stomach knotted up and I turned my head to look at her. She still had a cold smile on her face and I stepped up and lifted my ass to the edge of the conference table. I was slightly in a daze as I leaned back and my hands went to my pussy. My fingers pulled my lips open and stared at the ceiling. I ignored the movement of people in front of me as they walked up to look at me exposing myself. If I was humiliated by taking off my dress this was even worse!”Christ, I think she is wet! She’s enjoying this!”I went from blushing to beet red in an instant.”Diane, can we check her out?””Go ahead, but just fingers.”I gasped as finger went up me. I closed my eyes.”She sure is wet!”That finger withdrew and was replaced by another. I wanted to hump but I barely kept from doing it. Everyone who wanted to got to stick a finger up my pussy with much chuckling and giggling going on. I was so humiliated! I had done it to myself and wasn’t begging for them to stop. I just laid there and let them have their fun.”All right, that’s enough. Now there is one other thing. From here on she will be wearing panties. She will sell them to you for twenty dollars a pair. If you wish to buy them, give her the twenty dollars. Sabine will then remove her outer clothes, then remove her panties and give them to you. You may do this anywhere in the office other than the private offices or in a meeting. Once you have her panties she may get dressed with clothes she has left. Once someone has purchased her panties, if someone else wants to buy them, they can’t. But Sabine has to prove to you that she doesn’t have any panties to sell. I’m sure that you can figure out where to buy her panties for the most benefit to the office. You’re all dismissed for the day. Sabine, come with me.”I followed her out of the conference room bare ass naked and she led me down the hall to Daniels’ office. Melody was no longer at the switchboard. Daniels’ door was open. Melody was standing in front of the couch and Daniels was seated behind his desk. Diane and I entered. “Well, Sabine seems to be ready.””She is. Jim and I decided that it was unfair for Melody to be spanked without having something nice for her.”As Diane said this she closed the door. My stomach was in knots. What else could they be thinking of to do me and Melody?”All right Melody. Take off your clothes. Sabine take off your heels and stockings.”Melody looked like she was going to start bawling but she started to undress. I didn’t say a word. I just toed off my heels and started rolling my stockings down. It didn’t take me long to be totally bare but Melody was having a struggle with undressing. Neither Diane nor Daniels said anything as they watched Melody get down to her bra and panties. She looked up at the ceiling and then closed her eyes. Melody finally unclasped her bra and dropped it on the rest of her clothes. She took a deep breath and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.”Melody, sit on the edge of the couch and lean back with your legs open.”I stood silently watching the poor woman. She sat down and leaned back and let her legs open after closing her eyes.”Sabine get between her legs on your knees.”I knelt.”Don’t they look cute together?”Melody still hadn’t opened her eyes but a soft sob escaped her mouth.”Sabine, start licking her pussy.”My head snapped around to stare at Diane. Melody sat bolt upright.”Melody, do you want your husband to know what you have been doing for the past two years?”She leaned back once more and covered her eyes with her hands. I could see her body shaking from silent sobs. I closed my eyes and then opened them. I didn’t want to humiliate her but I didn’t see that I had much choice. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy softly. She tensed up and I licked her seam. I had never licked a pussy before. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to but I was also sure Diane would find something much worse for me. I tried to be gentle and loving but Melody was stiff as a board. I kept licking and kissing her pussy. I sensed movement behind me and lifted my head and turned slightly to look. Daniels had his cock out and was stroking it. He was right behind my ass and I prayed that he wasn’t going to, well you know. I bent back to Melody and started licking her again. After about five minutes I felt her hips lift up slightly. I kept licking and kissing her and shortly after that her hands came down and held my head. I peered up and Melody’s eyes were still closed but her mouth was slightly open. She was gentle. I kept licking her and now I was starting to taste her pussy and I found it nice. I buried my nose in her hair and licked harder and Melody moaned. I heard Diane chuckle and Daniels was breathing harder behind me. They watched me lick Melody while Daniels jacked off behind me. I wasn’t too happy about that, but it was better than the alternative. Even though Melody had been upset by now she was humping my face while I licked and was moaning continuously. All of a sudden she grasped my head firmly and her hips bucked up. She held my head while bornova escort she ground her pussy against my face and I kept licking her.”AHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!”And Melody came, explosively, humping my face as hard as she could. Her hands left my head and I peered up to see them cover her face as she twitched and spammed. I just kept my mouth against her pussy and let her rub on it.”AHHHHHHHHHHH!”With that, Daniels shot a thick rope of come that hit my shoulder blades and splattered down my back. He squirted three or four more times, covering me from my upper back to the top of my ass. The he knelt behind me and wiped the tip of his dick on my ass cheeks. I sensed him getting back up and heard his zipper. I thanked God that he hadn’t stuck it up me. I felt very degraded. I’m sure Melody was no better.”Sabine, back up a little and stay on all fours. Melody, I want you to get up and lay on top of her.”I did what I was told and Melody got up and woodenly walked behind me. She hesitated for a moment. Then I felt her legs on either side of my hips and she bent over and pressed her naked front to my come covered back.”Now rub back and forth on Sabine.”I felt her boobs press down on me and her pussy hair on the top of my ass and then she rubbed up and down and side to side, smearing come all over the two of us. Melody gave two or three soft sobs as she did that. I felt disgusted. I don’t know how she felt. I felt slimy. I am sure she did too.”You can get up now Melody.”She pushed herself up and stood behind me.”Get up Sabine and look at your new friend.” I got up and turned to look at Melody. The entire front of her body from her boobs down to her bush glistened with the come Daniels had shot on my back. I could feel little trickles of it creeping over my ass cheeks. CHRIST! How much did that bastard come?”He shoots quite a bit, doesn’t he?”Neither one of us said anything.”Sabine, go get your dress and come back here. I don’t want it on you.”I left Melody naked with the two of them and walked back to the conference room to get my dress. Robert and Jason and one of the other guys were in the staff area. As I walked by them, humiliated Robert spoke.”What’s that on your back Sabine?”I turned beet red and silently kept walking as they laughed at me. I got my dress and stood for a moment. I had to go back through the staff area. I didn’t want to walk through there again. But again, I had no choice. I walked back and they were still there.”It looks like come, doesn’t it?”I choked back a sob and kept walking. I hate you Diane! I hate you Daniels! I got back into his office and Melody was still standing in front of them naked.”All right. You two can get dressed now.”We both looked at her in horror and realized that nothing we could say would change her mind. Daniels was sitting in his big desk chair, fingers steepled, smiling. Melody picked up her panties and pulled them on, her mouth twisting as they began to soak up come. I pulled on my dress, ignoring my stockings. I stood while Melody put her bra on and then her blouse which became slightly transparent as it soaked up come. Then she pulled her skirt on. We stood by each other, disgusted and very uncomfortable.”You can both go home now.”Gee thanks! Melody and I walked out of Daniels office. I stopped as she got her coat.”Why don’t you come to my place and you can shower before you go home. I’ll give you some clothes that you can wear. I’ll wash your clothes and bring them to you tomorrow.”Melody looked at me gratefully.”Let me call my husband and tell him I will be a little late getting home.”I waited for her. When she finished her call and had hung up we walked to my desk and I got my coat.”We’ll go in my car so nothing gets on yours Melody. I’ll bring you back here after your shower. Think of something that you can tell your husband.”We got to my car and I drove us to my apartment. Both of us were uncomfortable with the drying come on us and our clothes were disgusting. We walked up to my apartment and I showed Melody the bathroom and got her a towel. Then I found some sweats and panties. My bras would never fit her. I brought the clothes into the bathroom and Melody was naked and adjusting the water.”Here are some clothes to wear home.””Why don’t you get in the shower with me and I can wash your back. It’ll be easier than you trying to do it.”I was hesitant but her shy smile made me feel better and I thought why not. So I stripped off what little I had on and we got into the shower. Melody let me get under the water first and she stood behind me. The water ran down my front and back and felt so good. Melody took a washcloth and soaped it up and began to scrub my back. Her hands felt so good on me. I closed my eyes and let her wash me. She scrubbed from my shoulders down to my ass and then I heard the washcloth splat on the floor of the shower. Melody’s hands were on my ass. She stroked it and cupped it and squeezed it and I whimpered. The next thing I knew she was pressed up against my back, her hard nipples pressing into me and her arms around me. I leaned back into her. My hands found hers and moved them over my little boobs. I could feel her warm wet body pressed against mine and she molded my boobs and toyed with my erect nipples. I let her play with me for a moment and then turned around to face her.”Today was my first time with a woman.””Mine too Sabine. You were great, even with where we were.”I sadly remembered what had happened. My arms went around Melody and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Eventually her mouth opened to mine and our tongues dueled. Her breasts felt so good against mine, the hard tips rubbing across my nipples. I whispered to her.”You don’t have to lick me but please bring me off.”Melody’s hand snaked down my body and between my legs. I opened them for her and her fingers found my clit. She rubbed it and pulled the hood back. When she found it uncovered and rubbed me my legs almost gave out. Her lips met mine again and Melody rubbed my clit until I exploded in orgasm. She had to hold me up as the twitches and tremors ran through me. She held me up under the warm water. I felt so good! “Thank you Melody.”She was blushing but wasn’t holding back from my body as they pressed together once more. I kissed her softly and then I bent and got the washcloth. I soaped it up and washed her front. I paid special attention to her nipples and then to the top of her slit. She finally made me stop.”Sabine, enough. I have to get home.”I reluctantly let her go and we took turns rinsing off. Then out of the shower and drying each other. I was both happy and embarrassed and I sensed she was also.”Melody I’m sorry but I was so needy.””It’s all right.””No, it isn’t. I feel like I forced you into something.””Actually it was kind of nice but we can’t ever let them know. If they ever found out can you imagine what they would do?”I grimaced.”No I can’t but it scares me.””Me too.”She finished drying herself off and then got dressed in my clothes. Then she bent towards me and kissed me. I was still naked.”I think you’ll be a good friend Sabine. Thank you and good night. I guess we’ll see each other tomorrow.””Yeah. I haven’t told you what she has done to me now, but I don’t think I am going to like work very much from now on.”Melody left and I felt lonely. I was still naked. It seemed like that was my normal form of dress anymore. I made myself dinner and after I cleaned up I sat around and thought of what my life had become since that stupid dare. The worst part about it was that my friends were avoiding me. I guess because they figured that I would be angry with them for talking me into the dare. I wasn’t especially happy with how things had turned out but I still got aroused and horny. I was still confused about that. I finally went to bed.The next morning I got up and figured fuck Diane. What else could she do to me? So after I washed up and put on make up and fixed my hair I got out a nice silk blouse and a pair of slacks. Remembering that I had to wear panties I got out the yellow sheer pair. I got dressed and I left for work. Diane was there when I arrived. She just looked at me and didn’t say anything. Things were quiet and I got some time to sneak down and see Melody. We spoke briefly and she told me that her husband didn’t suspect a thing which made me very happy. When I got back to my desk Diane came out and walked to the staff area. Then she came back and around fifteen minutes later she told me to go get some copies for her.I had forgotten about having to sell my panties. As I walked into the staff area, Kate and Valerie got up from their desks and walked over to me. I sort of smiled at them until Kate held up a twenty dollar bill. Then I remembered.”Kate, come on, be a friend for once.””I’m not your friend Sabine. Now if I remember what Miss Chambers said, you have to sell me your panties. And if I remember correctly, and I do, you have to get bare ass naked.””Kate, please…””No Sabine. Take the twenty and give me your panties. Right here, right now or I will have to speak to Miss Chambers and from what I hear you won’t like that at all.”THE FUCKING BITCH!”Besides what do you care anyway? Everyone here has seen your tiny tits, your fat ass and had a finger up your pussy already. If you aren’t stripping in thirty seconds I will tell Miss Chambers.”I started unbuttoning my blouse. Kate and Valerie snickered and like magic five guys appeared. My blouse was soon undone and I pulled it out of my slacks. Then it was off and I set on the table next to the copier. I toed off my shoes and undid my slacks. My face was feeling warm. As I pushed my slacks down Melody walked in and looked at me with a shocked expression on her face. I pulled my slacks off and set them with my blouse. I glared at Kate and Valerie and pushed down my panties and took them off. I held them out to Kate. She took them and smirked at me, then handed me the twenty. “Turn around. I want to see your ass crack.”I turned around. Melody was just staring at me and the two of them.”OK bitch, you can put your clothes back on.”I pulled on my slacks, ignoring the guys leering at me. Then I slipped into my blouse and buttoned it up. I didn’t bother tucking it in. I got the copies for Diane and trying hard to be unconcerned I walked out and back to her office. I knocked on her doorframe and walked in and gave her the copies she wanted.”Have a little fun in the staff area Sabine?”FUCK YOU! I walked back out to my desk and Melody was there.”What the hell is going on?””Diane informed all the junior staff that I would sell my panties for twenty dollars. And I have to take everything else off before them.””You mean anyone of them can hand you a twenty and you have to strip naked?””Well, I suppose that I could refuse and get fired. Ah shit, they’ve all seen me naked since yesterday afternoon.””What do you mean?””Yesterday, before she and I came to Daniels’s office, she made me strip in the conference room in front of all of them. And then she had me sit on the edge of the conference room table and open myself for them.”I didn’t tell Melody that I had let most of them finger me. I was embarrassed about that.”Jesus Christ! I can’t believe that she did that.””You can believe it.”I heard some noise in the hall and looked that way. Valerie walked up with the two k**s from the mail room. She waved a twenty at me, smirking.”Damnit Valerie, you know I don’t have any on. You were just there.””It doesn’t make any difference Sabine. I’m offering to buy. Either you sell or prove that you can’t. Just step around the desk.”Fuming I moved around Melody. I stood in front of the bitch and looked at the k**s. I knew they were eighteen but they both looked so young! I wanted to slap the smug bitch in the face. I undid and unzipped my slacks and pushed on the waistband. They slid over my hips and pooled around my ankles. Then I lifted up my blouse so she could see that I had no panties on. The eyes on the mail room guys just about popped out as they saw my pussy. Then they started grinning. I let go of my blouse and it covered me.”I’m wondering if just dropping your pants is good enough.”Diane stepped out of her office. She took in Valerie, the two mail room guys, me and Melody. She glanced down at my slacks which were still around my ankles. She gave Valerie a cool smile.”Oh, I think its good enough Valerie. Don’t you?”All of a sudden Valerie wasn’t so sure of herself.”I guess so Miss Chambers.””Good. Sabine, pull up your pants and get back to work. Melody, don’t you have something to do?”Melody didn’t say a word. She just took off at a fast walk. Valerie turned and left and the two guys fell in behind her. I guess no one wanted to fuck with Diane. I pulled up my slacks and fastened them and then tucked in my blouse.”Thank you Diane.””You don’t need to thank me. I happy to embarrass you every chance I get but I don’t like people to feel like they can take over for me. Now get back to work. There are things that you need to get done today.”Like I didn’t know. Mentally I stuck my tongue out at her. I went behind my desk and sat down. Diane looked at me.”How would you and Melody like to earn some extra money?”I was suspicious of her right now as I well should be.”For what and how much?””Jim and I have a rather important client meeting out of town in three weeks. We both think that you two could be of benefit. It would mean a thousand dollar bonus for each of you.””That’s how much. What would we have to do?””You two would be hostesses at our suite.”I was still suspicious.”What kind of hostesses?””No sex Sabine. Just a little casual nudity.””In front of whom and for how long?””It’s a Wednesday through Friday. When we arrive at the hotel and get the suite or suites you two would give up your clothes for the time that we are there. There would be clients, likely the maids and room service.””No sex, right?””No sex. As long as you two behave no punishment either. But if you act up or don’t follow orders I for one reserve the right to discipline you or Melody.””One thousand dollars each?””Yes, if we get the contract.””And if we don’t get the contract?'”Double time pay for the entire time.””I’ll talk to Melody. After that I will let you know.””Explain to her that she may not want to disappoint Jim or I.”FUCK! I was starting to think that this was going to be a command performance, their command, our performance.Later that day I got a chance to speak to Melody. We had run into each other in the ladies room.”Do you have to get back to him quickly?””No, why?””Diane made me an offer today to make some extra money. Like a thousand dollars for three days for each of us.”Melody was suspicious just like I was.”So who do we have to fuck for them?””She said that there would be no sex. We get a thousand if they get this contract. If they don’t we get paid double time for the time we are gone. That’s like for three days.””It’s out of town?””Yeah.””I’ll have to talk to my husband if I want to do it.””Please say yes if he is ok with it. I don’t want to go alone.””You’d go with the two of them alone?””Diane’s a bitch but she keeps her word. If she says no sex but nudity is involved I trust her with that. Not with much else but I’ll trust her that I won’t be forced.””You’re absolutely sure she can be trusted and her word is good?””I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but yeah, I’d say we can trust her word.””You said nudity. What nudity?””We’d give up our clothes for the three days we are there.””We’d have to be naked for three days?” “Yeah, but the money. What could you do with a thousand dollars?””I’ll think about it.””Don’t wait to long. You know how patient Diane is.”Melody just nodded and left. I went back to Diane’s office.”This three day thing, no promise me that there will be no sex, right?””I won’t ask or tell you to have sex and neither will Jim.””I’ll do it and I think Melody will but she hasn’t said yes yet.”It took until Friday for Melody to tell me that she had decided yes, she would go, but only because they needed the money. For me, I was getting more and more used to taking off my clothes in the office. On Thursday Robert came to my desk and handed me a twenty. I took off my dress and panties and handed the panties to him. He told me to turn in circle. I don’t get the fascination with a woman’s ass. I’m sorry but if I was a guy and there was a naked woman in front of me I would want to see boobs and pussy. Several people came up to me after that and held out twenties and I had to lift my dress up to show them I didn’t have panties anymore. I still felt my face heat a little but by now it wasn’t that hard to show my pussy or take off my clothes.Friday was a little different. I got caught in the staff area. When I took my dress off, Kate picked it up and walked out with it. I was really pissed off about that. But I removed my panties and took the twenty. Then I had to walk to my desk naked with half the staff following me. My dress was on my desk and Kate was leaning against it, smirking. I stuck my tongue out at her. But my nipples were like diamonds and I had that little tingle down low. Also that afternoon was the first executive meeting. Diane informed me of that just before lunch. Which did not make my lunch very good. That’s when Melody told me she would go on the trip with me. I was quiet during lunch.”What’s the matter Sabine?”I sighed and looked down at the table.”Today is the first executive meeting.””So? Why is that a problem?””I will be there serving water and coffee.””I still don’t get it.””I’ll be nude.” “Oh Jesus!””Yeah, oh Jesus.””I’m going to be there taking notes. I hope neither of them get any ideas.”I sat back and looked at her.”Well, at least I will have one friend in the room.””How can you just be so calm about that? I could never have that attitude.””Melody, you had better get that attitude because in three weeks you are going to be right there with me. Besides, I sort of like it.””WHAT?””Melody, you need to know something about me. I kind of like having to take my clothes off in front of people. If you had me over to your house and you wanted me to take off my clothes, I would, even in front of your husband. I’m getting better at accepting it too. I still blush, don’t get me wrong, but I get a little, well, you know.””You get horny?””Yes, I do. It really confuses me because deep inside I know that a woman shouldn’t be all right with stripping off. She shouldn’t want to do it. Sometimes I feel that way too, but most of the time when I get told to strip or know that I am going to do it, it gets to me. I mean the first few times it was so embarrassing. But it isn’t that bad anymore.”Melody just shook her head.”Come to my apartment tonight and I’ll show you.”She smiled at me. “Let me call Mike and tell him that I going to your place for a while. Then maybe I’ll see what you are talking about.””Good, it’ll be fun to have someone over. Especially you.”When we got back from lunch I had fifteen minutes before the meeting started. I had a knot in my stomach. I always did when I was going to do something new. I knew that I was going to turn beet red also. Diane came out of her office and motioned me to follow her. We walked down the hallway to the executive conference room and when we entered, Melody was there making sure that there was enough bottled water and that the large coffee urn was on. I was feeling very nervous. I fidgeted as I waited. Melody took a chair near the head of the conference table. Finally they started to show up and take seats around the table. As the last of the executives arrived and sat down it was silent. Diane got up.”Some of you may be wondering why we have two assistants here today.””Yeah, we only need one to take notes.””That’s right, and one of them will be taking notes. The other one is responsible to see that everyone has coffee or water.””That’s a waste of time and money, Diane. She could be working.””That’s also true, but she is going to be special for this meeting and each one from now on. You see, Sabine will be making sure you have coffee or water, whatever you wish. But she’ll be doing it nude.”A dozen pairs of eyes swiveled to look at me. I felt my face getting very warm, very, very warm. My nipples popped to attention.”Sabine go ahead.””Do you want me to keep my stockings and heels on?””You can for today. That will be one of things we’ll decide today. What you’ll be wearing in the future or maybe not wearing.”I reached behind my neck and unclasped my dress. Then I unzipped it. Most of the execs were just staring at me. Renee and MaryKay didn’t look all that overjoyed. Diane noticed that.”Renee and MaryKay, it isn’t you and Sabine will make sure that everyone is on time in the future.”That got a laugh. I slid the top of my dress down and pushed it over my hips. It pooled around my feet and I stepped out of it. I picked it up and laid it on a table by the wall.”She looks very embarrassed Diane.””I’m sure she is. Sabine, do you like doing this?””Yes.””Does it embarrass you?””Yes.” “But you still don’t mind doing it?””Well, the first few times are going to be horrid. But after that I think it won’t be so bad. I mean everyone will have seen everything.””Thank you for being open and honest Sabine. Now let’s get the big elephant in the room out of the way. Sabine I want you to walk up to each person at the table and let them look at your pussy. Then we can get the meeting started.”I closed my eyes and then opened them and looked around the table. The first person I went to was Renee and then MaryKay. Neither of them looked too hard at me but they did look. Then I took the guy next to MaryKay. He took a good long look at my pussy and then at my nipples. Every one of them after that did pretty much the same thing. After I had circled the conference table Mr. Prescott started the meeting. From there on I was kept busy bringing bottled water and coffee to the table and cleaning up empty bottles and cups. I was starting to think that this wasn’t going to be too bad. Yeah, right! It was until I had my back to Prescott and he stuck a finger up my pussy. I yelped and went up on my toes and almost everyone burst out laughing. I pulled away from him and glared at him. I made sure after that he was never behind me.Most of the time during the meeting I just stood by the water and the coffee urn. It was kind of surprising to me that they all focused on the meeting and what they needed to do even if there was a naked woman in the room with them. I made sure that I knew exactly who was behind me and I did my best to keep my ass away from the men while I was serving and clearing. The meeting took over two hours and that was the longest that I had been naked in front of so many people. When it finally broke up Renee and MaryKay stood with Diane and watched me clear everything off the table, stack the coffee cups and throw away the garbage. When I had finished they called me over to them.”Sabine, come over here.”I walked over to them, a little bit nervous. I didn’t know what they wanted.”Look at her nipples. They look erect. Are they erect you little slut?””Yes.””So, you really do like this.””Yes.””Diane, could I borrow her sometime?””What for Renee?””I’d have her be a maid for dinner at my house. Wearing just an apron.””Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that.”That both excited me and scared me. I didn’t know Renee very well or MaryKay for that matter.”Don’t look so concerned Sabine. You’d just have to show your tits and puss. Right up your alley from what I can see.””Really think about it Diane. I’m serious. Maybe a football game would be better. Most of my husband’s buddies come over for those.””I said I would Renee. Would you want her for anything MaryKay?””Maybe.””Want to give me an idea?””Not right now. I’ll have to think about it.””That’s fine. Sabine, you can head back to your desk and get back to work. Oh, and leave your dress here. I’ll bring it with me after Renee, MaryKay and I are finished talking.”I guess I should have expected her to take things further. I just didn’t think I would be at my desk naked. Or walking through the office in the day naked. I sure was getting my ration of being naked in front of people. I exited the conference room and walked down the hall, feeling very exposed. I got to my desk and sat down. I tried to do some work but it was hard, it was surreal being there without clothes. I waited and waited and Diane didn’t come. Soon it was 5 o’clock and the younger employees started to leave, walking by my desk and giggling or chuckling as they saw me. I was so horny I wanted to masturbate right at my desk. I didn’t of course. Diane finally showed up with my dress. She gave it to me and smirked. She knew exactly what she had done to me. I slipped it over my head and zipped it up. I didn’t bother with the clasp. I called Melody and she was waiting for me to call.”Let’s go Melody. You can follow me to my apartment.””Fine Sabine. I’ll be by your desk in few moments.”She walked up shortly and we left. Diane was still in her office. Melody followed me to my apartment building and we parked and walked up to my place. It wasn’t the nicest apartment and I was sort of embarrassed for Melody to see it. She was gracious. We sat at my small dining table.”Remember what I said earlier about showing you about me?””Yes, I do.””I want you to treat me like Diane would but if you can even worse. I was thinking about ordering pizza and answering the door naked, but if you can make it worse than that it would be lovely.””I wouldn’t know what to do Sabine.””I’ve just thought of something.””What?””Will you do it to me if I tell you?””Do you really want me to?””It’s dirty, filthy and nasty. We’d have to go and get some things.””I’ll do my best.”I leaned into Melody and whispered in her ear. She looked at me in shock and then smiled at me.”You’re being a dirty bitch, you know that don’t you?””For tonight, I’ll be your dirty bitch.””Are you sure you want to do this?””Do you want to do it to me?””Well, it’ll be interesting to see the expression on your face. Sure, I’ll do it to you.””Thank you Melody.””Don’t be thanking me until it’s over. And once we start this there is no weaseling out of it.””I won’t, I promise.”Melody grinned at me.”Show me your clothes and take off what you have on.”I led her to my bedroom and watched her pick through my dresser. As she was doing that, I stripped. I stood behind her naked and waited. Melody found a thin white t-shirt that I had been going to throw away and a very loose pair of athletic shorts. Then she went to my closet and got out a pair of running shoes.”Get dressed slut.”I pulled on the shorts and then the t-shirt. I put on the running shoes and stood up. Melody went behind me and pulled the t-shirt tight across my chest and then twisted and tied it behind me. I looked in my mirror as she did this and my nipples were plainly visible.”Squat down with your knees apart.”I did and she giggled.”Guess what Sabine? I can see your hairless twat. How does that make you feel?””Dirty Melody.””All right then, let’s go. The first place we are stopping I want you to squat just like that in one of the aisles until someone sees your twat. Understand me?””Yes.””Then after the second place, I want you to take off your clothes next to the car before you get in. Can you do that?””Yes.””Good, now get your fat ass up and bring your door key.”Off we went in Melody’s car and got the first place we needed to go. We went in and Melody looked for what we needed and I chose an aisle and squatted with my knees apart. I made out like I was looking for something on the lower shelves but I kept my eyes moving down the aisle. After a little bit a woman walked around the corner and towards me. It took a little bit but she finally noticed and gasped. I knew she was seeing my pussy because the shorts really opened up when I squatted. I held myself there for a few moments and then I got up and walked past her. My face felt warm but I had that tingle down low again.I found Melody and she was at the cash register with what we had come here for. She paid for it and we walked out but not before the guy at the register got a good look at my nipples.”How was that?” “Great Melody. You would make a nice mistress. Your idea was great.”We got to her car and got in and drove to the next place on our shopping list. We went in together and she picked out the things we needed. I was getting looks because my nipples were really erect and visible. Standing in line at the cash register was great but embarrassing because almost everyone did a double take when they saw my nipples. When she had paid for the things we left and walked to her car. She stood at the front and watched me push down my shorts and step out of them. Then I untied my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Melody held out her hand and I gave her my clothes. I stood in my running shoes as she walked to the driver’s side door and unlocked the car. She got in and finally leaned over and unlocked my door.I was trembling with excitement as I got in the car. Melody drove back to my place with me naked beside her. When she parked she handed me the t-shirt and got out with the shorts balled up in her hand. I slipped the t-shirt on and got out. It barely covered my ass. I was shivering with excitement as we walked in and up the stairs. I unlocked my door and we went into my apartment.”Take the shirt off Sabine. And the shoes.”I did what she told me and then we sat down and looked in the phone book for restaurants that delivered. We chose one and she ordered for us. I gave her the money for the food and then Melody prepared me. She leaned against my kitchen counter and just has this wry smile on her face. I don’t think that she believed what she had done to me. When the doorbell rang Melody answered the door and let the delivery guy in. It was like two steps to the entry to my kitchen and as he turned into it he saw me. Melody made sure he was in front of her.I was sitting in one of the arm chairs to my dining set. My legs were over the arms and my ass was right at the edge. My ankles were pulled to the chair legs and tied there. My arms were tied behind the chair. Melody had found one of my scarves and gagged me with it. The worst and the best part was that there was a rather large carrot shoved up my asshole and a long thin cucumber shoved up my pussy.He just stood there, shocked I am sure. Melody walked up next to him.”She’s been a bitch all day and I decided that she needed to learn a lesson.””Oh.”He couldn’t take his eyes off me and I didn’t want him to anyway. He set the bag with the food on the kitchen counter. He was still looking at me and I shuddered. I kept my eyes open so I could watch him stare at me. Melody finally got him to tell her how much and she gave him enough money for the food and a tip. “Thank you for delivering. I appreciate it although I am not sure Sabine does.””You’re welcome ma’am.”Melody almost had to lead him to the door. He stopped at the end of the kitchen, looked me up and down and shook his head. Then he grinned.”Call us anytime she is being bitchy.””I’ll keep you in mind.”He walked around the corner, chuckling. Melody opened the door and let him out. Then she came over and untied the scarf.”Is that what you wanted?””Yes. Did you like doing it to me?””Sort of I guess, but I feel kind of bad for you Sabine.””Don’t Melody. It was my idea.”She left me tied while she set out plates and the food. Then she took the carrot out of my ass.”You can keep the cucumber where it is for a while. Should I untie you?””Just my arms for now.”She turned the chair I was in around and pushed it up to the table and sat down at one end while I was on the side next to her.”Call your husband after we eat and tell him we had a little too much wine and you are staying over with me.”We ate our dinner although I was almost too excited to eat. Melody was dressed in her work suit and looked very business like. I was naked with a cucumber up my pussy and my legs tied to my chair. To eat I had to sit up higher and that put the end of the cucumber on the chair and pushed it into me as far as it would go.I felt so dirty in front of Melody like that and she knew it. She would look at me, my erect nipples standing up, and thick as they had ever been, and would smile at me. I would squirm from time to time and moan. When that happened, she giggled. I loved what she had done to me, even if it was my idea.I think she liked it too. I don’t know myself, because I don’t make people do things, but it must be a rush to be able to make someone do stuff.Anyway, we finished eating, at least Melody did. I ate a little but mostly just pushed food around on my plate. It was close to 8 o’clock and Melody looked at me.”Do you want to do something else?””What?””I won’t tell you but I think you’ll enjoy it.”Ummm. All right. I trust you Melody.””You might change your mind later.”I shivered and moaned as the cucumber moved inside me. She had an evil look on her face and I suddenly wasn’t so sure. But….”Go ahead. I trust you.”Melody cleared the table, dragging things out. Then she untied my legs and led me into my living room. “Stay here.”She walked towards my bedroom and I wondered what she was up to. She came back with another scarf and tied it over my eyes.”Just stand here and be quiet.”I heard her moving something around and she came back to me and led me across carpet. Then she turned me.”Sit down the same as before.”I felt behind me and found one of my dining table arm chairs. I sat on the edge. Melody pulled my arms behind the back of the chair and tied them. Then she took each leg and lifted them over the arms of the chair and tied my ankles to the chair legs.”Do you remember your apartment?””Yes.””OK. Where do you think you are?”I thought. I was on carpet still so it had to be my living room or bedroom. The rest of the apartment floors were tile.”I’m in my bedroom.”A good guess because I had walked from my living room so it must be the bedroom.”Wrong guess. Do you want to see where you are?””Yes.”I was thinking that I had to be in front of the glass doors to my balcony. That is the only place I could think of. Melody walked away and I heard a door I thought. I heard her coming back towards me and she stood at my left side.”Are you sure that you want to see where you are?””Yes.”All the secretiveness was getting me excited. Melody untied the scarf over my eyes and removed it. I blinked my eyes and then gasped.I had forgotten that the entry and the hall were carpeted also and I was facing my door, which was open. I was at the end the entry hall to the left of my bathroom and the right of my bedroom and in plain sight. I was naked. I had nothing on at all. I was tied to a chair. I couldn’t move. My legs were up and spread wide. My boobs and pussy were in plain sight. I could see the hall of the apartment building outside my door. If anyone walked by and looked I was right there. I was maybe fifteen feet from the door to my apartment.”Do you like it when someone sees you Sabine?”I was scared and aroused. I didn’t want anyone from my apartment building to see me like this but the idea of me being the way I was aroused me.”I guess I do.””Not good enough Sabine. Do you want me to find someone to see you like this? See you totally naked and tied up?””Oh God, Melody, I don’t know. I don’t know.””Well, think about it for a bit and let me know.”After she said that Melody walked away and I heard my TV turn on. I turned my head to look for her but I couldn’t see her. I looked back to the door and shivered. I was so afraid one of my neighbors was going to walk by my door and see me like this. I thought of what she might think would be good enough to stop this.”Melody, please come here.”She walked up to me.”What?””Take me to the university library. I’ll let you find some people and if you want me to I will take off my clothes for them. It’s not far away and there are usually lots of students there.””So, you think that is a good idea?””I would prefer it to my neighbors seeing me like this.””OK, we’ll do that then. I’ll go and pick out some clothes for you to wear.”Melody walked into my bedroom and just left me there. I was starting to panic that one of my neighbors would walk by and see me. It seemed like an eternity but it probably wasn’t that long and Melody was back. She untied me, but still left the door open while she did. I didn’t relax until I was free and I got up and ran into the bedroom.Laid out on my bed was one of my business suits. One of my suits with slacks. A nice silk blouse with buttons all down the front. Panties and a bra. I stared at my clothes that she had picked out.”Melody, I am just going to be taking stuff off. I don’t need a business suit.””No Sabine. First I want you to look like a business woman. Second I want it to take a while for you to get undressed. And third, I want it to take a while for you to get dressed. The more you have to take off and put back on the longer it will be for you to get caught. Now, get dressed in those clothes and find a good pair of heels to wear with the outfit. I’ll be waiting in your living room.”She walked out of my bedroom and I sighed and dressed. I found the heels that I had bought to match the suit and then I walked to my living room.”Good, you mind. Let’s go and find a student or two for you.”We walked out to Melody’s car and we drove to the university library. Melody parked her car and turned to me.”Do you want me to pick out a student for you or do you want to do it?””I don’t know.””Then I’ll do it for you.”She started walking towards the library leaving me to trot along behind her. I was getting nervous about this even though it was my idea. But nervous or not I was enjoying the thought of what she was going to make me do. I needed to keep that in my mind for the best feelings. Melody was going to make me do this. Melody was going to make me do this.We walked into the library and stopped. It was huge, much larger than the one in my neighborhood. There were students all over at tables and you could see them in the stacks too. Melody studied the floor and then walked up to a table. I followed.”Are you freshmen?””No.””Do you know any freshmen that are here?”The two guys she had spoken to looked around. One of them pointed to another table.”I think they are.”Melody walked over to that table with me trailing behind, nervous and excited. It was going to happen! She was going to make me do this!”Are you freshmen?””Yes lady. Why?””Do you see my friend right here?””Yes.””She wants to take her clothes off in front of you. Is there somewhere sort of private we could go with you?”First of all there was shock, but then suspicion.”What’s the joke lady?””It’s no joke. Take us to a reasonably private place and she will take off her clothes.”The three of them looked at each and one of them shrugged.”Fine, I’ll play along with the joke. You two coming with me?”The other two k**s nodded yes. He got up and walked towards the stairs on the side of the first floor. Melody and I followed. The other two guys came behind us. He led us up to the third floor and down one side. There were study desks along the wall and walked down most of the way towards the back. There were shelves of books from one side to the other with study desks around the outside of the entire floor.”Bring a couple of chairs over here and sit down.”Melody motioned me to step between two of the desks. The young guys sat sort of in front of the opening.”OK Sabine. This was your idea. When you take something off, fold it nicely and set it down on the desk. When you’re done I’ll decide if it has been good enough.”The guys were looking more interested. I think it had sunk in that this was no joke. All of a sudden this was not a dream or a fantasy for me either. Melody fully expected me to strip naked right here, right now, right in front of three young guys. I looked over to her. She was leaning against a shelf, smiling.”If you want to do this, start. If not just tell me and we can leave.””I knew this was bullshit! She isn’t going to do anything.”I unbuttoned my jacket and folded it and set it on the desk. Then I started on the buttons on my blouse. There were a lot of them and my hands were shaking so it took me a long time to get them all undone. I looked at the guys and they were grinning at me. I think they just figured out that I was going to do it.I tugged my blouse out of the slacks and removed it, folding it and laying it on my jacket. I shivered. Then I undid my slacks and unzipped them. I toed my heels off and pushed my slacks down, trembling. This was stupid! I could get caught again! I was getting aroused. I pulled my slacks off each leg and folded them. They went on top of my blouse. Standing in my bra and panties I was nervous as hell but I couldn’t wait for the rest. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I looked directly at the guys as I slid the straps down and pulled it off. I set my bra on my slacks and stood up straight so they could see my smallish boobs and nipples. I guess I posed for them. Then I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down and off. I straightened up and dropped them on my bra. I had nothing on. I was naked and in front of three young guys and my belly was tingling like crazy. I moved my feet further apart so my pussy was right out in the open and stood there, letting them look at me. Melody spoke.”I told you it wasn’t a joke, didn’t I?””You did lady, yes you did, but it’s still hard to believe.””Does she look good naked?””Yes, she does.””How do you feel about this Sabine?””Um, sort of aroused.””Boys she says she is horny, but that doesn’t mean anything for you. I just wanted to know. Sabine, do you like this?””Yes.””So you’re telling me that you like taking your clothes off in front of them?””Yes.””Would you like to do something more? Something a little more daring?””If you want me to Melody.””Oh I think that I want you to do something more. The boys and I are going to walk down there.”She pointed to the last desk, five or six desks from the one I was standing by.”Then you are going to walk to us, turn to your right and walk to the other side of the floor and then back. Leave your clothes here. Maybe someone will find them and turn them into lost and found.”My nipples had been hard up until then but it seemed they hardened even more. I watched Melody and the boys walk down to the end of the floor. With my brain screaming at me that this was so stupid I stepped out from between the two desks and turned to face them and walked right up to them, naked as the day I was born. My stomach was in knots and my brain was screaming at me but my lower regions were tingling like crazy.When I turned to face the other side of the library it seemed as though the far wall, my destination, was a mile away. I was perhaps twenty feet from all my clothes. I didn’t care that I was naked anymore but I was thinking of how far I was going to be away from my clothes in just in few moments. I was also wondering if someone found my clothes if Melody would say anything if they took them. Just a few minutes ago I was a conservatively dressed business woman. I certainly wasn’t that woman now. It took me a few moments to take the first step towards the far wall. Then I took the second and the third. It didn’t seem to make it any closer but now I was getting more excited.I kept putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that the boys were watching my ass. I couldn’t see them or Melody any more, they were behind me.”Christ, she is actually going to do it!”I kept walking forward, my only focus now on the far wall and the tingling down low in my belly. This was stupid! This was exciting! I was naked in the university library and walking so far away from my clothes!I hadn’t seen anyone and I couldn’t see any heads at the study desks in front of me. I just kept moving and sooner than I expected I was at the last set of shelving. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned around and started walking back. Now the boys and Melody could see my front, my little boobs bouncing slightly as I walked towards them, my bare pussy in the open. I wanted to masturbate so badly! This was so bad and so good! I forced myself to not touch my pussy as I walked. They kept getting closer and I could see the grins on their faces.Only by sheer will did I maintain my walking pace because my brain was screaming at me to run. When I reached them I didn’t stop but turned left and walked to where my clothes were. I turned into the little space between two desks and almost collapsed with relief. Melody walked up with the boys in tow. She leaned against one of the desks and smiled at me.”Did you enjoy that Sabine?””Yes.””Why don’t you thank them for watching you?””Thank you for coming and watching me. I hope that you liked it.”Melody giggled when I said that. I am sure that she was thinking that it was rather stupid of me to thank three boys for watching me undress in front of them and then taking the chance I had taken.”Lady, I can’t believe that you just did that.””I can’t believe that I did it either.””It was hot, lady, really hot. None of the girls that I know would ever do something like that.”Melody reached over and picked up my clothes.”We’ll have to be going soon, boys.”She handed me my bra. I put it on. Next came my blouse and then my jacket to my suit. I was dressed from the waist up only, but my blouse covered me.”Why don’t you lift up your blouse and jacket Sabine and give them one last look at you.”I lifted my clothes without even thinking about it and bared my pussy for them. The tingling in my lower belly was driving me crazy. She circled her finger and I turned and let them see my bare ass. As I turned from showing it to them, she held out my panties. I stepped into them and pulled them up.”There isn’t much else to see boys, so you can go now.”I stood and watched as they walked away, talking excitedly amongst themselves. My little performance was going to be a highlight of their lives for a long time.”So, did you like it Sabine?””I did very much.””I wish I would have thought of it.””Are you horny?””Yes.””Do you want to do something similar?””Do you want me to?””I think it would be fun.””I suppose then it would be all right.””Come with me Sabine.”We walked back to the stairs and down to the main floor. Melody stopped and looked around the floor. I just stood next to her. Then she started off and I followed her. She walked up to a table that had four girls sitting at it.”Are you girl’s friends?””Yes, why?””Now don’t take this wrong, but my friend here is an exhibitionist. She would really like it if you took her somewhere here in the library and had her take her clothes off. Would you be willing?”At first they just looked at Melody, stared would be a better word. Then four heads swiveled to me. It seemed like a long time that they looked at me.”You’re k**ding, right?””No, I am very serious.””So, we take her someplace here and she’ll strip? Isn’t she a little old for that?””She’s not too old to take her clothes off.”I was standing silently next to Melody and feeling my face getting warm as this young girl questioned her.”So, let me ask something. Let’s say we say yes, we’ll do it and let her get off on getting naked. What if I called one of my guy friends and asked him to come here with his room mate? Would she still take off her clothes?”Melody looked at me and smiled. Then she turned back to the girl.”Yes, she would.””Just so we all understand this, she is going to take all her clothes off, right?””Yes, she will. She’ll take everything off that she has on.””Where we chose here and if we ask guys to come over she’ll still do it?””Yes, she will. I don’t know how I can assure you, but she will take everything she is wearing off.””Let me call my friend.”She picked her backpack up and opened it and took out a cell phone. She dialed and then answered.”Bill, I’m here at the library and there is an older woman who is saying she will take her clothes off in front of me, Becky, Anna, and Jessie. No I don’t know how old she is.””How old are you?”I swallowed. This was going to be embarrassing.”I’m thirty-two.””She says that she is thirty-two.””No, she isn’t ugly or fat. She is not gorgeous but not bad looking and she definitely is not fat. Maybe a little hippy and small on top from what I can tell, but you’d like to see her.””Dirty blonde.””So, you’ll come to the library then? Good. We’re on the main floor. How long will it take you to get here?””Fifteen minutes? Is Josh coming too?””Good. Hurry up though, we still have studying to do.””They’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.”Melody pulled out a chair and sat down. She didn’t tell me that I could so I stayed standing by the table.”So, do you two do this a lot?””No, it’s the first time that I have been with her.””Does this get you off?”I could feel my face getting hotter and it had to be really red because of how she was talking like I wasn’t there for the most part. I was getting pretty humiliated by it all.”I don’t get off but I get excited.””What about you? Does it get you off?”Melody leaned back and smiled at me and then the girls, all of whom were listening intently.”No, but its fun to watch her. Look at her face. She’s getting embarrassed and humiliated. She’s already stripped in here for three guys.””No k**ding? She’s already stripped in front of three guys tonight?””Yes, she has. They are sitting just over there.”The girls all turned to look.”Which ones?”Melody looked across the room and my eyes followed hers. I saw the three boys before she did but she picked them out too.”See the table about five over with two guys with baseball hats on and one without a hat?””Yeah.””Those are the ones.”The girl looked at me and grinned. Then she got up and my stomach clenched. She walked over to their table and leaned down, talking with them and then she pointed at me. They talked a little more and then all four of them walked over.The girl sat back down in her chair and the three guys who had already seen me pulled chairs over and sat down with the four girls and Melody. I was going to get a chair for myself, but Melody grabbed my hand and made me stand next to her. It didn’t seem like much but as I looked around I noticed people looking at the table I was at. Then it dawned on me that I was not dressed like everyone else there except for Melody and she was sitting down. All the other people were in jeans and tops or shirts. I had a business suit on. Everyone at my table was sitting except for me. Then my mind started to wonder what other people were thinking of me. And of course I thought the most terrible things. For just this once I’ll leave you to your imagination. The girl who seemed to be the ringleader of the four girls spoke.”So, did she take off her clothes, really?””She sure did!””Everything?””Even her shoes. She didn’t have a thing on.””So, what does she look like? I mean is it worth doing what she wants.””What does she want?””She wants the four of us girls to take her somewhere in the library so she can strip in front of us.””If you don’t mind looking at naked woman, it’s worth it.””So give us an idea.””Well, she has small tits, but big nipples, I mean big nipples!””What about the rest of her?””She’s shaved bare. Her lips are tight. You can’t see the inner lips on her. But you can see pussy.””How about her ass?””She’s a little hippy but it looks pretty firm. Nice curve to it. And she has two dimples, one just above each cheek. It looks good when she is walking away from you.”I was standing there with my eyes on the floor because I was getting embarrassed. They were talking about me like I wasn’t even there and they were talking about my private parts like they were clothes or something. He mentioned everything that I thought were my imperfections. My smallish boobs and my ass, which I had always thought was too big. I gave a sigh of relief when two more guys walked up to the table. And then I remembered that I was going to be taking all my clothes off in front of them. My face felt like a furnace.”So who’s the chick that wants to strip?””Not a chick, Bill. She’s standing up right there.”I sort of peeked up and saw the two new guys. They both looked me up and down.”So where are we going?””There are some research rooms on the fourth floor. I know for a fact that most of them are unlocked. We can go to one of them.””Well let’s go then. I want to see her naked. That is if she goes through with it.”Melody had been silent while all the chatting about me went on. Now she spoke up.”Oh, she’ll take her clothes off. She’s an exhibitionist.”The ringleader of the girls stood up.”All right, let’s go and see if she is on the level on this.”They all stood up. The three guys from my first little exhibition walked back to their table. Two of the girls didn’t seem like they wanted to go along.”Nicky, I don’t think its right to expect her to do this. Her friend spoke up for her.””She’s had her chance to say no, hasn’t she? She’s still here isn’t she? I think her friend is right. I think if we take her up there she is going to do it. I don’t particularly care to see a woman nude, but I think it’s going to be funny to watch her. Especially now that Bill and Josh are here. Taking her clothes off in front of us is no big deal. With them here it’s a much bigger deal. Besides, it’s not you doing it. You’re just going to watch. Besides, remember last year’s spring break?”The girl who had slightly protested, I think it was Jessie, turned red. The others giggled. I thought that perhaps Jessie had done something on spring break that she would just as soon have forgotten. The ringleader led us, the six of them and Melody and me to the elevator.It was dead silent in the elevator and I was getting more nervous. The one who had spoken up moved next to Melody and me.”What does it feel like?””What does what feel like?””Taking off your clothes like this.””It feels dirty, embarrassing, naughty, nasty, humiliating and exciting.””I don’t understand how you can do it.””Sometimes I don’t understand it myself.”All too soon we arrived at the fourth floor and Nicky led us to a room. We all walked in and the others sat on chairs or leaned against counters and Melody patted my shoulder and stepped away from me. I was the center of attention as I unbuttoned my jacket and removed it. I then took off my blouse and after that my slacks. Almost everyone was grinning as I stood in front of them in my underwear. My outer clothes were neatly folded and set on a desk that was behind me. I was terribly excited. I both wanted this and didn’t want it. And the conflict of my emotions to show myself and the normal feeling of person to cover up were driving me crazy.As I reached behind to unhook my bra they were all grinning because they now knew for sure that the stupid woman in front of them was actually going to do what she had said. The catches came free and the straps of my bra slid off my shoulders and down my arms. Then it was off and I held it in front of my boobs for a moment. I turned and set it down on my clothes and turned back to face the girls and boys. My nipples were erect and tingling.”They were right about the small tits, but look at those nipples!”I had calmed down somewhat, but that comment made me flush. For some reason when someone commented on my shortcomings, my smallish boobs being one in my mind, I always seemed to blush.Now I couldn’t wait any longer. My thumbs found my panties and I pushed them down, lifting my left foot to get them off that leg and then my right to pull them completely off. I just dropped them behind me and stood with my feet slightly apart in front of everyone. I watched them gaze at me. Melody spoke.”Sabine, why don’t you turn away so they can see your bare ass and then walk up to each of them so they can see you better.”I just turned around and stood with my back to the room. It’s stupid but I could feel their eyes on me. Almost like gentle touches to my skin, all of which was now shown to them.”She is hippy, isn’t she?”I put my hand up to my mouth to stifle a soft sob of humiliation as the casual comment on my ass washed over me. Then I turned back and chose Jessie. I walked up to her and stood directly in front of her. Her mouth quirked in a smile and her eyes went from my face to my boobs and my erect nipples and then down to my bare pussy. I felt so humiliated!The rest of them were the same. Some grinned while they eyed my body. Some smirked. One gave me a frown, the other girl who had seemed hesitant about the entire thing. But each and everyone ran their eyes down my body ending at my pussy.”Lady, how would you like to come to a frat party?”I felt my stomach clench. Melody spoke again.”We’d have to think about that.””If she dressed just like this she’d be a hit.””I’m sure she would but it’s not something I would want to commit her to just yet. Besides, isn’t she a little old for a frat party?””Not if she is willing to take off her clothes there.””We’ll think about it. Sabine, you can get dressed now.”I put my clothes back on quickly this time. There was almost too much of chance of being caught. Melody and I walked out and to the elevator. The girls and boys followed us. We got on and Melody pushed the button for the first floor.”I never expected to have this happen when I was studying.”We got out and Melody started to walk off with me behind her.”Wait a minute. If she decides to come to a frat party how is she going to find us.”Melody was quick on her feet.”Nicky, give me your phone number. If she decides to, we’ll call Nicky and she can find out when a party is scheduled. We’ll get the information from her.”Nicky scribbled out her number.”So nice to see you.”The double entendre in that remark made me flush red again.Melody and I left and I was a wreck. When we got to her car and got in it I started shivering, thinking about how stupid I had been but also about how exciting and arousing it had been.When we got to my apartment and were inside Melody looked at me.”Well?”I looked at her curiously.”Isn’t there something you want to do?””Yes, there is.””And that is?”I wanted Melody to do it to me but I forced that down.”I want to masturbate.””Fine. Get your clothes off. Hang them up and join me in the living room.”I went into my bedroom as Melody went into my small living room. I removed my clothes and hung up the suit and my blouse. I stripped off my bra and panties and walked into the living room naked. Melody was seated in my chair that was across from the couch.”Sabine, I have to tell you that I am not entirely comfortable with this, but I do understand that you are probably very horny. So, please go ahead.”I sat down in front of her, perhaps six feet separating us. I had my ass on the edge of the couch. I put my feet up next to my hips and I was completely displayed to her. I so much wanted her to do this to me but I understood. My left hand went down and started rubbing my seam. My right hand followed and spread my lips and I found my clit. Then I looked at Melody and rubbed my clit. To her credit, she met my eyes and watched me masturbate right in front of her.Because of all the pent up feelings and excitement of the evening it didn’t take long. Shortly after I started in on myself I was panting and humping my fingers and then I stiffened up and my orgasm washed over me. I sat in front of her, my hips bucking and my face screwed up as the spasms blew through me. It was one of my best orgasms ever, made better by my friend watching me. When the last spasm had run through me my hands slipped outside my legs, leaving my open, glistening pussy in front of her.”I think you should go to bed. You’ve had a tiring day.””Ah, Melody, would you come with me?””I’m not sure that is a good idea.””I promise that I will be good.””That’s what I am afraid of, Sabine.””No, I didn’t mean it that way. I just want you with me.”Melody got up and walked over to me and took my hand. She led me into the bedroom and pulled the covers back. Then I watched her take off her outer clothes. She got in bed and I followed her, putting my back to her. I was still nude. She wasn’t. We covered up and I fell asleep. I was really tired from everything. At three in the morning I woke up, disorientated. Something wasn’t right. And then I realized what it was. Melody was pressed up to my back, her right arm across my side, her hand on my stomach and she was snoring softly. I snuggled back into her and could feel her warm breath on my neck. I fell back asleep.Now that Melody had taken a step, I felt much better about my exhibitionism. Part of it was that for a lot of things that could happen, she would be there with me. I didn’t feel quite as secure with Diane. She had a hold on me. Melody, I thought, would do things to me or for me out of a desire to make me happier.Maybe I was being foolish with her, but that is how I felt. I know that in the library I felt so much more comfortable with her being there rather than Diane. Diane had me at work. Melody I let have me outside, in my personal life, if she wanted it.I was slowly starting to get used to being at work and having one of the staff walk up to me with a twenty dollar bill. That meant that I was going to have to take off my clothes and give them my panties. Over the next two weeks I ended up doing that daily in almost every place in the office. I did it at my desk, in the hallway, in the staff area, in a conference room, and in the mail room. I don’t think that there was one person at work who hadn’t seen me naked. Then after my panties were purchased, if anyone came up to me later with a twenty, I had to prove to them that my panties had already been sold. I did that by either dropping my slacks or lifting up my skirt or dress.Then there were the weekly executive meetings where I was nude and serving coffee or bottled water. Those were both good and bad. I had to watch where I was because several of the men always tried to stick a finger up my pussy as I was serving. Mr. Prescott escort bornova got me first and after that it was like a game for them. Get Sabine bent over and stick a finger up her. That was all it was. They thought it was hilarious to hear me squeak.Diane had gone out and purchased two dozen pairs of panties for me so I had plenty of them to sell.Diane now pretty much left me alone. There wasn’t much more she could do to me at work. All the executives had seen me naked, all the staff and the mail room boys. Like I said, everyone had seen me.Melody had committed to the business trip because she needed the money. I could use the money also, but Diane had committed me, not giving me a choice. Melody and I continued to go to lunch together but she didn’t tell me to do anything. I think she was nervous about the trip and what was expected of her. Even though Diane had told us that no sex would be involved, I don’t think Melody trusted her.So the day finally arrived that we were to leave for the business trip. Melody picked me up at my apartment and we drove together to the parking ramp at our office. Diane and Daniels met us there and we were ushered into a limousine for the trip to the airport. We each had one suitcase. The first thing that happened on the way to the airport was that we were told to remove our underwear. We had each worn a conservative dress. Melody had on a bra and panties underneath and I just had panties. I just took mine off, like I said it was getting to be not such a big deal for me. Melody had to work up her nerve to it. And she had to lower her dress to her waist to remove her bra. God, she had lovely boobs! Mr. Daniels stuffed our underwear into his briefcase. Nothing else happened on the drive. I knew Melody was uncomfortable and having second thoughts.At the airport I told Melody that if we had seats next to one of them, that I would sit next to Daniels. In my own way I was trying to protect her. As it happened there were two sets of two seats. Diane seemed amused that I would take the one next to Daniels but she didn’t object.Melody seemed very happy about my doing that. The first thing that Daniels did after we took off was ask for a blanket for me. I knew what was coming. He covered me up and told me to go to sleep. But I couldn’t. I was facing away from him. I felt his hand snake under the blanket lift up my dress in the back. I clamped my thighs together. His hand stroked my bare ass and every now and then he would slide his fingers down, trying to get at my pussy. He could just touch it, he couldn’t get a finger in, which I was sure was what he wanted to do.It was the most horrible flight that I had ever had. Daniels seemed to enjoy it though. We finally got to where we were going. Not without a lot of fondling of my bare ass. We got the luggage at the baggage claim and another limousine was waiting for us outside. The luggage got put away and the four of us got into it. Daniels looked at us. Melody and I were seated at the back and Diane and Daniels along the side.”Lift your dresses up and spread your legs, both of you.”It was much harder for Melody to do it than for me. She had to turn her face to the side and stare out the window. On the drive to the hotel we had to sit that way. My mostly bare pussy now, since Diane had allowed me to start growing my hair back except my lips had to be shaved bare. Melody was trimmed and had hair above her slit and on her lips. I could tell that she was upset.When we stopped at the hotel Daniels told us to both sit just like we were. He and Diane got out and left the door open. Both Melody and I were sitting with our dresses around our waist and our legs open. It was awfully embarrassing and got even worse when the limo driver walked by the door, stopped and moved back to look inside the limo. We both turned red and he got this huge smile on his face. I was humiliated and I can only imagine how Melody felt.They finally let us get out of the limo. Melody and I both tugged our dresses down to cover up and were very careful getting out of the limo. Daniels and Diane led us inside. As we were standing at the check-in Diane leaned over to Melody.”Take Sabine up to the room. Here’s a key card. It’s a three bedroom suite. Take off your clothes and wait for us in the main room.”Melody and I both sighed which got a glare from Diane.”Don’t piss me off girls. You’re here to help get this contract but you can do it with a sore ass.”That got both of our attention. Melody turned with the card in her hand and I followed her.”How can you do this?””What do you mean?””Just take off your clothes at the drop of a hat. I am going to hate this entire trip.””Just pretend it’s for your husband, Melody.””Fat chance of doing that with that asshole Daniels staring at me all the time. I hope he is not expecting a blow job.””If he demands one Melody, I’ll do it.””We’ll see. He may not want you. He likes to see me kneeling in front of him, knowing that I am married.”We reached the elevator and got on. The room was on the eighth floor. When the elevator doors opened we got our bearings and headed down the hall. Melody opened the door to the suite and we looked it over. I figured that the smaller bedroom would be for the two of us. I took my dress off.”I wonder if she meant the heels also.””Leave them on. What can she do to us if we do?””Best not to think about that.”Melody reluctantly removed her dress and laid it next to mine on the bed. With a sigh she walked out the main room of the suite and I followed her. It felt really stupid for the two of us to be standing naked, but what else could we do?Melody was fidgeting. I was trying to stay calm. She was facing the door and I was half turned to look out the window of the suite. I heard the door opening.”OH NO!”I turned my head to see Melody turning so her back was to the door and I saw a bellboy wheeling a cart with the luggage on in it into the room. Melody had her back to him, showing her ass and I was side on. Daniels and Diane walked in behind him. The bellboy had this huge smile because he was seeing two naked women. I walked and stood in front of Melody. He could see my entire front, but Melody was covered by my body.”Melody come here and get your suitcase. Then take it to the table and set it on top of it.”Melody sobbed softly. I held my ground, glaring at Diane.”Diane, this isn’t right. You can’t expect her to do that.””Oh yes I can. Melody get your ass over here and get your bag!”Melody put her hand on my shoulder. I glanced at her and she was so red.”It’s all right. I should have expected this.”To her credit she didn’t try and hide, just walked around me and up to the cart. The bellboy got a full view of her front. She took her bag and walked to the table. She looked at Diane.”Just set it on top of the table.”I walked up to the cart and got mine, still pissed off at Diane for making Melody show herself.”Sabine let’s get something straight. Not only are you going to be bare ass, so is she. Not only is everyone coming in this suite going to see you, they are going to see her. If you try to cover her up again or if she covers up, you are the one who is going to be punished for it. Your punishment might be a spanking with an audience, you might be sucking cock with an audience or I might have someone fuck you. It’s both of your choice so I hope you choose wisely.”I looked at Melody and she shook her head at me. She set her suitcase down and turned to face the bellboy, hands at her sides. She was beet red but not covering anything. At this point all I could do was feel sorry for her. I don’t think that what is happening is worth a thousand dollars. And I was sure that there was worse to come for both of us.It took the fucking bellboy forever to get the luggage off the damn cart and to leave. But before he did Daniels made us go and get our dresses and put them in our suitcases.”Take out your cosmetics, shampoo and so on. You have a bathroom that you can put your things in.”I picked through my suitcase and so did Melody. We got our stuff and took them into the bathroom on our side of the suite. We went into the bedroom.”I’m going to hate this even if we get the bonus.””I’m sorry Melody. If I would have known for sure I would never have mentioned this trip and the bonus to you.””It isn’t your fault Sabine. I came into this with my eyes open. Oh well, sort of open anyway. I certainly didn’t expect being naked in front of a stranger within fifteen minutes of checking in.””I didn’t either, but I have been naked in front of so many people it isn’t as bad for me as for you.””True, but I guess what want or feel right now isn’t going to make a lot of difference for me.”We walked back out. “Young man, do you have a place that you can secure the bags for the girls?””Excuse me?””I’d like you to take their suitcases and store them while we’re here. You can do that, right?””Of course we can.”He looked at both of us and grinned and then walked up to the table, picked up our suitcases and set them on the luggage cart. His grin was much bigger now. He just figured out that Melody and I were going to be naked without access to any clothes as long as we were here. As he pushed the cart out of the room he spoke.”Enjoy your stay ladies.”Melody walked over to the couch and sat down, crossing her legs.”Melody, uncross your legs. That is something that you will not do while we are here. Do you understand?””Yes.”She uncrossed her legs but kept her thighs together. All that you could see was the top of her bush. I stood next to the couch. I was starting to get some hair back on top of my pussy. My lips were still bare.”So Diane, what is going on today and the next few days?””We have a meeting here this afternoon. Then we’ll see.””I assume that Melody and I will be here?””I would think so or did you two want to go out?”After that Diane burst out laughing. “I think you two would cause a stir in the lobby or anywhere else you went.”Melody looked out the window, her lower lip was trembling. She was struggling to keep from crying. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn’t want them to know how hard this was for her. I mean, they would most likely figure it out, but we didn’t need to give it to them.”How are we supposed to eat?””You use room service.””You expect us to order food and have it delivered here while we are naked?””No, actually I want you to go to the hotel restaurant! Jesus, Sabine! Look, this is the deal for you two. Until you go to bed at night you will be in this part of the suite. You don’t have clothes, you don’t cover up. You get clothes back when we leave. Until then you both had best figure out a way to accept this. You don’t cross your legs, you don’t cross your arms. You don’t stand in front of one another. You do what you’re told to do, without complaint. Is there anything that either of you do not understand?””No.””No.””Jim, what time is it?””Just about eleven.””Girls, find the room service menu and decide what you want for lunch.”Melody got up and searched in the desk mostly so she could turn her back on Daniels. He was focused on her ass. If he looked at me he could have seen most of my front, but I think he was enjoying having Melody nude. From what she told me the first time she had been naked in front of him was the day I licked her. He couldn’t see much because my head was in the way. But now she couldn’t hide much.Melody came to the couch where I was and sat next to me. We looked through the menu and chose although neither of us really wanted anything. The whole charade was to make us show ourselves to another person. After we had called in our order Diane and Daniels went to their bedrooms.”Sabine, I don’t know if I can handle this.””Look, pretend your husband is here and he has asked you to do it. Or that it’s a dare or something like that. Anything to take your mind as much off the embarrassment as possible.””If it’s so easy, why do you blush so much?””I never said it was easy. Just try to get your mind off everything. It’s not like either one of us has a choice. Our clothes are gone now and we won’t be getting them back. The only thing that is halfway good about this is that we most probably will never see anyone again. And they will not see us again.””What if they do? What if the people the contract is with come to our office?””Try not to let that get into your mind, Melody. Aren’t there people other than your husband who have seen you naked?””Well, yes, but..””So just think of the other guys who have seen you, not Mike.””But I had a relationship with them, it wasn’t just a random stranger.””Just do your best Melody.””I’ll try.”I gave her a hug and feeling of her gorgeous breasts pressed against mine made me tingle down low. In a way I was hoping she would feel the same way, but I also was not sure that it was a good idea. But oh, it felt so good!Then Diane walked back into the main room.”Oh isn’t this sweet! Are you two having sex now?””No we aren’t!”Which wasn’t exactly true since I had eaten Melody and she had gotten me off in the shower. But I didn’t think that was a smart thing to tell her. She knew that I had eaten her but not that she had masturbated me. What I had just done was try to comfort her. Of course Diane would take it the way she wanted.I moved away from Melody and she looked away from Diane. I tried to hold Diane’s look but I couldn’t. I finally had to look away. A knock on the door broke the staring but it wasn’t good.”Room service!”Melody seemed to cringe. And Diane noticed.”Get the door Melody.”I heard her moan softly.”I’ll get it Diane.””No, you won’t. You can stand up by the couch but she’ll get the door.”Melody and I were both screwed. I stood up and watched Melody walk slowly to the door. Daniels stuck his head into the room, a smile on his face as he watched her walk to the door, look down at the floor and then up. She opened the door and stood back as the room service waiter pushed a cart into the room and then noticed that a naked woman was holding the door open for him. He stopped, grinned and pushed it further and saw another naked woman standing in front of him. He didn’t know where to look but since I was in front of him, his eyes focused on me.Yes, I am starting to enjoy being naked, but I still blush. And I did, beet red. I looked over his shoulder and Melody was blushing at least as much as I was. Neither one of us could cover up.”Don’t mind the two of them. They just like being naked.””Is that a fact?””Yes it is. When we got here they both took off their clothes and gave up their suitcases. We’re going to be here for three days. What you’re seeing them in right now is what they are going to be wearing for three days.””Really? So anyone who comes to this suite will see them just like this?””Yes, they will.”The waiter grinned. He set the dishes on the table and looked me up and down. Then he took a good look at Melody. I knew I was blushing but Melody was so red faced it was unbelievable.”Why don’t you two get over there and eat.”Melody glared at Diane. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked to the table. The waiter stepped back so he could get a look at my bare ass and Melody’s too. We sat down. We both looked at the food. Neither of us was very hungry. I tried to eat.”Come on, Melody. Try to eat something.”She finally started to eat.”All right young man, you can go now.”The waiter took another look at each of us. He had this huge smile. Then he left. Diane and Daniels sat on the couch and watched the two of us.”Melody, get over it. All it is is a pair of tits, a pussy and an ass.””Then why don’t you strip off?””Because I don’t have to and you two do.”After we had eaten what we could, which in Melody’s case wasn’t too much we were told that Diane and Daniels were going out. We were told that we had to call room service and have them pick up the dishes and that both of us had to be in the main room. We were told that they would be checking to be sure that we had followed instructions. Then they left us alone and nude.”Let’s call room service and get it over with now.””OK.”So Melody called room service. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. “Room service!”I got the door this time. Melody was seated at the table with her legs underneath it. Only her boobs were showing. Instead of one waiter there were three of them, two guys and a girl.”I don’t believe this!””I told you that they had nothing on.””You’re usually so full of it. Why would anyone believe you?”The girl was smirking at us almost as bad as the two guys.”Do you two get off on this?””No.”Well, not really, at least not Melody.”Then why do you do it?””It’s a long story and it’s not something that we talk about.””Are you lesbians?””No.””So you just like to show off?”We were both silent. I did like it but Melody didn’t. At least not that I was aware of at this point. What could either one of us say? We didn’t have any clothes on and we opened the door for them. Maybe we were stupid? No, we were having a conversation with them for a bit. If I told them I was caught naked in my office, it would just prove exactly what they asked. We had both got red in the face but now Melody was losing her blush. I sort of was also. Amazing what a person can get used to doing, isn’t it?”Well, we had better get back to work. I just wanted you to see that I wasn’t seeing things, although I am.”He laughed. The other two did also. Then they took the dishes and silverware and left, laughing at us.It was pretty humiliating for the guy to bring a girl to see us. It’s bad enough for a guy to see us from out standpoint but when a girl does, I always wonder does she think I am a skank or a slut. Besides, we were both older by quite a bit than the three of them. That made it even worse for the two of us.After they had left us Melody stayed at the table and I sat on the couch. Melody was just staring into space and I was looking out the window. Different things were running through my mind. Finally Melody shook her head and looked at me.”Sabine, are you all right?””I’m just thinking Melody.””About what?””Well, I was thinking about everything. Like now, today, I was thinking that everything that has happened is sort of embarrassing and humiliating but it isn’t as good as what we did at the library. I mean, both times I was naked in front of people, but here I am just naked and out there from the start. When you and I went to the library you had me dressed up like a business woman and then I had to take off my clothes. That made it better, more embarrassing and humiliating for me. If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I kind of like being embarrassed and humiliated. I enjoyed it so much more with you, because you gave some thought to that and made it better for me. And I really want that to happen again. I will never push you to do anything, but God I hope that you will with me. That you will shame me again. The fact that the people are so much younger too is a turn on for me. I know it’s stupid but its how I feel. I don’t want to cause any problems with you and Mike, but I want us to continue on.””I’ll have to think on that.”She gave me a smile.”Are your nipples erect?””Yes.””I’m ashamed to admit it, but so are mine. Here I am, a married woman, being seen by younger people and I’m naked and my nipples get hard.””It shouldn’t be a surprise, Melody. If you look at it, it’s an erotic situation. It might not be want you want for yourself in a way, but it is erotic.””I shouldn’t be feeling like this though. I’d like it to be clinical, like it is no big deal, but it is a big deal. I can’t say that I like it or that I enjoy it, but my nipples still got hard. So in some way, maybe I am liking it and that is so not me.””Don’t try to analyze it, Melody. I tried to for myself and all I can tell you is that I get so confused with my feelings. I am so embarrassed, but I get horny at the same time. It doesn’t make sense but that is what happens. Neither you nor I should want this but it does something to me. I can’t speak for you, but perhaps you are feeling some of the same things that I am.””Are you saying that I might be enjoying this?””I don’t know Melody. Maybe. If you weren’t enjoying it, why are your nipples hard?””I don’t understand it. I shouldn’t be getting excited. I should just be ashamed.””That’s exactly how I feel too. I should just be ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated and I am, but I also get horny Melody. That’s why everything confuses me so. That’s why you are confused too. Everything we’ve been taught since we were c***dren tells us that this is wrong. We’ve been taught to keep our clothes on unless we are with someone we love. That we shouldn’t enjoy being naked in front of people. But I do enjoy it.””I don’t.””Rationally you don’t, but not everything is rational.”She turned her head and looked out the suite window. She shook her head and her left hand closed over her left breast and squeezed. She moaned. I watched her take her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pinch it. She moaned again.”I am so screwed up!””No, you’re horny. Just like me.”Melody lowered her hand, thankfully, because as I said that the door opened and in walked Diane, Daniels and four strangers. We both looked at the door and both of us turned red all over again.The four strangers were the first into the room and they all saw Melody and I immediately.”I’ll be damned!””What is this Jim? Some sort of present for us?””Let me introduce you to them. The taller brunette is Melody, my assistant. The blond is Sabine, Diane’s assistant.”SHIT! We were no longer anonymous bodies. They knew who we were and that we worked with Daniels and Diane. There were two men and a woman and much younger woman.”Girls, this is Mr. Larson. The taller gentleman is Mr. Christie. The lady is Ms. Anderson and the younger girl is Kathleen. They are the principals in the firm we are negotiating with for the contract. Kathleen is here to take notes for them. Would you please set out the water and glasses on the table.”As Melody and I moved to the water and glasses and carried them to the table the woman spoke.”Is this some sort of game?””No, actually they both volunteered to come here and gave up their clothes for the time we’ll be here.””So, you are telling us that they are doing this of their own free will?””Girls?””Yes.””Yes.”We both knew better than to say it wasn’t. I was enjoying it in a way. I was pretty sure Melody wasn’t but from our conversation earlier, maybe I was wrong. I glanced at her and her nipples were sticking out, just like mine. The younger woman was just staring at us, dumfounded. We placed the water and glasses on the table and stepped back.”What’s the point of having them naked?””For one, I enjoy it. For another it’s fun to embarrass them. For a third, I thought some of you would like it.”The woman stepped up to me. I was sort of looking down and she took a finger and pushed my chin up. I had to look at her.”Are you enjoying this?”I was red in the face and forcing myself to keep my arms down.”Sort of.”She chuckled and turned to Melody. Melody was much stronger than me and she looked at the woman. The woman chuckled again.”This one appears to have more spirit than the other. How about you? Are you enjoying this?””No.””But you did remove your clothes, correct? No one stripped you. You did it to yourself.””Yes.””You knew we were coming and you took off your clothes.””Yes.”Every comment or question made Melody turn redder.”So, I am guessing that you are enjoying this also, just like your little blond friend.””No, I’m not enjoying it!””If you aren’t enjoying it why did you take your clothes off?””I’m paying off a debt.””Caroline, I think that is enough of the questions. We need to set the parameters for our discussions.”The woman reluctantly left Melody alone. They all went to the table and sat down. Diane looked at the two of us and gave us both a cold smile. She motioned behind us. We both sort of looked there and saw a wet bar with three stools.”Girls, face two of the stools towards the table. Then I want you to get on them, put your asses on the edge and your feet on the rungs of the stools on the side. Then you can sit there quietly while we have our short meeting today.”Melody and I walked over to the bar and turned the stools to face the table. Both of us knew what a display we were about to make. It wasn’t easy for me to get up on my stool but it had to be much harder for Melody. Because when we sat as Diane had instructed, our legs were open, facing the table and our pussies were displayed. Of course Daniels and Diane took the chairs facing away from us. The others sat facing us except for the young woman who had accompanied them. But even she was looking at us as she sat at the end of the table and took out her note pad. She had this look of incredulity on her face. The two men had huge smiles on their faces. The woman had a stone face. I was so embarrassed to be showing what I was but I still had hard nipples and the ever present tingle down low. I glanced at Melody and her nipples were erect also. My face was hot and hers was beet red.To their credit, they focused on the short meeting, although while one was speaking, the others took the opportunity to look at Melody and I. Once the meeting started the young woman focused on taking notes and had to ignore us. When they had finally finished and were packing up their stuff one of them spoke to Daniels.”They are really your assistants?””Yes, they are.””So they aren’t women you hired for this purpose?””No, they work for our firm. It wouldn’t be quite as much fun if they had been hired just for this. Look at how they are both blushing. I don’t think that strippers hired for this would be blushing, do you?””Probably not. It does seem like a wonderful idea for work though.”He turned to the young woman.”Kathleen, what would it take for you?”She looked at him with a shocked expression on her face. And then a little smile.”You wouldn’t be willing to pay enough for that.””Try me.””No, make me an offer.”She looked over to us and I realized that perhaps she wasn’t as shocked as she looked.”This could be interesting. I’ll think on that Kathleen and perhaps we can come to an agreement.”She just nodded and looked back at Melody and I. For that matter everyone in the room was looking at Melody and I. Two mid thirties women, nude, with their legs open in a hotel room was not a sight seen every day!I’m not going to lie to you. Yes, I was pretty embarrassed to be sitting with my legs open in front of some people that I had just met. But every time one of them looked between my legs I felt a rush of heat down there. Poor Melody though, I tried to peek over at her and her lower lip was trembling and I am pretty sure that she was very close to crying. It had to be awfully hard for her.The three from the other firm stood around chatting with Diane and Daniels and looking at us occasionally, but the young woman had no part in the conversation and stood to the side just staring at the two of us. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable and I can only imagine how Melody felt. They finally left, the two men smirking at us as they left and the woman looking us both up and down coldly. That gave me a chill.Diane let us get off the stools. Of course we had to order room service and it was a different person, a young woman, who delivered our dinner and who seemed pretty shocked to see two nude women in a suite with a clothed man and a clothed woman. She was professional about it after the initial shock and set out our food on the table. She gave us a wry little grin as she walked by us which was probably worse for us than anything. Neither one of us ate much again.But the main problem was that having the girl walk in and see me naked was arousing me once more. My nipples were hard and erect and as I glance towards Melody I realized that hers were also. I began to wonder if she was becoming like me. If she was having the same feelings that I was. My face was warm once more so I knew that I was blushing again and so was Melody but did her nipples give her away? Were they hard because she was getting aroused? I couldn’t ask her in front of Daniels or Diane, because that would be too embarrassing for her. But could I ask her if we were alone?After Daniels and Diane watched us with the waitress coming into the room they told us that they were going out and that we were to stay in the main room until they returned. I turned on the television after they left and sort of watched it. My mind was running a hundred miles an hour and I couldn’t pay attention to the programs. I wanted to know if she was getting aroused also. I couldn’t figure out a way to ask her that wouldn’t embarrass and humiliate her. I certainly didn’t want to do that to Melody.Melody spent most of the time that they were gone staring out the window, silent. I didn’t know what to say to her so I was silent also. They finally came back and Diane had a bag with her, apparently she had done some shopping. She told us to go to bed since tomorrow was going to a big day. We went into our bedroom and Melody stood looking at the bed. I pulled down the comforter, blanket and sheet and then I stood and looked at her.”Melody, please get into bed. We both need to get some sleep.”She jumped a little when I spoke. Then she gave me a weak smile.”I haven’t been good company for you, have I?””I understand Melody. I know how hard this has been for you.”I climbed into the bed and mostly covered myself.”Come to bed, please.”She got in on her side and laid facing away from me. Then suddenly she turned and moved up to me, her arm across my stomach and laid her head on my shoulder and started crying.”I am so ashamed of myself, Sabine. What if Mike finds out?”There was nothing I could say to that. All I could do was put my arms around her and hold her as she cried. I felt terrible. The worst part was that as bad as I felt for her the touch of her body all along mine was erotic and stimulating. I felt the heat in my belly grow again and my nipples erected immediately. The softness of her against me made me want to kiss and caress her but I knew that would be a mistake. So I just held her and murmured softly that it would be all right. Eventually she cried herself out and became silent and I think she fell asleep. She fell asleep with my naked body pressed along hers. It felt so good! It took a long time for me to fall asleep with her.When the morning came we were still together in bed. I was on my back and Melody’s head was on my right breast and her breath was warm and sensual across my skin. Her right leg was over mine and her pussy was against my hip, warm and furry. Her right breast was pressed against my side. I could feel her nipple pushing on me. I didn’t want to get up but Diane called to us.”Get out of bed and clean up girls. The others will be here in a couple of hours and you need to order breakfast.”I shook Melody awake and she was slightly disorientated and then feeling my nakedness against her own she moved away. She blushed very prettily. She had trouble looking at me.”I’m sorry.””For what?””I shouldn’t have been like that.””Melody, we’ve seen each other naked. I even have, ah, made love to you. Sleeping nude is no big deal.”She got up still blushing and went into the bathroom. I followed her and she began to wash up. I had to pee bad and sat on the toilet. She did her best to ignore me while I peed. “If you have to go too, I’ll leave you alone.”She smiled at me gratefully. When I finished I went back in the bedroom to give her some privacy. A little later she called me back in.”Thanks.””No problem.”I smiled at her and washed up while she made herself up. Even if she wasn’t happy with what was going on she wanted to look good. So did I for that matter. I put on my makeup and gave her a hug.”We’ve gone through the bad part Melody. Today will be just more of the same.””Somehow with the two of them, I don’t think the bad part has happened yet.””What else could they do to us?”Melody was silent and then so was I. We walked out the main part of the suite and ordered breakfast from room service. We were both pretty sure that every one in the kitchen and the waiters knew that we were in 814 and totally naked. Just to make it worse Diane told us to get on the bar stools like we had to yesterday. Neither Melody nor I was too happy about that but we did it anyway. Both of us were thinking about what we were going to look like when breakfast was delivered. The waiter was not disappointed. Melody and I both got very red and the waiter seemed awfully happy. Four boobs and two pussies were on display and when he put the food on the table we were no more than six feet from him with our legs open.Yes, I was hot, hot in two ways. My face was red and my lower body was getting very tingly and warm. I was starting to get afraid that I was going to leak. I glanced over at Melody and her nipples looked like mine, sticking out and they looked erect. I wondered about her once more. Could she be getting to the point where she might be enjoying this just a little bit?The room service waiter took his time setting out breakfast so he could get a nice long look at the two of us. We were both red in the face, very red. The probable difference was that my lower area was very warm and tingly and every time he looked at my pussy it was like a jolt in my lower belly. He finally left and Melody and I sat down to eat. So did Diane and Daniels. We ate better today, most likely because we were hungry after not eating too much the previous day.After eating, Diane, the bitch, called housekeeping to have them clear the table and get set up for the meeting, which was not good. It was a maid that came in and she obviously did not speak very much English. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the two of us. At least we were seated on the couch rather than those stupid stools, but still! I was starting to think that she was going to have the entire hotel staff walk through the suite. Melody and I were getting a full ration of embarrassment. After the initial shock of seeing two naked women, the maid had this silly smile on her face. She didn’t look at us directly, but she was sneaking looks at us while she cleaned the table.I know that my nipples were still hard and Melody’s looked like they were also. Maybe she was beginning to like being nude. Like I have said before, if you somewhat enjoy being embarrassed, being nude in front of people can be a total rush. Especially if they are dressed. It feels terribly naughty. The way that I was feeling, after all that had happened so far, was that I wanted someone to take me. Not Daniels or any of the others who would be here shortly, but someone of my choosing. Not much of chance of that happening to me, was there?The people from the other firm showed up around 9:30. After Melody and I had prepared the table with water and coffee we were directed to sit as we had yesterday. So up on the stools we went, feet to each side, legs open and in plain sight. We were ignored, except for the looks we got from time to time. Around 11 they took a break. Diane stood up and looked at us.”They seem to be getting used to this, don’t they? I guess after being naked for while, in front of the same people, it isn’t as embarrassing or humiliating anymore.”I couldn’t fault her thinking and a short glance at Melody told me that she wasn’t blushing like she had yesterday.I think maybe we need to add something so they can feel humiliated a little more.”With that Diane strode off to her bedroom and returned holding two things that made Melody’s mouth drop open and caused me to gasp audibly. In each hand she held a suction cup dildo that looked to be larger than any cock I had ever seen. It was thick and veins twisted around it. The head looked so huge and there were balls just above the suction cup base. She walked up to the two of us and held them out.”Girls, just fasten one on each stool and then you can sit back down.”She intended for us to impale ourselves! Melody spoke up, heatedly.”I will not do that!””Melody, Melody, remember what you were told. If you refuse to do as you are told, Sabine will be punished. Do you want to reconsider?””I am not doing anything like that, not for you or anyone else!””Fine. Jim would mind taking Sabine to the end of the table. The rest of you might want to face the end.”Daniels, with a huge grin, grabbed my arm and pulled me off my stool. I actually didn’t end up at the end of the table, just to the side of the end. Daniels pushed me over and held my head down as he moved to the other side and grasped my hands, holding me in place. I heard movement behind me and a couple of chuckles. I thought I knew what was coming and I was partially correct. Diane started spanking me with her hand. The slapping noises were loud and I could feel my ass jiggling from each impact. I had resolved myself to accept this and be brave. I didn’t want to do what she had told us either.Diane slapped my ass over and over and I could tell it was turning red and it was getting hot too. My fair skin made my ass redden very fast and the more I was spanked the redder it got. After about twenty good hard swats I was starting to squirm and beginning to pant and gasp.”Do you wish to change your mind, Melody?””No!”Diane walked away. I could hear that and then comments from behind me.”Her ass sure turned nice and red.””Did you see the way it jiggled?””I’m surprised she isn’t bawling.”Diane returned and dropped something on the table with a clatter. I turned my head to see what looked like a ping pong paddle. The next thing on the table was Diane’s jacket from her business suit. She picked up the paddle and swung and my head jerked up and I shrieked. My left cheek exploded in pain as if some one had poured gasoline on it and lit it on fire. She swung again and my right cheek caught fire and I shrieked again. Daniels took out a handkerchief and she hit my left cheek again and my mouth opened to scream, he stuffed it in. Diane pummeled my ass to giggles and outright laughter and my shrieks and screams were muffled. My ass bobbed up and down in a futile effort to cool it.”Change your mind Melody?”There was dead silence. The only sound was my gasping around the handkerchief in my mouth. Daniels still held my hands and the brief respite allowed me to lay my head on the table. I had tears streaking my cheeks and snot bubbling out of my nose. Diane waited for a few moments then she swung again and the pain exploded and my head jerked up and I howled. Jesus it hurt! She kept hitting me for a short while and I felt my ass compress and jiggle from each one. She stopped again and lightly rubbed her hand over my burning cheeks.”I-I-I’ll do i-i-it.”Daniels let go of my hands and I jerked back and my hands went to my burning ass, gently clutching it and whimpering.”Take the handkerchief and wipe your face and nose Sabine. Then get over to your stool.”I took the handkerchief out of my mouth and wiped my eyes and my nose and then dropped it. I walked slowly to the stool I had been on and saw Melody standing by hers. Her face was white with shock at the beating I had just received. Diane picked up the two dildos and extended them to us. We took them reluctantly. We both looked at them like they were poisonous snakes. Diane picked up her jacket and took a small bottle of astroglide out of her pocket. She handed it to me and smirked.”You can show Melody how to use this. I’m pretty sure that you know how.”I wasn’t going to refuse because she would keep blistering my ass until I did what she wanted me to do. My face flushed as red as my ass from the implied comment that she had watched me use a dildo before. Which, of course, got chuckles from everyone except Melody and the young girl. I held the bottle and dildo in one hand and drooled spit on the suction cup, feeling extremely humiliated as everyone was watching me. I pushed the base of the dildo down on the seat of the stool and then opened the bottle, drizzling some of the astroglide on the dildo. I smeared it around the head and shaft with one finger and then set the bottle on the wet bar. I took a quick peek at Melody and she was looking at the floor, her lower lip trembling. There was nothing I could do for her. I climbed on the stool, set my feet on the side rungs and closing my eyes I grasped the horrid thing.I lowered myself until the tip touched me and then centered it on my pussy. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach at what I was going to do and lowered more. The tip spread my lips and I pushed down gently. I could feel it stretching me open and groaned.”Christ that looks huge! Can she take it?””I think Sabine will surprise you.”I pushed a little more and the head was inside me. Everyone was focused on my pussy. I felt distended down there.”Sabine, I want your ass on the seat and soon or I will give you a little more incentive to do as you are told.”OH MY GOD! I pushed down harder and the thing began to slide up my channel. I was gasping out loud as I felt the biggest thing that had ever been in me stretch me open. I kept pushing and pushing and then it seemed to be pushing back and I gasped again as my sore red ass hit the seat. I let my head fall forward and was panting. It was longer and thicker than any cock I had ever had.”Now Sabine, spread your legs wider and look at us.”I let my knees fall further apart and lifted my head. All I could see was smirks and grinning faces.”All right Melody. I hope you paid attention. Otherwise it will be very interesting watching you.”Melody was still holding her dildo very lightly. She looked at me and then turned to fix Diane with a glare. She moistened the suction cup on hers and stuck it on the seat of her stool. She poured, squirted, astroglide on it and smeared it over it. Then she got up on the side rungs and grabbed the dildo. She centered it on her hole and pushed down. Her eyes popped open as she realized how large the head was. She clamped her lips together and pushed down harder, groaning as her dildo began to go up her pussy. She finally got it all up her pussy and her ass was resting on the seat, but her mouth was open and she was panting as hard as I had been earlier.”Is that nice girls?”We were both humiliated and degraded. Neither one of us answered her. It was awful! One of the most intimate things one can do and we were having to do it in front of people! Melody and I sat with our legs open and pussies full of cock, as red faced as one could get. Once they had gotten their jollies from looking at the two of us they went back to their meeting. We weren’t ignored really but they weren’t paying attention to us either. Every now and then one would look at us and chuckle or the older woman would smirk and shake her head. That really made us feel terrible, at least I did.But the absolute worst part was that after half an hour of sitting with a dildo stuck up my pussy I was starting to feel really horny. I managed to keep from moaning but I had this tremendous urge to start moving my hips. I could see Melody squirming slightly, most often when she felt that no one was looking.Unfortunately, before long, we were both squirming on the dildos. They were so big and we were so degraded that it was hard to remain still. They stopped talking about the contract and they all turned to look at Melody and I. We both had gripped the stool we were on just at the back side of our ass and were holding on like it was the only thing in the world. Our hips were thrust forward and pussies jammed full of cock. Diane looked at her watch.”Girls, there is something you should both know. Right now it is 11:50. At 1:00 food is being delivered. Do you want to get off your stool before then?””Y-y-yes.””Oh God, yes.””Well, if you want to get off your stool before 1:00, we’d really like to see one of you get off. You do understand what I mean by that, don’t you?””Yes.””Yes.”We both just sat there, ashamed as hell. Every now and then one of us would squirm and if someone was watching there would be a chuckle or a giggle.”It’s twelve o’clock, girls.”We still just sat with our pussies stuffed full. It seemed like we had been like this forever.”Girls, its 12:15.”Melody looked at me helplessly. She looked as if she was going to burst into tears. I wasn’t feeling much better.”Girls, its 12:30″I tilted my head back and then looked at Melody. I touched her arm and she looked at me.”I’ll do it, Melody.”Her lower lip trembled as she looked at me. I gripped my stool tighter and began to rock my hips back and forth. All conversation stopped and I glanced at them. They all were watching me. My face could not have gotten any redder or hotter. I kept my hips moving and leaned forward a bit so the rocking motion would stimulate my clit. I pushed down on the stool harder and ground my pussy on it and the dildo. My mouth was open, panting. I ground harder and harder.”Sabine, its 12:45.”I started to panic. I wasn’t going to come! I was too embarrassed and ashamed. I rocked and ground myself harder and harder. My lower lip start to tremble. I was going to still be doing this when room service showed up! I gave up trying to be discreet. I gripped the stool harder and lifted my ass up feeling the dildo leave me and then I drove down on it. I pumped my ass up and down frantically. I had to come! I just had to! They were all watching me and laughing at me. I kept pumping my ass. I had to come before room service got here!Then, all of a sudden, my lower belly felt as though it turned to liquid heat. I pumped faster and faster. My head jerked up and my pussy clenched and I squealed. The first spasm of my orgasm hit me and my hips jerked forward. I slumped back against the wet bar while my lower body jerked and twitched. Chuckles and giggles washed over me. I was so humiliated!”Girls, its 12:55.”Melody started and lifted up with a sucking liquid sound. More chuckles and giggles. She stood on the floor and helped me get off my dildo. We both grabbed a dildo and ran for our bathroom. We got inside the bathroom and Melody slammed the door.”Oh Sabine I am so sorry!”She started to cry.”I-I couldn’t d-d-do that!””Its all right Melody, it’s all right.”I put my arms around her and held her while she cried. Diane opened the door.”Isn’t this touching. Wash off your cunts and get back out there.”She walked out and we looked at each other and then began to wash ourselves. I could tell that Melody was awfully embarrassed. I was too for that matter. But no one cared but the two of us. We dried off and walked back to the main room of the suite just in time for two male room service waiters to walk in with a cart. We both blushed again. I mean it’s hard to be nude in front of dressed strangers. They set out the food for everyone and left but not until they got a good look at Melody and me. Everyone else ate. Melody and I didn’t. We weren’t very hungry.After they were done eating Diane motioned the two of us over.”We only have a little left to clear up. You two can sit on the couch. As soon as we are done I want one of you to give us a little entertainment. You two can decide who it will be.”We walked over the couch and sat down whispering.”What does she mean?””It doesn’t matter Melody. I’ll do it, whatever she wants. You don’t have to do anything else.””Oh Sabine…””It’s all right Melody.”We sat in silence while they finished up the contract. At least it looked like we would be getting a thousand dollars each. I had already made up my mind to give Melody my share of the bonus. She and Mike could use the money. When the five of them had finalized the contract that we had come to get, Diane looked over at us.”Which one of you is the entertainment?”I looked at Melody and spoke.”I’ll do it.”Diane chuckled.”Such a good girl. Go get a dildo and the astroglide.”I did what I was told and by the time I was back Melody was in an arm chair with her ass at the edge and her legs over the arms, completely exposing her to everyone in the room. The chair was next to a coffee table and was in front of the couch.”Stick it on the coffee table Sabine and lube it up good.”I moistened the suction cup dreading what she was going to say next. I stuck it on the coffee table and looked at Diane.”Lube it up and then mount up facing away from the couch. And we all want to see your ass moving.”I swallowed. I drizzled some of the astroglide on the tip of the thing and smeared it all over it. I set the lube down and climbed up on the coffee table so that I was facing the wall. They were behind me. I looked down and grasped the dildo and set it at my hole and sat down. God it was big! I wriggled around and pushed down and it slid up me. My legs were splayed open and I lowered my head to the coffee table. I stifled a soft sob and began pumping my ass up and down on the dildo. I knew that they could see it up me and that my anus was in plain sight. I was praying that this was the last thing either of us was going to have to do.I kept pumping my ass, feeling that enormous dildo sliding in and out of me. “Look at how much her pussy is stretched open!””Her ass is kind of big, isn’t it?””Makes up for the small tits!”I was so humiliated!”Keep that ass moving Sabine. It really looks like you’ve done this before.”I kept going and going. I felt so dirty and degraded. But I had to keep doing it or she might tell Melody to do it. I didn’t want Melody to have to go through this. My ass pumped up and down, up and down. It seemed like forever but just like before, my lower belly caught fire and my pussy seemed to fill with my juices. And I kept my ass moving, pumping up and down. Listening to comments and chuckles and giggles as I fucked myself for their entertainment. Then it hit me, my pussy clamped down on the dildo and I drove it all the way up me. I squealed once again and my orgasm exploded in me, my pussy clenching on it and spasms shooting through me. My movements got jerky and uncoordinated and my lower body squirmed and twitched and convulsed.My orgasm finally ended and I still had my head on the coffee table and my ass in the air, my pussy stuffed with cock. I was so limp and exhausted. I just laid there as the people from the other firm took their last looks at the two of us and left. Diane sat back down on the couch next to Daniels. They stared at the two of us, Melody naked with her legs spread and me kneeling with my head down and stuffed full of cock.”I don’t suppose she’d want to fuck now.””Jim, I already told you that you wouldn’t be fucking either one of them. Be happy that you’ve seen them naked for the past two days, and don’t try and tell me that you didn’t feel Sabine up on the plane. You’ve already taken too many chances with Melody sucking you. If you want go and jack off on one of them.””Fuck Diane, you’re no fun. Maybe later.””Just be happy no one but me knows that they both sucked you off. You’d be terminated faster than Sabine for running around naked.””Girls you can get up now and don’t worry about Jim. He isn’t going to be fucking anyone here.”Melody got off the arm chair and helped me up. I was still pretty limp and tired. And my pussy was tender. I brought the dildo to the bathroom with me and washed my pussy and then I took the two dildos and cleaned them.”Why did you wash them? I certainly don’t want to touch the damn things.””Look, if we have to use them again you’ll be happy they are clean.”She was silent for a moment.”I’m sorry, I didn’t think.””It’s all right Melody. The past couple of days haven’t been conducive to thinking for either one of us.””Why did you offer to do that?””Because I didn’t think you wanted to do it and I didn’t want you to have to. Friends help friends Melody. If you were chosen and refused guess what was going to happen to me. My ass is sore enough already. I’m not faulting you, I am just making a statement. How does my ass look?”I turned my back to her.”It’s still red, but not as bad as earlier. I don’t think it is going to bruise but it might.””Well at least that is a positive.””Do we have to go back out there?””We probably should. What’s a few more hours with them staring at us. There isn’t a thing they haven’t seen on either of us. Face it Melody, Daniels has seen as much of you as your husband.””Are you angry with me?””No, I’m angry with them. I’m angry at myself for being so stupid. I am not angry with you Melody.””I feel like you are. What can I do to make it up to you?”I was tempted but I bit my tongue. There was nothing that I would like better than to lick Melody tonight and have her lick me. But there were other things that I wanted too.”Melody the only thing that I would want from you is this. Remember how you were in library? You took charge of me, even though I suggested it. You did exactly what I wanted. When you walked up to those two guys and without even asking me you asked them if they wanted to see me naked. God, Melody, it was perfect! I want to do stuff like that but I want to feel like someone controls me. I want you to put me in situations just like that and tell me what to do. And I promise you, if you do that, I’ll do exactly what you tell me to do. Except I am not fucking someone unless I want to fuck them. But if you want to watch me fuck, you can.””You’re serious aren’t you?””Yes, I am. Diane has fucked my work life. Everyone at work has seen me naked. My personal life, well, I won’t say that you’ll fuck it up the way she has, but you can screw with me a little. I want you to. Think about it. With the right attitude you can have fun with it too.””I will Sabine, I will.”We walked back out the main room and Diane and Daniels were busy over the details of the contract they had just worked out and probably were thinking of dollar signs. They were at the table with papers spread all over. Melody and I went to the couch and sat down, turning the television on low. It was great not to have to do something humiliating or embarrassing even if we were nude.It was a pretty quiet evening until Daniels came over and had the two of us kneel on the floor in front of the couch. Then he whipped his dick out and jacked off, coming in our faces. I ended up with a huge string of come from my forehead, over one eye and down my cheek along with some splatters. Melody got most of it across her lips and chin. Of course the asshole made her lick her lips and swallow. We had to go clean up again. They went out to eat and celebrate and Melody and I just stayed quiet.When we went to bed she held me and kissed me.”Thank you for doing what you did so I didn’t have to Sabine.””You’re welcome.”We were sort of facing each other and the feel of her body against mine made my nipples erect again and I think hers did also. I wanted to do so much more but I stayed good. The next morning Diane changed our flight tickets to an earlier flight and Melody and I were able to get dressed, sort of. We both had dresses on but nothing else. And big surprise! Melody and I got to sit together on the way home. I wanted her to do something freaky to me but I didn’t say a word. I left it as her decision. We landed and another limo took us to the parking ramp at work. Diane and Daniels left us alone. Melody and I took our bags and went to her car and she drove me home. When she stopped at my apartment she turned to me.”I’ve thought about what you want of me Sabine. I can’t say yes just yet or no either. I know you really want it. I just have to think things through for myself.””I understand Melody. I just want you to know that if you say no it isn’t a problem with me. I understand how a woman might feel embarrassing or humiliating another woman. If you say yes, you shouldn’t feel bad about that. You should enjoy it because it isn’t you.”I laughed at that. God knows we had both been humiliated and embarrassed enough the past three days. Melody gave a little chuckle.”That’s part of what is holding me back Sabine. I’m not sure that I can enjoy it. Give me some time.”It was Friday and the weekend which I spent quietly at my apartment. I did think of what I had done the three days out of town. That was all behind me, even though every day that I saw Diane or Daniels I would remember them watching me bouncing up and down on that fucking dildo. Monday was work and I was back selling panties again and lifting my dress up afterwards several times a day. It was almost getting to be old hat. Diane was leaving me alone still which was wonderful. But twice during the week she walked by as I was taking off my clothes to sell my panties and she waited until I was bare ass naked, chuckled to herself and walked away. At least she was still buying panties for me to sell at work.Friday was the executive meeting and Melody was there to take notes as usual. She shook her head ruefully as she watched me strip down my heels. I didn’t pay attention like usual and Mr. Prescott got his finger up my pussy twice. Everyone thought that was hilarious except for me and Melody.Late that afternoon Melody came to my desk and sat down.”I want you to come to my house tonight. Mike is having some friends over to watch the ball game and I’d like some company. Tell me you will Sabine.””Of course I will. Give me directions.”So she did and after work I went home and changed. She had told me that she would have stuff to eat and drink and that I was just to come over. So, I went back to my car and drove to Melody and Mike’s home. There was space in the driveway so I parked there and went up and rang the doorbell. Melody came to the door and welcomed me.”Let’s go downstairs so I can introduce you to Mike and the rest of them.”So we went downstairs and she introduced me to me everyone. After I had met everyone were standing to the side of the television with the game on. Melody looked at me and grinned.”Guys Sabine is special and she likes to take her clothes off. Would you mind if she did?”My head snapped around to stare at her. She smiled at me.”Take your clothes off Sabine and don’t argue.”I just stared at Melody for a few moments. I was shocked. I glanced at the guys, all five of them and they were looking a little surprised also. Melody just smiled at me. I felt that surge of heat down low. I bent over and untied my running shoes. They came off and so did my low cut socks. I stuffed them in my shoes and looked up. The guys were smiling at me. I felt my nipples crinkle and harden.My hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my blouse. In a way I didn’t believe I was doing this. I was at Melody’s home and in front of her husband. I knew that I had turned red already. I fumbled the buttons open and slipped off my blouse. Now what? Do I take off my bra or my jeans?I looked at everyone again. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down and then pushed them off my hips. As my granny panties came into view I blushed harder. I wish I would have known. I would have worn nicer panties. I fought my jeans off and Melody took them from me. I closed my eyes and unclasped my bra and held it against my boobs for a moment. And then I let it slip down my arms, baring my boobs. God, my nipples were so hard!All the guys were grinning, wondering if I would. I closed my eyes, took a breath and pushed my panties down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and Melody picked them up. She had all my clothes, even my shoes and socks in a pile.”Mike would you put these somewhere so Sabine isn’t tempted to get dressed please.”He almost leaped out of his chair and picked up my clothes, all my clothes and walked upstairs. I stood naked in front of four guys that I had just met, shaken their hands, and now I had taken off my clothes in front of them.Mike was back in an instant and he was grinning like an idiot. How often does a friend of your wife strip in front of you?”Sabine, turn around for them so they can see all of you. Then we can go upstairs and get drinks and snacks.”I slowly turned around, showing my ass, my fat ass and then ended up facing them. Facing them with my nipples erect and my belly boiling with heat. Then Melody motioned to me and walked towards the stairs and I followed her. I knew that they all were watching my bare ass. Watching my bare ass jiggle and bounce for them as I walked to the stairs and then up them.I was both embarrassed and excited. And I was so happy that Melody did this to me it was unbelievable! We went up the stairs and into the kitchen. Melody had snacks set out for the guys and I walked up to her and hugged her.”Thank you.”She just laughed softly. Then she really surprised me. Her left hand snaked between my legs and cupped my pussy. Heat erupted down low for me.”Do you feel good Sabine?””Yesssss.””How did you feel when I told them that you liked to take off your clothes?””Embarrassed.””Then why did you do it?””Because you told me to do it.””Are you always going to do what I tell you?””Most likely Melody.””What won’t you do?””I won’t do it with just anyone.””That’s fine. I’m not thinking of having you do that.”When she said that she slid a finger through my slit and made me gasp. I got weak in the knees from that.”Do you know that you are getting wet Sabine?”I flushed.”No.””Well, you are.”I shivered.”Do good girls get wet because they take off their clothes? I don’t think so. I think bad girls get wet when they take off their clothes. Are you a bad girl Sabine?””I don’t know, I suppose so.”She laughed softly. She ran her finger through my slit again.”OK, enough of this. We have snacks and drinks to deliver. Get five beers out of the fridge and take them downstairs.”I went to the fridge and got five bottles of beer out. I twisted the tops off and Melody pointed to a tray and I set them on it. I picked the tray up and looked at her.”Aren’t you coming with me?””Feeling a little uncomfortable?”I nodded yes.”You should have thought of that earlier Sabine, before you took your clothes off, shouldn’t you?”There was nothing that I could say to that was there? I was naked in Melody’s house and I had no idea where my clothes were. I’m sure that Mike, Melody’s husband, had hidden them somewhere. bornova escort bayan I could look through their house forever and never find them.All I could do was look at her. I nervously turned and walked out of the kitchen and to the doorway at the head of the stairs leading down to where the guys were watching the game. Where in a few moments the game was going to be ignored because they were going to be watching me. I carefully went down the stairs with the beer and when I came into sight I saw five grinning faces. I served Mike first since it was his house. His chair was off to the side and the couch was at a right angle to it. Three of them were on the couch and one on a chair across from Mike. The chair was lower and I bent to offer him a beer and heard snickers and outright laughing behind me. I realized that by bending over my pussy showed between my legs and I turned beet red.I had to bend to serve the others too and Mike got a good look at my pussy also, especially when I served the guy across from him. My face was ultra hot but I was tingling down low and my nipples were as hard as they have ever been.Melody came down with the snacks just I bent over to give the guy across from Mike his beer and she chuckled. I had to stand there with that stupid tray until Melody had put the snacks on the coffee table. Then she motioned me to head up the stairs and followed me.”Don’t worry guys, she’ll most likely be back. If you need more beer just yell.”We went into the kitchen again and sat down at the table. Melody gave me a wry smile.”Are you all right?””Yes, I guess so.””How did you feel downstairs?””Embarrassed.””After all that you’ve done, you still feel embarrassed?””I know, it’s stupid. You would think that I wouldn’t care any more but I still get embarrassed. What I do isn’t something you should do, you know. But I still do it and I still get embarrassed by it. How would you feel?””Embarrassed.””See what I mean? You know that you shouldn’t just take off your clothes in front of people. So do I. But it’s sort of exciting.””Exciting how?””I shouldn’t tell you this, but I get horny.””You mean you want to masturbate or something?”I flushed.”Yeah, or something.”Melody just looked at me. She had this look of disbelief on her face.”You mean you’d like to have sex?”I turned even redder.”Yeah.””Well, I’m pretty sure one of the guys downstairs would be willing to help you out.””No Melody. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never had sex with a guy that I just met. I’ve at least had a few dates before I’d even consider that.”I wanted to tell her that I would have sex with her in a heartbeat but I kept my mouth shut about that. I wanted to tell her but I didn’t think it would be a good idea.”Well, we have a problem then.””It’s my problem. When I get home I can deal with it.””That doesn’t seem fair for you Sabine.””Just because you have a husband and I don’t have one or even a boyfriend? Because you have regular sex and I don’t?””Ah, you haven’t been married for a while, have you? The first few years it seemed like we could never do it enough. Then we got comfortable with each other and the sex slowed down. Now that Mike is having issues with finding a job we aren’t having sex much at all.””I’m sorry Melody.””It’s not your fault Sabine. With the shit with Daniels I wasn’t really ready for sex at home. I felt degraded and dirty after sucking him. And like I said, Mike has been having issues too.”I was feeling as though we were getting too intimate for our relationship as it was, but I didn’t know how to get out of this conversation. I heard a yell for more beer and got up and got five more from the fridge. I uncapped them and put them on the tray and headed downstairs. I know that I shouldn’t have but I bent over again as I served them and let them see my pussy. When I got back upstairs and sat down again I looked at Melody.”Well, from what I heard from Diane this week you may be out of sucking him off.”We sat in silence for a while. I could almost see Melody thinking. I ended up making three more trips downstairs with beer and Melody one more with snacks. The game finally ended and the guys came upstairs to say good bye. Which was both good and bad? Good because they were leaving, bad because I had to get up and shake hands with them and then stand naked at the door while they walked out.Finally it was just Melody, me and Mike and I was still naked. I was feeling much more relaxed now that the others were gone.”I can’t believe she did that Mel.””Why not?””Well, she is a friend of yours and none of the friends that I know would take off their clothes in front of a bunch of men.”Melody sort of smiled.”Sabine, did you like tonight?””Yes, sort of.””What did you like about it?””I liked it when you told me to, ah, take off my clothes.””Do you like taking off your clothes?””Yes.””Does it bother you at all?””I get embarrassed.””Are you embarrassed now, standing in front of my husband, naked?””Sort of, I mean, he’s seen me now and it isn’t as bad as it was at first.””As bad as when you were taking off your clothes in front of them?””It’s not as bad now.””Do you think that I could embarrass you some more tonight?”I looked at her and she was smiling. Mike had this sort of confused look on his face. I guess Melody had never acted like this before when he could see it. I looked at the floor.”Probably.””Would you like me to embarrass you some more?””If you want to.”I was still looking at the floor when I said that.”Both of you, come in the living room with me.”Mike and I walked behind Melody to the living room and Melody told Mike to sit on the couch. She pulled their coffee table up close to the couch in front of him. Then she sat down next to him.”Sit on the end of the coffee table Sabine.”I sat down with my legs together. I couldn’t look at either of them, I think I knew what she was going to tell me to do.”Put your feet up on the coffee table but on the outside of your ass Sabine.”I did what she told me, knowing that my pussy was gong to show. My face was heating up again, all over again.”Does she have a pretty pussy Mike?””Yes.””Sabine, pull it open so Mike can see it better.”I reached down and took my lips and pulled them apart so he could look right inside me. I tilted my head back so I didn’t have to look at myself and stared at the ceiling. My face was on fire!”Look how pink and wet she is.”I shivered with both embarrassment and arousal.”Show Mike your clitoris Sabine.”Still holding my lips open, I used a thumb to push the hood of my clitoris back so it poked out. It was as hard as my nipples and I had to choke down a gasp when my thumb brushed it.”How do you feel now Sabine?””Very embarrassed.””I’m sure you are, but do you like it?”I was still sitting with my legs open, my lips pulled apart and my clit showing. “Yes.””Why did you do it if you are very embarrassed?””Because you told me to do it.””So you took off all your clothes because I told you to?””Yes.””And now you are sitting with your legs open and your pussy pulled open because I told you to?””Yes.””In front of my husband?””Yes.””Should I be upset with you?””Probably.””Why?””Because I am showing my pussy to him.”Mike was dumfounded by what Melody had been saying and how I answered her. But he was enjoying himself immensely.”Why don’t you turn over on your knees and bend over and show Mike your asshole Sabine.”I shuddered and got up and knelt on the coffee table. I bent over and took my hands and grasped my cheeks and taking a deep breath, I pulled them apart and then I moaned. I was terribly humiliated. Everything I had was showing.”Mike is looking at your asshole and pussy Sabine. How does that make you feel?””Humiliated.””I would certainly hope so.”There was silence from behind me where they were sitting. I still knelt, bent over with my cheeks pulled open. I felt so very exposed.”Do you want to stop doing what you’re doing?””Yes, please.””What if I want you to keep doing it?”I sobbed softly. I was humiliated, embarrassed and aroused and I wanted to both stop and keep doing what I was doing.”I’ll do what you want Melody.””What if I want you to do something different?””Something different?””How about if I give you your car and apartment keys and your driver’s license and send you home?”Inside my head I was screaming NOOOOOOO, I am going to get caught naked in my apartment building! But….”If that is what you want Melody.””Would she really do that?””If I told her to I am sure she would Mike. But I don’t think I will tell her to do that tonight. She can drive home naked but she can get dressed before she goes into her building. Is that all right with you Sabine?””Yes, Melody.””Mike, go get her clothes. It’s late and Sabine should be getting home.”I was still kneeling on the coffee table, still pulling my cheeks open as Mike got up and left.”You can get up Sabine. Would you really have gone home without clothes?””If you wanted me to Melody.”Mike came back with my clothes and shoes. He seemed unsure of what to do with them. Melody took me by the hand and led me out the front door. Mike followed. She opened my car door and let me get in, naked. Mike set my clothes on the passenger seat. I got my keys out of my purse and put them in the ignition and started my car. Melody bent over and kissed my cheek.She smiled at me and I smiled back.”Good night Sabine.””Good night Melody…Mike.”I shut the door and backed out of their driveway. I looked at the two of them as they watched me and then I waved and drove off…drove off to my apartment. I was starting to get used to being naked in my car. I was careful, as usual, and when I got there and parked I sat in my car for a moment. Then I got out and walked around to the passenger door and opened it. I slipped my top on and then struggled into my jeans. I picked up my bra and panties and shoes and walked to the apartment building door. It didn’t take me long and I was at my door. I unlocked it and went inside. I dropped my purse on the kitchen counter and then walked into my small bathroom. My ankle socks, bra and panties went into my hamper and then I stripped off my top and jeans and they went into the hamper too. I walked back to my kitchen and opened my fridge. I had part of a bottle of wine left and I poured it into a wine glass, emptying it. I sat in my living room and drank my wine, thinking about the evening, Melody, everything.I am sort of ashamed to say that when I went to bed later, I used the empty wine bottle on myself, twice. After the second time, I fell asleep.I woke up Saturday, the day after being at Melody and Mike’s home. I was in my bed naked. I lay there and remembered the night there and how I was both embarrassed and humiliated and then aroused. Then I remembered using the wine bottle. I shivered when I remembered that. For some reason I was expecting Melody to call me but she didn’t. I spent a very quiet day at my apartment. I even got dressed. I read a little and watched some television. I did laundry, every bit that I had. I thought about my life over the past few weeks. I thought about how my own stupidity had started me on a path that I never thought I would travel. I thought about how many people had seen me naked in the last few weeks and I thought about how many before that. I only counted people that would have been considered a sexual type situation and it was only three before. My three boyfriends. My first love, the boy that I gave my virginity to back in high school. Then my college boyfriend, the one that I lived with, much to my parent’s dismay with their little girl. That lasted for my last year of college and the two years after.I was surprised to realize that it was almost two years from then to my next boyfriend. That lasted a little over a year. It was from the time I was 28 until now, age 32, and I had dated but nothing serious. I hadn’t even been with a girl, well, except for Melody and that wasn’t exactly either of our idea. Now, in just a few short weeks close to 40 people had seen me naked. Now that I think of it, it’s closer to 60 people. And I am not sure that I want it to end. The reason that I am saying that is that I am not sure if Melody will continue doing what she has. Diane has pretty much left me alone, other than expecting me to sell my panties at work and the meetings.I don’t miss her one bit. She started it all but now it’s like she is bored with me. Daniels would love to be able to control me but I think Diane has stopped that before it got started and for that I am pretty happy and relieved.I’m just not sure that I want everything to stop. I just want it to be Melody telling me what to do. Maybe some time in the future I would change but I know what I want right now. I just don’t know if I’ll get what I want.Well, anyway, I spent a quiet weekend and Monday was off to work. Diane called a staff meeting. Melody got to answer the phones for us and I was nervous, thinking of all the bad things that Diane could do to me. Boy was I surprised!In the meeting Diane informed everyone that she was no longer buying me panties for them to buy from me. Because of that, unless I was willing to give up my panties for twenty dollars apiece there was going to be no more stripping of Sabine. Of course that caused some upset amongst everyone else but me. There was some bitching and whining until Kate came up with an idea. Since on the executive meeting days I was still going to be naked in the meeting while I served coffee and water, Kate suggested that I just either take off my clothes when I arrived and stay naked until the meeting was over or that I just come to work without clothes at all. I was shocked! Diane smiled that dirty smile of hers.”Well Sabine, what do you think of those ideas?””I don’t want to do either one.””It seems as though your coworkers are going to be disappointed and that doesn’t seem quite fair. I’ll talk to Mr. Prescott and see what he thinks.”I got that nervous feeling in my stomach all over again. Diane dismissed the meeting after telling everyone that Mr. Prescott would make the decision and there would be no further discussion. That didn’t go over well with them either. At least for Monday I would be staying dressed all day for a change. And since the executive meeting wasn’t until Friday I was going to be dressed for the rest of the week until the meeting. Or at least that was what I was hoping.But later on that day I found that I was somewhat disappointed. Stupid huh? Here I was keeping my clothes on at work again and I was feeling disappointed. I found it hard to believe that I was feeling that way. No telling what runs through a person’s mind, is there?On Tuesday Melody and I went to lunch together. She could tell that I was conflicted.”What’s wrong Sabine?””Oh nothing much.””Come on Sabine, something is bothering you. What is it?””Well, Diane at that meeting yesterday, well she told everyone that she wasn’t going to be buying me panties anymore for them to buy from me.””That’s great! At least now you won’t be stripping anymore everyday.””Yeah, well, Kate made some suggestions.””Like what?””Well, she suggested that I undress the day of the executive meeting when I come into work and stay naked until the meeting is over or that I come to work on that day without clothes at all.””Diane isn’t going to make you do that is she?””No, she isn’t, but she is going to talk to Prescott and let him decide.””I’m sure that he won’t want you running around naked all day or for most of the day. I bet that you don’t have a thing to worry about.””I don’t think so either, but promise me that you won’t think I am crazy Melody. I sort of miss it.””You miss having to strip for anyone on staff who hands you a twenty?””Yeah, sort of, Melody. I can’t explain it to you but I do.”She kind of smiled at me.”So you’re telling me that you like being naked?””Don’t think I am stupid or crazy, please. The thing that I like the most is being told to take off my clothes or having to do it like when someone hands me twenty dollars and I know what I have to do. The night that you and I went to the library, well, it was almost perfect Melody. You took me up to some people and told them I would take off my clothes for them. I wanted to do it because you told me to do it Melody. It’s good for me because you tell me or make me.””So you are saying that it’s better for you if you are made to do things?””Yes, oh God yes!”As soon as I said that I cringed inside because I didn’t know for sure how Melody would take it. I didn’t know if she would be disgusted with me. She just sat across the table from me and looked at me.”I’m sorry Melody. I shouldn’t have said that.””It’s all right Sabine. I don’t know what to say.””I understand. I’m sorry.”We finished lunch and went back to work. Both of us were very quiet. The rest of the week went by pretty much normally except for Thursday. Diane had talked to Prescott in the morning and in the afternoon she took me to his office. It was around 2 in the afternoon.”So girl, Diane has told me about the suggestions that one of your coworkers made when she told them that you would not be selling panties to them anymore.”He had this huge grin on his face because I think he knew what was going on but hadn’t seen me do anything except for the meetings.”What do you think about the suggestions?””I don’t really like either of them, sir.””I can understand that but it seems sort of unfair for you to stop being naked around your coworkers after all that has gone on already. Don’t you agree?””No, I don’t. There was a reason for what happened.””I know girl. You were prancing around this office naked and got caught at it. Now you feel like that should be ignored by management. Well, that is not going to happen.”He fixed me with a hard glare and I dropped my eyes. I couldn’t look at him.”So, which suggestion of your coworker appeals to you?”Shit! He was going to make me choose one!”I guess the undressing at work.””I thought that would be your choice. Do you think I should let you choose?””I don’t know, I guess so.””You are a pretty stupid girl, aren’t you?””I’m not stupid.””Do you like your job?””Yes.””Then take off your clothes, girl, all of them.”I stood and stared at him, slightly disbelieving. I should have known better.”Either take off your clothes or go to your desk, get your personal things and leave.”If my rent and car payment were not due I think I would have left. But they were and I slowly removed my clothes.”The stockings and shoes also, please.”When I had removed them, I was completely naked.”Fold your clothes nicely and then pick them up and come with me.”I folded up my business suit, underwear and everything else and put my shoes on the top of the pile and picked it up. Prescott walked out his door and I followed him. He walked down the hall to the staff area and I hesitantly followed him. He stopped in front of Kate’s desk and turned to me.”Since it was this young lady’s idea please give her your clothes. You will be able to pick them up at 5 o’clock today. Oh, and for tomorrow, you may wear a coat and shoes to work. When you arrive you will remove them. This young lady will get them from you and keep them for you. You will get them back at the end of the business day. You will not be required to do anything other than your job duties, which includes the executive meeting. But anything that is normally required of you, you will do without complaint.”He took my arm and tugged me forward and I slowly handed Kate my clothes. She smirked at me and opened the bottom drawer of her desk and set them inside it. I watched the drawer close on my clothes. The entire staff was standing and looking at me, chuckling and giggling.”Now, you may go to your desk and get to work. Oh, and this will be your working attire on Friday’s from here on.”When he said that his eyes went from my eyes to my boobs and down to my pussy and then back up to my eyes. He smirked at me also. He leaned against Kate’s desk.”As long as Diane is pleased with your performance you will be dressed like this only on Friday’s. But if there is any problem with you from her standpoint you will spend the next week naked. Any additional issues with you will result in the next offense being two weeks, then three weeks, and I think you get the idea. So, my dear, if you want to wear clothes at work I suggest you be on your best behavior. Well, what are you waiting for?”I started and then hurried to my desk, passing Melody’s on the way. I heard her gasp as I hurried by her. I scurried around my desk and sat down to hide my lower body as fast as I could. I felt sick to my stomach, even though I had a little spot of heat down low in my belly. It took me several minutes to get my head on straight enough so that I could start working. It was quite a while before I stopped thinking about being naked. As the lunch hour approached, Kate and two of her girlfriends at work walked by.”Want to join us for lunch, Sabine?”And they all started giggling as they walked away. I was so embarrassed it wasn’t funny. Later, when almost everyone was gone to lunch, Melody walked up to my desk.”What the hell is going on?””Oh, Diane told them that I wasn’t going to be selling panties anymore, she wouldn’t buy them for me and told them that I didn’t have enough money to do it either. So Kate suggested that I be made to be naked on the meeting days. Diane wouldn’t commit to anything but said she would talk to Prescott. I had to go and see him today with Diane and he decided that I could be naked for the entire Friday of the meetings and he made me strip in his office and then give my clothes to Kate.””Jesus Christ!””Yeah.”I sort of hung my head. I was still embarrassed and sort of more so with Melody standing there even though she has seen me naked a lot. But also with her there I was tingling low down. I was so fucked up!”I’ve been thinking about what you said Sabine.””What I said?””Yes. Are you feeling a little aroused right now?”I felt my face heat up. I couldn’t lie to her though.”Sort of, yes.””Are you enjoying this?””Well, yes and no.””Are you doing anything tomorrow night?””No, why?””I want you to come to my house after work.””OK, I will go home and change and then come over.””No. You will come over right after work. No going home or anything else. Do you understand?”My stomach gave a little flip. I looked at her and I wanted to say thank you, but I bit my tongue.”I understand Melody.”I spent the rest of my day naked, working and having almost everyone come to the little alcove that my desk was in. I didn’t have to stand up for them, but I was caught twice with my back to the hallway, bent over to file something in one of the cabinets. I heard giggling behind me and straightened up immediately but I knew that they had seen everything. I’d blush each time someone came by, even if only my boobs were showing. It was horrible! It was arousing! The only good thing was that Diane let me know that the bonus for the trip had been deposited in my checking account.I had to walk to Kate’s desk to get my clothes and the entire staff was waiting for me, big grins and smiles on their faces. Kate handed me my clothes, first the stockings and heels, then my bra and blouse, dragging out the time as much as she could before I could get my pussy covered. No matter how many times they had seen me without clothes it was humiliating for me and I turned beet red almost immediately upon entering the staff area.She gave me my skirt first then my panties and I had to pull the skirt up to pull my panties up and ended up showing my pussy once again. I was so happy when I was dressed and could go home. I made one stop on my way home, my bank, so I could get the thousand dollars out in cash and be able to give it to Melody and Mike Friday night when I went to their house. I knew that they needed it much more than I did. I could make ends meet on my salary but they were having problems.I spent a quiet night at my apartment, fixing dinner for myself and cleaning up. I was still slightly worked up over having to be totally naked today and knowing that I was going to have to do it again tomorrow. I was kind of nervous about it, thinking of all the things that could go wrong, like Diane having customers to her office or getting caught by customers in the hallway. I am ashamed to admit that I masturbated when I went to bed. And during the night I had awful dreams of being seen by more people at work than I already had, workmen coming in, customers and every bad thing I could think of. It wasn’t very restful at all.The next morning I showered, ate something even though my stomach was not the best, put on makeup and a pair of heels and got my trench coat. I put it on and stepped out of my apartment, feeling exposed even though I was covered. The drive to work was uneventful except it dawned on me that I was going to Melody’s like I was and that I wasn’t going to have any clothes at her place and that Mike was going to see me naked again.When I got to work I was hesitant to remove my coat but eventually I did, hanging it in my closet and setting my heels in it also. I had forgotten that Kate was to get my coat and shoes. The bitch sure hadn’t! She came in with her friends and made me get my coat and heels and walk with them to the staff area and give them to her there which put me naked in front of all of them once more, blushing. Then I had to walk out of the staff area so they could see my bare ass jiggle and bounce as I walked out.My ass of a boss, Diane, made me go and make copies twice so I had to go back to the staff area two times and she sent me to the mail room to check for an envelope which I was sure there wasn’t one, but that forced me to be naked in front of the youngest two guys in the office. I hate to admit it but my nipples were stiff and my pussy felt awfully wet. Because of all the things that she made me do, I was kind of upset, so when the meeting started I forgot to not turn my back on Mr. Prescott and he got his finger up my pussy not once but twice during the meeting. At least I didn’t shriek when he did it, but I gasped and almost jumped off the floor. I pulled away from him which made several people chuckle and the old bastard held up his finger and looked at it which made me turn bright red. All in all it was not a very good day when you factor in the traffic by my alcove. Didn’t people have work to do?The absolute worst part of all was that my nipples were as hard as they could get and everyone noticed them. That, of course, resulted in comments about my nipples and how stiff they were which made me turn red.Later in the afternoon Diane sent me with a file to Mr. Prescott’s office. I know that she did it on purpose because Roberta, Prescott’s assistant, is old enough to be my mother and very straitlaced. She had to have heard about what was going on with me. It was the talk of the office but when I turned and walked into her sight, her mouth tightened and her eyes narrowed.”You should be ashamed of yourself Sabine! If all of us hadn’t been told to shut up we’d be filing complaints with someone about this. How can you walk around here naked?””You don’t understand Roberta.””You bet I don’t and I don’t like it. You’re just a little slut.”She got up and went to Prescott’s door and opened it.”Sabine is here with a file she says you wanted.”Prescott walked out and looked me up and down, smirking. Behind his back Roberta was not smiling at all. He took the file from me.”Is Diane pleased with you?””I believe so.””You better pray that she is, girl. Get back to work.”He stood and watched me turn and walk away. I was beginning to feel so humiliated. I got back to my desk and resumed working. I had the usual traffic, trying to catch me standing up and showing everything. The afternoon did go fairly quickly except that I had to go and get my coat and heels from Kate. Of course she gave me my heels first and waiting until I had them on before she would give me my coat. I went back to my desk and got my purse and left.Now I just had to go to Melody’s where her husband was going to see me naked for the second time. My coat brushed my nipples and made them tingle as I walked to my car and got inside it. I did my usual careful drive, not wanting to be stopped for anything. When I pulled up in front of their house I was relieved to be there but sort of dreading having to go inside. I finally got out of my car and walked up to the front door. I rang the bell and Mike answered the door.”Is that Sabine?””Yes it is honey.””Hang up her coat for her Mike.”Aw, damnit. I unbuttoned my coat and slipped it off and Mike’s eyes bugged out. He stared at me for a bit before he took my coat and hung it in the front closet. “Melody is in the kitchen.”I walked to the kitchen with Mike following me. I guess I wasn’t uncomfortable but I wasn’t feeling really good either. Melody smiled at me and looked right at my pussy and the hair that was growing back.”I think we need to clean you up a bit Sabine.”I was not sure what she meant, but I had an idea, sort of. She walked off and in a few minutes came back with a towel, washcloth, shaving cream, and a razor. She laid everything on the kitchen counter and looked at me, grinning.”Hop up on the counter and spread your legs Sabine.”I did as I was told.”Mike, shave her. Leave a strip up from her pussy about two inches wide, but take everything else off, including her pussy lips.”Melody leaned against the counter at right angles to me and Mike looked at her and then at my spread legs. He grinned and stepped between my legs. He took the shaving cream and squirted a good amount on my abdomen and then rubbed it on me, my lower belly and pussy lips. It made me shiver.Then he picked up the razor and shaved above my pussy, leaving a strip of hair, not very long hair yet. He looked down at my pussy and without hesitation he stuck a finger up me and used his thumb to pull my left lip over. He carefully shaved down beside my pussy. I was biting my lip and struggling to keep from humping his hand.Once he had the outside shaved he flattened out my lip and carefully shaved that. Then he pulled my right lip over and shaved along it. Last for my pussy he flattened out the right lip and shaved down it. Then he moistened the washcloth in the sink and wiped me off. He had to a little touch up to get all the hairs except for what was going to stay. By now I would have let him fuck me if he took his dick out and stuck it in me. He really surprised me by what he did next.He took me by the thighs and pushed them back. That opened my ass cheeks and I was starting to feel pretty embarrassed but not half as much as when he picked up the shaving cream and squirted some right between my cheeks. “Hold your legs up.”I was in such a state of shock that I obeyed without even thinking. Mike picked up the razor and shaved between my cheeks too. I was so happy that he didn’t stick a finger up my ass! He sure ran fingers over my anus though. I hadn’t noticed that Melody had left the kitchen until he was almost done shaving me and I heard footsteps. I glanced to my right and I know my face turned bright red as two people that I had never seen before walked into Melody’s kitchen. And here I am bare ass naked with Mike shaving between my ass cheeks. Melody came in grinning.”Sabine, this is my brother and his wife, Jim and Kathy.”Yeah, sure, I said hello. NOT! I couldn’t speak I was so embarrassed. The first time I see someone and I am naked. My face was burning up and I couldn’t make eye contact with either of them.”Sabine is a friend from work. She likes to be naked in front of people. And probably some other things that I don’t know about yet. Well, except that she likes to be told what to do.””Melody, I know that you told us she would be here and be naked, but I didn’t believe you until I walked into the kitchen.””If she likes it so much why is her face red?””She told me that she gets embarrassed and humiliated when she is seen. It sort of contradicts with her being willing to get naked but it is kind of cute.””Are you guys hungry?””Yeah, it’s been a bitch of a day.””Mike, why don’t you order a couple of pizzas?””Just a minute, I have to finish.”He took the washcloth and wiped between my cheeks, the cheeks that I was sort of holding open, with three people besides him standing in the same room watching. Then he took the towel and dried me off while my legs were still spread and up in the air. I could have died of embarrassment but my lower belly was twitching and I felt oh so warm down there. He laid the towel on the counter next to me and I didn’t know what to do so stupidly I kept my legs up and open.”Sabine, you can put your legs down now.”Now my face really got hot as I realized how stupid I had been. I lowered my legs and my thighs clamped together, just a bit of my pubic hair showing and had to fight myself to keep from covering my little boobs. I sat on the counter as Mike called and ordered pizza.”We’re all going to the living room now and play a game while we wait for the pizza. The game is called Ask Sabine and I’ll start so you get an idea of how to play it.”We walked into the living room and Melody made me go first so they could watch my bare ass while I walked.”You three sit on the couch and Sabine I want you to sit on the coffee table in front of them and when you sit down I want you to open your legs for them.”I watched them sit down, grinning at me, and then I sat down on the coffee table and slowly opened my legs. Not seductively but because I really didn’t want to do it. I mean, I did, sort of, but it was embarrassing.”OK, now for Ask Sabine. Sabine, are your nipples hard?”Melody knew how to embarrass me even more because I felt my face get really warm.”Yes.””Why are they hard?””An, um, because, ah, it makes me, ah, I get turned on like this.””Like what?””When I am, um, naked.””You’re saying that you get turned on when you are naked in front of people?””Ah, yes.””How are you feeling right now?””Embarrassed and sort of humiliated.””Why?””Because I am naked and ah, I shouldn’t be.””All right, you guys get the idea, right?”They all answered yes.”Then go ahead and ask her any questions that you want.””Is your pussy wet?”I really didn’t want to answer that question.”NO!”Melody looked at me and I glanced at her.”Sabine, I think you are lying. If one of us touched your pussy right now I am betting that it would be wet. Tell the truth.””Well, sort of.”The giggling and chuckling made my face get even warmer.”I thought so. That’s one lie for you Sabine.””Do you enjoy being naked in front of us?””Sort of.””Have you ever used a dildo?”Damn that Melody!”Um, yes.””How about a vibrator?””No.””How many men have fucked you?””Three, ah no, five.””Have you had sex with a woman?”Just then the doorbell rang.”Sabine, why don’t you get the door?””You can’t be serious Melody. You expect her to answer the door naked?””Yes, I do.”All three of them watched me as I stood up and hesitantly walked towards the front door. As soon as I started all of them got up and walked behind me. When I got to the door I opened it just a bit.”Yes?””Pizza delivery ma’am.”I stood there shivering for a moment. My eyes were on the floor and I was feeling both good and bad.”Sabine, open the door, now!”I stepped back and pulled the door open and the pizza guy was there. He stepped forward, looking at the four of them curiously because they all were grinning. Then his head turned to me. His eyes went down and saw my boobs and my erect nipples. He chuckled and his eyes went further down to the small strip of hair above my slit. He couldn’t help but see the bare lips underneath it.”Nice lady!”I was so humiliated! I was also feeling my lower abdomen heating up. And I had to stand there while he stared at me. Melody didn’t say a word for about a minute, which to me seemed forever.”The pizzas?””Oh, yeah, here.”Mike took the pizzas and Melody paid him for them. He wasn’t paying much attention to her, she could have given him a dollar and he would not have noticed. He had the biggest grin on his face and so did the others. I was so happy when he backed up, still staring at me, so I could close the door. Melody led us all back to the living room and had them sit on the couch again. The pizzas were placed on the end of the coffee table and I was told to sit with my legs apart again behind them. Even if I felt embarrassed by how exposed I was, I was enjoying it. It felt like heat from their eyes was making my pussy get warmer and warmer. When the pizza was finished and Mike took the boxes and other stuff away Melody announced that it was time to play Ask Sabine again.”Where were we?””I think it was have you had sex with a woman?”I glanced at Melody and she seemed calm enough but I didn’t know if I should answer truthfully.”Ah, yes.”Thankfully they let it pass at that and the glance I gave to Melody let me see some relief on her face.”Do you like to be tied up?””Ah, kind of, I guess.””Have you ever been spanked as an adult?””Ah, yes.””Who spanked you? A boyfriend?””No, ah, my, ah, boss.”Even though I had started to relax and was in some disturbing way beginning to enjoy the evening, that question and my answer started the humiliation to build inside me once more. Admitting that my boss had spanked me was horrible. Especially after they all burst out laughing when I tell them that my boss had spanked me. I could feel my face heat up once more.”Where did she spank you?””In, ah her office.””At work?””Yes.”This resulting in another burst of laughter.”Tell us what happened.”I was so embarrassed by my admissions and getting aroused by them also. I looked around at each one of them, seeing what I would call eager looks on their faces. I wanted to tell them and I didn’t want to tell them what had happened to me that day. I looked down at the floor, blushing already, just thinking about it.”Come on Sabine, you can tell us.”I took a deep breath and looked at them in turn. Even if it would be humiliating I knew I was going to get really aroused by telling them. Even more than I was sitting in front of all of them naked.”Well, I can’t remember what I did or didn’t do that made Diane angry with me, just that she told me to come into her office. She was sitting on a chair in the middle of the office, right in front of the couch she has for guests.””Wait a minute! Were there other people there too?”I didn’t think my face could have gotten any hotter but it did. Melody had this huge grin on her face.”There were other people in her office!””Come on, you have to tell us what happened!”I looked down at the floor again.”She made me stand to the right of her and took my left arm and pulled me down over her lap. Then she started telling me what a dummy I was for whatever it was I had done. And then she swatted me on the ass.”My face had to be beet red. I was so embarrassed to be telling this to them!”She, ah, spanked me a few times and then her hand grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up so my panties were showing.”They were all laughing like crazy. Probably because I had been so stupid to let Diane do this to me. The laughter made me feel even more humiliated.”She spanked me, ah, over my panties for a while and then she grabbed the waistband of them and pulled them down to my knees. I started to kick and struggle but she swatted me really hard a few times and I just gave up, I guess. When I kicked my legs my panties slide down to my ankles. She was holding my head down and I didn’t realize that she had undone my dress at the neck until I felt my zipper going down too. I started struggling all over again and before I knew it my panties were off one of my legs and dangling on the other foot.””Oh my God, this is too much!””And there were other people watching all this?””Yes.”I was looking at the floor again, really embarrassed by what I had said so far.”Who were they?””Some people from work.””So some people from where you work were seeing your bare ass and seeing you getting a spanking?””Um, yes.””What were they doing?””Watching and laughing at me.””How did that make you feel?””I was really humiliated.””What happened next?””She, ah, started spanking me again and I guess my panties came off the other foot. My ass was getting really warm and I didn’t notice that she was working my dress up higher. Because the next thing I knew my dress was over my head and falling down my arms to the floor.””So she basically had you naked over her knees except for your bra?””Well, I ah, didn’t have a bra on.”This was greeted with more laughter.”So you were naked?””I guess so.””Let me get this straight. You did something wrong according to your boss and she had you come into her office and spanked you in front of some of your coworkers, pulled your panties down and your dress over your head and you are bare ass naked?””Well, yes.”I was feeling so humiliated by telling them this. My face felt like it was on fire.”And you just let her do this?””Well, she’s bigger and stronger than I am.””What were your coworkers doing while this is going on?””They were making fun of me and laughing at me.””Then what happened?””She spanked me some more and then pushed me off her lap on the floor and told me to apologize to them for making them watch me getting punished.””Oh my fucking God! I don’t believe this! You’re lying to us, aren’t you?””No, I’m not!””So if Melody asked your boss at work next week, she would confirm this?””I don’t know, but it’s the truth.””Did you apologize to them?””Diane made me stand up to tell them I was sorry that had to see me punished.””And you’re bare assed in front of them?”‘Yes.””Who else knows about this in your office?””They told all of the ones they work with.””So everyone at work knows you got spanked and stripped?””Well, not everyone. They didn’t tell Melody and some of the other executive assistants.””Melody, did you know about this?””Sabine just told me that Diane punished her. I didn’t know that other people watched or that she got stripped.””So how would we know if she is telling the truth?”Everyone looked at me. I had to drop my eyes. I couldn’t look at them after telling them about what Diane did to me. Kathy looked at me with a glint in her eyes.”I know.””What Kathy?””She could take a spanking here. In front of us.”I looked around nervously.”I don’t think….””You don’t have to think, you just have to get over Melody’s knees.”Melody, to her credit, wasn’t sure about the whole thing.”I don’t know, Kathy. I have never spanked anyone before.””Neither have I, Melody, but I don’t think she’ll want Mike or Jim to do it.”Kathy got up and walked into Melody and Mike’s dining room and came back with a chair from their dining set. She set it in front of the couch, facing sideways and moved the coffee table away so she, Mike and Jim had a clear view.”Sit on the chair Melody.”Melody hesitated then looked at me and sort of smiled. She got up and sat on the chair.”Get over her knees Sabine.”In a way I wanted to but I also didn’t want to. I was already embarrassed and humiliated. I mean, they had already seen me naked, looked between my open legs at my pussy and had watched me open the door naked in front of a pizza guy. Wasn’t that enough? Besides all that, they had made me tell the most humiliating true story.Kathy got up from the couch again and took my arm and led me up to Melody. I was facing away from the couch, showing my bare ass. Kathy sat back down.”Go ahead Sabine. You know you want to do it.”I closed my eyes and shivered. I looked down at Melody and she had this wry smile on her face.So, there I stood naked, in front of Melody, her husband Mike, her brother Jim and his wife Kathy, and Melody had just been told to spank me, in front of them.I had come to Melody’s home because she told me to come there, wearing only my coat and heels and she had me give the coat to her husband for him to hang up. I was embarrassed as hell but I was secretly enjoying this. Not that you could tell, my face was red and I was trembling. I did not want to be spanked for an audience or even in private by Melody, but the total humiliation it promised me was exciting to me.Not only had they seen me naked but they had seen Mike shaving my pussy, my legs spread open, everything on display! That had been horrible, even though I felt a twinge of arousal.”Come on Melody, spank the dumb bitch!””I’m not sure that I really want to do that to her, Kathy.””You’ll like it and she probably will too.”And that was how I ended up over Melody’s knee, after a bit more persuasion. My bare ass in the air, my bare boobs dangling beneath my chest and my toes and hands touching the carpet. And then she started spanking me!At first it wasn’t bad, but as the spanks added up it began to hurt and she just kept spanking me! Soon my ass was hot and from the comments very red. Then with each spank my legs and feet and started kicking and shortly after that I was crying and begging for her to stop. I made a spectacle of myself! At first I kept my knees pressed to together but after a while when I started kicking and crying I didn’t pay any attention to my limited modesty. My legs would open as I kicked them and even if I didn’t realize how much of a show I was putting on, I did when Melody stopped and I could get up. Because Kathy, Jim and Mike were all seated behind me, watching, commenting and laughing at me. They were all laughing because of how I squirmed and kicked while getting spanked!Once Melody had finished with me, she made me go stand in a corner with my reddened ass facing them. I managed to stop crying after a bit of being in the corner, but I was dismayed by my arousal. How could this type of thing make me feel that way? I didn’t understand it at all. Was I some kind of kinky slut? I had never been promiscuous in my life and I still wasn’t promiscuous, but I had pretty much allowed people to get my clothes off and allowed them to show me off. And I got turned on by it!I stood there for a while, listening to them behind me and finally Melody told me that she was taking me home. What she did was drive my car, with me in it with her, but she didn’t let me have my coat and Kathy drove another car following us. In the parking lot at my apartment building, Melody waited and Kathy joined us. Then Melody drove off perhaps four blocks away from my building and stopped. She got out and Kathy got behind the wheel. I sat there in the car.”Get out Sabine.””I can’t get out I don’t have any clothes!””Yes, you can, and don’t worry, I will be with you.”I hesitantly got out of the car and Kathy drove off, and I got so scared.”We’re going to walk to your apartment building Sabine.””I can’t! I’m naked!” “Of course you can, or would you rather have me leave you here?”I damn near died when Melody said that to me! So, I started walking, nude but for my heels to my apartment. I wanted to run every time we came to a streetlight, but Melody made me walk normally. I was scared to death that I was going to get caught, shivering and trembling. The first streetlight I trotted through the patch of light and Melody made me come back to her and walk through it again, walk through it! “You are to walk Sabine, not run. If you do run again, when we get there, I’ll take you to your door but not open it. I’ll just leave you there and since I have your keys you’ll have a small problem, won’t you?”I didn’t run again, believe me! God it was cool out and my nipples were so hard! And I could feel how moist I was getting too! So scared that I felt like I had to pee. It was the longest four block walk I had ever made! Then when we got there, Kathy was waiting for us at the side door to my building, grinning as she saw me walking towards her. Melody unlocked the outside door with my key and had me walk up this long flight of stairs to my floor and then down the hall to my door. Now I was so afraid that one of my neighbors was going to come out and see me nude with two dressed women. But thankfully no one came out and Melody unlocked my door and let me inside. I was so relieved! But things stayed the same. If Melody wanted me to be naked I would undress for her, just by her telling me to do it. I still don’t really get why I do that, but it does get me going when I do. Melody was concerned too about how things were going at work for me and she had Mike offer me a job at his business. I jumped at it and soon was out of the office where my stupidity had gotten me into all this.But then again, perhaps not. Because Melody would drop by and take me to Mike’s office and have me undress there. It still made me blush to do that in front of Mike, hell I even blushed when it was just me and Melody!Things actually quieted down for a few days, but on the next Thursday Melody and Mike to me to a club called Déjà Vu. I didn’t understand it a bit until we got inside and I realized that it was a strip club! When Melody took me to meet the manager, I really realized what she had intended for me. I was entered in the amateur night contest, by Melody. She didn’t ask me if I wanted to enter, she just did it! Then I was informed that the contest began at 11PM and would be done around midnight, but that I would be performing for free until the club closed, which was 4AM. And that I would be nude for the entire time!I was also informed that the other girls had until the end of the second song played for them to get naked, but I had only to the end of the first song. Then I had to move around the stage opening my legs for each man sitting at the stage, making sure that they saw my pussy. The worst part was my age compared to the other girls. I was in my thirties. They were in their late teens or very early twenties. Since the club served no alcohol, most of the men were young. I think that I was older than most of the patrons. When my turn came, I hurriedly stripped, fearing a public spanking if I didn’t obey and do what I had been told. I was red in the face, although extremely aroused. It only got worse when I had to get on my bare ass and open my legs for the young men who were clustered on chairs all around the stage. I didn’t dance the last two songs at all, just scooted on my ass from one to the next, spreading open, blushing like crazy. The actual dancers watched me too, making it worse. My nipples had gotten hard as soon as they were exposed and I could feel my pussy getting moist while I opened my legs for k**s, even though they were eighteen or older, k**s that I was almost old enough to be their mother.I just left my clothes in the dressing room and after two rounds of voting I could go to Melody’s table, nude. I guess that an exception was made for me that night because all the other women who stripped got dressed before mingling. Once the contest was over, and although I had finished third out of five, now I had to go and ask young men if they wanted a table dance which was nothing more than showing them my tits, ass and pussy for three songs. Melody made me take the money for each dance and then as soon as one of the regular dancers came by me, I had to give them the money I had just been paid for exposing myself to a young man. I was not allowed to do lap dances since I was nude and I could not do the special six dance sets in a private room because I was nude. The girls had to wear a g-string for them. I didn’t have a g-string to wear. And I did this for close to four hours, until the club closed, with Melody and Mike and several of Mike’s friends, who had joined them there. Two of the friends were men who worked at Mike’s business, where I worked also! So they were seeing me nude for the first time and would see me Monday through Friday, unless they weren’t at work or I wasn’t. So, for four hours I was naked in a club, a strip club, giving table dances, exposing myself, and I still had to take a turn on the stage when it was my turn, but unlike the other girls, I came on stage nude and immediately started spreading my legs for anyone and everyone around the stage. I was told after my first time to also get on my hands and knees and pull my cheeks open for the young men. So, not only did I show my tits, ass and pussy but also my asshole. I got a lot of tips, just like the other girls, but I had to give my tips away to another dancer.It was really hard, once I got my clothes off to sit on the stage in front of a k** who was probably no more than eighteen and spread my legs and I felt my face start to turn beet red as I did it. Then after letting him have a good look, he gave me a dollar! Only a dollar! And then I had to move down slightly to face the next one and spread my legs for him also. There had to have been at least twenty of them, sitting on chairs right by the stage, waiting for me to expose myself to them, smirking at me, staring at my pussy and tits! God it was humiliating and knowing that Melody and Kathy were there, knowing what I was doing was in some way even worse. Also knowing that I was going to have to give all the money away too was not hard but humiliating. Knowing that I was doing this for nothing, just because Melody had told me to do it. They let me take breaks finally, after the first two hours, but if some guy came by, someone would ask him if he wanted to see my cunt, and if he did, even during a break I had to spread my legs for him. I was the only one who had pussy hair on their body too.Then at the end of the night, when the club was closing, Melody and Kathy came back to the dressing room with me, took my clothes and put them in Kathy’s large purse and walked me out nude, all the way to the car. Drove me home nude and had me walk into my apartment building nude also. Made me stand while Melody opened my door and then let me in and gave me my keys. I masturbated myself for a long time after they left, I couldn’t help it. All the exposure had turned me on immensely! Other nights Melody and Kathy would take me out to bars and give me a couple of drinks and then have me ask men if they wanted my panties or my bra. If they answered yes, the two girls made me take the bra or panties off right there and hand them to the man. I was asked to leave at least one bar a night out with them. After I had taken off my panties, then the girls would ask some guy there if he wanted to see my pussy, not theirs, mine! They told him that he could for a coke, since I had usually already had my two drinks for the night. If he bought me a coke, really a costly item, they would make me lift my skirt for him, right at the bar. And since most guys were not there alone, they would invite their friends to watch me lift my skirt or dress too, and tell them it was just for a coke! So I would be lifting my skirt or dress for more than one man in a bar! And Melody and Kathy would be giggling behind me, looking over my shoulders to make sure I was doing it.But the one thing they made me do was probably the worst for me and perhaps the best for me at the same time. When we were at the last bar for the night, they’d pick out guys and ask me which one I would go out with. After they had done that several times, they would make me go up to one that I had said I would go out with and tell him….”Would you come out to our car and undress me?”Then once one said yes to my questions, some of them thought I was just teasing them, they would take me out to the parking lot and without caring if anyone was there, they would tell him to strip me. Strip me nude while I stood next to the car and each item of clothes went into the trunk of the car. The man usually couldn’t believe his good fortune! And of course hands usually roamed over me while he undressed me.I really felt slutty, standing by the car while some stranger was behind me, undoing the clasp and zipper to my dress and slowly tugging it down, baring my tits and then my pussy and ass in the parking lot. Then when I stepped out of it, and only had heels on while one of Melody or Kathy took it and tossed my dress in the trunk and slammed it shut and I knew that I was not getting it back until I was in my apartment. The guy was getting as many feels of me as he could by this time, rubbing my nipples and squeezing my tits, sort of afraid to try to touch my pussy as most of them were. God I got horny so fast!They never let the guy or after a few weeks, guys get their hands on my pussy thankfully. As soon as one went there, they would get me in the car and smile sweetly at him and drive off as soon as possible. I think they thought that I would fuck the guy bent over the trunk or hood if they didn’t. I very well might have. All this getting naked and showing off was a big turn on, even if it was humiliating in showing everything to strangers. I still blushed although not as much as earlier. I guess I was getting used to be naked or showing my pussy to strangers. God knows in the past weeks enough strangers had seen me. Basically because the amateur night contests at Déjà vu had become a weekly trip for me.And of course, after the first night where two of Mike’s employees saw me totally bare ass naked they couldn’t keep quiet and by the third week of my so-called dancing, every employee had been at the club and seen me, even the two other women.It was so hard to go to work each day, even if I was happy to be out of that other office, the one where I had initially been caught naked because the other girls there would look at me and giggle. The guys would grin and stop to talk to me, probably thinking that I would show them something. Which I didn’t do by the way. Everyone where I worked had seen me nude once more, but they weren’t sticking fingers up me or making me get naked in the office at least. But they all knew that if they wanted to see me naked, see my pussy, tits and ass all they had to do was go to the club each Thursday and most likely I would be there, stripping and spreading my legs for nothing.If I tried to say no, I wasn’t going, Melody would tell me that if I persisted in ignoring her desires, I would get spanked again. I tried to do that once and she did, she spanked me, good and hard and for a long time too. I just let her do that to me, because it was so humiliating. Mainly because Mike was there watching me get it while I was nude. If I went to their home, I almost always had to undress at the front door.So, between having to drop by Melody’s home and stripping nude there, the Thursday night contests and sometimes Melody dropping by Mike’s business and having me strip in Mike’s office I was spending a lot of time nude in front of Mike and once the other employee’s were aware of the Thursday nights, I spent a good amount of time nude in front of them also, not even counting that there might be company at Melody’s. So much time nude that I didn’t even bother to think how humiliating it was that I just took off my clothes when Melody told me to take them off. It was harder when I hadn’t stripped in front of someone before, mostly company at her home. I would really blush then. But the getting nude wasn’t that hard anymore.It was the other things that were hard. Melody never told me to do anything but get naked but if someone else there wanted my legs spread wide open, she would smirk at me and tell me to go ahead. So often I found myself in front of people, my ass on the edge of a chair and my legs wide open, displaying my pussy to all who were there. Often someone would want a “really good look” at my pussy and I ended up with my fingers holding my lips open, showing them right up inside me. And I had to sit there like that until they got tired of seeing me. And the worst part was that my nipples were hard and my pussy usually got moist, very moist, so much so that if I had to pull my lips open it was noticeable.What I hated the most though was if they wanted me on my hands and knees with my ass facing them. I was usually told to put my face on the carpet and that made my cheeks open up and I was showing my pussy and asshole. That is so much more embarrassing and humiliating. The nasty comments about me having to be a slut and a whore didn’t help either. That occurred even after Melody told them that I just loved to be naked. I did, but I wasn’t happy that she told everyone that.And eventually, when someone did ask me to show everything, Melody had me say this…..”You want to see my cunt?”I absolutely hate that word! I couldn’t use vagina or pussy, I had to use cunt! If I hadn’t felt like a whore before that started, I did then. As soon as cunt came out of my mouth the giggling and chuckling started, which made me blush more which got more giggles and chuckles. And that made me get redder. I just hated it and unfortunately I didn’t object and did as Melody told me. The humiliation was delicious. Then, one night, when it was just Mike and Melody, she produced a rather large dildo with a suction cup base, told me to stick it on the coffee table in their living room and get on it. She and Mike sat on the couch right in front of the coffee table, right in front of me, watching me hold it at my hole and slowly sink down on it. She didn’t give me any lube and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t need any. Sure it took a while to get it inside me, but I was wet enough to do it. Then….”OK Sabine, just ride it like it is your boyfriend.”And I did ride it. And God, it felt so good! Even doing it with the two of them watching me. This quickly became a once or twice weekly occasion for me. Most often I would be facing them and leaning back on my hands so they could see it going in and out of me, but sometimes I would be facing away from them, told to put my head down so my ass was up in the air and my cheeks spread wide open. When I was in that position I could hear clothes rustling and some soft moans and I knew that they were playing while watching me. Made me feel even hotter than I was initially, knowing that they were really getting off on me. Made me feel dirtier too. And once in a long while Mike would come between my cheeks and I could feel his semen dribbling down over my asshole and down around my pussy. I felt really dirty then and so aroused, knowing that I had turned him on so much and that Melody didn’t mind his coming on me. I never saw a thing, just felt the spurts and his semen running down my body.I had no idea if Melody helped him come or if he did it himself, with her watching. It was deliciously nasty!** The End **

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