Stella Maris SM 8: Cunning Confession 2


Stella Maris SM 8: Cunning Confession 2STELLA MARIS TELLS ABOUT HER FIRST EVER REAL SEX & WHICH IS BEST POSITIONStella Maris falls finally in love, when she starts to trust him in bed, after a large barge-party.Stella Maris takes another month before she finds sufficient time & privacy during weekend.Stella Maris chooses a position from few he proposes, which suits & Is proper for ceremony.Stella Maris after dating him for four months finally becomes woman, when he comes in her!——————————————————————————————————————————–STELLA MEETS MANY OF HIS FRIENDS, LOTS ON HIS FLOOR, LIKE PAUL & MARINA!It takes several months before we become a couple. He luckily is very patient. And gallant.It takes several more before I am finally ready to have sex. Fear for defloration: pussy pain.It takes us only few times to find the proper position, which works perversely perfect for me.It takes me an enormous effort to go into the ‘dirty details’. So I postpone it. For the moment. He takes me out to ‘Isola Bella’, where waiters sing in Italian. My first real pieces of pizza.He takes mostly ‘Frutti di Mare’. Later he tells me: the few mussels make him long for mine.He needs to wait many months before he can lay a hand on it. We kiss. He fondles my tits.He gets his first chance at a special party at a boat outside Amsterdam. Where? No idea!I live in a large room at Stadionkade, near Olympic Stadium. My landlady is single and 35+.I am sometimes invited for drinks at her. Girls talk over glasses of sherry. She’s tall, as I am.I remember her same sighs canlı bahis at end of a bottle: “Now I need a man, who knows what he can!”I think she has as little sex as me. I live at her only for nine months. Last six I’m mostly at him.He has a double bed only a meter under the ceiling. So there is room to sit comfy below it.He has a room in the furthest corner of top-floor. At the back. View S-E to ‘Hortus Botanicus’.He has several friends among twenty, who share showers and a large kitchen with balcony.He has a lot of time with another first years’ student. And his girl. This is how I meet Marina! ———————————————————————————————————————————-STELLA MARIS TELLS ABOUT THE STRANGE PARTY-BARGE, WHERE IT ALL STARTSShe invites me along to a party an hour outside Amsterdam: a boat in the middle of nowhere.She tells me to bring my sleeping-back and a warm sweater. It can be windy and fresh there.She sees I’m shy then. Hardly know anyone. So she makes place for us four in some corner.She keeps an eye over me. Anyway, I’m with him. First time dancing together since summer.We retire half way through the night. Peter proposes to put our bags together. – I am terrified.We turn in. Almost fully clothed. As it’s cold indeed there. And deep dark. Marina next to me. We kiss and whisper sweet silly things. Soon his left hand at my bare breasts. Turns me on!We go a bit further. I don’t pull it back when it slides down my belly by my button to my bush.He caresses over my Mount Venus, along my slit till my sphincter and back, while we whisper.He bahis siteleri carefully enters the tip of a finger inside me. I’m very wet. Feels fine. He touches my hymen.He tells me not to worry. He will not go further in this night without privacy, so non-ceremonial.He wins my confidence and long lasting love. – I think we are a couple from that weekend on!I turn to the same side. We cuddle up as spoons. — Finally I get warm with his hot body heat.I feel different next day when we wake up. His arm is around me. Marina’s arm around Paul.I wiggle a bit with my bums on his crotch. Does he still have a hard-on? How long can it last?I feel him nibbling at my left ear-lobe. “Good morning my blonde beauty, pretty Princess SM!”————————————————————————————————————————————- STELLA MARIS SHARES HER EXPERIENCE OF DEFLORATION AND FIRST LONG LOVEWe soon get an occasion to be together in privacy. At my place. The landlady out all weekend.We turn the radiator fully open. We undress as soon as she leaves. We kiss each other allover.We get into a position, which in his opinion & experience is the best for both. In my small bed.We want it to happen. We are glad we have all time of the world for it. He is patient. I trust him.I get two pillows under my ‘only-an-ounce’ (dicto padre mia) small bottom. Bend legs up high.I get his advise to hold them down. With hands behind my knees: at both sides of my breasts.I prefer this position as I can look him into his eyes. The alternative, on all fours, we try later.I prefer his slow approach. bahis şirketleri He first kisses his way around my bush. Love-lips. Tongue inside.Stella takes a break to look around. She proposes we all undress. We are clearly hot as hell! Stella is right: my tent starts to hurt me. My banana wants to be free. Girls are playing pussies.Stella set an example with her position: Feet at the seats end. Legs wide. Bare breasts & twats.Stella also caresses her blond bush now. The ‘moment surpreme’ is near. We all feel as virgins!I am so excited thinking back at that wonderful warm enormously erotic experience. Wet as wine.I don’t feel pain. Only pleasure. Almost a real woman. He encourages me to rub my clit, as I like.I feel him entering with his big banana. You can see it now! I am amazed he that it gets in so easily.I am finally a woman. Immediately first time being bred, as my period just stopped. He comes in me!——————————————————————————————————————————————STELLA MARIS LEADS HER CHOIR TO UNISONO SHARED BLOW-MY-MIND ORGASMSWe all rub and caress. Look at the other from left to right. Such a sexy sight, the three sex-students!We see and hear Marina burst as first. She even squirts bits. Saskia comes second. Less loud & wet.We are left, we the former couple till almost a year ago. We look at each other. Eyes full of fireworks.We blow our minds. Fall in love again. Anyway, I am deeply in love with all three by this time: Night 1.——————————————————————————————————————————————-ALL RIGHTS ARE AT PROFESSOR POET-PETER IN AMSTERDAM – d.d. Wednesday 15 march 2018We warmly welcome thumbs up for our mutual mighty erotic efforts. Comments with reasons are best!

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