Step Daughter


Step DaughterFictional story.I had married young and with regret and left my first wife after 2 years of nothing but arguments and hatred, we got divorced and went our separate ways. I then met a lady about a year later and a few years older than myself, this didn’t bother me as we had a good few things in common, she had a daughter from her a relationship and as soon as he found out she was pregnant he left her, leaving her to bring up her on her own.Cheryl was a nice young lady of 19yrs old nothing really special and very polite I met Brenda at a local club, she was out with a few girls from work letting off steam after a week at work, we got chatting and seemed to hit it of straight away. We arranged to meet the following evening for a drink and meal, that night we got on well and found out a lot about each other, on the way home Brenda asked if I wanted to come in and have a coffee and meet Cheryl, we went in and I introduced myself to Cheryl as we sat chatting we had a good laugh and got on well.As time went on I proposed to Brenda and we got married, the service went off well and that evening we had the reception in a hotel close to home so all our friends could turn up, Cheryl was Brenda’s bridesmaid and also gave her away as Brenda’s parents were dead. The evening went well and I went of to change into something more comfortable, I went to our room in the hotel and went in and changed into something more casual.I had just got down to my boxers when a knock on the door, I thought it was Brenda coming to change herself I opened it to see Cheryl standing there, as she walked in she apologised for interrupting me and sat on the bed, she started to cry, I asked what was the problem saying she had had a argument with her mum and had said some hurtful things, we chatted and I said all would be ok and would chat to her mum, she kissed me as I reacted to her kiss, kissing her back passionately feeling her body, my cock stirred and started to go hard.I felt Cheryl rub my cock moaning it was nice her nipples had gone stiff with my touch as we lay back on the bed exploring each other’s body, my hand had gone up her dress onto her panties that where soaking wet with her juices, she wanted a good fucking and I was the one to give her just what she wanted, she now had my cock out rubbing it slowly. I took her dress and her underwear whilst I pulled my boxers down to reveal a rod that was going to fuck this young women, I lay in-between her legs and slid my cock into her wet slit, we moved slowly as we made love my hips thrust up and down as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy, making her groan, her legs wrapped around my waste as I felt a twitch on my cock and then empty my load into her. I rolled of lying on my back as Cheryl slid down the bed and sucked my cock dry.We lay there for a few moments and then got dressed, and re joined the reception I got Debbie and Cheryl chatting as they made up, we left the hotel the following morning and went fethiye escort home, Cheryl went to her room and I followed a few moments later, I knocked and went in to chat to Cheryl, we spoke about what happened, saying it was totally unexpected, and would have to be more careful if it happened again. She nodded and knelt down unzipping my trousers pulling my cock out to suck it, her warm mouth felt good sliding up and down my shaft as she nibbled the head I wasn’t going to be long filling her mouth.She pulled my cock out of her mouth rubbing it hard before I spurted my load all over her face and chin, she sucked it dry and said come to my room later for some real serious fun with a devilish grin on her face as she licked her fingers clean of my cum, I tucked myself away and returned downstairs. The evening went slow as we all sat watching telly Cheryl was sitting opposite me as she opened her legs to show me her pussy letting me know she had no panties on.She was a terrible tease licking her lips whenever I looked making me so dam horny, I wanted to split her legs and fuck her pussy into a pulp and if she carried on she would be fucked within a inch of her life. The phone rang and Brenda answered it, it was a call from the hospital her brother had been taken ill and she was a contact to be informed, she was asked to go to the hospital, she informed them that she would be a few hours as we lived a good 2 hours drive from him and put the phone down, she rushed upstairs and grabbed a few things and I followed up a few moments later to help.I sat on the bed chatting, Brenda she said she was sorry for this but her brother was very ill and they were very close, I told her it was ok as I had Cheryl here to keep me company and we would join her if things got worse, with that she left kissing me goodbye asking Cheryl to look after me, I knew that wasn’t gonna be a problem with that little minx’s. As I sat in the living room watching the TV Cheryl came down the stairs after her shower, asking what I was watching I wasn’t interested in what was on more interested in what she had on under that gown.Cheryl was in the kitchen I followed her and crept up behind here, slowly uniting her gown and slipping my hands into her gown I felt her naked soft skin as I cupped her breasts in my hands her nipples where solid as I pulled her gown off and fell round her feet I felt my cock harden at the sight of her as I slid my hand down onto her smooth young pussy, her hands now where on my trouser front feeling my cock as she pulled the zip down pulling my cock out as it rested on her arse, I bent her over the counter and guided my cock into her wanting pussy.She groaned as I moved back and forth gently squeezing her breasts as she begged daddy to fuck his little girl hard, my cock glided in and out as she moaned telling me she was Cumming all of a sudden she let out a low groan as I cum in her pussy, I stayed in her until I was empty as my cock slipped out of escort fethiye her cum filled pussy, she turned round hugging me saying we have the night to come and it would be a night to remember, that night we went into the bedroom and started to kiss and remove each other’s clothes Cheryl moved her hand onto my trouser front rubbing the ever increasing bulge of my cock, she slowly unzipped me and pulling my cock out wrapping her fingers around the shaft rubbing it slowly.I took her gown off to reveal her young naked body as I slowly kissed her working my way down onto her young tits, sucking her hard nipples flicking them with my tongue, Cheryl groaned as I massaged her sweet young pussy begging me to make love to her all night, saying her daddy needed to fuck his little girls pussy. I picked her naked body up and walked to the bed laying her down and laying next to her, as we kissed and moved our hands over each other’s bodies gradually getting hornier with ever touch, Cheryl opened her legs so I had access to her soaking wet pussy with my fingers, my fingers slipped in with ease her juices coating my fingers as I searched for her gently massaging it making her hips rise with pleasure.She groaned and cum with a loud sigh begging for more and I moved in-between her legs slipping my cock into her wet honey pot, moving slowly as she cried out with pleasure, I had to admit she was a hot fantastic women and if she wasn’t Brenda’s daughter and a bit older I would want her to be with me, I knew this was wrong but we both wanted each other, ever since we had sex at the hotel I just couldn’t get her out of my mind, even when her mother and I was having unbelievable sex it was like making love to a older version of Cheryl.Cheryl begged for more as I thrust my hard rod into this 19yr old pussy repeatedly as we got hotter and hotter groaning and rolling around the bed, Cheryl was Cumming wave after wave of pure pleasure, not being able to get enough all of a sudden I felt my cock, throb and explode into her filling her pussy full of my cum, I rolled off Cheryl both of us breathing heavily unable to speak, the sweat pouting from our bodies, the cool air drying the moisture as we closed our eyes holding each other’s hands, until we got our breath back.A while later I turned to Cheryl and started to kiss her again as she put her hand on the back of my head guiding it towards her young breast making me suck it like a mother breast feeding her baby, I moved my hand down rubbing her sensitive clit slowly, as she pushed me onto my back and climbing on top feeding my now stiff cock into her open pussy, that was wet and begging for a lot more. She sat up moving her hips back and forward slowly as I reached up feeling her breasts as I looked at her face that was full of pleasure, she turned round and started to ride my cock all I could see was her perfect buttocks and her slender back, her body was perfect shaped with all the right curves, she was now fethiye escort bayan in full control.She leant back and pushed her body up so I could thrust my cock in and out of her pussy feeling her tits as I did, I cum again her pussy lapping up my pure seed, Cheryl collapsed and fell asleep, as I looked over her smooth perfect body no flaw on it what so ever I wrapped my hand around her as she snuggled in both of us falling asleep. The following morning I woke to the sound of the phone it was Brenda telling me that her brother was making a slight progress and was it ok to stay a few extra days making it the weekend before she was back. I said it was fine as I had decided to take the rest of the week off just encase and Cheryl had done the same from university encase the worst happened, Brenda was very happy with that as I returned to the bedroom to be greeted with a naked body lying on the bed like an offering to a god.As I got in-between Cheryl’s legs I slowly licked her pussy lips dipping my tongue into her slightly searching for her clit flicking it until she cum again, as I nibbled on her clit she begged me to fuck her hard and fast like a whore, I slid up sliding my throbbing cock into her soaking wet hole, slamming my cock in and out my balls slapping her arse, Cheryl groaned loudly begging for more and more shouting out “fuck me you horny bastered fuck me hard, pound my pussy with your fat cock”, her tits moved with the force of my thrusting as wrapped her legs around my waist not letting me off until I had totally satisfied her sweet young pussy, as she shook with intense orgasms until I couldn’t hold out any longer as my balls tightened and shot a huge stream of cum into her pussy not able to control the flow, until it subsided and my cock went limp.My balls ached not ever Cumming that hard before, I rolled off her soaking wet body that was full of sweat breathing heavy not able to speak. That day Brenda phoned saying that she was returning home that day and all is ok with her brother, I told Cheryl her mum was due home in about 3 hours, she took her panties of and bent over the sofa begging for one last fuck in her tender slit, the view of her wanting pussy made my cock stand to attention, I knew it was risky as I wanted to fuck Cheryl so hard it I knew it would take a while to satisfy her, but the temptation was to strong I guided my throbbing cock into her sweet hole.I grabbed her hips thrusting in and out of her as I started to undress her, I finally unclasped her bra letting her tits fall free as she groaned, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and nudged it into her arse as she sighed saying it felt good I knew I wasn’t going to last as my cock was so tender, I reached down rubbing her clit fast as she orgasm again her juices spurt from her hole, I felt my cock throb and I unleashed my load into her arse, I pulled my limp cock out as it dribbled the last of my spent load down the back of her leg, Cheryl got off the sofa and gave me her panties after rubbing them on her pussy saying I could have them for a keep sake, not long after Brenda came home and all went back to normal with myself and Cheryl catching a few minutes whenever we could.The end……….

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