Step Siblings Ch. 04


Note: Please read Step Siblings Chapters 1 thru 3 to get up to date. Basically Jake and his step sister Sarah have fallen in love but Jake’s mother just told him that she thought Sarah was his real sister. Sarah and her father do not know and now Jake will have to break it off with Sarah. Such a soap opera. All rights reserved.


Jim walked into the house and saw his new wife and step-son discussing something on the back patio. It looked like a heated conversation because he could see the pain and grief on Jake’s face. This was one time he figured he should stay out of it. As he carried the suitcases to the master bedroom he saw Sarah’s door cracked so he tapped.

“Hi Daddy,” she grinned. She had quickly changed into jeans and a top. “How was your trip?”

“Great honey. How was your weekend?”

“Good, we practiced and just hung around.”

“I’m so glad that Jake and you are getting along. You always said you wanted a brother.”

“Yeah,” she said hesitating. “I really like Jake.”

“That’s good because I really like his mother,” Jim grinned. “I better get these clothes to the bedroom.” As soon as he turned she ran back into her room and looked down at Jake and Ann still talking. She too could see the anguish on his face and wondered what they were talking about.


“You have to let her go Jake,” Ann said almost in tears herself. “They can’t know about the affair.”

“But we don’t know for sure. Can’t we do some DNA testing or something?” His eyes were watering up.

“Then we would have to tell them about the affair. Jim loves his daughter very much and it may kill him to know someone else is the real father. And who knows what it would do to her?”

“Life sucks,” Jake growled. He had finally found someone who he loved and now he couldn’t follow through with it. “Maybe I do need to move in with Mike?”

“I wish you could stay with me,” she said now openly crying. “Think about it for a week and stay away from her. Then decide if you can stay.”

She hugged him into her tiny frame but his arms were limp. “I’m so sorry.”


Sarah tried to get Jake alone to find out what the conversation was about with his mother but they were always together that afternoon and evening. It was later after they had all gone to bed what she snuck into his dark bedroom.

“Jake?” She whispered while walking up to his bed.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” he said still upset. He looked to make sure she had closed the door.

“I have to know what you and your mother were talking about. Does she know about us?” Sarah pulled up the sheet and moved her thin pajama covered body into his.

“Yes, she saw us kissing. If she hadn’t hit the horn your father would have known as well.” Jake tried to move back from her softness but she kept coming into him.

“We need to tell them that we love each other and there are no laws saying we can’t be together,” she moved her lips up to his but he quickly turned away. “What’s wrong?”

“I promised my mother that……….that I…I mean we would stop.”

“Stop!” she said loudly. “Stop what? Being in love?”


“Jake no. I can’t….we can’t….stop being in love. We’ve tried that and we both know it won’t work. Let me talk to her.”

“No Sarah…it’s over,” Jake said feeling tears rolling down his cheeks. “Please let it go.”

Sarah turned on her back and looked up at the dark ceiling. After a minute she slowly slid out from under the sheet and moved out of his room.


No one but Jim got much sleep that night and the next morning it was very quiet at the breakfast table.

“What’s everyone so gloomy about?” Jim asked when he walked into the kitchen. Jake had the sports page high enough to cover his face.

“Just disappointed our long weekend was over,” Ann said. She had seen the stares from Sarah and knew that Jake had told her something last night.

“Well, football games start this week so I can’t wait to see my daughter and……..and son..on the field.” It was the first time he had called Jake his son. Jake dropped the paper and stood up.

“I’m not your son.” He quickly moved out of the room.

Sarah also stood. “And I’m not your daughter.” She looked at Ann, turned and exited the room.

“Sarah!” Jim gasped.

“Let her go,” Ann said knowing they both were upset. But she knew they had to be upset to stop what they had started.


Jake hurried to school and into his first class. Danielle was waiting for him. He didn’t look at her. After class she grabbed his arm.

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. Just leave me alone,” he snapped before jerking away and moving down the hallway.

It was at the lunch break when things got interesting. Jake moved into the large room and saw Sarah and Danielle talking. Instead of sitting next to them he moved to the table full of football players.

“Hey man,” Brian smiled. “Whaa…sup?”

“Nothing,” Jake said as he quickly ate and hurried canlı bahis out of the room. He made it to his locker before Sarah caught up to him.

“So you are not even going to talk to me anymore?”

Jake didn’t turn to look at her. “Right now I can’t.”

“Jake don’t do this,” she whispered while pushing her body into his back. “I know you love me.”

“I don’t,” he lied. “Sarah it’s over.” He slammed his locker shut and pulled away from her. She stood crying as he walked towards his next class.


Jake dressed for football practice and was stretching when he noticed that Sarah was not with the cheerleaders who were practicing on the sidelines. At the first break he walked over to Danielle.

“Where’s Sarah?”

“Why do you care?” she asked. “You’re an asshole.” She turned and moved away from him.



Ann had just finished cleaning out her closet when she heard someone walking up behind her. She turned expecting to see the maid but saw Sarah instead. “Sarah. What are you doing home?”

“I..uh…need to talk to you.”

Ann had expected this to happen. “I know about you and Jake.” She took the girls hands in hers and led her to the bed. She still did not know how much the girl knew. “I’m sorry that you…….and Jake can’t… together.”

“But we can,” Sarah said. “It’s not against the law for us to be together.” She smiled. “What else could be more perfect than having your children being in love with each other?”

Ann did not think that she knew about the affair. “Your father would never allow it and the rest of the family would think it would be wrong.” She was grasping for anything to get her to believe it was wrong.

“Daddy would understand after a while. We all could work on him,” Sarah whispered. “And after a while the rest of the family will come around.”

“Sarah. I know you think you love Jake but maybe you don’t. I mean he has entered your life and maybe it’s because you’ve wanted a brother?”

“I love him more than anything,” Sarah said looking into her eyes. “And he loves me too. If you love both of us you will help me make this work.”

Ann knew she had cornered her. “I can’t condone this. I think it’s best if you two stop it right now.”

Sarah let go of her hands. “I can’t stop loving him like I do. I’ll talk to my father. He’ll understand.”

“If you tell him he may make Jake move out and never see you again.”

Sarah knew she was right. She stood and walked out. “I hate you.”


Jake didn’t shower after practice and hurried home to see about Sarah. When he entered the kitchen he saw his mother waiting for him. “Where is Sarah?”

“In the pool,” Ann answered. “She hates me.”

Jake walked to the door and looked at her beautiful body lying on the floating raft.

“Do you hate me too?” Ann asked almost in tears.

“No but I’m disappointed that you won’t help find out if she is truly my half sister,” he whispered. “I have to know for sure.”

Ann stood and moved behind him and rubbed his head. “I’ll call a lab this week and find out what we can do.”

“Thanks Ma,” Jake said smiling. It was the first smile he had made for two days. He opened the door and walked outside to sit on the diving board.

Sarah heard the door open and peeked at him sitting down. She softly peddled over until she was under him and he was looking down at her.

“I love you,” she said firmly.

“Don’t say that,” he said. His eyes roamed up her tanned thighs to the skimpy triangle covering her sex.

“I love you,” she smiled while slowly opening her legs. She knew his mother couldn’t see her.

Jake saw the bikini thong pull away from her thigh and showing her downy blonde pubic hairs. He quickly looked up.

Sarah giggled and then released the bikini top exposing her pink mounds and hard tips. “Uh Jake.”

Jake looked down again at her soft treasures. “That’s not fair.”

“Neither is this,” she said as she pulled the thong to the side showing her damp and glistening lips.

Jake’s eyes were locked on her womanhood. “Jesus Sarah.”

“I want you,” she whispered. “I want to fuck you.” Her fingers parted her outer lips and she slowly moved her middle finger up into her hot hole.

Jake’s shorts were bulging outward and sweat was pouring from his brow. “Fix your suit. My mother might be looking.”

“Tell me you love me,” she smiled.

“Sarah……..I can’t.”

Sarah guided another finger inside. “Tell me.”

Jake looked at the house and saw his mother’s face in the window. “Yes.”

“Say it.”

“I…..,” he said looking at her so his mother couldn’t read his lips. Somehow he managed to turn and walk away from the house so his mother wouldn’t see his excitement.

Sarah smiled and covered her body. “Men are so weak,” she thought as she climbed out of the pool making sure he saw her pink buttocks. Once she got Jake back she would then work on his mother to get her to accept it.


For bahis siteleri the next few days Sarah continued teasing him every chance she got. It was on Thursday after practice that she got Brian to clear out the men’s locker room while Jake was showering. Sarah removed her cheerleader costume and tiptoed into the shower room. She saw him with his eyes closed pushing his face up into the hot spray.

“Thinking of me?” She whispered as she pressed her soft titties into his back and reach around his hips to grab onto his semi-hard cock.

“Fuck!” Jake cried out. He tried to turn and his feet slipped out from under him and he went crashing down onto his ass. He looked up into her dripping blonde bush. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry Brian is guarding the door,” she giggled. She lowered down onto her knees and leaned forward to touch his hardening penis. “I think it misses me.”

“Oh,” he moaned as she stroked him until he was rock hard and ready. “We can’t do this.”

“Shhhh,” she whispered while she pushed him onto his back and straddled his tower. “We both want this.”

Jake closed his eyes and forgot about the half-sister thing and felt her tight but damp pussy moving down his long hard manhood. The hot spray splatter off the tops of her pink boobs down onto his face and chest while she reached bottom and then slowly lifted up to the crown and then back down.

“You like it don’t you?” She giggled as her strong cheerleader legs lifted and lower many times until his hands cupped her breasts and toyed with her nipples.

“Ahhh,” Jake moaned trying not to cum. “Oh God.”

Sarah played with his nipples and then moved her body down onto his. Their lips met and tongues dashed together as her ass rose and fell. His fingers cupped and squeezed her wonderful butt while their bodies raced for completion.

“Oh God Sarah,” Jake moaned when he got to the edge. “I’m so close.”

“Me too Jake,” she giggled as his hips rose and fell rapidly. “NOW JAKE NOW!”

“SHITTTTT!” He cried out when he climaxed. The water continued to pour down onto them minutes after their bodies stopped moving. He nibbled on her earlobe.

“What are we going to do?”

Sarah sighed. She had him back. “Help me convince your mother that this is OK.”

Jake wondered if his mother had found out anything from the DNA lab. “I’ll talk to her tonight.” Her lips rose and then fell down onto his again. They kissed for another five minutes before she rolled off of him and quickly dressed.

“I owe you one,” Jake said to Brian as he left he locker room.

“Just catch the ball Jake tomorrow night.”

“Deal.” *****

Ann noticed Sarah smiling at the dinner table and knew something was up. It was later as she was knitting in the sitting room off of her bedroom when he approached her.

“Did you contact the lab?” He asked.

Ann stopped knitting. “Yes but they need DNA from you and her to know if you are half-brother and sister. It’s also costly but I have some money set aside.”

“Thank you so much,” he grinned. “I’ll get some DNA from her somehow.”

“Jake even if you are not blood related Jim still may be dead set against it,” Ann said. “I’m not sure what he will do.”

“We will worry about that if it comes to that.” He kissed her forehead and headed down to watch TV with Sarah. On the way down he saw Jim sitting in the living room reading a book.

“Excuse me,” Jake said walking up to his chair.

“Jake,” Jim said smiling. He had really not talked to him since Jake had made a point to tell him that he was not his son.

“I….uh…wanted to apologize for what I said the other day…you know about not being your son. I was out of line.”

“It’s OK. I shouldn’t have said it. You’re not my son but I just wanted you to know that I’ll always be here for you if you need me.”

“Thanks,” Jake smiled.

“I guess since I’ve never had a son and have always wanted one that I started thinking of you that way.”

Jake held out his hand to shake but Jim stood up and hugged him into his strong arms. Jake saw Sarah grinning in the doorway and winking at him. It was later that Jake saw Sarah remove a Band-Aid from her knee where she had fallen that day at practice. After she left the room he moved to the garbage can and picked it out. “DNA,” he whispered.


The stands were full the next night when Kennedy High played their first game. Even the visiting stands from his old school Rose High were full and noisy. Being from the same town the residents put more on the game than the players and coaches.

Jake stopped by his old coach to shake his hand.

“Now take it easy on us Jake,” Coach Lee grinned. He was sorry to lose Jake especially to the cross town rival.

“You’ve always told me to give it my all,” Jake grinned.

“Damn,” Coach Lee laughed. “Anyway good luck and have a good game.”

“You too Coach.”

Rose got the ball first on offense and Jake didn’t start as a linebacker so bahis şirketleri he watched as his old buddies and teammates drove the ball from their own 32 yard line to the Kennedy 13 yard line. Two plays later they were on the 8 yard line on third down. It was five yards for a first down and 8 for a touchdown.

“Jake….go in at left linebacker. Kept an eye on the tight end.”

Jake smiled because he knew it was his friend Ben who had taken his place at tight end. At first Ben didn’t know who was across from him. He really didn’t know it was Jake until after he was smacked trying to catch a high throw over the middle. Ben’s body almost twisted in half when Jake hit him. The ball fell from his fingertips and bounced away.

“Welcome to Kennedy,” Jake whispered to Ben as he looked down into the helmet.

“Shit,” Ben said while crawling to his knees. Never had he been hit that hard before.

“Good job Jake,” his coach said as he ran back to the sidelines. “Now go and stop the field goal.” Jake put his helmet back on and raced back onto the field. He smiled as he remembered the field goal that was blocked on Rose last year.

Tommy James was lined up on left end expecting to have a small quick player lined up against him. When he saw Jake at 6’4″ he panicked. There was no way he could stop him and he knew Jake was lightning quick. He was about to pull back to call time out but had already taken his position. “HUT…HUT…HUT!” The placer called out. He lifted his head to look at Jake just before the stars came out.

Jake pranced over Tommy as if he wasn’t even there and went airborne the last ten feet. He knew he had blocked the kick when it smashed off the heel of his hands. The ball rocketed back past the kicker who raced to cover it but a fast Kennedy player scooped it up and ran 82 yards for a touchdown. The Kennedy stands were going crazy with Jake’s mother and new father leading the way.

“YEAH JAKE!” Jim shouted.

“THAT’S MY BOY!!” Ann screamed.

Rose could have folded but they had a great quarterback who led them down the field for a touchdown the next series. It was tied 7 to 7 when Kennedy got the ball on their own 38 yard line.

At tight end Jake was again up against one of his old friends Mike Young who he was going to live with at one time. Mike actually outweighed him but was not as fast.

“Get ready big guy because I’m going to have you eating dirt,” Mike grinned over the line at him.

“Bring it on,” Jake smiled back. Mike did not know that he had put a few more hard inches on his legs and arms.

The first play was off tackle right which called for Jake to block Mike to the outside. At the snap Jake drove forward into Mike until the big guy stumbled back onto his ass. The play went for big yardage.

“What the fuck are they feeding you over there?” Mike asked as they lined up again.

“Nothing but honey,” Jake laughed thinking of Sarah. “Nothing but honey.” On the next play Mike was surprised that Jake ducked aside and let him through. He didn’t know it was a screen play until he turned around and saw Jake leading the blockers down the field. After smashing over a linebacker and safety Kennedy had its second touchdown and again Jake was the reason.

Jake ran back to the sidelines after the play and Sarah jumped into his arms. He saw her lips heading towards his and quickly pushed her away. “Are you crazy?”

“Yes I’m crazy about you,” she whispered.

Rose again moved down the field and scored easily against a weak Kennedy backfield. It was 14 all with three minutes until halftime.

“OK razzle dazzle tight end on three,” Brian grinned. It was a play that Jake and he had cooked up.

“The coach is going to kill us,” Jake whispered.

“Not if it works,” Brian laughed. The other players knew the play and they all smiled when they lined up.

“What the fuck are you so happy about?” Mike said to Jake.

“Razzle Dazzle,” Jake answered.

“Huh?” But before Jake could answer Brian snapped the ball and stepped back about five steps. Jake pushed Mike once and ran back for a handoff from Brian. As he raced sideways the other way behind blockers the whole Rose team was chasing him not realizing that Brian was running alone down the opposite sideline.

Jake heard Mike on his heels and stopped before jumping backwards. Mike’s lunging hands tackled air as Jake set his feet and let go a fifty yard pass.

“What the fuck is he doing?” Coach John yelled as they watched the wobbly ball flying to no one. He didn’t see his quarterback until Brian grabbed it and walked into the end zone. The closest Rose player was thirty yards away.

The Kennedy fans were going nuts now because Rose had beaten them for the past six years. Now they were going into halftime with a 7 point lead.

“JAKE! JAKE! JAKE!” The crowd was yelling.

“That was the worst pass I’ve ever seen,” Coach John said to Jake when he returned to the sidelines.

“Sorry coach,” Jake said with his head down. But the coach smacked it. “Next time let me know what you are doing so I don’t shit my pants.”

Jake smiled. “I will.”

“Nice throw,” Brian said smacking his new buddy on the back.

“Nice catch,” Jake smiled back at him.

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