Steve , Kit Ch. 03


This picks up just after Steve & Kit Chapter 2, still available wherever better stories are read.


My parents and Steve’s parents were having dinner with another aunt and uncle (more about that later), and they didn’t want me home alone, so the plan was for me to hang out with Steve and they’d pick me up on their way home. I’d promised to call them from Steve’s house to let them know we’d made it to his house alive.

They asked how the party was, and I said fine. I didn’t mention the fact that I’d spent the last hour of it in the pool wearing only my panties, and much of that time making out with Paulie, French kissing and grinding our crotches together until he came in his underwear.

“We’ve got at least an hour,” I told Steve after I hung up the phone. “More than enough time to toss my clothing into the dryer.”

“All of it?” he asked with a grin.

Only my bra, panties and bathing suit had actually gone into the water, but my shorts and t-shirt were wet from from when I i out of the pool (my bra was ruined, and in a garbage can at Susie’s house) . “Every stitch,” I said. “What ever will we do while it’s all drying?”

I knew exactly what I wanted: I had no idea what Steve and Theresa had been up to, and of course Paulie had cum, but I’d spent all that time kissing, and being touched, and rubbing my pussy against Paulie’s cock, and I needed to cum in the worst way.

Steve came back to his bedroom after throwing my stuff in the dryer, and started taking off his own clothing (his briefs still wet). He was already hard, and I was happy I had a condom slipped into the lining of my purse.

He climbed onto me, and we began rolling around on the bed, our naked bodies rubbing against one another. We’d never done this in Steve’s room before.

The grinding became more forceful, almost fuck-like, until with one push, Steve thrust his hard cock into my very wet pussy. I came a little, just from the surprise of it, then realized what he was doing. “Steve, get out! You don’t have a condom.”

He started to withdraw, then slowly pushed in again. “Doesn’t it feel good, though? Come on, a couple of strokes won’t hurt.”

I pushed him out more forcefully. “Are you fucking crazy? No! Is this what Theresa let you do? Oh god, you didn’t cum in her, did you?”

“Of course I didn’t. I’m not stupid.”

“You could have fooled me.”


“I can’t believe you did that to me without asking,” I said, storming off to the laundry room. I took my shorts and t-shirt out of the dryer, put them on without anything underneath, and went into the den to watch television by myself until my parents arrived.


In the morning, I called Theresa and told her Steve had some sort of summer cold and wouldn’t be able to make it that night, but I’d still be able to go out with Paulie.

Of course she was disappointed: this meant she wouldn’t be able to hang out (or make out) with either Steve or Paulie, but I wasn’t concerned about her feelings: she’d fucked my cousin.

And, though I didn’t want to admit it even to myself, she’d done it in a way I only wished I could: without a condom. I still remembered that first time when he accidentally slipped into me. And last night, when he did it on purpose.

Paulie picked me up in his uncle’s station wagon at 7. Of course I’d lied earlier about my parents not allowing me to date him alone: he was Theresa’s cousin, why wouldn’t they be okay with him?

I made sure my parents didn’t see me as I left the house, though, because I was wearing my red-and-white halter top. My father doesn’t approve of it, says it makes me look like (and I quote) “a hippie chick.”

I think it makes me look like a girl who’s wearing as little on top as legally possible, and wants her date to know right away that she’s not wearing a bra.

Paulie met me by the front door and walked me to the station wagon. “You look nice,” he said.

He was wearing denim jeans and a tight black t-shirt that made him look very muscular. “So do you,” I said. “Though I prefer what we were wearing last night.”

He smiled. “Maybe Susie will let us borrow her pool for a while.”

I got into the passenger seat and he walked around to the driver’s side, and I smiled at the thought of how close to naked we’d been the night before. I couldn’t believe how okay I was with all my friends seeing my tits. Not that the boys’ wet underwear was hiding much of anything.

My pussy was already getting wet thinking about it.

Last night in bed, as angry as I was with Steve, I also kept thinking what would have canlı bahis happened if one of the girls had pulled off her panties (probably would have been Keera): Would everybody else have gotten naked in the pool? Would I have felt Paulie’s bare dick thrusting up against my pussy?

Of course I wouldn’t have let him fuck me there, but I made myself cum twice last night thinking about it.

I was so horny last night, I’m surprised I had the strength to push Steve’s dick out of me. It felt so good…

Before I knew it, we were at the drive-in, and we’d moved into the back seat, where there was more room. Though it wasn’t quite dark yet, they were already mid-way through the first feature. We usually had some B-horror film or comedy playing first, followed by the main feature (To Sir With Love, tonight), which as a teenager always seemed backwards to me: they should play the main feature first, and save the garbage film for after it got dark, when we probably won’t be paying attention anymore.

When I came up with this idea, I figured we’d be coming here Steve’s car, and he and I would be making out in the front seat while Theresa and Paulie could do what they wanted in the back. Now, for all I knew, Steve would have wanted to stay with his “official” date, Theresa.

I think I kind of hated Steve at that moment. Maybe having sex with your cousin isn’t such a great idea after all.

“Are you okay?” Paulie was asking me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Did I ever tell you last night you’re a great kisser?”

He grinned. “I don’t think so.”

I pulled his face against mine, and our tongues were entwined in my mouth within seconds. This was so hot: I’d never kissed a boy the way I kissed Paulie.

True, this wasn’t as good as doing it standing almost naked in a pool, rubbing our crotches together, but it was still really nice and I felt myself getting really horny. I still had that condom with me, and if it were already dark, and Paulie wanted to fuck right here in the car, I was sure I’d do it.


The phone rang about 7:30. “Steve?”


“This is Theresa. I got your number from Information.”

“Hi! What’s up?”

“Just called to see how you were feeling.”

“Feeling? I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Kit said you were sick, that’s why you couldn’t make it tonight.”

“She did? I’m fine. She told me you couldn’t make it tonight because of some family thing.” It had been a very brief, very curt phone call. I don’t think Kit spoke a dozen words before she hung up without giving me a chance to say a thing.

“No,” Theresa said. “Sounds like she’s angry at one of us. Well, it’s early yet. Do you want to do something?”

“Sure, what do you want to do?”

“Steve… would it sound too slutty if I said I said I wanted to do what we did last night? My parents won’t be home until at least midnight.”

“Hell, yeah. I mean no, not slutty, but yeah, I’d love that.”

She laughed. “Good. I’ll see you in a bit.”


She was sort of standing behind the front door when she let me in, so I didn’t see what she was wearing until after she closed the door behind us: it was a short nightie, sheer enough that I could see her dark nipples showing through the fabric. Even though I’d see her completely naked the night before… “Wow,” I said.

“I guess you like it,” she said.

I answered by wrapping my arms around her, kissing her, and backing her over to the couch, where a moment later I was lying on top of her and trying to touch every part of her body at once. And she was doing the same to me. Finally, between kisses, she said “Let’s go up to my room.”

When we got there, she raised her hands over her head, inviting me to lift her nightie off of her. I felt like cumming right then and there, watching her perfect breasts come into view. She was naked now except for the nightie’s tiny panties, and I removed those as well. Then she stripped me naked as well, and we both fell onto the bed and started kissing hungrily again.

“Let’s do it,” she said.

I grabbed my shorts and pulled a condom from the pocket. “Not yet with that,” she said. “Like yesterday, I want to feel you a little first.”

I wasn’t going to say no to feeling her hot, wet pussy surrounding my naked cock again, and I let her push me down on my back. She straddled me, then lowered herself slowly onto my cock.

“This okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. Not only okay, but maybe the greatest thing I’d felt in my life.

I reached up and stroked her breasts, and pinched her nipples as they hardened.

She bahis siteleri fucked me slowly, pushing my cock as deep inside her as she could. “So good,” she said dreamily.

Like the night before, I was forgetting how dangerous the situation was.

I watched her body shudder as she came.

She started fucking me faster, more frantically, trying to cum again.

I could feel myself getting close; but tonight, unlike last night, I couldn’t just pull out. “Theresa,” I said, “you have to get off of me.”

“Not yet,” she said, not letting up.

I could feel my cock twitch, as it prepared to shoot a load of semen into her unprotected pussy. “Now,” I insisted.

She felt it too. “Ohhh,” she said. “A few seconds more! So close!”

“Theresa, no!”

“Wooooo!” she shouted as she flung herself off of me. I didn’t even realize she had at first, knowing only that I was cumming as never before, but then I realized I was shooting straight up in the air, like a geyser, hitting her on the face, on her breasts, getting cum on her bedspread, some on the floor…

She leaned in and kissed me hard. “That was hot, Steve!”

“Theresa, I almost came in you.”

“But you didn’t. And wow!”

And before I could say another word, she leaned down and took my cock deep into her mouth, sucking it wildly until, improbably, I gave up another load of cum.


It still wasn’t completely dark when we needed a break from kissing, so I stretched out on the back seat resting my head on Paulie’s lap. It wasn’t long before he began stroking my breasts through my halter top, which is just what I’d wanted him to do. Lying like that was both peaceful and sexy.


“Tell me about your first time with Theresa.”

“My what???” he asked, pulling his hand away in surprise.

I reached behind my back and loosened the halter’s tie, then guided his hand under the cotton and onto my bare breast. I could feel his cock harden beneath my head. “She’s my best friend, Paulie,” I told him. “Of course I know.”

(A lie, because Theresa had never told me a thing. I’d guessed it on my own, and I hadn’t figured it out until I was having sex with my own cousin)

“I’m just curious whether your version’s the same as hers.”

He stroked my bare nipple. “OK. Well, the two of us never saw one another more than a few times a year, but we were always pretty tight. And when we got to be teenagers, nothing was off-limits as far as teasing, and talking about sex and stuff. Nobody thought anything of it, we didn’t think about it… I mean last summer she was complaining that she can’t tan, and she pulled back her bikini top almost to the nipple to show me. We’d even wrestle around sometimes, but we didn’t think of it as sexual in any way.”

That made me laugh a bit, and he said “What?” and I said “Nothing.”

“Okay, so last Christmas, you remember her family came out to mine for a week. It was right after Theresa’s 18th birthday, so we were going to do a super-celebration. Anyway, we’d all spent a couple of days cleaning up the house, and I went upstairs to take a shower. Theresa’s family arrived a couple of hours before we’d expected them, and I guess as soon as they got here Theresa made a beeline for the bathroom. Nobody ever used that bathroom except me and my brother, and he moved out a few years ago, so I wasn’t in the habit of locking the door.

“Once she realized I was in the shower, behind only a glass shower door, she just moved closer to take a better look. I guess I could have covered myself with the washcloth, but by then she’d already seen everything. ‘Sorry,’ she said, still standing there watching me, ‘accidents happen.’ And then she made some disparaging remark, which I’m not going to repeat to you, and she went to dump off her things in my brother’s room, which was going to be hers for the week.

“So of course that night, when she went to take a shower before going to sleep, I walked right in, shut the door behind me, and said ‘Sorry, accidents happen.’ She crouched down low in the shower, trying to cover herself, but I went right to the sliding door, opened it, and said ‘it’s okay for you look at me but I can’t look at you?’

“‘Okay, fine,’ she said — well, actually it was something a bit less lady-like — and she stood up and let me see her naked. And then she said ‘This is a lot different than me seeing you through a foggy glass door.’ And I said ‘What do you want me to do, get naked and get in there with you?’ And I just kidding, you know… and she said ‘If you’re not chicken, yeah.’

“So the next thing I knew bahis şirketleri I was in the shower with her, and she asked me to clean… parts of her body, and then she cleaned parts of mine, and she… you know…” He made what even I recognized as a “jerking” motion.

“Got it,” I told him.

“And obviously it was a sexual thing after that. If you want to know when we first did it, that would be the third night: the second night, after she showered, she came to my room in only a towel. There’s nothing upstairs in our house except the two bedrooms and the bathroom, so nobody ever goes up there except when my mother comes up to clean. Theresa actually wanted to do it that night, but I didn’t have any… protection, so instead we just did other things to each other. Kit, if you know about me and Theresa, why were you willing to go out with me?”

“You’re not ‘going steady’ with Theresa, are you?”

“Of course not, how could we?”

“So what’s wrong with us going out? I thought we had fun last night, didn’t you?”


“And I do like what you’re doing to my nipple right now.”

I could see him smile in the dim light “I like it too,” he said.

I sat up without re-tying my halter, so it just hung loose over my breasts. It was dark enough now that I didn’t have to worry about anybody outside of the car seeing anything. “And that was a hot story you just told me. Got me wet,” I added in a whisper.

“Yeah?” He asked.

He wasn’t getting the hint, so I took his hand and pulled it under my mini-skirt. “Yeah,” I said, then gasped as his fingers touched the wet spot on my panties.

He stroked my pussy through my panties.

I lay my head back on his lap, deliberately brushing the back of my head against his cock. Paulie began pressing harder against my pussy as he stroked me.

With my skirt raised to my waist and my halter top now completely askew and covering nothing, I was as naked as I was the night before, completely exposed other than a pair of very brief, slightly frilly pink panties I’d bought specially for tonight.

No sooner had I had this thought than Paulie slipped two of his fingers inside the crotch of my panties, and touched my bare pussy. My bare, very wet, very sensitive pussy. “Wait a second,” I gasped.

He pulled his hand away, thinking I was stopping him, but all I wanted to do was slip off my panties.

Paulie was only the second boy, after Steve, ever to see my pussy. I felt briefly guilty that Steve was home alone tonight while I was about to have sex, but the feeling quickly passed.

Paulie slipped the same two fingers inside my pussy, and moved them in and out, getting them wet with my juices. I lay back and enjoyed this for a few minutes, then said — a bit shyly, probably — “Isn’t there anything else you’d rather put in there?”

His eyes widened: I guess this was luckier than he thought he’d get tonight.

He wasn’t so surprised that he didn’t have a condom in his pocket, though.

Of course I had one at the ready as well. But if neither of us had one, I have to admit, the thought of feeling his bare cock in me, only for a moment or two, did intrigue me. It had felt so good last night, when Steve caught me by surprise.

Damn Steve for putting the thought in my head. Good thing he wasn’t seeing Theresa tonight, because no good could come of taking those kind of chances.

You’re about to let Paulie fuck you; stop thinking about Steve and Theresa having sex!

Paulie pulled off his jeans — getting rid of a tight pair of jeans in the back seat of a station wagon is no mean feat, especially when you’re trying not to expose yourself to anybody in a nearby car — then slipped off his briefs.

His cock was hard, but slightly curved: not like Steve’s. I wondered fleetingly why I hadn’t touched Paulie’s cock, either through or under his briefs, the night before in Susie’s pool. I’d made him cum anyway, of course.

And as he worked the condom onto his cock, I have to admit I had second thoughts: was I really going to fuck I guy I hardly knew? Was I that kind of girl now?

Of course, two weeks earlier I’d been a virgin. And last night I’d let all my friends see me almost naked, and they’d all seen me rub my pussy against Paulie’s cock.

So who knows what kind of a girl I was? And what did it matter? I’d be the worst kind of a tease if I stopped Paulie now, and I did want him to fuck me.

Or I wanted to be fucked right now, anyway.

He climbed on top of me, naked from the waist down, and awkwardly (because of where we were) worked his cock between my pussy lips, then pushed himself inside me.

I enjoyed it — and I guess every teenager should have sex in the back seat of a car in the middle of a field once, just for the experience — but I never came.

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