Succubus Summoning Pt. 06


Thomas opened his eyes to complete darkness. He blinked, and it stayed, his confused head taking a moment to piece together what that meant. An ache settled its way into his arms, ending in a tightness about his wrists. Thomas tried to sit up, but he found his arms stayed in place: tied firmly around something round, cold and metallic. He yanked his wrists down, and the frame beneath him shook. A squeak of springs told him there was a mattress. The rustle of sheets surrounded him. His feet flailed freely, kicking at a heavy duvet. Flowery perfume and the smell of sex settled over him, choking his nose.

He opened his mouth to shout, but it was already open. And filled with a small bundle of fabric, soaked with his own spit.

A giggle in the dark set the hairs on his neck standing. Fingers snapped, and light blossomed from the end of the bed. A small, flickering flame atop a thick white candle. The shadows it cast danced in its bright orange light, twisting clothes and desk chairs into nightmares. The light moved upwards, and the flame’s reflections danced in large, round lenses perched atop a thin roman nose. Its owner’s lips curled into a smile, her eyes as bright and dangerous as fire.

“Wakey, wakey, senpai,” Nymira cooed.

Thomas’s words were muffled by his gag, his hands tugging at his bindings.

“Shh. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just the two of us here.” She reached out and tapped his nose with her finger. “You don’t have to pretend anymore.”

Thomas nervously swallowed the saliva building in his mouth.

Nymira leant to one side, tipping the candle to light another. Slowly she crawled up his body, lighting candles along the way until the whole bed was surrounded with flickering lights. She settled back on his hips, a nervous schoolgirl wriggling in excitement. The school uniform -clearly styled on the ones from Japan—was almost as dark as the room had been; an ankle-length pleated skirt and seifuku in a deep purple. She pushed her glasses back up and fiddled with the two long braids of hair that fell down her shoulders like a pair of nooses.

“See? We’re all alone. Together. With such romantic lighting!” She giggled, eyelashes fluttering. “It took me forever to get everything ready for you. I wanted our first time to be special.”

She clapped her hands over her cheeks and squealed, shaking her head. “Uwah! No, that’s too fast for me! We haven’t even had the chance to go on a date yet!”

Nymira smiled down at him. A row of vicious shark teeth glinted in the candlelight.

“But we don’t have to date. We don’t have to do any of that. Why bother checking to see if we’re right for each other when we both know deep in our hearts that we were meant to be together? That we’re destined for each other? You always avoided me, looked over me, but I knew it had to be true!”

Thomas whimpered, tugging frantically at whatever she’d used to tie his wrists to the headboard.

“Don’t struggle, senpai. You don’t have to hide it anymore.” She slid her hands over his chest, leaning down until her face hovered an inch above his. He stared into her eyes: those mad, wild eyes. “You love me, don’t you?”

He stayed quiet.

“Huh?! Senpai, you can say it!” She sat back and sniffled. “You have to love me. You have to!”

She shook her head, her nails digging into her temples and cheeks. She stopped suddenly like someone had rebooted something in her brain. The smile came back.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You just don’t know it yet, but you love me, and I love you the same. We’ll have a pretty wedding, and I’ll be your everything.” Her giggling became cackling. “We’ll be together, yes, forever! We’ll never, ever part! Oh, senpai, you don’t know it yet, but I’ve already got your heart! Ahaha!”

She hugged herself tightly, squirming atop his hips. Nymira’s smile turned to a grin. A vicious, cruel grin. The mad eyes seemed to darken, to swirl with malevolence and desire. Pupils narrowed, and the irises glowed in the darkness.

“I’ll show you senpai. I’ll show you how much you love me.”

Thomas struggled, cold sweat dripping down his neck. She reached over the side of the bed, her eyes never leaving his. A metallic glint turned his blood to ice. Nymira turned the kitchen knife over in her hands: treating it like a holy relic or beloved heirloom. She pressed the blunt side of cold steel against his face, dragging it down, so the sharpened tip grazed just along his cheek.

“It’ll just be you and me, senpai,” She whispered, “Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever…”

The knife traced along her cheek, the same path she’d set it along his. Her tongue slithered past her lips and tasted the blade with a single, slow lick. More and more tongue kept coming out, until almost a full foot of wriggling red curled around her weapon and hand. Thomas gulped.

The knife flashed through the air.

Thomas opened his eyes. No pain, no blood. Just cold steel being dragged gently over his exposed chest. Nymira set the knife aside and ran her hands along his skin. Goosebumps rose in the wake of her fingers. She pressed her mecidiyeköy escort head against him, purring softly as her hands descended.

“Your heartbeat is so fast…” She kissed up his torso and neck, finishing her journey with a little nip on his earlobe. “I wonder if I can make it go quicker?”

She tore at his trousers, pulling them down to his knees and nuzzling his boxers. She mewled and giggled, kissing the fabric over and over. Finally, she tore his boxers away and gasped. She covered her face and squealed like a schoolgirl, sitting back on her knees.

“Uwah! It’s senpai’s cock!” She peeked out through her fingers. “It looks better than I imagined!”

Her embarrassment switched off, and her evil desire came back.

“Is senpai nervous?” Nymira prodded his dick. She ran a finger up the underside and flicked his tip. “That’s so cute! You can relax, senpai. Let me do all the work for you. I’ll make sure we both feel good.”

She lay down between his legs, hands on his thighs. Her long tongue slithered back out and coiled around his shaft. Wet and warm, the slippery limb curled and lapped and lavished his cock. Each little motion brought more and more blood down to his crotch. The tip of her tongue tickled his balls as the bulk squeezed and stroked him. Her wide manic eyes watched him grow hard, her fingers digging into his thighs.

Nymira’s tongue pumped and wriggled against him, wet smacks and squelches echoing around the room. Thomas’ hips bucked upward, desperate for more despite how much he tried to hold back. She moaned as she worked, covering the whole of his cock at once. No matter how much he resisted, the pressure built at his base. Her eyes looked up at him through those big, round glasses: locking onto and holding his gaze like hypnotic charms. Big and bright, seeming to glow with evil intent.

Thomas yanked his wrists against his bonds. His back arched, his breath blocked by the gag. He rammed his eyes shut as the bubbling pressure grew too high. One last jerk upwards and he exploded. Pulses of pleasure ripped up his cock, thick ropes of cum leaving with them. His scream was lost to the fabric in his mouth. His tired body slumped back into the sheets, white haze hovering in his mind.

“No!” Nymira cried out.

Opening his eyes, Thomas dreaded what would come next. Nymira sat back on her knees, cum dripping off her glasses and chin. She held a strand of cum between her fingers, looking at it with disappointment.

“You came too soon! You should have told me it was coming.” She pouted. “I wanted to swallow senpai’s cum so badly…”

Thomas blinked incredulously. She stuck her sticky fingers in her mouth, desperately slurping up what she could.

“Ah! It’s so tasty! And senpai ruined it.” She grabbed the knife from beside him, holding it up with a look of hatred. “Were you thinking of me? It was me who made you cum, right?!”

He nodded quickly.

Nymira slackened, her snarl turning to a giddy smile. “Aw, poor senpai. You must love me so much you couldn’t hold back. It’s okay… I forgive you.”

She wiped a line of cum off her glasses, letting it drip onto her tongue.

“Mmm, it’s so good… such a shame it’s going to waste.” She leant down, kissing his sensitive cock. She giggled. “Unless I make senpai feel good again, right? Then you’ll give me even more delicious cum.”

Nymira swallowed his cock in one go, rolling her tongue around the semi-hard shaft. Every lick and bob of her head brought a mix of pain and pleasure; every light touch too strong on his skin. He winced and struggled, his back arching. Her tongue slithered out past her lips and curled around his balls. The slick limb squeezed in time with her sucks. Despite his cocks’ protests, he could feel himself get hard in her throat and mouth. Thomas shuddered.

A sharp point pressed against his chest. He froze, watching Nymira slowly drag the tip of her knife in circles over his sternum. Just barely grazing his skin, it served as yet another reminder of who had the power. She smiled around his cock, loud slurps echoing in the near-darkness. Her evil eyes stayed locked on his; demanding that he cum again, and soon. Her mouth milked him as best it could, her tongue’s squeezing getting firmer. Tired limbs and empty balls cried out in his head. But the relentless onslaught dragged him forcibly to the edge again.

He closed his eyes and whimpered around his near-suffocating gag as she gulped down his orgasm. It even felt weaker, pathetic, like an aftershock or a tribute. The haze still hovered in his head, though. The pulses up his cock almost hurt more than they pleased.

Nymira moaned around his shaft, pulling off with a lewd pop. She opened her mouth to let him see the little pool of cum resting on her tongue before closing up and sitting back. She groaned in delight, eyelids flickering while she savoured his taste. Her fingers traced down her throat as she finally swallowed, all the way down to her stomach. The knife eventually moved from off his skin, a few red lines the only hint of her threat.

“Ah, vip escort istanbul so yummy…” Nymira purred, “Thank you, senpai. I’ll make sure to milk you every day.”

She slid up him, his hips disappearing under her skirt. Her whole weight pressed down on his crotch. He could feel the fabric of her panties grind along him, but whether they were soaked from the saliva on his cock or something else, he couldn’t tell. He feared the worst.

“I love making senpai feel good. Can you feel how much? Can you feel my love soaking through my panties?” Her eyes burned with desire, like another pair of candle flames to light up the dark. Thomas could have sworn her pupils had turned to hearts. Must have been his tired brain. Or a trick of the light.

The ribbon from her uniform fell to the bed. Nymira shrugged the collar off her shoulders, slowly drawing her hands up the shirt. Her hips pressed down on Thomas as she groped herself. A soft whine escaped her. She wasted no time in pulling her top away, revealing the smooth, pale form beneath. She squeezed her elbows together to emphasise her modest chest in its plain black bra. A blush lit up her cheeks as her fingers slid over her stomach and down to the hem of her skirt.

Nymira sat up on her knees, pushing the pleated fabric down her thighs. She squeaked as the hem slid past her crotch, exposing her soaked panties. And the cock head poking out over the elastic; a small stream of pre-cum oozing out of the tip. It twitched as Thomas stared, Nymira’s breath growing shallower.

“D-don’t stare, senpai…” She breathed, inelegantly stepping out of her skirt and sitting back on his thighs. The silken feel of her stockings against his skin sent a ghastly shiver up his spine. Everything he loved had come packaged in horror. “I wanted to wear something sexy for you, but I was too embarrassed to buy it. Ah, I hope this is good enough!”

The knife shot to his throat.

“I’m good enough, aren’t I?!” She snarled.

Thomas nodded far too quickly. He flinched as she buried the knife in the pillow beside him.

“Of course, I am. I’m perfect for you, aren’t I senpai? I’m not like those dumb, bimbo sluts, right? Right?!” Her tongue slithered and curled just above his face. “I’ll make sure all you can think about is me. Every time you jerk your cock, I’m all you’ll be able to imagine! Isn’t that perfect? Isn’t that true love?!”

Nymira’s cock ground against Thomas’, her warm pre dripping down over his shaft. She pulled away, one hand digging into the sheets beside him while the other slid down his body. Pulling her panties aside. Fingers rubbed against her exposed tip, soaking themselves in pre before slipping into her arse. She shivered, the malice melting from her face. Nymira squeaked and shuddered, burying her face into Thomas’ neck as she fingered herself.

“A-ah… I practised so much for your cock. I wanted to make sure I could make you happy.” Sitting up again, she propped his aching cock up. It twitched in protest, his body unable to take any more, but it didn’t stop her from pressing her arse down on him. She hissed and shuddered, rolling her hips to work it in. “A-almost there…”

She squeaked as his cock slipped inside. Her mouth hung open in a soft ‘o’, her eyes lighting up. Nymira sank down on his cock suddenly. Her own drooled pre-cum, her tongue dangling out of her mouth.

“Hah! Senpai feels so good!” She squealed, clapping her hands to her cheeks. Her hips rolled and wriggled before she bounced in place, thighs squeezing around his hips. “You’re so much bigger inside me!”

Thomas winced and whimpered; the pain and pleasure were almost equal. Nymira wasted no time in speeding up, the bed creaking beneath them. Her expression contorted, eyes rolling back in her head. Her cock batted at her stomach. The slap of her arse and thighs hitting his echoed around the small room, punctuated by sharp gasps and long moans. She squeezed and clenched around him. Her tongue flailed wildly out of her mouth. Nymira’s pace quickened until the bed threatened to crack under them.

“Ah! Hah! I-I’m so close!” She squealed. “Fuck me, senpai! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck-!”

The lights flicked on and blinded them both.

“Honey, you know how we feel about closed doors in this house.”

Thomas rammed his eyes shut. He could feel Nymira tense up above him, squeaking with panic as she grabbed pillows from around him. Finally, blinking as his eyes adjusted, he looked over to the now wide-open bedroom door.

“Oh, sorry, dear! Is this one of your anime things?” Daemeli stood with her hips cocked, dressed in nothing but a thick leather choker. Her scarlet skin and exaggerated, hourglass frame quickly marked her as a succubus. A little smirk on her full lips betrayed her amusement.

Nymira tried to cover Thomas’ modesty with a pillow. Poorly. “Mom! I told you not to interrupt us!”

“You know you don’t have anything to hide in this house. Well, unless you’re doing any of that… other stuff.” She giggled behind her hand. Her black hair fell like a waterfall over half her sarıyer escort face, but the one visible eye gleamed. A red-and-yellow iris fixed itself on Thomas. “Oh, Nym, sweetie… a tie? If you wanted to lock him up, we have toys down in the playroom. And are those panties in his mouth?”

“… Maybe.” Nymira fiddled with her fingers. Her stubby horns appeared on her forehead in a puff of smoke.

“You can do so much better, dear. She’s not being hard on you, is she Thomas?”

Thomas tried to speak, temporarily forgetting about his gag. Nymira leant over and pulled the wad of fabric out of his mouth. A few quick coughs and swallows later, and he tried again. “I’m fine, Daemeli. It’s just a play thing.”

“Ah, ah. You can call me Mom.” She wagged a finger at him. “Or is that something I’ll have to train you to do? Ooh, we could make it a family weekend!”

“Mom!” Nymira’s cheeks were almost as red as her mother’s. “Go away! We weren’t- I-I mean, I hadn’t…”

“You mean you have him all tied up and you still haven’t made him finish you?” Daemeli tutted. “Oh, Nym. Even like this, you’re too submissive for your own good.”

“Shut up, mom!”

“I mean, he’s right there at your mercy. You could do anything to him.”


“Riding him is a good start, but you have that cute little butt ready to-“

“Mom!” Nymira shouted.

“Don’t yell at me, young lady.”

“Can you please just go? We had a whole thing going here!” She puffed her cheeks out and pouted.

Thomas tried not to laugh. He knew it would just make Nymira feel worse. Then again, how could he not laugh? She looked adorable like that. Even when half-naked and with his cum dripping off her fake glasses. Hell, the absurdity made it better.

“If you need anything at all, you two, I’ll be right outside.” Daemeli blew them both a kiss. And winked and Thomas.

Nymira threw her pillow just as the door closed. It thumped to the floor, leaving the two of them in a moment of embarrassed silence.

“Argh!” Nymira buried her head in her hands. “She always does this.”

“Always?” Thomas cocked an eyebrow.

“Like, when I was practising… I can’t tie knots when people are watching.” She wriggled on his hips, her cock twitching. “I-I was so close too! And now the mood is gone, and the light is still on, and everything is ruined, and, and-“

“Hey, hey. It’s okay, Nym.”

“No, it’s not. I bet you weren’t even enjoying yourself…”

Thomas gave her a look. “I came twice.”

“S-so? I forced you to.” Nymira pouted.

“That was the whole- You were amazing, Nym. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that side of you before. It was, um… kind of scary. In a good way.”

Her pointed ears perked up. “Scary?”

“Yeah, I…” Trying to get the right words proved difficult. “It was weird feeling that helpless. At your mercy. Like, you could do anything to me. Kind of exciting.”

“Anything, huh?” Nymira smirked. She pulled herself off his cock and slid down between his legs.


Her giggling didn’t soothe his nerves. The long, flexible tongue slithered past her lips, wriggling and writhing in the air. She pushes his thighs apart and- oh. Oh, shit. Thomas gulped. The thought of saying the safeword – ‘Baccano’ – crossed his mind. But, then again, today was about experimenting. He shivered as her tongue probed his arse, slowly running around the puckered ring. It tickled pleasantly. Her evil eyes peeked out over her glasses, watching his cock twitch.

Nymira’s tongue squirmed inside him. His hips bucked upward, his wrists pulling against the knotted tie. That was weird. So fucking weird. The slick muscle probed inside him, accompanied by her exaggerated ‘Ah’s. He didn’t know how to feel about it. Deeper, she went, slowly stretching him out, and it felt good. But nothing phenomenal.

Until she brushed something, and his head filled with stars.

He writhed against her, the tip of her tongue teasing the sensitive spot. His cock ached as confused pleasure rippled through his body. Each touch sent his head reeling and his body shaking. A soft moan escaped him, much to Nymira’s apparent delight. She giggled and pulled his hips closer, her magically extended tongue working miracles. At least, until she withdrew.

Whimpering, Thomas watched her kneel between his legs. She pushed her panties down, her cock bobbing freely. She was smaller than him – smaller than average, in fact – but looking down at her, it seemed like the most intimidating thing in the world. A feeling not helped by the return of her crazed smile and hungry eyes.

Nymira pressed his thighs down, pinning his knees to his chest. “Relax, senpai. I’ll make sure you feel good. No matter what.”

He bit his lip and tried not to brace himself. Her cock head stretched him more than her tongue did, and for a moment, he didn’t think she would actually fit until it popped inside. She sank into his arse, moaning as she worked every scant inch deeper. Thomas’ legs shook in her grip. A low groan escaped him. Slowly, Nymira started to thrust. The sensation was strange and new, but a quick change of angle had his head lolling back on the pillows; she ground against that sensitive spot until his cock leaked pre over his stomach. His orgasm built quickly, but not the same as before. Like she was stroking him from behind the hilt.

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