Summer Afternoon Fun


All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age at the time the story took place. How much of this work is fiction is more debatable.

I was in high school, and one thing you should know, I had a pretty big personality. I loved being the center of attention. I was captain of my schools cross country and track teams as a junior and senior. I talked a lot, I flirted a lot, I organized the parties, and I was incredibly competitive. I never had trouble getting guys, but for some reason I always preferred the ones who had girlfriends. I loved the feeling of looking another girl in the eye, smiling at her, telling her I liked her earrings and then thinking about how her boyfriend had licked my pussy with the same lips and tongue he kissed her with. I loved how much effort they would put in to sneak around to see me. It always ended the same way, I got bored with them and about a month later they broke up with their girlfriend. Then she would spread a rumor that he wanted some kinky sex thing, usually something I had promised him but never actually let him do.

Despite some of this behavior I was well liked by my teammates. High school runners are often a collection of misfits. Socially awkward, usually a bit nerdy, and almost always inexperienced with the other sex, but I found friendship with my team despite my many differences with them. Having the confidence to fuck a cheerleader’s boyfriend on her birthday, and then sharing this secret with just my little group of outcasts gave them a thrill to have something on the “cool” kids, and they gave me the adoring audience I loved.

Just before the end of my junior year one of the shyest girls on the team starts to act odd towards me. She was about to graduate, but would continue training with the team over the summer before running at a Division III team in the fall. She was always offering to help me stretch, touching my arm a lot, and I would catch her glancing in my direction in the locker room more then she needed to.

Anytime we are just one on one it’s becoming clearer she’s trying to flirt, but is way too scared to really do anything. Also I don’t think she’s a lesbian, I know she has dated a guy or two. I think she was just kind of drawn to my personality, my competitive attitude, and my confidence.

As the year ended, and the summer moved along, I had lost the attention I was used to. Looking back, I realize now that I wanted to do something to satisfy my ego and need for attention.

We still ran together as a team over the summer but it was much less formal, but it kept us in touch, and in shape. One day I ask her to come over during the day, and I made it clear it’s just her who was invited. Then I drop in that my parents will be gone. She clearly gets a bit flustered, but is very eager. I decide to push it a bit further. I tell her that once she gets there she has to do whatever I want, no questions. I’m ready to play this off as a joke, but this is how I found out just how infatuated she was. The nod she gave was more eager than I could have expected.

She comes over the next day, and I have left a note on the door for her to come in and to find the next note on the counter, I’m in the basement listening to her. I can hear her looking around, then I hear her stop and I can tell she has found the second note.

She is standing upstairs in my house and I know she is reading the command I left for her. It’s a big decision, if she leaves now that’s it she won’t get a chance like this, but she’s probably not sure she really wants to commit to doing what I wrote.

The note read: Come down the stairs, I’m sitting on the couch. Stand in front of me and take each piece of your clothing off slowly. Once you’re completely naked don’t move until I tell you to.

Pretty forward, but again I’m young, confident and going for it. I also have a history of pulling small pranks on my teammates, usually good natured ones, but I could still play this off as a joke if need be.

She does come down the stairs and stands in front of me.

I can tell she’s not sure if I was joking. If I was joking and she starts to strip can you imagine the embarrassment? I’m imagining all of the terrible things this quiet, reserved, shy, anxious teenager could be worried about. Is it possible I have other people in the house who are going to spring out and laugh at her? Will I tell everyone she knows she did this? Will I not like her body? What would I make her do once she’s naked?

She’s standing there and I don’t give her any help. I just cock my head, a bit, raise my eyebrows, and cross my legs.

She starts visibly shivering (it’s July and it’s 90 degrees) she’s so nervous.

She is standing before me, shivering from nerves, and she puts her hand into her shirt and then pulls it off over her head.

That leaves her standing in a cream colored bra and she just stops. I’m ecstatic, but keep my face indifferent. I want to make her as uncomfortable as possible. She continues the shaking. I can really tell she is really hoping I’m not going to laugh, or do something else mean to her.

I just sit. I don’t touch her, I don’t say anything I just sit there feeling like the most powerful person on the planet. As a high school student I’m almost making this graduate cry from embarrassment, but she wants me to much to leave.

After what was probably only a minute but felt like a week she unbuttoned her shorts. She stops again, hoping I will not insist she go through with this. Again I sit. Maybe I gave her a small smile, a real cocky grin. She sucks her lower lip into her mouth and pushes her shorts down. They were so tight they don’t fall; she has to bend over in front of me and push them to the floor.

Now I can see tears forming in her eyes.

At this point she gone too far to back out but she is so scared and nervous she can barely move. I again continue to just sit there. She has been to my house and gone swimming before, we share a locker room, it’s not like I have never seen her naked before, but now she is displaying herself for me. For another girl, this is all new to her. She’s not drunk, it’s the middle of the afternoon, and this is as uncomfortable of a situation as a shy girl can be in.

She is sliding her hands up and down her sides, trying to find some way she can feel slightly less awkward. I can tell she really doesn’t know if she really wants to do this. Finally she reaches behind her back and undoes her bra.

She holds the bra cups in front of her tits. That’s when the first tear actually drops from her eye onto her cheek. The shaking has gone so far she is actually making those small noises that are almost a whimper when you are freezing cold. The tear rolls down her face and is joined by a second one. She wants to wipe them away but is too self-conscious as it would require her to expose her breasts. Finally she lowers the bra but covers her tits with her arm and wipes her face and eyes.

Not a single word has been said she has entered the house.

She actually dips her knees and twists her body away from me while letting out a whimper. Her face is scrunched as she tries to silently beg me to end this.

I won’t ever forget what I did next. It was so cruel. I actually reached up to my hair with my right hand and started twirling it like I was half watching an amusing tv show. I have had my legs crossed the whole time, and now I’m casually flipping my hair back and forth, fully dressed, while my shy elder teammate is literally in physical discomfort hiding her breasts from me with her arm, and all she has left on is a little pair of cute red panties with black trim.

She can only stand and wiggle her body in so many ways from the discomfort she is experiencing. For some reason she never moved her feet. Her whole body was slowly twisting and crouching and moving in any way to try and find a way to stand in front of me in a way that didn’t make her want to die, but her feet were just planted solidly. Finally she tucks her fingers into her panties and pulls them down.

She had pulled the shorts down and off her feet, but the panties were too much she just left them pooled at her ankles. She has no idea what to do with her arms. Obviously she wants to cover herself but if she does that what is the point of having taken everything off? Her shaking is so extreme now that her whole body is twitching; she has to wipe tears from her eyes ever 15-20 seconds. She is trying not to sniffle. Her nipples look like rocks, lovely pink rocks. Her blonde pubic hair is trimmed to a neat little landing strip. She is rocking back and forth on her heels her hands moving all over the place from covering her breasts to her vagina, to wiping her face and sometimes by her side. She can’t make eye contact with me and she is looking all over the room trying to find something to focus on.

I just sit there and look at her shame. There she is just truly suffering here in my basement, with the afternoon sunlight coming through the small windows. A dog barks as it walks past the house. After far more moments then any kind person would have done I hold a finger in the air and twirl it around indicating I want her to turn and face away from me.

She doesn’t get it at first and opens her mouth. I hush her and do it again and she gets it. She really has trouble getting her feet to follow the orders her brain is trying to send them. She also has trouble figuring out how far away to stand as she takes a half step away from me, then towards me, and now she can’t tell if she’s messed it up. She doesn’t want to glance back at me so she just keeps adjusting her stance a few inches this way and back and then to the left and right. She is just completely petrified I’m going to yell at her or in some other way make this worse. Finally she comes to a stop, and the shivering also slows. Looking away seems to calm her.

That’s when I reached forward and touched another woman in a sexual way for the first time. Her ass was softer than I expected it to be, not saggy just softer then the guys I had been with. My touch was gentle, I didn’t grab it or pinch anything, just some caressing. Her breath was quickening and it didn’t sound like she was crying anymore. She still shook some at my touch but it may have been more from excitement then embarrassment.

After a bit of that I pushed on her hips and she turned back around. I ran my finger nails up and down her stomach and thighs. I am still sitting but leaning forward now, her still standin with her slit at eye level. I eventually circled her nipples, which led to her first audible gasp.

She closed her eyes as I rubbed her nipples and breasts. They felt similar to mine, we were about the same size, but knowing how she was feeling started to get me worked up in a different way than I had been so far.

That’s when I handed her the next note. She just stared at it. Clearly she was hoping we were almost done with this game. Everything had gone just as I had hoped, even better. If it hadn’t I wouldn’t have used the third note.

She unfolded it, it read “start at my neck, and slowly kiss down my body until you get to stomach. Then you are going to go down on a girl for the first time.”

The shivering returned almost immediately. I don’t know if she was really ready for that, but I was. I pulled my shirt over my head and since I had skipped a bra I was now topless with her.

She wasn’t sure how to position herself at first, but eventually she straddled me, and kissed my neck. We never kissed on the lips but she did exactly what I said to do. Her hands were very soft on my body and her mouth felt different on my tits then the boys who had done it before. This difference was probably coming from the fact that the boys I had been with wanted to rush to the next thing while she was scared of it.

She slows dramatically once she slides to her knees on the floor and begins kissing below my tits. She clear is intimidated. She has told me she has never done anything with a girl before. Once I started to think she had a thing for me I would ask her embarrassing questions just to make her feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I did it in front of other people and her face would turn bright red and she wouldn’t answer, but when I did it in private she responded well to the attention. She probably hadn’t thought it would go this far, but when you are young and have a crush, things can get carried away.

As she began to clearly stall but I was ready for the main event. I took a handful of her hair, and leaned her head back so she was looking up at me. For the first time since this all started I spoke.

“Come on, it’s time, do it” I said and I raised my hips so she could slide my shorts off. Her eyes showed the mixed emotions she was feeling, clearly she was happy that I was not about to reject her, on the other hand she had never tried to please a woman before and she had not even been with many guys. In fact she had only had sex with one guy, even though she claimed she had done “stuff” with others.

I did the thing I would have never let anyone do to me; I grabbed her short blonde hair and pushed her face to my sex.

She wasn’t ready yet, and began kissing my thighs, she was making those nervous whimpers again, glancing up with her hazel eyes, clearly begging me to take this slower. I couldn’t help but get a bit impatient with her.

Then she rubbed my clit with her fingers. Holy fuck it was amazing. It’s not that she did it better than I did it to myself, but it was because of the hell I had put her through to get to this. I moaned and smiled at the same time. I knew I was going to make her do so many things she would never admit to anyone else for the rest of her life. It was also because I knew she wasn’t a lesbian. She would only do this to me, and she would do anything I wanted.

So I did it again. I did the thing that if a guy did it to me I would bite him and tell everyone at school he couldn’t get it up. I shoved her mouth into my vagina, and rubbed her face up and down my wet hole. She tried to brace her hands on my thighs, but she didn’t stop. I felt her tongue still out of her mouth trying to lick me.

I found my voice to help the situation, “good job, good job. Yes yes yes” I wish I had called her a slut, or a whore or anything to make her feel small. I figured thay would come though.

I spread my legs further, my right hand went to the back of her head, my left went to my breasts and I tipped my head back and let the moans escape. I pushed her mouth harder against my pussy, when she was able to get a breath in she would look up at, clearly seeking even more approval. With my juices spread across her face, and that desperate look in her eye, I should have felt bad for her, but in reality I simply couldn’t believe she would let me do this to her.

When I caught sight of wiggling ass in a picture frame across the room it was too much. My legs spread as far as they ever had been, my hand on the back of her head, her blond hair contrasting with my tan skin, I began to cum. I slid my hips further down the couch, both my hands grabbed her hair and I buck my hips into her face.

Once I finished she slowly leaned back onto her heels, still knelling before me. She wiped her mouth with the back of her left arm. She tried to give a smile, but somehow I still don’t think she was sure I was happy with her. It never even crossed my mind to provide any sexual relief to her. As she continued to kneel there, still waiting for approval, I finally gave it to her. I almost kissed her, but then realized I didn’t want to taste myself on her, so leaned forward, kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear, “That was great.”

I should have given her more, anyone who had just gone through that deserved more, but I wasn’t mature enough to recognize that yet. The rest of the summer we never matched that afternoon, and we lost contact with each other soon after she left for college. Her Facebook page makes it look like she is a successful fashion designer with two kids, and a handsome husband.

I told this story to the secretary at my new job. The next day she asked if she could come over for lunch some summer afternoon.

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