Summertime Ch. 01


James always worked as a lifeguard in the summer when he wasn’t in school. He had done so his last few years of high school, now into his first couple years of college. Waiting tables never appealed to him, neither did landscape work. Next summer he would likely need to find an internship, but this year it was back to the pool again.

His hometown was small compared to the city where he went to college, and there were only a handful of public pools to pick from. But he knew the owner of Sunny Valley Pool, and was always able to get hired with only a preparatory phone call. After all, his certifications were always up to date, and he was a very strong swimmer. He even taught the CPR class on occasion, and was always able to keep the chaos in the pool under control.

While lifeguarding doesn’t pay the best, James found it to be relaxing work and had long ago learned that it was a great place to meet girls. He kept in shape for the most part, usually swimming several times a week, and his easy going demeanor and sandy blond hair tended to keep girls interested. He was in college, too, which meant the high school girls who so often visited the pool in packs of five or six all found him to be a pretty big deal.

On occasion James was known to wear a Euro-style bathing suit to work, the kind that was not necessarily a Speedo but was close. It was like wearing boxer-briefs; the kind of swimsuit that is popular in places like Rio de Janeiro and the Riviera. Wearing this suit had helped him get laid more than once, since it showed off both his fit butt and his bulge. He had learned a few years ago that girls were more likely to act on their interest if he put himself out there first, sort of like a peacock strutting around with brilliant feathers blazing.

Today he had worn the suit and been rewarded with a couple of phone numbers from some recent high school graduates who wouldn’t shut up about going to college in the fall. But James had humored them because they had both been blonde, tan, and totally smoking hot. In the end they even invited him to a party their friend was throwing over the weekend. It seemed to him like a party full of newly finished high school grads would be as good a place as any to find a willing piece of ass.

The pool had closed about an hour earlier, and James was left with only a few other pool employees to put everything away for the day as the sun sank steadily behind the western wooded hills. Tommy and Loren, who worked the cash registers at the concession stand, waved him goodbye as they walked out through the front gate to the parking lot holding hands. James wondered vaguely when they had started dating, and smiled as he thought of the beauty of summer flings. He now was alone on the property as far as he could tell, and as he gathered up more equipment to put in the main office he heard the shower running in the women’s changing room.

“Hellooo,” he called at medium volume, wondering if another elementary-aged kid had left the water running. “Anyone in there?”

No one replied, so he ventured forward through the small concrete doorway towards the area that housed the sinks, showers, and toilet stalls. As he suspected, a shower was running with no one using it. But as he neared it to turn it off, he noticed a wadded-up red bikini and a towel heaped on one of the benches. Then he heard what distinctly sounded like the rattling of a roll of toilet paper and, before he could do anything, a toilet flushed and one of the stall doors swung open.

He recognized Becca the second she stepped out of the stall, though her wet hair was draped across the front of her face. She wore nothing except the wire to a pair of headphones that ascended from the iPod in her hand to disappear under her hair, and some plastic shower shoes. After about three or four steps, she looked up and their eyes met.

“James!” she screeched in surprise. One arm flashed across her perky breasts and the other plastered itself between her legs as she lunged forward, trying to hide her nakedness. She turned her face away but not so soon that he couldn’t see her burning red cheeks. Stunned, he gaped for a few heartbeats until he remembered that he shouldn’t be staring. He turned on his heel and stared instead at the painted concrete wall. In a matter of seconds he heard the stall door slam shut once more.

“Sorry!” he called lamely, though he didn’t know if she had removed her headphones or not. He walked out of the changing room quickly and took solace in the main office, which was only a few steps away. Once inside he laughed awkwardly to himself, not knowing whether he should be embarrassed or delighted at the whole thing.

Visions of a sexual harassment lawsuit momentarily entered his mind, but they were quickly replaced by the fresh memory of Becca’s wonderful naked body. He pictured her smooth, tanned skin, starkly white where it was normally covered by her red lifeguard bikini. There were soft, pink nipples adorning the tips of her young perky breasts, and escort bostancı her tiny pussy was shaved completely bald, so that only the tiniest of clefts was visible at the root of her womanly mound.

James had never minded looking at Becca, who had only started working at the pool this year. She was a recent high school grad herself, and had always acted sort of timid around him. He only had sparse conversations with her when she applied for the job, but had seen her swim and had advocated for her hiring. Ever since then he hadn’t minded taking mental pictures of her slender, athletic body while both of them sat on their high lifeguard chairs.

He made sure the office was in order before he sat down to text his friend Mason about what had just happened. He smiled to himself knowing that Mason would be jealous since he had made a few comments about wanting James to introduce him to Becca.

“Dude. Just accidentally walked in on Becca naked in the shower. Thumbs up!”

It was a silly text, he knew, but it made him smile nonetheless. As he waited for Mason’s reply, there was a soft knock on the office door. He turned in his chair to see Becca, now dressed in a skin-tight tank top and running shorts, standing in the doorway. Her still damp hair framed her cute, freckled face and fell lightly over her tanned shoulders in loose waves.

“Listen Becca, sorry about that,” he said. “I thought maybe a kid had left the shower on again or something.”

“Yeah, uh-huh,” she said, crossing her arms and leaning against the doorframe. “I didn’t hear you call.”

“Right. Must’ve been your headphones. Well, sorry, like I said. And just so you know, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Oh, so you’ve been peeping on me this whole time? Or you just started recently?”

He glanced nervously at her since her hair and the twilight made it hard to see her expression. Then she giggled.

“I’m kidding, James. I guess it’s not really a big deal. Although…” She hesitated.

“Although what?”

“Although I think you owe me now. Fair is fair, right? I mean, you’ve seen me, so now shouldn’t I get to see you?”

Just then James’ phone beeped with a new text message. He savored the chance to catch his breath and checked Mason’s reply.

“So jealous I might have to throat punch you. Thumbs way up!”

He was still smirking at the message when Becca broke the silence.

“So what do you think? Do we have a deal? An eye for an eye and all that.”

“You’re serious?” was all he could think to say.

“Yep. As a heart attack.”

She watched him patiently, still leaning against the door frame with her arms and legs crossed. He couldn’t really see her face, especially since one of the sensor-controlled floodlights had flared to life behind her. But he knew she was looking right at him, expectant. He felt a small flutter of excitement in his gut as he stood.

“Ok,” he said. “Fair is fair, I suppose.”

He was still only wearing his Euro swimsuit, though he also had a towel draped across his neck. He pushed his thumbs under the elastic strap of the suit, breathed deep, and pulled it down to his ankles. He stood tall once more and held his arms out to his sides.

“Ta-da,” he said with an exaggerated smirk. He gently swiveled his hips so that his mostly limp penis shook from side to side, and saw that Becca had raised a hand to her mouth and was shaking with silent giggles.

Seizing the opportunity, James started to slowly rotate on the spot and mess around with his towel like a mock stripper. Before he came all the way back around Becca was cracking up where she stood. A fit of silliness came over him and he started dancing to music that wasn’t playing. First he danced the Funky Chicken, then the Robot, and then he made waves with his sleek abdominal muscles. By this point Becca was doubled over in a fit of giddy giggles. Finally the adrenaline subsided and James stood sheepishly in front of her with his swimsuit still around his ankles.

“Ok,” he said, his palms raised. “Are we square?”

Becca stood up once more and seemed to consider him for a moment. She looked very mysterious in that moment, as the floodlight shone brightly behind her and left only a dark sillhouette. Then she took a few steps towards him and before he knew it she was pushing him back into his chair so that he almost tripped over his swimsuit. Before he knew what was happening, Becca had straddled him and was now sitting in his lap. Her face was so close to his that he could feel her warm breath on his cheeks.

“We’re square,” she said while gently gripping his head and running her slender fingers through his hair. “But I want more.”

She kissed him then, a long, sensual kiss that seemed to spread warmth throughout his entire body. Suddenly he became aware of his exposed hardening dick, which was rousing to life under Becca’s warm, cotton-covered crotch. He held her then as she wiggled in his grip, his powerful hands gently caressing her ümraniye escort back. To his astonishment Becca reached down, took his stiffening dick into her hands and gently started to stroke. They broke apart as she did this, and she nuzzled her face into his neck. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he held her close, feeling her warm breath against his neck, smelling the wonderfully scented shampoo in her damp hair.

She held his cock against her crotch and started to grind against it with only the thin material separating him from the full warmth of her pussy. He pulled her face to him again and once more kissed her deeply, this time probing her mouth with his tongue. She moaned softly while they kissed, and James became aware that she was grinding his now rock-hard dick against her clit. He allowed her to work herself up a little more before he took hold of her tank top and pulled it over her head. She quickly unfastened her bikini top, which she was wearing underneath, and allowed it to slide down her arms and expose her perky breasts.

He took each of her soft pink nipples into his mouth in turn, and felt them harden to rigidity under the coaxing of his lips. Her breasts were so wonderfully soft and inviting that he paid special attention to each of them while she continued to dry hump her pussy against his dick.

For this reason, or perhaps because she was so methodically working her clit with the help of his rigid cock, Becca was soon trembling through the wave of her first orgasm. She grabbed a fist of James’ hair as she shook, reddened, and squealed with pleasure. James pulled her close until she finished, reveling the feel of her involuntary orgasmic shivers. Finally she slowed, but only long enough for James to kiss her again while simultaneously pinching her erect nipples. She shuddered and came away from the kiss giggling.

“I think I messed my shorts,” she quipped with a bright, playful smile. She stood off his lap and pulled the soft fabric tight against her pussy lips to show James. Sure enough, there was now a large wet spot in the front of her crotch.

“Well I suppose you’ll have to get out of those dirty clothes,” James said deviously.

She left his lap to stand in front of him where he grabbed the elastic band of her shorts and swiftly pulled them to the floor. She stepped out of them and lightly kicked them out of the way. James leaned in and started lightly licking her naval while one of his hands made its way down to her warm, slippery pussy lips. He softly caressed her tender womanhood while his tongue danced in and out of her firm naval and played with her small belly button ring. Becca moaned softly and again toyed with his hair while he did so.

After a while, James rotated Becca in front of him so that her excellent young ass was in his face. James was, after all, an ass man above all else. Her supple ass was perfectly shaped and as sleek and firm as the rest of her youthful body. He took a soft cheek in each hand and lightly massaged the skin. It was very smooth and warm, and softer than a goose down pillow. As he kneaded her supple as he planted soft kisses upon the dimples she had on the small of her back, which was one of his greatest turn-ons. From time to time one of his eager hands would venture down between her legs to massage the warm, wet flesh of her pussy, only to resume kneading her firm ass cheeks a moment later. He pulled her closer to where he sat and began to kiss and suck on various parts of her soft cheeks, teasing himself from time to time with quick glances at her tightly puckered anus.

“Have you ever had a rimjob?” he asked her in between kisses. She was leaning into his hungry mouth now, enjoying herself tremendously. But he sensed her apprehension immediately.

“Umm…is that where you lick my butthole?”

“Yep,” he said excitedly.

“Then no, I haven’t,” she replied looking over her shoulder at where he was trying his damnedest to make a fresh hickey on her right ass cheek.

“Well there’s a first time for everything,” he said. “If you don’t like it, I’ll stop whenever.”

“Umm…ok, I guess. But only because I just had a shower and I know I’m, you know, clean.”

James laughed at that and felt himself becoming more enamored by the second with this gorgeous, witty young girl, though he was grateful she had just taken a shower. In the fall semester of last year, he had tried to lick a girl’s asshole after spending several hours at a dance club with her. Granted he’d been pretty drunk at the time, and it made for a funny story among his friends, but it wasn’t his fondest memory.

James gently coaxed Becca into bending over in front of him while she again straddled his lap. This gave him easy access and a great view of her perfectly formed feminine undercarriage, and he took a moment to sigh deeply and thank his lucky stars before beginning. He had found in his sexual experiences of late that most girls didn’t mind having their assholes licked, though few of them were kartal escort bayan initially excited about the idea of anal play. He figured out that few women knew whether or not they would ever want to try full-blown anal sex, but most of them didn’t mind a little risqué foreplay.

He started the task at hand by pulling the soft flesh of her cheeks further apart and licking small circles around her tiny puckered orifice. He guided one of her hands to play with her pussy while he attended to her ass, and started alternating between sucking on the back of her soft pussy lips and exerting pressure with his tongue against her taught puckered star. Eventually his slimy tongue started to loosen her tightly puckered anus enough that he could get the tip to push into the stubborn opening.

Becca was moaning in earnest now as her experienced fingers skillfully massaged her tiny throbbing clit. James spread her cheeks as far as they would go and worked his tongue further into her tight, scalding hot orifice, so that when he withdrew it her tight ring muscle would wink at him as his saliva oozed out. He continued French kissing her warm butthole for a long time as her hadn whirred against her clit, until finally she climaxed again. He held her hips tightly as she bucked and squealed, and pushed his tongue deep into her contracting asshole where it clenched down on him in a rhythmic succession until her orgasm was done. Afterwards he stood and helped her to steady herself as she had grown lightheaded, and kissed her deeply once more, smiling when she squirmed slightly.

“What’s the matter,” he quipped. “Don’t wanna kiss the guy who’s been kissing your ass?”

“You’re such a brown-noser,” she shot back with a wicked little smile, sweat beading on her forehead underneath her beautiful dark hair. “So are you ready to get your dick sucked now?”

“Nah,” he replied. “I am ready to fuck you though.”

She gave him a pouty face while she took his throbbing member into her small, delicate hands, but relented when he lifted her off the ground and sat her on the waist-high desk that occupied a corner of the office. The floodlights outside of the open door and windows were glowing brightly now as twilight had become full-blown darkness. The summer chorus of bugs was beginning and a soft night breeze was starting to blow.

Becca sat up on her elbows on the edge of the desk so that her firm, slender abdomen was contracted and her midsection seemed to form an arrow pointing down to her glistening slit. She held her athletically shaped legs spread wide for James as he approached with his hard-on twitching to the beat of his heart. He touched his cockhead to her warm, slippery lips and flicked it up and down a few times to coat it with her natural lubricant. He touched her bald clit a few times with his thumb so that she gasped and shuddered anew.

“Stop teasing me, you brute,” she whined playfully. “I want you inside me!”

With a smile he slowly pushed forward, gently parting the tender flesh of her labia until he was halfway buried inside her extremely tight vaginal canal.

“Oh yeah,” he breathed. “That’s the ticket. You’re fucking tight.”

She sighed and wrapped her hands around his neck before pulling him in for a kiss. They separated again as he started pumping rhythmically, slow at first, but with more force as he went. He maintained a moderate depth inside her warm, smooth canal, knowing that the upward curve of his dick would better stimulate her this way, as would the constant grinding of his trimmed pubes against her bald, engorged clit. He pressed his forehead to hers as he pumped and she squeezed his neck tightly as she gasped and moaned. It wasn’t long until each of their naked bodies were covered in a bright sheen of sweat.

He placed his hands over her small breasts and felt her erect nipples against his palms. Her breathing became more labored as he went, her eyes fixed on his with a look of distressed concentration. Then, suddenly, the warmth of an orgasm bloomed within her belly once more. He pumped hard a few times while she was in the throes of cumming, at which point her face melted into a look of pure desperation, and he knew that she had cum harder than ever before.

He held her tightly in his powerful arms as she crashed against him like an ocean wave hitting a breakwater, and gasped for air in between labored, guttural moans. She accidentally scratched his back with her manicured fingernails as her orgasm shook her, his cock still firmly planted in the slippery folds of her tender young pussy. He withdrew from her momentarily and licked his lips as he watched her warm cum trickle out of her slightly gaping and reddened pussy lips. He took some time to service her pebble-like clit then, and lapped up her feminine juices like a hungry cat at a bowl of milk.

They continued fucking this way for a time and Becca came once more before turning over and presenting herself ready for penetration from behind. James gripped her slender waist as he once again buried his cock to the hilt between her reddened and sopping labia. Again he started rhythmically fucking her, only this time she returned his pumps with hip sways of her own so that the soft skin of her ass cheeks slapped wetly against his thighs.

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