Surprised By Roommate Ch. 01


Author’s Note: This is my first story, please feel free to let me know what I can do to make my next story better. Thanks and enjoy!


I wandered upstairs on a very average Wednesday in October. It had started to get colder outside signally the upcoming winter. The leaves had all turned colour and began to fall to the ground in the autumn wind. I never expected anything so amazing to happen on this day.

My name is Mason I’m an average 26 year old guy with a simple life. I play a lot of soccer which gave me a somewhat athletic build, but still remained with the beer belly I planned to work on losing. My work revolved around the customer service aspect of retail. I enjoy what I do but it doesn’t pay very well so I would normally find myself at home with 2 of my 3 roommates. We all got along great as we all played on the same coed soccer team.

There was John, a 27 year old computer engineer with a past history of Professional soccer. He was very smart when it came to anything computer related so he was pretty much the household IT guy. John is about 6’0″ tall, very skinny, curly brown hair and a soul patch. We have been friends since high school and he is the owner of the house we all live in.

John was currently in a relationship with Danni. A gorgeous brunette with long hair, a tight body, and ample 34C breasts. She was a fair bit younger than John being only 21, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t picture her when I’m alone.

She worked as a waitress at an upscale restaurant where she would naturally get some heavy tips from the male patrons. She hadn’t technically moved into the house, but she was rarely at her own place. Nobody minded because she has a good sense of humor and was fun to hang out with. I may have been slightly jealous of John in this situation.

Lastly there’s Jia, a small asian girl with an amazing ass. She’s a very petite girl coming in at only 5’2″. She was small and somewhat flat chested but still had a great figure. She was rarely at the house; either at work, school or her boyfriend’s place. So it wasn’t often that I saw her at the house.

However this one night was different. As I walked up the stairs to the kitchen I heard a noise coming from Jia’s room. Nobody was supposed to be home so I quietly stepped down the hall towards the doorway. As I came up to the door, there she was. Rushing around, grabbing clothes, books, and makeup. She shoved it all into her bag as I blurted out “Hey, how’s it going?”

She jumped slightly unaware that I was there and replied “Holy Crap Mason! you scared the shit out of me!”. I apologized as she began saying “I’m just on my way to school, but I needed to grab a few things. Can you grab that bag and throw it by the door?”

I looked down to see her laptop bag leaning against the door frame. I obliged, grabbing it and placing it next to the door as I headed to the kitchen. I looked into the fridge, debating whether or not I should grab something to eat when I hear Jia call out “See you later Mason!” slamming the door behind her. I didn’t even see her leave, she was in such a hurry. I thought nothing of it, decided against grabbing some food and moved to the living room to sit on the couch.

I put on the tv and grabbed my tablet. Glancing through a few pages on reddit I came across a few NSFW posts. They ended up being some very attractive girls in seductive poses. Now I haven’t had sex in probably kartal escort 4 months so masturbation was my best friend at the time. From there I ended up searching more sexy pictures, which then turned into some hardcore porn. I turned the tv off so as not to get distracted and started rubbing my crotch.

My pants began to tighten as I searched for something to watch next. I held off for a few minutes debating whether or not anyone should be coming home anytime soon. I knew John was at work and wouldn’t be home for at least another few hours. As for Danni, she was rarely over without John so I figured there was no worry. I unzipped my pants and let my member spring out. I wouldn’t say I have a small dick, it’s just shy of 6″ and has some decent girth. I came across a female orgasm video and started stroking myself.

About 3 minutes in I hear the door open. I quickly cover what I can with the tablet, thanking myself for not pulling off my pants. I turn my head to the door and there’s Danni. She was wearing skinny jeans, a tight tanktop and a light jacket.

She began pulling off her jacket as she greeted me “Hey Mason, what are you up to?”

My eyes were following the curves of her body as her arms pulled back letting the jacket slide down them while her breasts pushed out. I felt my dick throb as she began to turn towards me. I quickly replied “Nothing much” feeling my face get red.

She looked at me for a moment with a curious look on her face “Then why are you getting so flustered eh?” she said with a coy smile.

I watched her walk towards me, eyeing me up, trying to guess what I could have been doing before she walked in. I quickly interjected by asking “how come you’re here? Is John on his way home?”

She moved to the couch and sat down next to me and looked me in face replying ” No he’s still at work, I just didn’t feel like going to my place. Were you jacking off?”

I could feel my face get hot as I must of looked overly embarrassed. I’m not typically self conscious, but getting caught masturbating is a different story. I reluctantly replied “Yes, I wasn’t expecting anybody to be coming home for a while and was just feeling horny”

I looked over at her face expecting her to look apologetic but instead she giggled and looked a bit excited. I was confused, especially when she asked “I’m assuming you had porn going on your tablet, can I see what you’re watching?”

The request threw me off guard. I didn’t know what else to say but “I guess so”. I turned the tablet back on and there was the video, already playing. I glanced over to Danni to see how she would react. Surprisingly she seemed intrigued and asked me to turn up the volume. I didn’t hesitate and did as she asked.

A couple minutes later the video ended and Danni asked “Want to see what I like?” to which I awkwardly replied “uhm, sure”. By then my dick had softened from embarrassment and nervousness, retreating back into my pants. She grabbed the tablet and pulled it on to her lap noticing my pants were open. It almost looked like she was disappointed to see that my dick wasn’t hard. I ignored it as she searched.

After a few seconds she said “here watch this” putting the tablet back on my lap. I looked at the title a little surprised, it was called “Hot Girl Fucked by Two Lucky Guys”. I glanced at her curiously as she said “trust me, this one’s good”. I began watching, this wasn’t usually what I maltepe escort bayan liked to watch but I have to admit it was really hot.

My dick slowly filled with blood bringing it back to erect. Danni leaned closer to me, I could feel her bosom against my shoulder and could smell her perfume. The combination of these and the video made my dick throb under pressure.

We watched for a few minutes before I started to notice her breathing getting heavier. I kept glancing over to watch her chest heave, feeling her warm breath on my neck. Suddenly her hand moved onto my thigh, tracing her fingers up and down my thigh inching closer and closer to my crotch. I looked at her and saw that her eyes were still glued to the screen and out of the corner of my eye saw her other hand make its way between her legs.

Just as her hand reached the top of the inseam I felt her other hand grasp my cock. I let out a light moan, her soft hand felt amazing against my throbbing shaft. I heard her whisper to herself “oh wow” and when I looked at her she was no longer focused at the screen, I could tell she wanted to see my member unleashed from under the tablet.

I slowly slid the tablet off and placed it on the side table. Her eyes widened as my dick stood at attention. I placed my hand on her face, pulling it up to mine as our lips connected. Her hand didn’t leave my crotch for a moment as we made out. It got very intense when she started nibbling my lip. I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth as her’s met it with ferocity. I began moving my hand to her hips, pushing her down onto the couch as I lay on top of her. Our lips only parting as she lifted my shirt off.

I could feel the the fly of her jeans rubbing against the head of my cock so I reached down and started undoing them. I was forced to stand up to pull off her tight jeans, but all that work was rewarded when I saw the wet spot on her panties. I grabbed her leg and slowly kissed my way down it, making my way closer and closer to her crotch. I could hear small moans escaping from her mouth the closer I got until I was finally on my knees kissing just outside her panty line. I couldn’t believe what we were doing.

I hooked my fingers under the soft cloth pulling it to the side. My lips lightly touching her folds as I gently blew on them. I felt her hands grab my hair, pulling me in close, her scent was intoxicating. My tongue slowly slid along the outer lips of her pussy as she lightly bucked her hips. I placed my fingers near the top of her slit, pulling back the hood and revealing her clit. I felt her squirm a bit as my tongue slid up making contact with it. I gave it a light suck as my fingers massaged their way downward until I found her hole.

I carefully slid one finger in, just the tip at first while my tongue teased her clit. Her hips began bucking wildly as she moaned “Oh god Mason, stop teasing me!”

I looked up at her with my face buried between her legs as I slid my finger all the way in rubbing her inner walls. I could feel her juices flowing and began lapping it up, making sure none went to waste. The taste was fantastic, almost sweet, as I made sure not to miss a drop. I felt her hands wrap around my head pulling me up as our lips met once again. She stopped for a moment to whisper in my ear “I need your cock inside me”.

I almost blew my load when suddenly she squirmed out from under me, grabbed my hand and lead me escort pendik to the bedroom. I felt a bit of hesitation at the thought of fucking Danni in John’s bed, but when Danni turned to me at the foot of the bed taking off her shirt, that hesitation escaped my mind leaving only desire and lust.

I moved toward her as she grabbed me, pushing me on to the bed. Her hands slid up my legs as she grabbed the waist of my jeans and boxers, tearing them from my body. Danni began crawling onto the bed, licking my thigh as her hand grabbed my member. I looked down into her eyes, and what I saw there intensified everything, she had the look of a predator about to feast on it’s prey.

Her lips surrounding the head of my cock and continuing down the veiny shaft. She had taken me all the way into her mouth in one go. I could feel her tongue sneak out past her lips gently caressing my balls. I had never felt anything so amazing. Danni’s technique was impeccable as I began clenching the sheets in pure ecstasy. Her head bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm. I couldn’t last any longer as I let out a loud moan.

I could tell she knew what this meant as her lips and tongue began to concentrate on the head of my cock while her hand slid up and down my shaft. I couldn’t believe how amazing this felt as my cum erupted from my swollen dick into her soft mouth. Each spazm more intense than the last shooting load after load to the back of her throat. Danni continued sucking on the head ensuring she didn’t miss any. As her lips released my cock she looked at me and swallowed saying “Your cum is amazing, I’ve never had so much in my mouth before” as she crawled up to me, kissing my torso all the way up, I quickly rolled her over, getting on top of her. It was my turn again.

I dove into her shoulder kissing her neck making my way down her chest until I met her nipples. I took one into my mouth teasing it lightly with my teeth while my hand cupped her other breast. I moved my mouth to the other nipple as my hand moved it’s way down her body. Her nipples were firm in my mouth as I kneaded each one with my tongue.

I soon released them as i pushed myself up positioning myself on top of her. Danni grabbed my rock hard dick and pulled me towards her. I could feel the heat coming from her, turning me on even more as I only allowed the tip in, preparing her. The head of my cock slid in and out slowly as her hips pushed towards me, begging for more. A moment later a slid further in, each thrust pushing deeper into the wet hole. I was in heaven.

I could feel her tight pussy pulling me in, wanting as much of me as possible as I pushed in. My rhythm picked up with every passing moment. I couldn’t resist anymore, our bodies connecting with a slap at every thrust. My motions getting faster and harder as she screamed with pleasure. “Oh Fuck Mason! Don’t Stop! Oh God, I’m cumming!” and with a last hard thrust I buried my cock as deep as I could inside her as her pussy clenched my cock pushing me over the edge as we came together.

No longer being able to support myself I collapsed on top of her. Out of breath and more than satisfied. I rolled off onto my back, having difficulties catching my breath. Danni turned her head to me and said “I haven’t had an orgasm like that in years” I replied with a cocky “Glad I could be of service”.

“We can never tell John about this, It would change things very drastically” she said

I agreed as we got out of bed and began to dress. We walked out to the living room and watched some tv until John got home. Danni went and hung out with him, while I stayed in to finish the show. I will never forget this day and will always hope it will happen again.

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