Tactical Advantage Part 1


Tactical Advantage Part 1Tactical Advantage Part 1Business had been good. Photographs of the Farm from the early 1900’s gave Dad the impetus to restore the farm back to the “Country Club” it had once been. Construction crews had restored its showcase appearance and once again, it was time to add more people to the staff. With only a few positions, Dad interviewed qualified applicants and the others were dismissed. As I passed the waiting room, one young woman remained sitting with her head down sobbing quietly. I asked Dad about her and he shook his head ‘No’ saying not qualified. Crossing the conference room to her, touching her lightly on the shoulder, I offered her a tissue. “Thank you miss,” she spoke in a soft voice. Her green eyes were red and tearful as she dabbed at her eyes and nose. Her neatly combed, short-cropped brown hair and slightly wrinkled, well-fitted clothing to her slim body gave her a masculine appearance. Behind her was a forlorn fully stuffed duffel bag.”Is everything alright dear? Is someone coming to pick you up,” I asked her with concern in my voice. Her shoulders slumped at my question and she looked down once again.”No…no one is coming for me. I have no one and nowhere to go,” as she started crying again. “This was my last hope.”Sitting down, putting my arms around her, I held her close and let her cry quietly on my shoulder. I felt her tears flowing heavily in rivulets down between my breasts. Rocking her gently back and forth, I tried to comfort her.”I have just gotten out of the military and been unable to find a job. I grew up here so I had hoped canlı bahis to come home and find something. My family is gone, all my friends have moved from the area, and I am alone, as I have been all my life. I have nothing left; money, family or friends, and now, no hope for a job as well,” she continued sobbing with her head resting on my shoulder. I tingled slightly feeling her warm breath waft across my chest.”This job entails maintaining leather saddles, bridals, cleaning stalls, shoveling manure, grooming and saddling plus customer service skills. It is not an easy job and it is not high paying job either.” I looked at her closely as she responded.”Miss, I am a quick learner and willing to do ‘Anything’ to work,” she pleaded with me. “I spent 4 years as Military Police, hard work and I, are not strangers to each other. All our equipment had to be spotlessly polished, plus I was assigned a canine partner for perimeter guard duty, day and night, so upkeep and care of an an1mal was a major part of my job.” “Be careful now with what you say…,” I admonished her. “Saying you are willing to do ‘Anything’ might get you into more trouble than you want.” Casually, I let my hand lower on her back until resting on her buttocks giving them a gentle caress smiling.”I said ‘Anything’ and I meant ‘Anything’.” Her head lowered slightly I felt her warm breath on my breast as she spoke. I ran my fingertips across her lips and then caressed my breasts with them. She murmured softly again, “Anything.” Her hands slipped under my bra and I felt her quivering slightly. She cupped my breast, bahis siteleri lifting it to her mouth and she began suckling on my nipple eagerly.I smiled let my hand slip down the back of her pants into the crack of her ass and my other hand went to her small breasts. She moaned low at my touch and nibbled gently with her teeth as her tongue licked around the edge of my aureole. Spreading my legs over her knee, I began humping, letting my pussy lie heavily on her upper leg as I did. I moved back from her slightly and she opened my blouse, lifted my bra, and buried her face in my cleavage. Her kisses were like fire on my skin and I clutched at her feeling the soft skin of her neck and shoulders. Her lips traveled back and forth between my breasts, her tongue flashing out as she kissed and licked at them passionately as my hands guided her head. I was beyond caring and closed my eyes enjoying the moment.”Frolic,” I barely heard my Dad speak from the doorway. The girl had heard him and started to pull away, but I held her tight. “Frolic…, when you are done with this interview, bring her to my office, and we will discuss her duties here.” He crossed the room, pulled the window blinds closed and walked back to the doorway seeing the girl’s eyes follow him as he smiled at her.”Yes Daddy, when we are done,” I answered almost mindlessly. Shamelessly, I lifted the girl to the tabletop, removing her clothing, lay her on her back, and spread her legs. As I leaned down and started fingering and kissing her pussy. My hair and breasts were hanging down on her upper thigh as I licked her bahis şirketleri slit from top to bottom tasting her sweetness on my lips. She had her head raised up watching me with a smile so wide it was hard to imagine that just minutes ago she was crying.I used my tongue to spread her labia open wide, holding the lips with my fingertips, and let the width of my tongue press against her clitoris. The nubbin was hard against my tongue as my lips closed around it, sucking it into my mouth. I worked my mouth on it, savoring the sweetness. As I continued working my tongue against its tip while sucking it, I soon felt her hips begin to rise up slightly in time to my tongue’s movements. Sliding my fingertips into her pussy, I prodded the insides of it under her clit feeling the thick wall of flesh wiggle and spasm.My fingers were suddenly soaked with her cum flowing as if it were an open faucet. Lapping between the labia lips my face was wet and covered with her nectar. I continued licking and her body responded several more times, cumming repeatedly. When I finally lifted up and looked, her head was thrown back, her smile seemed to light the room and I laughed seeing her tongue waggling out. I crawled up, began kissing her lips with my cum-covered face letting her taste her own cum, and lay down alongside her.”Does…does this mean I got the job?” She asked incredulously rolling over to face me.”Yes, but you must remember on thing…,” I spoke slowly and carefully as she listened. “Remember, you said you would do ‘Anything’ for the job. This was probably not the only thing that you will have to do while working here,” as a smiles cracked on both our faces.She smiled and nodded as she said, “I’ll do ‘Anything’ I’m told to do,” as she slowly dressed herself and hugged me tight. “Anything!”(More to Cum)

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