Take Me to Work


Take me to work with you. Take me so I can kneel in front of you while you work at your desk. Run my hands up the inside of your thighs. Feel your cock getting hard under the fabric before I even get your pants undone.

Let me kiss my way down your chest and across your stomach while my fingers pull the zipper open …You can feel my hair trail across your thighs as I lean over your now hard cock. Sucking you and flicking my tongue against the head as I slide up and down …my fingers caressing your balls and I can feel them getting tighter. Your hips thrusting up hard against my mouth as your hands lace thru the hair on the back of my head…fingers tight in my hair as you push me down hard against your thrusts.

I can feel the head of your cock rubbing along the back of my throat. You hold it there for a moment and then start moving again. My tongue traces across the head and circles around it. Licking down the shaft as my lips close over the head.. I can feel you twitch against my mouth as I take you in deeper…Over and over till the pulse in your veins against my tongue is beating so hard and fast I can feel the blood running thru it buzzing against me… your balls drawing up tighter with each thrust until you can’t hold back…faster and deeper hitting against the back of my throat as my nose is burrowed in your stomach and I am gasping for air.

My open mouthed gasps just allow you to press farther and I feel your cock start to jerk as you cum so far into my mouth it’s swallowed before I can even taste porno izle it. I keep going. Licking you clean and sucking the last drop from the tip with my tongue. I run my fingers up and down the shaft while it’s still wet from my mouth. Move lower and start licking your balls while I stroke you. …suck them gently into my mouth one at a time and feel them roll around on my tongue. My hand still grasped around your cock.

I press my closed lips to the tip and let you push against them and feel them part as your head slides inside. My lips still forming a tight ring around your cock as I sink down onto you. Sucking harder as I feel you start to stir back to life. Knowing you just came I tease you some… licking around the head and dipping the tip of my tongue into your opening and feeling those first drops start to form. Each time my head moves up and down you get just a little longer… a little fuller… till you’re filling my mouth again. I love to feel you growing bigger with each stroke as my hand still works your shaft together with my mouth.

Then I feel you pull my head away by my hair…yanked up as you spin me around and push me down over the desk. My pants are pulled to the floor quickly right before your hand pushes between my legs. You know I am your good girl then. I am wet from nothing more than pleasuring you.

You keep one hand holding my head to the desk while the other takes your cock and rubs it along my wet slit. You feel the wetness spreading over your head while you rub it against amatör porno me but you don’t let me have it. You take that wet cock and rub it against my tightly puckered ass. Once you have it wet too I feel you pressing forward. No preparation. .. no lube except my own… no letting up till you are all the way inside. Your hand on my head lets up as you grab both hips…I feel you pull back till just the head is resting in me then you slam forward as you pull me back against the pressure. You do this several times… pulling back slowly so I can feel every inch of you before you unexpectedly drive your cock home…After a few minutes of hearing me groan every time you thrust harder you feel my body relax some. Then you start really fucking me.

Hard and fast you pound so you can feel your balls slap against my wet pussy. You can also feel it’s only getting wetter as your fingers dig in and you push me farther over to get deeper. You can feel my body start to tense up… I’m moaning as your hard cock is keeping me open… you are pulling all the way out now…all the way out before you go in all at once… your hands pulling my ass apart so you can watch your cock disappear into me… you know I want to cum. I tell you I’m close and beg you to make me cum…tell you to not stop… but you tell me if I cum first you are going to pull out and put it back in my mouth when you cum.

Now you are tormenting me… your fingers find my clit while you keep fucking me. I know you are trying to break anal porno me…to make me cum so you can cum in my mouth again… I am so tight from my muscles clenching I can barely stand it…you pull out again and this time you run the head down the slit and against my clit before fucking me more…I feel your cock slam into my wet pussy…

It’s too much. You press hard and deep and hold your cock inside me as I break…You feel me cum around you…your cock grinding deep in me as I do…as soon as the tension eases you’re back in my ass…driving hard and fast. I know why… you can’t wait to pull my mouth down to you and make me take you in after you’ve been inside me. I know it’s coming…you told me if I came first you would… I can feel your cock swelling even more as you get close…Then I’m on my knees in front of you…your cock hard and straining against the skin it’s so stretched…your hand on the top of my head as you guide the head to my mouth.

You feel me resist slightly as the head touches my lips…and you tighten your grip and force it between them. As you face fuck me I can hear you breathing faster and suddenly I don’t care. You feel my hands reach up and grab your ass as I start to suck too… and then you pull back just a little. You pull back just enough to look down and watch as you cum…feel it spreading over my tongue and knowing I can taste you… feeling it hot and tingling on my tongue while I look up at you. Pushing back deep as the cum continues to pump out of your cock and you pull out to watch me swallow it but first you make me open my mouth so you can see it there…looking at your cum coating my mouth before you put your fingers under my chin and force it closed. .. watching me swallow while you shake the last drops onto my face.

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