Taken and made to serve (part 1)


Taken and made to serve (part 1)It was a Rainy dreary morning, it was a time before there were school buses for the black neighborhood and we had to walk two to three miles to school rain or shine! On this morning I was getting a feeling of doom as I walked and could not figure out why I felt so.I saw the traffic light at the four lane and was only a block away as I thought of how the cars would spray me with water as they passed. My blood ran cold as I heard the dreaded voice of Charlie call out to me. I tried to keep walking like I did not hear him.It was only a few months before, when Charlie, Bruce and Daniel had taken away my innocence and my sexual ignorance. I tried to walk a little faster but not run when Bruce stepped out from the side of the building in front of me. ‘ … did you not hear Charlie call you, or do you just wanna be stupid! … ‘.My mind raced back to that day and I questioned why I did not report them for what they had done. But the thought of having to tell that I was sexually assaulted by three guys was too much for me. Nor did I report them the other times they took me against my will, I just tried my best to avoid them only to have them search for me when they wanted me!I stopped and glared at Bruce when Charlie came up and pushed me violently into Bruce. Bruce staggered back acting as if I did it on purpose, it was then I heard the voice of Daniel from above ‘ … I saw that shyt Bruce, you gonna let that sissy punk you out! … ‘.Bruce quickly slapped me across the face hard enough for me to almost loose my balance. Charlie grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back in an arm lock as Daniel instructed them ‘ … bring that Bitch up here we’ll teach him to attack one of us! … ‘.I just glared at Bruce as Charlie pulled and pushed me up the stair well to the top floor of the building. Once we reached the top floor there was three doors and one was open, I was pushed thru to find Daniel standing in the middle of the room.Evidently the people that lived there had moved out and left old furniture behind. There was a broken couch, beat up arm chair in what was the living room. I was pushed towards Daniel, who quickly shuffled me aside towards the small hallway. Bruce and Charlie closed the door and followed after me as I stopped and glanced into the bathroom.I could see trash and a stopped up toilet, the bath tube looked dingy and the face bowl was just as dirty. Bruce and Charlie pushed me into kadıköy escort the largest bedroom where there was the remnants of a bed, just the mattress and box springs on cinder blocks. There were lots of clothing all over the floor and Charlie was kicking them around with his foot as if he was searching for something.Bruce and Daniel were walking around me as if they were looking me over. It was then that Bruce reached out and snatched me up by my coat collar and start to threaten me. ‘ … You been going round telling people that we like to fuck boys! … ‘ Horrified I did not know what to do, my mind recoiled thinking [well it’s the truth] but my mouth remained tightly closed!Daniel came up behind me and started to grip my sides with his fingers, I tried ti twist away then tries to pull his hands off me. Bruce looked over my shoulder and said to Daniel ‘ … the Bitch wanna act bad. Guess we just gonna have to show her whose the men and who is the pussy! … ‘. I tried again to twist away this time exclaiming ‘ … I ain’t no pussy!!! … ‘.All three of them laughed as Bruce pushed me back to the bed where I had to sit when my legs reached it. I tried to pop straight up when Bruce slammed his fist into my chest causing me to fall back on the bed saying ‘ …Bitch you don’t do nothing we don’t tell you to do. Now get out those wet ass clothes! … ‘.Startled I tried to roll to the other side of the bed only to have Bruce grab my feet and snatch off one of my tennis shoes. As I raised up to retrieve it Daniel mounted the bed on his knees and took hold of my shoulders. I tried to struggle free but could not.It then that I tried to slip out my coat and make a run for the door only to have Charlie tackle me and drag me back to the bed. The three of them managed to get my clothes off of me, no matter how hard I fought with them they knew just what they were doing and I ended up with only my t-shirt jockeys and socks on.Charlie and Daniel held me as Bruce struggled to remove my jockeys, once they were off the three of them stood looking at me as I tried to hide my nakedness. Daniel chimed ‘ … look at our Bitch, she trying to hide that spur tongue … ‘ They all chuckled as Bruce tried to tweak my nipples, Charlie slid his hands over my thighs and along side my buttocks.Daniel told Charlie ‘ … we gonna have to find our Bitch something üsküdar escort to wear while she’s here! … ‘ Charlie answered ‘ … all ready did, we just gotta make her wanna be more grateful so she will put her nice little girlie things on! … ‘ I was terrified as to what they wanted me to do, did they wanna have me dress like a girl and then make me walk home or what!It was at that time I noticed that Bruce had taken his male member out and was now stroking it slowly. I looked about the room to see where or what I could grab or go When Daniel and Charlie seized my arms and pulled me down to the mattress. I tried to kick and twist to free myself as Bruce dropped his pants and climbed up on the bed with us.Bruce took hold of my left foot and started to twist my ankle in such an odd way that it caused me incredible pain! I cried out pleading them to stop when Bruce said ‘ … you want us to stop, then you stop fighting us. Cause we gonna get that pussy again and you gonna give it to us or else! … ‘.Again Bruce twisted my foot causing pain I had no choice but to stop fighting. I thought if I did not they would really do me harm. Daniel and Charlie twisted me to my stomach and Bruce crawled up my legs over my back. Bruce laid down his huge male member nestled between my buttocks like a hot dog in a bun.I was whimpering as I know understood that they were going to take me again. My anus shuddered as I thought of the three of them abusing me in such a fashion again. I pleaded with them only to hear Daniel explain ‘ … when we were in lock down we had no choice but to fuck little boys like you. We wouldn’t bother you if your ass/pussy wasn’t so damn tight … ‘Bruce and Charlie laughed with Charlie adding ‘ … if you keep fucking him he want never be constipated again … ‘ Bruce added ‘ … naw he want cause he want be able to close that pussy hole after your big ass dick finish with him. Oh I meant with her! … ‘ they all snickered again as Bruce started to grin his midsection against my buttocks.Charlie told Bruce ‘ … go on and fuck him. What you trying to do talk the fuck out of him! Bruce pushed his knees between my thighs spreading them apart. Then he raised up on his knees as Daniel and Charlie held my arms tight. I heard Bruce as he hawked and spit and then he did it again and I felt his splodge strike my butt crack.I was now openly crying as Bruce guided his large tuzla escort penile glans into my butt crack and start to spread his spittle. Once Bruce dick head found my anal opening I tried to clinch tight, Bruce grunted and warned ‘ … keep that shyt up and we’ll rip your ass hole apart … ‘Shaken I tried to relax as I felt his huge dick head part my terrified bung hole. With a deep moan Bruce pushed till his dick head entered my anal sphincter tube and he slid back a little then push harder and his penile ridge entered. Bruce told Charlie and Daniel ‘ … my dicks in now … ‘ and started to hunch and grind, undulating his hips in such a manner that his man hood just slid deeper into my bowels.Bruce exclaimed ‘ … damn guys, this Bitch just as tight the first time we hit it! … ‘ Daniel and Charlie released my arms and Bruce entwined his fingers into mine to hold them as he started to fuck my butt in honest. I could only lay there whine and whimper as Bruce enjoyed his self.Charlie and Daniel started to undress and I got a look at their man hood again. I shuddered as I thought how ravaged my bung hole would be when they finished. Bruce rode me for almost an hour before he grind deep and started to shoot his load of baby batter into my bung hole.Bruce kissed the back of my neck and raised up pulling his deflating cock from my anus. Bruce got off the bed and before I could get the strength to move Charlie almost dived on top of me. His rigid penis effortless slid between my cum lubed buttocks and right into my anus.The suddenness of Charlie entering my tender bung hole caused me to cry out loudly. Daniel said ‘ … Bruce stick your dick in the Bitches mouth before she’s heard. Charlie took hold of me by my forehead, pulling it back in such a way I had to brace myself with my arms to ease the agony.Bruce smeared his dick head over my lips and cautioned ‘ … open your mouth or we gonna really hurt your sissy ass! … ‘ As Bruce pushed his dick head into my mouth there was a noise in the outside. Daniel went thru the door and I could hear part of the conversation’ … you boys know better then to be up here with that girl! … ‘ Daniel answered ‘ … we ain’t got no girl in here! … ‘ The male voice again said ‘ … ain’t no girls in here! … wait, wait where you going? …’ Then the door flew open and the guy was standing there watching Bruce and Charlie spit roast me between them.The guy was just out of my sight when he said ‘ … thought you said there was no girl in here! Then what are they doing? … ‘ It was then that he came closer and looked at me and started to laugh! ‘…, DAMMMMN, y’all don’t have a girl in here you got something better. Pussy that can’t get pregnant, shyt y’all know what this mean. I gotta get me some that pussy also … ‘To be continued …

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